Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Pili Me Ka'u Manu Lyrics


Kolea kai piha!
I aha mai nei?
Kunou mai nei.
E aha kakou?
E ai kakou.
Nohea ka ai?
No Kahiki mai.
Hiki mai ka lani.
Olina Hawaii,
Mala'eal'e ke ala,
Nou e ka lani.
Puili pu ke aloha.
Pili me ka'u manu.
Ka puana a ka moe?
Moe oe a ho'olana.
Ka hal'a a hiki mai;
O'oe pu me a'u
Noho pu i ka wai aliali
Ha'ina ia ka puana
O ka hua o ke kolea,aia i Kahiki.
Hiki mai lou aloha. Ma'ele au.


A plover eating at the edge of the sea!
What is it saying to me?
It keeps bobbing its head.
To do what would you counsel?
Why, eat its plump body!
Whence comes this sweet morsel?
From the land of Tahiti.
When our sovereign appears,
Hawai'i gathers for play.
Stumble blocks cleared from the way,
Fit rule of the King's highway.
Let each one embrace then his love;
For me, I'll keep to my dove.
Hark now, the signal for bed!
Attentive then to loves tread,
While a wee bird sings I the soul.
My love comes heat-whole.
Then quaff the waters of bliss.
Say, what is the key to all this?
The plover eggs laid in Tahiti.
Your love. When it comes, finds me.

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Pili Me Ka'u Manu Comments
  1. Heidi Roos

    His voice is a staple for Hawaii....absolutely adored his music when vacationing in Waikiki!😉❤️🇨🇦

  2. JC Ayala


  3. Killer zombie that boy 38

    I missed your song's sorry for what happened to you but at least you made the most of it

  4. Nani Farras


  5. Nátia Lima

    Amo ouvir as musicas desse cantor,ele e etrno.😘😘❤🌸

  6. B. Terence Harwick

    Izzy's musical life is evidence that the local, gently and authentically manifest, is no less than global in its reach...

  7. Kainalukiller808 Boizzland

    He was a good man but he passed on the night my sister was born

    Keira Charlton

    That's a bittersweet day 😟

  8. Alejandro Ramirez

    como encuentro la letra de la cancion elima

  9. Stella Boris

    muy linda cancion.. me encanta IZ.  gracias

  10. S Kirk

    Miss him

  11. Marite Justiniano

    Me encanta!!!! Es un ángel cantando eternamente, Gracias!!!!

  12. khalifa Gasgoos

    nice kind man for his people

  13. xgi36

    Wonderful talent, taken far too soon, Rest in Peace IZ

  14. Karsten Klimper

    Dafür hab ich Verständnis @laGosira !