Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Kaulana Kawaihae Lyrics


Kaulana o Kawaihae
I ke kai hâwanawana

E 'ôlelo mai kahiko mai
O Puaka'ilima

E kilohi iâ Mauna Kea
Kuahiwi kû kilakila
E 'ôlelo mai kahiko mai
O Puaka'ilima

Ha'ina mai ka puana
Kuahiwi kû kilakila
E 'ôlelo mai kahiko mai
O Puaka'ilima


Restful Kawaihae
In the whispering sea

Telling from olden times
Of Puaka'ilima

Gaze at Mauna Kea
Mountain standing majestic
Telling from olden times
Of Puaka'ilima

Tell the refrain
Mountain standing majestic
Telling from olden times
Of Puaka'ilima

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Kaulana Kawaihae Comments
  1. tjuhs

    Das ist so wunderschön. Du wirst noch Generationen mit deiner Aura faszinieren. MAHALO de profundis

  2. Kathy Shearer

    his voice is so beautiful. When I think of God given talent I believe he used his voice for what it was intended and not screaming or screeching. God gave you to us for a time and anyone who hears your voice will feel an extreme peace.

  3. yanges

    So beautiful!

  4. Bruce Hilton

    listening to this - I know no Hawaiian sadly - is a lot like listening to the surf at the beach. Peaceful, awed by nature, loving, but with a deep sadness as well, mixed in with aloha. What can I say. One of my favorites.

  5. tjuhs

    Happy birthday gentle giant

  6. Philip Michelon

    Brother IZ rip in the heaven with the angels, Pavarotti, Mozart, Beethoven.....

  7. Katie Howlett

    Amazing I love his voice it is soothing

  8. Robert Lawrence

    One of my favorites. The timbre and quality of his voice is perfect.

  9. Rosemary Alles

    Spectacular and precious. Hawaii o ka mea maikaʻi loa. (heart)

  10. Hello Kitty


  11. tjuhs

    Was schreibt ihr alle für schöne Kommentare.IZ erreicht nach so vielen Jahren offenbar immer noch so viele Menschen mit einer wunderbaren "Volksmusik", die so tief geht, wie der Pazifik, in den er verstreut wurde.Eine Musik für die Seele. Er musiziert bestimmt in einem himmlischen Orchester

  12. Rita del Rosario.

    Su dulce voz me transporta al lugar más hermoso que no pude conocer, se que fue un paraíso , amo su música , hoy guardo en mi corazón

  13. Marilyn Bunker


  14. tjuhs

    Ja. das ist soul. Er musiziert ganz bestimmt in einem himmlische Orchester.

  15. Rengar

    Rest in peace IZ from 2018, I love your songs and their impact on my life that not everything is bad. Thank you and once again, may you rest in peace.

  16. M Zamarripa

    Un hombre de gran voz y carisma, me conmueve su amor por la gente y su visión de las cosas que para muchos, la gran mayoría, pasan desapercibidas.

    Bruce Hilton

    de acuerdo

  17. George C.

    Voz que te relaja el alma y alegra el espiritu, el hombre con voz de Angel.

  18. Ajay Narayan

    Pure voice will be always touche the Soul and Heart and than instrumental sound which always create noise but we are forced to hear bcos we don't have filter

  19. Pieter Duivenvoorden

    What a beautyfull song,o my goss,he touch my soul with this song...

  20. Manuel Bolt

    A gentle giant... with a voice of a Angel

  21. Nova A. Lockhart

    IZ lives in my heart

  22. Ragnar Lothbrok

    RIP "IZ" =(

    Somocki Brannon

    Ragnar Lothbrok Why did you kill the man off?

  23. William Spinks

    music to my ears 😥😥😪😪

  24. Kayque Souza

    Esse cara e demais

  25. Тралл Тралл

    Люблю этого пупса!

    Cbdkcnd Cvv

    мне это

  26. Jimmie Zabriskie

    Very blessed by God this man was.... Thanks

  27. AwesomeSzym

    IZ Poland watching you

  28. Duvan GamesYT

    Like si ella no te ama.

    Nahuel Ochoa

    Duvan Caicedo en el Cora bro!