Ives, Burl - Call Me Mr. In-Between Lyrics

(Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between)
(Pickin's mighty lean, Mr. In-Between)

Well, I'm too old for girls and I'm too young for women
I've looked all around and my hopes are a-dimmin'
I feel like a fish not allowed any swimmin'
And it makes a fella mean
To feel he's a part of the Lost Generation
I feel like a choo-choo that can't find the station
I work like a dog with no recreation
They call me Mr. In-Between

(Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between)
(Makes a fella mean, Mr. In-Between)

Got a hotrod Chevy with a twin carburetor
And I know a gal that's a real sharp tomater
And she's got a Daddy with a Caddy that'll date 'er
You see what I mean
Those sweet little things just set me a-droolin'
I'm too big for sodas and I'm too old for schoolin'
Too young for lovin' but I'm too old for foolin'
They call me Mr. In-Between

(Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between)
(Tries to live so clean, Mr. In-Between)

I feel like a sailboat kept in a bottle
I feel like an engineer that can't find the throttle
I'm too small to walk but I'm too big to toddle
And, Lordy, I'm turnin' green
To see all the men makin' time with the ladies
The high school kids at the show with their babies
While I run around like a dog with the rabies
They call me Mr. In-Between

(Mr. In-Between, Mr. In-Between)
(Better leave the scene, Mr. In-Between)

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Ives, Burl Call Me Mr. In-Between Comments
  1. bcvids9

    Love it! I had this song on an old K-Tel compilation album when I was a kid😁👍

  2. Jim Crawford

    Great stuff!.

  3. jay soper

    whimsical novelty song that everyone can relate to, hey ho

  4. Thomas Gary

    When I was a kid I couldn't figure out what the hell a daddywidacaddydatlldator was?

  5. Gary Pace

    See pictures of Burl Ives in the bathtub taking a bubble bath. Burl Ives has big boobs for a man. (The Spiral Road) His huge gluttonous belly and bellybutton is so cute.

  6. horst muleman

    "And I know a girl that's a real sharp tomater""While I run around like a dog with the rabies"Awesome lyrics, they make me laugh.

  7. John Jurkewicz

    he Great to listening to

  8. austin galloway

    How can you not like this song I believe all us guys have felt this way one time or another

  9. carlos cameron

    Good memories

  10. Jean de maertelaere

    Treasure song

  11. David Straub

    It's my father, honest to goodness.

  12. Garrett Hartness

    love his voice. sounds so rich.

  13. Elizabeth Long


  14. mr. warmth

    you talk racial i take away comments kapish

  15. Ynnel?!

    I thought you didn't mess around with Mr. In-Between?

  16. ferociousgumby

    I think he is bisexual and does not yet realize it. He soon will.

    mr. warmth

    piss off punk

    mr. warmth

    up yours

  17. Scott Bechler

    This song was written by Harlan Howard, writer of hundreds of country songs.

  18. Vincent Edwards

    beautiful voice indeed great post j vincent edwards

  19. mr. warmth

    i own 2 bars 1 is topless the other is biker bar so i don't put up with bullshit

    mr. warmth

    and i don't ask for subscribers

  20. Chris Calgary

    I guess before entertainment was invented people had to settle for this shit.

    mr. warmth

    go away

    mr. warmth

    fuck off


    go fuck yourself you pathetic little troll

    mr. warmth

    little im 6-3 weigh 250 punk

    mr. warmth

    leave bitch

  21. burlingtonbill1

    Fooba Wooba John !!!

  22. TheAloweWolf

    This is pretty Cool!   :)

  23. MsGabork

    Burl Ives was a true legend, both as an actor and wonderful singer.

  24. 1949yorkielover

    I loved Burl Ives songs. His music always seemed to play over and over in your mind. I wish we had singers like him today.

    mr. warmth

    +1949yorkielover he was in a great movie called wind across the everglades see it if you get chance


    Im 13 and this song is one of my absolute favorite from this time period

    Jennifer Blake

    You have great taste
    Burl Ives certainly is one of the greats

    John Dope

    We're the same age, I'm 16 now. It's great to see others my age with a good taste in music!!

  26. GooglFascists

    Burl Ives was another American treasure we've lost and has yet to be replaced.
    His was a simple story really. He played football, then worked at odd jobs until
    he found people liked his folk singing and even got to be in a few movies, (my
    fave playing "Cottonmouth" the Everglades bad-ass in "Wind Across The Ever-
    glades" with Christopher Plummer- VERY difficult movie to find).
    No young man has yet to take up Burl Ivanhoe's, (real name), mantle and be-
    come America's beloved folk singer. Maybe as times get harder? But one thing
    for certain HE SURE IS MISSED!


