Ivan B - Final Thoughts Lyrics

I seem to fall in love with possibilities
Friendships turn to memories
Why do late night drives somehow always seem to get at me
Flow 7/11, up for 24 hours
My ex just hit me up, Lord give me the power
To choose the path that's most righteous
Saw my mistakes to the gutter
Lately I'm filled with bad decisions, one after another
But I like my girls foreign like the whips that I'm in
Busting the beamers but you know my man a win is a win
I spray my ankle last week, shoutout to Steve Nash it's all good
Hit all them swishers for me homie cause I know that you would
And hand Allen an L for me pop that ego like bubblegum
I'll be here making hits, someone call Khalid another one, yeah

Dollar signs on my head, I've been tryna figure it out
I've hardly had time to sleep but my head is still in the clouds
While were out here working overtime for food in our house
But thank you Jesus for the blessings I know things will work out
I wear y'all heart on my sleeve, you see we're needing more love
Cause you're my brother, you're my sister tell me when's it enough
Look, I showed up than I grew up now it's time to blow up
From a school bus to a tour bus full of people I trust
We'll get there one day I promise, forget were all of them tired is
Cause my team is full of Currys tell me who gonna guard us
We ain't the largest but I know for a fact we're going the farthest
Cause my fans are my family and that's just me being honest
Uh, hard times for these great lines
Lose sleep or you waste time
Got feelings for this other girl even though right now she ain't mine
Driving late night up for hours
Smile like I haven't thought about her
Write a song about my life and somehow it always comes out about her
Damn, heart breaks with denim jeans
Fell in love at 17 and noone knows what that really means
Cause lately I've been guessing
My pen is my therapist open up my therapy session
This my layers of reflection
Lift the weight of my chest like I've been constantly benching
Cause every blessing comes with lessons
I'm fighting of all my demons I'm fighting for my ascension

My heart is broken and vacant until the day that I make it
Some times you gotta take a shot when you can't see where you're aiming
Saving lives with these words and that's still blowing my mind
Cause in my darkest times I write to you so you can save, mine

Run it
We'll get there I promise
Yeah we'll get there I promise
My fans are my family and that's just me being honest
Cause we'll get there I promise
Yeah we'll get there I promise
My fans are my family and that's just me being honest
Let's get it

Layers of reflection

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