Ivy Adara - Famous Lyrics

One day we'll all be famous
They'll be knowing what our name is
Driving them fast cars
Swiping them gold cards
Bring us the check we'll pay this
Whatever the price of fame is
Baby, we gon' be famous, famous

I got it made, gonna top the charts
Be the Hollywood sign be a big star
Legacy, on the boulevard
Take another picture, give a little more
No stress just gotta make myself
Be a best seller waiting on a shelf
I say it'll be worth it when I can do it my way every day

Just wanna call out the haters
On a Kanye basis with fierceness
So we wouldn't have to care
'Bout what they say anymore

One day we'll all be famous
They'll be knowing what our name is
Driving them fast cars
Swiping them gold cards
Bring us the check we'll pay this
Whatever the price of fame is
Baby, we gon' be famous, famous

I got it made, followers 10 mil
But as I turn around ain't nobody being real
All the pain, hidden between thrills
Feelin' so busy I forget how I feel
We can take it slow, just post another photo
We'll be raking in the likes like it makes us feel alright, right?

Hashtagging blessings on blessings
And only stressing 'bout filters
Hash bragging endless vacations
And quote inspirations
I thought I was me but I'm just combinations
'Cause who wants to be themselves
When you can be someone else?

One day we'll all be famous
They'll be knowing what our name is
Driving them fast cars
Swiping them gold cards
Bring us the check we'll pay this
Whatever the price of fame is
Baby, we gon' be famous, famous
One day we'll all be famous
They'll be knowing what our name is
Driving them fast cars
Swiping them gold cards
Bring us the check we'll pay this
Whatever the price of fame is
Baby, we gon' be famous, famous

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Ivy Adara Famous Comments
  1. samson jannhemon

    This Girl need to be famous.

  2. jennifer 's

    Can i famous? xddddddd

  3. J O H N

    I’m here Because of “The Voice Belgium” Background music ☺️🙌 I love this song 😍❤️💕

  4. Judy bubble

    I came here for MegaPvP :> and omg this song is amazing 💗

  5. Sada 41


  6. TherealestEdwin Heart


  7. Introvert Divergent

    Still here since your X factor audition. Love You! a fan from Philippines ❤

  8. Labyrinth Xxx

    I found this too late, but i think you will be famous

  9. Riza Jam Almario

    i love u since 2017

  10. Pavel Kraus

    nothing new?

  11. Alinne Oliveira

    Amei essa música

  12. Aldrin Arididon

    You cannnnn♥️♥️

  13. Asif Ali

    This is the 1st English song I listen mostly.


    She could be a super star.

  15. Lex Lou

    She’s so goooooooood 🤩🤩

  16. Jhonnatan lipa

    BRASIL 🇧🇷😍

  17. 혜림

    노래 정말 좋아요 정식 음원 사이트에서 뵐 수 있다면 정말 좋을 것 같아요 응원합니다!

  18. olivia rachel

    i need an instrumental for this so i can cover it!!!!

  19. Mongi N

    I don’t know why I’m only just discovering this *sob sob*

  20. Sultan Gürbüz

    I like this song

  21. Hey it’s Avery

    I’m in love with this song 💖 your definitely going to be famous after this 💖💖

    Katelyn Li

    lol same

  22. liv

    your voice is absolutely beautiful, you need to be famous, i love this<3

  23. Hyper.

    "Who wants to be themselves when you can be someone else"

  24. Hyper.

    Anyone here in 2019?

  25. Ashish Purohit

    Why hasn't this blown up yet

  26. F sweet

    the lyrics!amazing!i would like to see more meaningful lyric like this from u!

  27. F sweet

    this song is so good!it made me cry every time u have thousands of comments and likes on a music streaming app in china so just keep doing what u do girl,cant wait to see soar!

  28. Kassandra

    My friend recommended me this song, and I can say it did NOT disappoint. I love it! 💕

  29. 木野剛基

    Ive just found this song on Spotify and i love this 😊

  30. Aiden Hately

    I only just found you and this song and I’m so sorry it wasn’t sooner , I’ve been obsessed my god , this and you are the definition of an underrated artist

  31. Ruth Urrutia

    She’s gonna be famous 🤩🤩

  32. Claire Austensen

    All the decent artists blow up because they are “more relatable”
    While artists like this sit behind a wall making music about how THEY feel and what THEY want to sing about. Not what the public wants
    Even if you dont get famous
    Thats a good thing
    The biggest artists aren’t recognized till much later

  33. فؤاد عبد الرزاق

    I likkkkkke ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. It's Lonneke

    I really really really love your songs omg

  35. David Orozco

    What a beautiful song!

  36. Amelie Maitland

    why does this not have millions of views yet?

    Issa bop

  37. kipkoech

    You gonna be famous 🔥this song showed up and i went back to coding 6 hours straight instead of sleeping

  38. Horse videos Are awesome

    Underrated artist I smell?

