Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - A Hawaiian Like Me Lyrics

You may go, I'll let you go, may God bless you
You'll be mine, wherever you may be

It's a warning, to say Aloha
'Cause you'll never find another Hawaiian like me
Oh no you'll never find another Hawaiian like me

You may go, I'll let you go, may God bless you
You'll be mine, wherever you may be

It's a warning, to say Aloha
'Cause you'll never find another Hawaiian like me
Oh no you'll never find another Hawaiian like me

It's a warning, to say Aloha
'Cause you'll never find another Hawaiian like me
Oh no you'll never find another Kanaka like me
Oh no you'll never find another people like us

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole A Hawaiian Like Me Comments
  1. JJ 442

    Best song of the beautiful soul peace


    There will never be another Hawaiian like Bruddah Iz...... First heard this song at Dukes in the Mkt Place in 63...... This is so much better....Thanks for the post

  3. Carrie Bowlen

    This song makes me cry! I love it!!! 😢😢💚💚

  4. Pakalolo Prints

    I miss you Grandpa B🤙🏾

  5. babe238

    Rest in peace, Papa, neva' gonna find anotha' Hawaiian like you. Hope you catching some monsta Mahi Mahi up there with my dad, auntie dolly, auntie blonde, big ma, uncle binky, aunt jo, great grandpa, and all the friends you outlived; last one to go, always a fighter. Save a spot for mom and I. We love you Papa, mahalo for everything. Aloha❤️🤙🏾🏝☁️ 10/13/1931 - 08/11/2019 10:52pm.

  6. Jerry Guimaraes

    Mesmo depois que vc foi vou continuar sendo seu fã e continuarei ouvindo sua canções que encanta todo o mundo,I love you

  7. pamela thompson

    Yes Iz there will never be another Hawaiian like you . You are a Breath of Fresh Air, a star that shine brighter than any and was God sent with your Angelic voice and personality. God bless and we were blessed by you.

  8. Peter Pedro

    For my husband Pete (Big Kahuna) - You used to sing this to me and you are so right I will never find another Hawaiian like you because there is no other Hawaiian like you.  RIP I love you and you are very missed

  9. kanakanokaoi

    miss you unks

  10. Riden Roam

    i was just notified by my cuzin that my uncle passed tonight at 9:22 pm. i will miss him.

  11. Helena Raja

    God Bless you and RIP, Aloha From heart!!!!!!

  12. Kennith Brown

    hard for Hawaiians like iz and me

  13. Retro Gamer's Loft

    Voice of an angel.

  14. Francis Uy

    beautiful song.. rip israel

  15. Andrea Brozek

    I first heard IZ on ER, singing OVER THE RAINBOW. I was hooked.

  16. Kathleen Glumpe


  17. nathaniel morton

    Best in the business.....changed my life

  18. Beauty79 Narak

    Amazing **ALL SONG EVER**.....!!!

  19. Jamie Saukko

    I'm so glad you are a good Hawaiian

  20. Virginia Lee

    Too my baby autumn Raine hesia

  21. DJ Kamel

    Me too I miss him he did some great stuff but now he is dead and this song I am borrowing this song for my dads service 😢😢😢

  22. Maud Jonsson

    no we newer <3

  23. Juan Gerardo Vázquez Durán

    Hermosa cancion de Israel,con mucho sentimiento y emosion que sale del corezon.Grandiosa.

  24. Johannes Khazaal

    I wish the artist of todays music could look at a legendary example of music like you. And not at twerking

  25. oude kelt

    universele kunst

  26. paris york

    RIP Keahi this song will always remind me of you <3

  27. Yvonne Wheeler

    ❤💋❤💋❤💋RIP beautiful soul tears in my heart ❤

  28. bbcode

    Yes, Aloha and Mahalo.... What a sweet and Beautiful hawaiian Music.... Stay all night in the North Shore Jamming....boom bbcodd... Jm..

  29. Peter Beck

    He needed a better physician to take care of his weight problem

  30. janet jordan

    Never another like him...

