Ivan B - Open Hearted Lyrics

You know
It's funny
A lot of you take the time
To write me these long
Long messages about
What you're going through
And your struggles
And you ask me
How do you write down these words
To describe exactly what I'm feeling
And the answer is: I don't
I don't
I don't know you
I don't know any of you
It makes me happy that you can connect to what I'm saying
Because I'm just a 20 year old kid with a pen
Who just writes about anything he goes through
I've been stressing about doing this this intro
Because I don't want to
I don't want to give you rehearsed lines
A cover of something
I don't know
I just wanted to talk to you
And maybe I should've wrote something down
Maybe this doesn't sound as good as I thought it would be
I want you to know me
I want you to be able to listen to my music and be like:
I know this guy
He's a cool guy
I don't know
There's a lot of things I wish I could take back
But that's
That's not how life works
So I wrote it down in
In hopes
To help one of you
To tell you things will be okay
My name is Ivan
I'm from the Bay Area
And these are my Layers of Reflection

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Ivan B Open Hearted Comments
  1. Chante Mckay

    I love your music everything u say is from ur heart the pain u feel it's ur life story in your music your an amazing artist I hope your seeing my comment keep that real shit coming . This is my type of music . Music from the heart . The creator blessed you and speaks threw u . It's crazy omg

  2. Destiny Leyva

    When I've felt my absolute lowest, your music has helped me vibe and reflect on these emotions instead of bottling it all up . Im thankful you're around on this planet <3

  3. Tiger 1

    Respect!! Respect!! Your music gets me through these struggles i know im not alone

  4. Landon Ecker

    Why is this motivational😭😭🙏😁

  5. Véronique D2V

    You are such a talented young man, your ability to touch people with your lyrics and your music seem so far beyond your years.
    Keep going Ivan, I think I said this before, but such depth of feelings in your poetry at such a young age, you're awesome !

  6. Tarina Sparks

    Thank you so much Basic Lyrics for this!🌹 I really like Ivan B. and this really made me happy to get know him him and his feelings more. Thank you

  7. Sarah Tolbert

    You're lyrics are dope. I love your talent and don't ever stop. You make the world a better place!


    I just listen to him.. and I fell in love .. caz I can relate 😣😣😣😂😭😭😭😭

  9. Melinda Csergo

    Thank you, Ivan!

  10. Samantha Siltanen

    Even this gave me goosebumps. Sweet boy sent from the divine. ✨

  11. sherri buchanan

    I've listened to a lot of stuff but you're music is different and that's what I love about you 😊

  12. Carla Bonita

    Your music has really helped me in so many ways thanks for being real and being you.

  13. Tyshawn Wright

    you are my highlight

  14. Jason Fisher

    Unimaginable how you Express yourself and capture life, you're amazing!

  15. Daina Hangsing

    Keep marching Ivan
    Youre the coolest writer ..

  16. Mr.faggot disgrace is my life

    Best rapper

  17. AntZPr0ductions

    Oh shit, From the bay. Thats what's up! Just started listening to your music and now I'm stuck listening to every track you've uploaded. Good stuff brother!

  18. pacie statterson

    love you always ivan ♥️

  19. Sihan Guo

    You know you are BEYOND COOL Ivan

  20. Keith Reeves

    You may just be a 20 yr old kid with a pen ( as u described) But your not. You have an amazing talent for this music stuff. I'm 43 yrs old and have just in the last year started listening to your music. And i gotta say most of what i hear is indescribable. Me and my wife and most of my kids listen to you daily. And i cant speak 4 them but your words move me and heal me. You see we lost 1 of us a little over a year ago to a homicide. And music has always been the life blood of our home. But now more then ever. And i dont know what I'm saying. I never comment on YouTube stuff. But felt I needed to say thank you for all of your music. Never stop you have unmatched talent and hope u get everything you deserve for all your hard work. And again thank you

  21. Kari L

    Ivan alot of your songs are basically telling my life right now. My fiance is locked up and I'm going through alot my kids have been taken from me

  22. Dusty Mackie

    Thank you

  23. paola roacho

    Since I started Herring ivan I'm in love with his songs ive been going through a lot of promblem people who are hatting me and he keeps me going 😘😅

  24. Oliver Harley

    your music keeps me going

  25. a-aron

    You are an amazing artist...dont stop..so many songs i can relate to that are effecting my life right now.