  39. Bidyulata Sahoo

    Keep smiling and make more music girl:) Can't wait longer💜💜

  40. akankshya sahoo

    Girl we need more of this! You're so underrated! I love you! You are already famous to me!❤️🖤

  41. Jesse Karmen

    Truly amazing voice and lyrics!

  42. Eren Kruger

    Addictive song, talented!!

  43. Allyssa Wallace

    Love this songgggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  44. Joseph Lalchhuanawma

    all the way from Aizawl,India. a tid bit late but good things takes time..cheers..

  45. Ale lopapa

    i love this song so much!!

  46. ice hero

    The Bold Type!!

  47. Kayla Mullen

    I feel like I’ve heard this so many times before

  48. Areej Z


  49. Joanna Cousins


  50. cinnamoncat3 :3

    ur. amazing omg?!?!??

  51. Anmol Jhamb

    She really needs to be famous.... This song is so good! Why are good things so under rated?

  52. Kasey Culver

    This plays on the radio at Claire’s all the time and I love it 💕

  53. Tia Harding

    i'm going to blast this song when i'm famous

  54. soueled !

    this is so beautiful <3

  55. Joy Chang

    Thought this would be good the first second her sound came out.

  56. Bonnie Ho

    i’m saying ivy IS REALLY UNDERRATED

  57. simplyyourtube

    Ommmmmg congrats gal on making it to the bold type!

  58. Fine Blu


  59. Phoebe Dan

    I found this because I heard it on spotify at first I was gonna skip it because it wasn't on my playlist but I'm so glad I didnt because now it's one of my favorite songs

  60. Nurfatihah Senusi

    i"m requesting more songs from you and i'd love to listen to u singing live !!! love this song 5evaa

  61. MIke Palulis

    This is my favorite song in the. Whole world you have the best Voice

  62. XGacha Lillian

    Best music i've ever heard. Keep this up! <3

  63. Jazmine C

    Yesterday while I was at the Mall this song started to play and was like, that’s Ivyyyy. This is one of my favorite songs and I’m glad you’ve come this far and hopefully you’ll go even farther.

  64. Jesse Villa

    Yes i love this

  65. Lucy

    I love your songs! They're brilliant. Keep working hard <3

  66. mine3010

    i‘m literally so in love with every song from her! her voice is just soo beautiful and the vibe😫🙏🏻

  67. gaby snapt

    Just making just comment BC this song is amazing!!😍😍

  68. Curious gurl

    my theme song. 😘

  69. Laura Neugebauer

    Um yes you are amazing

  70. Allan

    Awsome song

  71. Varra Wahyu Oktariani

    can someone make the karaoke version pls?

  72. Laur

    here before she gets a Grammy 💕

  73. Brooklynn Mess

    I love your voice so much this song makes my stress go wata idk why but 🤷🏽‍♀️

  74. 서현

    First ever comment on youtube :) Ivy, you will for sure become famous.

  75. Hien Duong

    You will be famous

  76. lal ruatsangi

    where have you been all my life😰

  77. Cristal Bermudez

    I do not understand how she is not famous if she is really amazing! I was very surprised to see the few reproductions I had a song as great as this, I LOVE!

  78. Andres Escobar

    Here after seeing the x-factor audition. Keep going don't stop, your voice is so unique

  79. Hrithik pal

    yes u will be famous very very fast.n u work hard for this to make us entertain.thank u

  80. David Wyller

    Amazing music and voice. ❤🇧🇷👏

  81. Liyah Brazzy

    This is absolute influence for me to be famous

  82. mikey. 0815

    little late but still love you and your music. and your voice is so beautiful.

  83. raeanna kay

    omg... how can i only discover this song just today? that’s jussss... mmm.


  84. fashion icon

    love this song and rebels <3 idk why i hadn't heard of her

  85. Cher Stoup

    Are you famous yet

  86. prithvi roy

    This is definitely better than Kanye West's famous ...OMG it was terrible
    This song is a lot better

  87. Beata Pasternak

    I love this song

  88. Richard De Leon

    My 7 year old daughter absolutely loves your music , please please 'Ivy adara' LIKE to this.
    If this comment hits 1k LIKES she will be so happy!!!!!

    i literally liked this video and listened to this 10x

  89. Zoe

    Dropping this comment after she's famous to congratulate her on how well you've done! I would love to come to a concert soooooo much xx ❤

  90. Marcia M

    The interpretation of this song to me is not being known it's just having self-awareness and loving yourself. I love this song

  91. Julie Lim

    I just subscribed bc I need more music from her.🥰 love from South Korea💘💘💘

  92. Benjamin Ben

    Your voice is so hot for me, ho

  93. hashtagyoutube

    On repeat!

  94. vedant dragon

    yo i know she here to be the BEST