Ivy Levan - Hot Damn Lyrics

I got that real good good
And you know it don't come cheap
A pretty penny, a pretty penny, a pretty penny
You like what you see
You want it real bad bad
But you still, you still want more
Looking at me, looking at me
They'll be knocking down my door

Hot damn!
These fools try to strip me from my paper
Damn, these fools won't leave me alone
Hot damn!
These fools try to strip me from my paper
Damn, these fools won't leave me alone
From New York to LA!
And every single day I said
Hot damn!
These fools try to strip me from my paper
Damn, these fools don't leave me, leave me alone

You follow me like dogs
And I can't, can't get no sleep
A pretty penny, a pretty penny, a pretty penny
You just want a piece
Cause I got that real good good
And you just, keep wanting more
Looking at me, looking at me
What the hell you looking for?


Who turnt that temperature up?
It's hot enough to cook an egg in a frying pan
Who turnt that temperature up?
Oh, it's hot enough to make me crazy like the Son of Sam!
Hot damn!


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Ivy Levan Hot Damn Comments
  1. King Taro

    Just discovered this artist on a random internet post, by accident...
    I'd expect to hear this quality on the radio and all around me, yet never heard any of her songs before. This is strange.

  2. missbraindamage

    who manages her sucks. she should be huge

  3. cory greene

    The imagery and cinematography in this video is so much better than Hollywood movies... wtf. Even the story is better fleshed out.

  4. kbfults

    FRED DITTERMAN from Virginia Beach are you watching this!!!
    Remember class "A" school,, you saying "Hot Damn" in '65!!
    From MIKE in Durham!!
    Give me a hit!!
    I'll contact you...

  5. 000

    I like her.

  6. emily edmunds

    War and so forth is repercussion of sin
    Hint zoonotic diseases
    Gaslighting is mean and illegal
    Stop abortion stop killing babies
    Go team pro life we are the winners

  7. Salem Starr

    She would be fun too smoke a j with, I tell ya!

  8. Maxie Pattie

    *Jack Seldon? somehow hello?*

  9. Ha Derek

    Your voice is genius ....your videos are wierd and creepy . You're beauty is cancelled out then.
    ...they in turn make YOU look wierd and creepy.

    I wish you'd sing blues rock like dio .. whitesnake ...Ray gillen / Badlands.

    Pop sucks . Makes you look like a Christina Aguilera Lady gaga wannabe. (Which you're not ...I know ...you're quite unique.)

    But for goodness sake : DITCH THE POP GENERA ... AND MOVE TO ROCK N ROLL...AND 90'S R AND B

    Pop is a weak facsimile of real MUSIC . it's over electronically produced CRAP for drunk ,horney, sweaty druggies to dance to a night . And they don't even remember it the next day. the songs are not timeless they don't have depth of meaning that change people's souls and lives and last for decades . It's just a bunch of Illuminati orchestrated robotic commands.

    Switch to a genera that you could sing acoustic as well as electronically and not lose any vocal integrity.

    Pop and rap are NOT real music.

  10. priscila blf

    Amo sus gestos

  11. Mehmet Filiz

    soo cool

  12. jill criddle

    Ivy-I have rewritten #SpencerGregMovie I would still like you to do Grand Opening Ikusei restaurant.

  13. Abe Ch

    Go cook something

  14. Terry Knierim

    I have been watching for a couple years now sadly this is a perfect example of what a record company does when they at a loss on how to market an artist the production is great songs are well done different BUT they are clueless how to get you connected to the fans who would like you! And if you don't have a regular group of players you work with live, they much likely to pull out of the deal faster

  15. Monster Nation, PAWS UP

    She’s from 1930

  16. The five Elements

    Unique voice, unique look ... very pretty ✨💓

  17. H.E. Pennypacker

    This isn’t Elvis Costello

  18. Derek Eklund

    Very Very Original. Ivy you need to promoted more, I only stumbled across you on Youtube & i'm in Australia. PS love the Latex Glove look!

  19. MrHex DK

    Oh, the mouth you got

  20. Great Power

    Does she ever get away from the criminals?

  21. marko kivisak

    good voice,she deserved more

  22. Rasih Nevres

    With x1,25 fast, its better👍
    Try it


    She deserves way more recognition. This better than a lot of the modern pop music.

  24. Итан Илан

    Ахриненная баба и песня тоже ахриненная))

  25. ryhab khan

    Wow. Wow. Wtaf this is amazing.

  26. Andrea L.

    Her voice reminds me of Amber Gray.

  27. Kali Reinhardt


  28. Richard Ikin

    Well....thanks YouTube, this woman is incredible!

  29. Tony D. Wilson


  30. Alan Myers

    Well someone has listened to Biggy.....

  31. Lady J.

    Bit of an electric swing feel

  32. Gabby Bennett

    Popped in at 2:47 to see her falling. She is an attractive woman I must say

  33. anwar mustafa

    Prefect teeth 😁

  34. George987

    Good Song, it's sounds kinda rockabilly.Oh, and there's a nipslip AT 2:43

  35. Lisa Carroll

    Thanks a million $ X 100 A +

  36. M&M Nation

    she’s my cousin

  37. Some Whitman

    Just saying, if you didn't dress like a pretentious classy slut, only decent men would give you attention. I'm gay, and I see that straight men are treated like shit by women, and y'all always pull the victim card. Thank God there are still hardworking, gun carrying, man loving, conservative women in the world. If it was just women like y'all, all men would stay single.

