Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Hele On To Kauai Lyrics

There's a place I recall
Not too big, in fact its kinda small
The people there know they got it all
The simple life for me

Hele on to Kauai
Hanalei by the bay
Wailua river valley is where I used to play
The canyons of Waimea standing all aglow
The magic of the garden isle is calling me back home

When I was young, not too smart
I left my home, looking for a brand new start
To find a place that's better still
now I know, I know I never will

Hele on to Kauai
Hanalei by the bay
Wailua river valley is where I used to play
The canyons of Waimea standing all aglow
The magic of the garden isle is calling me back home

Hele on to Kauai
Hanalei by the bay
Wailua river valley is where I used to play
The canyons of Waimea standing all aglow
The magic of the garden isle is calling me back home
It's calling me back home

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Hele On To Kauai Comments
  1. Gary Torello

    Well done, but isn't this just Ray Price's ""Heartaches By The Number" with new lyrics?

  2. Emilia do carmo Da rocha

    Que doce voz, uma perda imensa

  3. Hi'ilei Tarahu

    J'adore ces chansons. Dommage que nous n'avons pas les paroles pour lui rendre hommage dans des bringues Polynésiènnes

  4. Carrie Bowlen

    I love tbis songs very much!!! 💟💟💟💟💟

  5. Wanda Boring

    I have listened to this one song about 15 times and I still can't get enough I love I Z he is singing to my Granny and my Dad and they are loving it

  6. Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca

    Kauai I love you so much <3 ALOHA nui loa forever ~ xo

  7. Renee Ortiz


  8. Mellow Mood

    Never find another Hawaiian like him.

  9. Brenda B

    Love Braddah Iz. No ka oi!

  10. جرح الزمن

    تحيا إسرائيل..

  11. Cynthia Lai

    hele on Kauai is my 2nd grade mayday song

  12. Emma Mulley

    Anyone else obsessed with Kauai? I did so much research about all the places in Kauai and things to see, that it felt like I knew it when I got there for the first time. Kauai took my breath away. It’s only been 5 months since my trip and I want to go back so much!


    guilty! Birthplace of rainbows!

  13. Kathleen Glumpe

    Love & miss this man ❤ beautiful voice....

  14. Mary Morningstar

    Love you IZ. You live on and your voice comforts us who are still here on this earth

  15. Kathleen Glumpe

    Love u ❤IZ

  16. Doug HUARD

    I love him so much...he changed my life 100% he inspires me to be the best man I can possibly be and to love all! I listen to IZ all throughout my day and my baby and I fall asleep to my IZ every single night...RIP my young brother you’re truly and angel!! Thank you we’re with all I have within me and god bless your beautiful soul!!! You are my hero🙏❤️ all my love!

  17. Love Bangladesh

    What a wonderful voice.

  18. sidmalicious

    Mahalo! I wish I never left. I didn't belong there, but I needed to be there. The island spoke to me, and still does.


    Same~ xo

  19. DatFrump

    Saw this live, absolutely unforgettable

  20. valdinei souza

    fantástica a canção e a voz

  21. nation shot

    showing aloha for the aina, I respect that. Mahal iz!!

  22. Brenda Washburn

    can't get any better than this

  23. roxanne alexander

    a heavenly voice!

  24. al newman

    What a Beautiful Voice

  25. Ernie Gomez

    Me and my sweetheart have been to Kauai twice. The most beautiful place on earth.


    Ernie I agree. Kauai takes my breath away every time I am there. The most beautiful place on earth indeed..


    Ayyy bra u from mainland

  26. Tammy Blair

    Kauai is truly magical.

  27. Isabel Fernandes


  28. norma carroll

    Iz......and.....Kauai.......what a beautiful combination ! Can't beat it, can you ?

  29. Don Antonio


  30. Stan McCarty

    Does anyone know what instrument is being played; I can't tell if it is a ukulele or a guitar. But, anyway, Iz's singing is simply  fantastic and the music draws me back to Hawaii once again!


    +Stan McCarty sometimes I put my capo on the 4th fret and it kinda sounds like a ukelele :3

    Poowawa TV

    Both r being played.

  31. Itubrew2ube

    This Man has the most beautiful voice i I have ever heard on this planet.


    Pink Floyd the wall

    philip kahokuloa

    Itubrew2ube ae

    Pierrette Racine

    Superbe voix


    The Hawaiian Elvis.

    lindsey caudle

    Like an angel

  32. Ana Brillante

    si ya se mi celular escribió mal,a.mi me encanta yo estuve ahí hace dos años y con oci su música y me encanto,gracias nada que ver con israel el celular juega malas pasadas con la escritura,buen día.

    Ana Brillante

    Gracias así lo haré bendiciones.

    Ana Brillante

    Jajaja no está muy bien saludos buenas noches.

    Ana Brillante

    Brendo muy buena tarde saludos desde México y feliz navidad.

    Ana Brillante

    Graciasssss de verdad esto es lo bonito de saludar personas y decearle buenas navidades mil gracias.

  33. フジイローサ

    Que voz linda e suave ,faz a gente pensar no paraiso e la ele deve estar ,juntamente com os seus anjos que Deus o tenha

  34. Ian Su'a

    Hele on to kauai anahola by the bay


    Yes!! My father lives in Anahola <3 xo

  35. Ana Brillante

    Me encanta este señor israelí,ver los paisajes tan hermosos de la isla siento que fue un sueño estar ahí,dios quiera qué pueda regresar.