  31. Carol Schacht

    this young man was taken way taken way to soon

  32. Kim Schmidt Sørensen

    See the best in everyone like he did

  33. Delfina Matz

    That voice blessing God gave him, soft melodies and feelings God rest the Glory

  34. Envious Green

    I wish Israel was still alive. I wish he could write more of his own songs! I can't get enough of this beautiful song!

  35. Annamaria Alfano

    W IZ oggi 26 giugno ricordiamo il grande maestro. 19 anni fa' ci lasciava x morire wwwe

  36. Kara Leavitt

    beautiful 🎶 soothing


    You were right Cousin I.Z. we will never find another like you.

  38. Robin Furstoss

    it's a warning to say Aloha because you'll never find another Hawaiian like me

  39. Confusion Waldman Savage

    Your police don't know a wail.  And, some of your visitors are persona non gratis.

  40. Confusion Waldman Savage

    I may not, but I met a 1/

  41. Hammstah Hammstah

    Mahalo for posting this song and G-d bless you!

  42. Christian Forster


  43. Simon Petrus

    Beautiful, soft, and so deep for me...

    danielle danielle


  44. Graciela Romero

    💚 💚 💚

  45. cilla leary

    Such a beautiful song! We will never find another Hawaiian like , IZ. Aloha, and God bless you!

  46. Ernestine Halbwidl

    Wundervoll - thanks!

  47. Fabio Souza

    te amo tantto Israel

  48. Anna

    I just- I just- I just...... I wannna cry I miss you!!! The reason I found out about your music is because it was on the radio once and I couldnt stop listening, now I know even more about you and it makes ne wanna cry even more..... Rest In Peace...... 3

  49. Danny O.

    you'll never find another haole like me ;) love you bruddah iz

  50. Aubrey Halen

    i luv this song my papas fave song love u papa and iz

  51. khalifa Gasgoos

    god blus miss your kind heart weeeeee in love with u

  52. Ariel lin kee

    Aloha Benji. I'll never find another kanaka like you <3

  53. randi allen

    So sad how his life ended. He's talented

  54. jcpinon1

    Never been to Hawaii but Iz inspired me to move to Hawaii

  55. TOPCAT3443

    another haole like me. cheeeeehoo:)

  56. G. Koranyi

    no words to express the beauty of his songs!

  57. Arkadiusz Karasiewicz

    Don't know how to comment this.. Maybe I won't. Amazing.

  58. FSMCitizen


  59. decalance

    L'attuale torta

  60. juma coperez


  61. Edward Freeman

    true song, there will never be another hawaiian or person like the wonderful Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole xXx

  62. whistlingbirds

    Wonderful IZ....just down right wonderful!! :)

  63. FatFreddyJohnson

    Tu eres puta tonta!

  64. Le O Nardo

    A Jamaican like me listening to A Hawaiian like You ;)

  65. Alex Hellas

    R.I.P. from russia

  66. MrKauanaulu

    @fanti33 Such acute statement.

  67. MrKauanaulu

    I want this played at my funeral. His voice is very peaceful.

  68. Lauren Tessler

    We love and miss you IZ ***** our soul for the Island will always remain tell death do us part....Never!!!! Iz........Let your spirit send us back to the Islands....were we belong**** Love the Santos family!!!!!!!

  69. Meaghan Gavagan

    Shaun, the first birthday I spent with you was your 21st--I knew then and I know now, I will never meet a Hawaiian like you! Happy 49th!! All my love, Simone

  70. Alina Quintana

    @pyromaneq and from mexico (:

  71. pyRoooi992

    R.I.P. from czech republic

  72. Chaelyne Nakila

    aloha braddah

  73. DavidRocksLA

    I luv this guy i have alot of memory of his music. R.I.P.

  74. Cooper Willingham


  75. archbus

    everytime I hear this song, I miss hawaii

  76. adam arbabi

    when we get up there yall we'll all meet up and give him a big hug and mahalo and aloha deal?

  77. Bill Marmolejo

    a very sweet song, love you IZ R.I.P