  38. Wrdsky Bob

    I came here after 6 years to see how she is doing?
    I was sure she would be very famous by now
    She is amazing too bad the music industry is shit nowadays.

    Tarin Santos

    Wrdsky Bob sammeee

  39. John Harris

    Hot damn I love it

  40. Jim Reimer

    Does not look healthy!!

  41. Richard Miller

    I'm late to the party. But this gal and her song have more going for them than any half a hundred or more successful 'artists '

  42. marie jeanne crapaud

    Un bon bain ça régénère. Je viens de comprendre pourquoi les poulets hier soir avaient mis à sac mon palier. C le cas de le dire y avait qu un sac rempli de sacs. Les gants de chtroumph bleus qu' ils ont utilisés pour me cambrioler. Disparus. Sont so stupid cot cot

  43. Corey Hanson

    Introduced my girlfriend to my son, now my sons got a new girlfriend, and I have no girlfriend, wtf.

    Massimo O'Kissed

    Ooh, #kidcucked.

  44. McK USA

    I appreciate that she sounds like a woman instead of a breathy underaged waif. Maybe it's just me.

  45. Matthew Dettling

    *Amy Winehouse vibes*

  46. C.ell

    Strong, strong voice in Levan. I like the dark/noir + humor in her vids. Another singer to keep an eye on, it seems. Wonder how the concerts are?

  47. You Slumber, Cucumber

    Not going to lie, this is definitely me when I order a plate of ketchup.

  48. Mark Chappell

    You sitting in a my dumb ?? Interesting.

  49. Mark Chappell

    I go USA, Fiona say not go near the squirle it may have Rabies. I love little squirrel.

  50. Druid Death Wolf

    I love this visual style and that ending was hilarious...

  51. Big Shitty Planet

    She is hot af and vintage at the same time 😍

  52. Thanatos777

    If they ever did a good bonnie and clyde show then she would make a great bonnie

  53. Nelson Beverly

    2019 anyone

  54. peasant of Persia

    after 6 years nip peak is still not censored LOL.

  55. Snowy Tink

    I just found this artist and I'm blown away. <3 loveee this

  56. Maureen Tobin

    So creepy and crazy

  57. Георгий Ujif

    Вот это голос, вот это девушка - потрясающе!))

  58. MegaRyan123456

    I wonder if there paid buy some tobacco products lobby to have her smoking 🤔

  59. Fagglord rainbowpuke

    I love the faces she makes XD

  60. Tina Ritchie

    My spirit woman!!! Inspirational


    Such a godness ❤❤❤ily I'll keep supporting u

  62. TDF_ W0rldKeY

    is this a queen?

  63. ohthreefiftyone

    You know, when you threaten a guy with your weapon for that long, it shows a real lack of commitment.

  64. K A

    No comment about Hotline Miami?!

  65. quiet noise please

    You the man girl

  66. Mahmood K4

    love the image

  67. Stepan Serdyuk

    Some great vocals you got there, lady!

  68. Amber Brown

    I love how in all her vids she's always the one in charge. Even in "Money" where she's held captive she slips her bonds and becomes the dominant force. A true powerhouse.


    Of the cell.

    Great Power

    Her talent is her superpower. the more she sings the stronger she gets.

  69. PG Skills

    Why is it that all these pop tarts look and think the exact same way? Yeah, yeah...we get it. You're all about how hot you look, your tramp stamps, and, most importantly, the money. Fucking revolutionary! Bunch of visionaries we have shaking their asses for us these days.

  70. Kim Kim

    she look alot like mandy moore

  71. MegaFinde

    Hot Damn!

  72. Laura the idiot

    How can someone be this hot, beautiful and god damn gorgeous?!

  73. Ron way

    20 seconds in and already subbed

  74. Nino Keti

    shen ggavs tuchebis mozraobashi

  75. Joseph StGeorge

    H O T D AMM

  76. Knowledge Will Increase

    hot damn she's a man..

  77. Flatdec1

    What a saucy lil' wench!

  78. sharpiefinepoiny

    Didn't Ida Maria already do this sctick? Oh well... at least it's not another same old electro/fake lesbian act half of Youtube is doing.

  79. Stephen Doughty

    Bit wacky, attractive though.

  80. Nastia

    that dudes walk from 2:50 yes yes yes xD i gotta learn how to walk like him .

  81. Eve McLoone

    Such a bop

  82. Nikola Wiśniewicz

    This is terrible truth about sexusal abuse. Women aren’t treated seriously and usually they end up being the guilty ones.

  83. Pseudonumb

    Ivy is my spirit animal.

  84. daughters of Innana

    Story of my life

  85. Kati A.G


  86. Fazo Bel

    PUBG pan haha

  87. TheDreamingKing

    How didn't I know her?

  88. Ella Sanandaji

    Ok you know what I like about this? She's being sexy without being pedophilic unlike some people *Cough*Ariana grande*cough*

  89. LittleSkyscrap3r

    I was never that fascinated by a woman.... except Mila Kunis.

  90. Draumal

    Interesting imagery. Definitely making a statement, and the lyrics are pretty solid, too. Don't mind me, I'm just internally picking apart what I'm looking at to gauge meaning.

  91. Elian Den

    She is... HOT DAMN!!!!

  92. sh ,


  93. Sound Choice New Releases

    We have done a karaoke version of this song for anyone interested in singing the song.

  94. wolf ramnhart

    Love the song. Love the video. Love the singer. Trifecta of awesome.

  95. Jøhnny?

    Hahahahah legal

  96. Ely Eliza

    I was NOT expecting that voice !!