    Jesús Raydel Sánchez Rodríguez

    +Ana Brillante : El cantante no era israelí, sino hawaiiano. Su nombre primer nombre era Israel.

    Ana Brillante

    Gracias por comentar esto ya ni me acordaba y efectivamente era hawaiano,mi celular escribió mal buen día.

    Ana Brillante

    Quiera Dios regrese es una isla hermosa .



  37. luvindixie

    LOVE his voice, his sweetness, his soul. 

    Wayne Mcgillick

    luvindixie Alpha what great music when you going back to Kausi

  38. Scott Lajala

    I know...I never will...

  39. Giancarlo Hilário

    Que maravilhoso cantor. Que voz linda, pacificadora, calmante. Que perda!.... Salve as almas. Que Zambi o guarde e proteja na Aruanda. Axé!

  40. 안홍덕

    This song is too good!

  41. Jeff Liss

    "To find a place that's better still, now I know, I know I never will...

  42. Robyn Gerell

    Kauai was my home. I play this song and all his albums and remember!! Music can do that, transport you.. mahalo brother!

  43. Maria matos ::

    Bela canção

  44. Marcelo Garcia

    aloha to all my ohana!!!

  45. Daphnee Collier

    Love this! Rest in Peace Bruddah Iz!!! :)

  46. N S

    song + lyrics in my channel:)

  47. JillArizona

    Iz is. Wonderful IZ

  48. paul ashley

    hawaii is awsome

  49. Corbin Doak

    just becuase you are mixed doesn't make you not Hawaiian. Don't you think?

  50. Corbin Doak

    Lucky you.. I haven't been back for a long time.

  51. Liz W

    Hang loose! Loved your music since I bought the 1st CD on Maui in 1996!!!!

  52. lisa dallmann

    5 more weeks, Kauai..i am coming home !

  53. kk702

    Love listening to iz

  54. HeUaKeia

    "Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands." Really? Whose hands are those? There are no Hawaiians left. We are all mixed. Hawaii kahiko exists today only in memory. All we can do is share aloha woth everyone. That's Hawai'i.

    Olga Cuadrado Menendez

    Espléndido. Israel. Nos dejaste. Maravillas. La voz. Es preciosa.
    Mientras. Escuchemos. .tus maravillas. Siempre. Estarás. Con. Nosotros. Tus. ..canciones. Me trasmiten.
    Muchísima. Paz. Y tranquilidad.
    Es. Como fuera. Un ave. Volando. Y me llevan. Al. Paraíso. ,,,,,. Un. Viaje. Astral.
    .maravilloso. ....saludos. Desde.
    España. ✡️✡️🇪🇸🇪🇸

  55. 213MADA

    The people there know they've got it all :)

  56. lava96753

    last star on the flag the first to leave Hawai'i lands in Hawai'i hands

  57. JaytheeGreatOne

    It has been one month since I left Kauai and I have thought of her everyday since.

  58. Linda Ballou

    This is where my beautiful obsession with the Islands began...Kauai is with me still
    Linda Ballou author of
    Wai-nani, High Chiefess of Hawai'i

  59. Teresa Capeto



    Nobody should be allowed to "own" any part of planet earth . The land owns us, not vice versa. Just because you lived somewhere before someone else doesn't mean you own the land, the water, the air. if that was the case the sharks and turtles would own Hawaii . They were there way before you my friend.

  60. william kaliko

    Best Hawaiian singer

  61. KobraKaiProductions

    IZ is the best!!!

  62. davefigthe3rd

    I've been to all the parts of Kauai he mentioned. It makes the song all the more special.

  63. Nerdificent

    This looks like a place I'd like to visit. I don't care much for resorts or anything too built up. When we were kids, our family's idea of a vacation was to go out in the bush and pick blueberries. I think I'd get bored at a resort.

  64. A.O'B

    Dude id love to go, too expensive sadly

  65. George Hulsey

    If you like this, you have to go. Pick up any ukulele and just enjoy all parts of the islands like heaven :).

  66. A.O'B

    Never been to Hawai'i and dont know much about it, but damn this Israel guy made some beautiful music!

  67. Prologue2113

    man i miss da islands and izzy! hilo blood man, all da way.

  68. BillieKay sheldon

    Same here....Been living in oahu for 18 years now, And still the magic of the garden isle calls me back home. :(

  69. Leina'ala

    born n raised kauai gurl da funniest island evr!!!my dad alwayz used too play diz song wen i waz in oahu feelz soo city like wat happened too country livin' missing kauai so much happy too say im going back foa da summah yeah buddy cant wait :)

  70. C Burnett

    god, when i graduate high school in june, im taking a year off before i go to college and im coming to kauai..wanna so badly

  71. orcanjus

    Learning the words to this one, brother!! A-LO-HAAAA!! From NJ, but in ALL sinxerity and respect!! <3

  72. QZahmis

    Miss your purest voice Iz....I pray for you everyday..

  73. Davidoff73


  74. 1973StingrayVette


  75. Stacey

    I love this song by Iz!!!! Just discovered it and I can listen to it over and over and over and always love it!!!!!!! Love Bruddah Iz!!!!

  76. Hannah Thomas

    such a beautiful state


    Belle voix , belle version, Bravo!

  78. Axel LaFontaine

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing this beautiful song. The first time we heard this song was in 1990 by Sea Breeze at the luau at the King Kamehameha hotel in Kailua Kona.

  79. dianajo4