    Have you heard That`s All I Can Remember - it`s somewhere on YouTube - his best song. All about a man about to be executed for murdering his wife and her lover (his best friend). He even talks about his last meal. Quite macabre, reminds me of The Green Mile.


    Burl Ivanhoe, holy Christ!

    mr. warmth

    yes try wind across the everglades

    mr. warmth

    or cat on a hot tin roof

    mr. warmth

    me too you tube has it

  27. Brian Critchley

    Brilliant, totally lovely its a song about me..


    and me lol

  28. Mark Kucia

    August 1962 the BBC banned "Call Me Mister In Between",because the world "chevy" within the Burl Ives lyric.

    Renee Bloggs

    Pardon my ignorance, but can you explain why, please?


    yes, explain please


    The BBC banned songs that had brand names in the lyrics... Figured it was like free advertising

    mr. warmth

    do ya believe all you read

  29. Elizabeth Long

    ..thank you 

  30. Tom Lahart

    Dynamic881964, I might have it but unsure of the condition. I'll check and upload if I have it.

  31. dynamic881964

    Would you by chance have the flip side of the 45 of this one ? I think it was named "What ya gonna do Leroy" ( ? )

    mr. warmth

    yes if i can find it


    I like this type of music.

  33. Juliaflo

    I heard it that year. (Uh-uh, don't figure out my age, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, but have a safe Labor Day).

  34. Juliaflo

    He won the Academy Award for it.

  35. M. Warmth

    he was big daddy in cat on a hot tin roof

  36. Katie Johnson

    This song really impacts with me with a nostalgic hit as it was a big favourite with my belated mother who used to hum it! It was a huge hit in Australia and I remember listening to this song as I was getting ready for school in the 1960's. I have very fond memories of this wonderful song by the melodic talented Burl Ives (who was also a favourite actor of mine). There's some absolutely fabulous songs from the 1950's, eg I'm Gonna Get along without You Now and Secret Love. Great era!

  37. charles mays

    One of the best singers ever!

  38. eugene parra

    This song says it like it is, LOVE IT.

  39. isukaman

    From 1962.

  40. John Benn


  41. Nyan Kat

    You got it Buddy, the MAN Big Daddy,
    there will never be anothere like him!!!!!

  42. CH3MIS7RY

    1 person isn't a real sharp tomater...

  43. CH3MIS7RY

    @kpz1234 he's the boss

  44. kpz1234

    Is he smoking a cheroot on the album cover? What a pimp.

  45. hjbpnb

    This music takes me back ... oh... some 45 plus years !!!
    Love it !
    Those were good times and I didn't know it ...
    Thanks for posting this video !!!

  46. Scott McGregor

    I thought this was the song that plays at the start of L.A. Confidential. I think that goes, you got to accentuate the perogative and.......don't mess with mr. in between lol

  47. Rev Wolfgang Agosta

    Spend his time in the TAIN"T So they call him Mr. In between.............


    @rewind721 what an ignorant comment.

  49. jack murphy

    My uncle use to say that that song reminded him of me and i was about 11 or 12 years old.

  50. KittnzNChz

    Whenever i hear this song i always go back to those long car rides with my grandpa before he passed away. A part of this song will always belong to him, and me, and those drawn out summers that i didn't want to end.

  51. Raymond Stunkel

    this is a good song i would pitty the poor soul who wrote it

  52. John Dahmer

    You should work on your grammar a little bit Kiki !

  53. lilmike55912

    every one remebers the christmas songs... This is a great sample of his true talent thank you for this!

  54. Kenneth Walsh

    What is the name of that song that goes Oh my moma always told me never never to play with a loaded gun. If I'd a just listened to her she woulda never had a prisoner for a son? 99 years?

  55. Kathy Wisbey

    i agree

  56. daughterofolaf

    Ah, gawd this makes me think of my dad. He used to play this record all the time...thanks for posting.

  57. Benkenobi8118

    Yeah, it's on the Funny way of Laughing Album. Great album.

  58. hirdy6

    There should be a picture of Burl Ives in the dictionary beside 'distinguished'.

  59. 60Cascade

    Yes, it's on Burl's Greatest Hits CD released in 1996 on MCA. It's also on the Readers Digest set "The Legendary Burl Ives" released in 1997, and the Time Life Heartland set "America's Favorite Balladeer" released in 1998.