  26. John Layer

    Falling in love, that's how I'll die

  27. Natalie Renee

    Your music lets me know I'm not alone. Allows me to be able to relate more of myself from within to face what I'm going through.. Thank you for sharing your story through what you enjoy to do (your music) 💯🔥💖

  28. Holly Mallett

    Your awesome!!

  29. Martin Martinez

    I don’t know u but I feel like I do bcuz I can connect to what ur saying!!! Amazing Perfectly Imperfect I know this guy he’s a cool guy Ivan B...

  30. Adie R

    😢 I can relate to ur music love it keep up the good work.

  31. Mr Trick5hot

    Connection Through Feelings, That's What I Like, Connection Through Words, You Won't Be Famous, But Be Happy For The Emotions And Feelings You Receive, It Don't Matter How It Sound, As Long It Has A True Story Behind It, Ivan Thanks For Your Emotions You Share, And We Welcome The Feelings We Give Back

  32. Just ForFun tv

    Ivan u r the Best ..keep it up..bro thanks


    I just Cried so much i can barely catch my breath im a NEW HIGE FAN I LOVE UR MUSIC IT LIVES IN MY SOUL EVERYWHERE I GO RT RS

  34. James Gaskill

    Love this dude u helped so many I want u to know u are the greatest I think u help me relate to my problems and show me tht everything will be alright inthe end ur music is just well idk how to say it but thanks

  35. MJay Hise

    This Is One Of My Absolute Favorites From Him Honestly.

  36. Ivan Privatus

    I still don't know why he privated most of his earlier music on youtube, especially layers of reflection

  37. RED

    <3 Immediate acceptance in the 1st 15 sec. I literally ask a few times a day or i was, how does he know this is what i need to hear to forgive my partner's sins again, today? Put on My Way or One Day, or I'm Sorry.. Or any other song You made and I can do it, i have the juice to smile at someone and our kid and be a dad.. Its came to the point I usually always resort to a song of yours.. God put you on this path so i can correct mine. Hearing you is a blessing to a bleeding heart.. Hearing you say you dont know me is really a wake up call.. I thank you for sharing your talent, and sharing your lyrics with us.

  38. Fifs Baipusi

    When Ivan b hits you with the truth..reality 😢😍😍 I know it's Ivan b he'll always be one of the best 😊

  39. Les Phar

    Love your music!! Big fan!! Love your realness!!👏👏👏👏👏

  40. Tanya Trask

    thank You

  41. Justin Gathright


  42. Brittany Guerrero

    Thanks for making more and more songs I been dealing with depression for a long time and I found your music and it helps me a lot thanks again 😊

  43. joshua cardenas

    Nice to meet you Ivan

    Deandre Hoover

    Love you man

  44. Tammie Owens

    You’ve saved me several times Ivan. I love you.

  45. Christene Cranford

    I like this iven I may not like all over his songs but mostly definitely what he's saying if the truth about life truthful pians life hard time getting over things is hard that means over coming is crazy mealtly and figure out life to be better for all but it's hard I don't know I think he's awesome


    Christene Cranford Ivan* may not like all over his music? Why not? He's an inspiration and you don't like his music why? And plz learn grammar.

  46. Joy Marie

    I have a son your age an I call what you expressed as reflection I call THE RIPPLE EFFECT. LIKE A PEBBLE DROPPED INTO A POND, Our decisions are each a dropped pebble into a pond that can make great waves of change or bad ones. As a mom. You just made a good one. J.

  47. Puia Sungte

    Love your music...

  48. Sophia Castleberg

    Your music keeps me strong im new to being in a wheel chair and i relate to all of your music keep doin what your doin cause its keepin me strong

    Austin Ruth

    Sophia Castleberg don’t let that wheelchair make you feel like you have limits because if you want something enough nothing can stop you but your self

    Austin Ruth


  49. Lo-Fi, So-Hi

    best track on the album


    The Re-Uploads Hub even though it isn't even a song I can agree, I could keep this on repeat if I'm not feeling it at the time