Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - White Sandy Beach Of Hawai'i Lyrics

I saw you in my dream
We were walking hand in hand
On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

We were playing in the sun
We were having so much fun
On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean
Soothes my restless soul
The sound of the ocean
Rocks me all night long

Those half-hound summer days
lying there in the sun
On a white sandy beach of Hawaii

The sound of the ocean
Soothes my restless soul
The sound of the ocean
Rocks me all night long

Last night in my dream
I saw your face again
We were there in the sun
On a white sandy beach
On... oooonnnnn of Hawaii

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole White Sandy Beach Of Hawai'i Comments
  1. john davis

    we;ll meet again amy brother,happy travels

  2. Arthur Purdue

    Is it just me or his voice so relieving

  3. Samuel Beltrami

    That diminished chord is so beautiful I wanna cry

  4. Joziah Reyes

    Should have went on the x factor or something for sure would have won

  5. fus149 Hammer

    Just beautiful.

  6. Rodolfo Silva

    Brasil Aki parabéns

  7. Julian Diaz

    No words

  8. andrea renee smith-hall

    HIs voice is like melting gold.. I have loved him for many years..

  9. yoho7788

    That’s what I needed to hear right now. The soothing voice of IZ. It’s brilliant.

  10. Renata Loba


  11. Richard Toland

    I need to write a plugin that prevents "Who's here in %CURRENT_YEAR?" comments from showing.

  12. Jose Gomez

    Que en paz descanses amigo que en paz descanses

  13. Larry Proffitt

    Im a trumper

  14. •Vendy Love•

    Есть русские?🌚🔫

  15. Risa Drobisz

    Krásná uklidňující písnička něj lepší spevak kromě Michaela Jacksona super 😃😃😃

  16. Julio César Oliveira

    Essa música é muito relaxante, acalma o espirito.👏👏👏


    I miss The Queen's Surf in Waikiki...........on this white sandy beach

  18. alejandro solis

    IZ lives 🤙🤙

  19. Hutchinson Lydon Music Making


  20. soren ashcraft

    one day I'm going to go to a white sandy beach in hawaii and listen to this

  21. Jolley Films

    Fuck all those that put a thumbs down

  22. Jolley Films

    What a voice what a song RIP

  23. Juan Acuña

    amo esta cancion

  24. Peyton Souvannavong

    His soul lives in all of us and in the beautiful sea of Hawaii proud to be Samoan and Hawaiian

  25. Tino G

    Wow just wow amazing


    this reminds of all the wonderful days that I spent working at the Reef Hotel in Waikiki...... Got to ride a few waves before work and a few after....
    Great, Great Memories.........Mahalo for this post

  27. Jaime Duke

    Beautiful... Enough said 💙

  28. Eugene B. ALU

    I love dis guy" HAWAIIAN"

  29. Krzychu BB

    Piękna... muzyka, słowa i dziewczyna... Pamiętać będziemy Cię IZ do końca świata i jeden dzień dłużej:)

  30. Mary Bell

    Much love

  31. Eliane Coimbra

    Que voz doce e angelical.
    Brasileiros também te amam.
    Esteja na paz do Sr Deus.

  32. aosanshou

    I am feeling, IF IZ was female she would have never been allowed from her rough past and accepted for the obesity...

    Well 🤷🏼‍♀️it’s true.

  33. Dennis Datin

    My first wife and I loved Hawaii and the people and the music. In 93 she was dying of cancer and we bought the "Makaha sons of Ni'i'hau " CD with this song on it. She died in 94 and even today this song makes me think of her and brings tears to my eyes. Thanks IZ.......

    Angel Coronado

    ella vivirá en tu corazón por siempre

  34. la dragone des enfers Garancce

    Wow elle est tro bien cette musiq

  35. mrlpn2

    beautiful woman shame he died so young 38

  36. manny wellborn

    This man will for ever be in peace and he has a very good voice

  37. maikescarface ghosrider

    hoye cantas con el alma. pareces un angel cantándole a dios.

  38. Cecilia Barraza

    lastima que no sea en español .

  39. Cecilia Barraza

    es grandioso .

  40. Steffi Herder

    Mir kommen immer die Tränen, wenn ich die Musik und die Lieder von IZ höre. Ich würde so gern die Heimat von IZ kennen lernen doch leider fehlen mir die finanziellen Mittel dafür.

  41. Heidi Carpenter

    His voice was so far advanced for his young time

  42. Daniel Fox

    Awesome song

  43. Mario Eliot Contreras Herrera

    Especial iz,,,, me encanta, gracias, que interpretación, tan bella, y relajante, gracias, que los ángeles te bendigan, y el poder de dios te proteja, sigas cantando

    Julio César Oliveira

    En Brasil también nos encanta a este gran cantante.

  44. Johni Gee

    I wish I would've met him and gave him a hug! His songs take you somewhere of peace. God Bless His Soul!

  45. Steve Jones

    listen to him everyday , this song and over the rainbow calms my anxiety , he is missed greatly , much love to his family from Canada

  46. American Dog

    Beautiful Hawaii the beautiful world of incense


    beautiful voice and exotic Hawaiian beauty a perfect combination!