  60. Juliaflo

    Score! I heard this during the 1960's.

    (Don't figure out my age, LOLOLOLOL).

  61. dewey lou

    I remember he did this song on Hee Haw with Roy Clark & I still love this song even to this day.

  62. toobyu2859

    The background singers do the refrain by themselves for a lot of the time. It makes this song distinctive. I remember this played a lot on the radio when it came out.

  63. circusitch

    You can never go wrong with a Burl Ives song.

  64. 60Cascade

    Yes, the name is "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight". It was written by Bob Dylan. The other song was "Maria (If I Could)" written by Charlie Daniels. Both songs also appeared on Burl's 1968 album "The Times They Are A-Changin'". The album was reissued on CD in 2000.

  65. dynamic881964

    My grandma used to play this all the time when I was a kid I LOVE IT !!! Thanks for sharing it !!! :-)

  66. rileycrews

    Great music. Great voice.

  67. iverson cameron

    Good quality music that is wholesome, you just cant beat this. No comparison to the crap of today....

  68. Charles Philip Adams

    I always thought this was about being an adolescent more than mid-life but it sounds odd having such a mature voice singing about being an adolescent

  69. barrygioportmorien1

    Burl was great, this song shows that.

  70. fleecyboy

    Burl had such a sweet and totally unique singing voice. It seemed as effortless as simply talking, but it always wonderful to listen to him.

  71. Happy Jordan

    All you have to do is listen to the lyrics to know what he's talking about it, and it has nothing to do with sexuality. It's about growing older. It starts with "I'm too old for girls, too young for women", and later echoes with "I'm too young for lovin' and too old for foolin'". There's nothing in that there suggests the song is about anything more than a mid-life crisis, basically.

  72. vinylsingleman

    Thanks for posting this, and no, it's about not fitting in anywhere, and that doesn't have to have anything to do with bisexuality. Nowadays, people are looking for that everywhere, and sometimes they're imagining things.

  73. Ryan Beattie

    tell you what. just don't be a douche and post under videos how much you think they suck, and let people enjoy their thing.

    i'm antagonistic towards the antagonistic because they should enjoy a little conflict. If you do, i'm having a good time dueling with you. If you don't, just let it go and don't take any of this personally. So many people post like you did, and though douchey (like how i've been posting here, too) i'm sure we're all relatively good people.


  74. Ryan Beattie

    ohhhhhh. i get it now.

    "before entertainment was invented!" HAHAHAHA!

    so fresh! so witty!

    You're right, i totally should have seen how awesomely funny you are.

    Hey, you know those companies that text jokes to your phone for a buck, YOU should TOTALLY work for them as a writer! Your technique of trying the same joke twice in a row might not go over so well, but the rest of gems will.

    or maybe you need a gig with hecklers, cause your witty retorts like "get a life" are hysterical.

  75. Ryan Beattie

    i haven't mentioned Burl once. i think you missed the point.

  76. Ryan Beattie

    a "farrey" is a person who doesn't have the ability to look at words phonetically to decipher spelling mistakes, or who thinks pointing out a typo will distract from their backtracking.

  77. Ryan Beattie

    yes, that's right. focus on me, and none of the concepts i present to you. Maybe use the same joke a 3rd time. Excellent. Now you're getting the hang of this interweb machine. Hold on, i have to take out my teeth. where was i? oh ya... so then i tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. And i took the farrey over to Ogdenville to get a new sole for my shoe.

    this just in, any art made before the year 2000 sucks and we're all idiots for liking it! hear ye! hear ye!

  78. Ryan Beattie

    you live in the future??? WOW!

    But wait... i thought the future would be LESS intolerant, you know... since history has shown plenty of examples of intolerance stiffling social progress time and time again.

    It's looking as though it's those who discriminate who are being left in the past. Time catch up, and start letting people be. It's easy to do.

    The more you can acceptm in life the easier it is to avoid suffering. But somebody from the future should know that already.

  79. Ryan Beattie

    When considering the popularity of Limp Bizkit and Nickleback this statement seems pretty ridiculous, and maybe a little close minded.

    But hey, you're entitled to your opinion and presenting it in antagonistic ways. You're entitled to enjoy as many Hanna Montana concerts as you'd like, and nobody should try to make you feel silly for that. I hear she's really big these days.

    enjoy your thing.

  80. MisterCanning

    Fantastic! Ya gotta luv the songs of Burl Ives.

    (Not to shabby of an actor, either)