  48. 빠염

    남자 목소리가 이렇게 감미로워도 되는겁니까? ㅠ ㅠ


    Strolling along the beach in front of the Moana Surfrider and the Royal hotels........night time was the best........the sounds, the smells and the stars.....OH MAN

  50. carlos camacho

    Hi to the word ; from Ecuador

  51. Sportschick

    What a sweet voice. He is singing with the angels.

  52. holad holllggg

    hedado henel clabo con cabeza

    holad holllggg

    como salio faborito

  53. Cleidiane Alves

    Que voz linda.

  54. Noelia Kaufmann

    Simplemente una voz angelical

  55. Richard Brewer

    If you disliked this your a land locked MF

  56. Sahrajah S

    Die schönste stimme aller Zeiten 😍 RIP

  57. Cheryl Redsteer

    Beautiful song...

  58. KKEd1tZ

    Anyone know the girls name

  59. Shannon Templin

    He will be missed and when I was playing a song for my son when I was pregnant with him and he went to sleep in my stomach and he loved it so much

  60. Joanne Thomas

    a beautiful man, inside and out. Voice like velvet. Thank you Iz for your beautiful music.

  61. William José Ramírez Cuadra

    Julio-2019 desde Managua, Nicaragua les saludo. Y que música más buena de Israel IZ... gracias por compartirla.



  63. Geraldine Witcher

    Amen to you for that comment.its not the size of your body that matters it's the size of your heart.try looking beyond the outter she'll and try to see the beauty inside

  64. Ирина Суворова

    Нежно, like this one you...

  65. Lisa Tetley

    Soooooo true

  66. Enock Osuma

    Such a beautiful voice...
    Am almost shading tears😢😢

    holad holllggg

    nomegusta lo que hapuesto la grimas

  67. Henri Bernard Lubin

    beau panorama la mer, bleu ,le son de la guitare et le chanteur qui nous emporte ,le calme et le silence des vagues merci à toi israel IZ kamakawiwo 'ole

  68. Humberto Riselli

    It feel like pure love! God Bless him

  69. Andrew Napholz

    Dopest man alive.

  70. Ana Florido


  71. xavier lambour


  72. Julio César Oliveira

    Que bela voz a de Israel, os brasileiros também são fãs desse excelente cantor.

    jota markx

    Com certeza

    holad holllggg

    brasileño y bella como tuloaspuesto perteneces itali

    Romildo Lopes

    Faço minhas suas palavras.

    banana pistola br


  73. Memeogod Widgens

    Why would you come here just to dislike this beautiful song

  74. Violet Young

    Ok 👍🏻 I don’t forget the fact I have a boyfriend to take me to

    Violet Young

    Who are you text me back and tell me who you are

    Violet Young


    Violet Young


    Violet Young


  75. Marla Singer

    haters gonna hate

  76. María del Carmen Morales Paniagua

    Q bello cantas amigo me acaricias el alma 😌😌😌💕

  77. Joseph Clark

    Now this is a beautiful sounding song!! Mmmm.. makes me feel goood inside!! BLAZE green MEDICINE YA'LL!!♧÷♧

  78. frango frito


    Antonio Hilerio

    🙋🏻‍♂️ “50 first Dates” movie brought him to my attention 😃

    clifton gaither

    always and forever

    clifton gaither

    rip, Israel , "IZ" . love you brother .

    Angel Lee

    @Steven Baldwin i don't think it's so much for clout as it might be for the connection...imo

    fus149 Hammer

    Someone in damp rainy England who's dreaming of the white sandy beaches of Hawaii.

  79. Terri Manuri

    He had the voice of an angel,l love his beautiful voice,thank you for sharing🤗God Bless You Big Guy🌺

  80. Alexandria Hopkins

    This guy IZ and chinese zither music are real calming

  81. Karen Carney

    I want so badly to go bk to oahu

  82. grassoner

    La model carda fàstic. Que hi fot una filagarsa com aquest en el clip d'una cançó de na Iz?

  83. J. Adam Kincaid

    Izzie forever and ever and ever and. Beyond infinity.i love you so are here for many lives to come my good friend.i miss you

  84. Mikey_Suze Four

    489 haters either never got to visit the Hawaiian Isles or they're just heartless music idiots.

  85. Santos Rocha

    Beautiful song

  86. Margie Masih

    His music is so good

  87. Dan Dixon

    I will never forget his voice, and his soul, if his heart was as big as him this world would be saved

  88. Katherine Windsor

    I know am probably 10 years behind but his music gives my soul hope.

  89. Dilekitube Horror

    Eu achei que ele tinha falecido.

  90. DJ _1

    Top ten Songs I hear in my dreams:

  91. Marcooo

    Revendo em 2019.

  92. renato Farias de Almeida

    Canção linda

  93. Ryan b

    Repose en paix

  94. Oscar Benicio Lozano García


  95. Chris Kenmotsu

    My alarm tone, wake up to this song every morning 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  96. stinkeding 23

    He's nice we love you forever😁

  97. JALLT

    what the hell people dislike this.
    All good in home?

  98. James Donahue

    This song put me to sleep