Isley Brothers, The - Lover's Eve Lyrics

On lover's eve
I came to you
On hands and knees to beg
For all the things you meant to me
On lover's eve I cried as lover's day went by

On lover's eve I laid with you
You wanted to be free
I felt your words so painfully
On lover's eve I cried as lover's day went by

As time goes on I think of you
We just were not to be you always say the need in you
On lover's eve I cried
As lover's day went by
On lover's eve I cried
As lover's day went by
On lover's eve ooh lover's eve
As a lover's day went by
Ooh lover's eve lover's day hey goodbye
Goodbye lover's eve
Da da lover's eve
Mm mm lover's eve

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Isley Brothers, The Lover's Eve Comments
  1. Island Girl

    This 'Intro' is why I want my granddaughter to play the piano!!! Such a beautiful song!!! Who remembers????

    The Quiet Revolution

    This intro is actually an unofficial part 2 of their piano intro on "The Highways of My Life" from the "3+3" album.  Check it out when you get the chance.  And yes, I remember the "Live It Up" album.

  2. Fanouvvi

    just when I thought that i have listened to all the ballads by Isley brothers.. it's my first time today hearing this song.. Please don't throw shade at me.

  3. Victoria Jones

    Love this song❤❤❤

  4. Jerry Garner

    This song still sounds wonderful after all these years!!!!

  5. Belinda Walls


  6. MY QUEEN ima give my dumass opinion cause

    This is O'Kelly singing??!!! I thought this was Ronald!!

    Roosevelt McCarter

    It's Ronald Isley Singing Lead Vocals on this song.

  7. Robin Latonia Jackson

    Eighty five people should be 302’d.

  8. Stacee Young


  9. Ced Bigby

    Man that intro with Chris on the piano and synthesizer

  10. Patrice Cooper

    Oh, my goodness was that REALLY O'Kelly Isley?! All these years, I thought it was Ronald Isley!!

  11. Kenny Tillman

    This music make u think about life.I can recall going down south and my dad had the 8 track and just riding on the highway listening to that great sound of this great band

  12. kitty kat

    Just beautiful😘

  13. allen wood

    OMG. 12 years old sitting on my back porch watching the rain fall crushing on a girl in my class

  14. Roger James

    The Isley Bros. ballads like "Lovers Eve" , "Highways of my Life" and "Love put me on the Corner" is therapy for relationships that end and finding a way to move on. The lyrics so deep you may drown to the meaning alone but ultimately the meaning brings you up for new air to move on.

  15. Jeffrey Chandler

    This is so smooth, quite descriptive and to the point. You can feel the emotions he is conveying. Superb piano renditions!

  16. Michael Miller

    This blows my mind to know that O'Kelly led this song; so we know were Ronald got his style from. IJS

  17. XaQaRa EquinoX

    Heart-touching song right here...DAMN !

  18. Michael Miller

    Man i was blown away when i found out that O'Kelly was the lead on this song. So the question who copied hows style!!!!; o well doesn't really matter. Rest in peace O'Kelly, amen

    XaQaRa EquinoX

    I didn't know, either.. Have learned MUCH about this group - just today! Always thought Ron did all the lead - singing... I mean they have always been a favorite - but didn't know the background stories !

  19. Noelle Heady

    Takes me to another place....

  20. sun rah 44


  21. Farrah C

    How many lovely ballads like this has Chris Jasper written for the Isley Brothers? I've lost count. Another one to add to the playlist.

    XaQaRa EquinoX

    I had no idea!

  22. Lep Xxnn

    Chris Jasper you have done it again ! I love you !!!!

  23. Jennifer Jones

    This song just moves my spirit

  24. Ice Man

    I had this on 8 track and cassette good ass music

  25. Tommy Moore

    Holdup Waitaminute !! I was born in 1965 consider myself a HUGE Isley Brothers fan yet I'm JUST now discovering this song on ×potify ??!! I even remember seeing this album in my big brothers (12yrs my senior) collection. Soooo Happy that even at 52 yrs old there is new old music to discover. Love love love this song

  26. First T Dawson

    Timeless classic. I was loving it when the album came out (when you could put the album on and just let it play) and still loving it now in 2017 .

  27. Stefanie Pezzino

    3:47, the moog synthesizer is soothing like a warm-knitted blanket, or a whistling tea-kettle. Tastes like warm cider with a hint of cinnamon.

    Patrice Cooper

    What a beautiful description!



  29. Lorna Houchens

    This is my favorite song in the whole wide world. I think if researched I would have set the world record for how many time I have listened to this song on a weekly basis since I was 16 years old. I am 55 years old now and it never gets old. So shocked to find out that O'Kelly sings it, but am glad. He left us too soon, but My God, did he leave a beautiful song for me.

  30. Freddie Shelton

    Love this song OMGOODNESS

  31. thejazzman210

    Chris Jasper's songwriting skills plus Ronald Isley's vocal magic equals an unbeatable combination.

    Shon Mosley

    thejazzman210 False. This is Okelly isley.Kelly usually took lead vocal spots on some Isley Brothers albums that didn't feature his other brothers Rudy and Ron backing him up including "Lover's Eve" from Live It Up, "Sensuality" from The Heat Is On and "Let Me Down Easy" from Harvest for the World.

    Shirly W

    The awesome unbelievable love song that feels the mind and soul..l love all the songs ..big fan.

    alvin nelson

    thejazzman210 Okelly is on lead vocals

  32. Sherry Parkman

    smooth like johnny bristol the black burt bachrach

  33. Who Isreal

    Only question is, how long can I make love to my boo, to these songs, lol...

  34. Jerry Haynes

    One of many timeless ballads by the Isley Brothers.

  35. Silvester Agurs


  36. fatima knippel


  37. Katy Arnold

    I have to purchase this album. The isley brothers are my favorite male R&B group.

    Nate Evans


    Katy Arnold

    Me too!!! Nate Evans

  38. Victoria Jones

    the intro is amazing!!

  39. Victoria Jones

    Beautiful song!!

  40. Harrell Parks

    the isleys bros are so funky .a group before its time.ron isley got awesome skills in this cut.

    Michelle michellehasstyle

    This is O Kelly Isley not Ron Isley they sound a lot alike

    Who Isreal

    Michelle michellehasstyle Wow! REALLY!? lol

    Shon Mosley

    Harrell Parks This is O kelly isley!!
    Kelly usually took lead vocal spots on some Isley Brothers albums that didn't feature his other brothers Rudy and Ron backing him up including "Lover's Eve" from Live It Up, "Sensuality" from The Heat Is On and "Let Me Down Easy" from Harvest for the World.

    Harrell Parks

    Im sorry its kelly in this

  41. Destiny Holmes

    I love this song lovers eve by isley brothers

  42. Jennifer Ingram

    Is this really kelly isley singing this? He sounds just like ronald! gosh!


    Actually they all kinda sound like for the most part. But Kelly and Ron sound more like than Rudy and Ron.

    Shon Mosley

    Jennifer Ingram You mean Ron sounds like his older brother O kelly. Kelly usually took lead vocal spots on some Isley Brothers albums that didn't feature his other brothers Rudy and Ron backing him up including "Lover's Eve" from Live It Up, "Sensuality" from The Heat Is On and "Let Me Down Easy" from Harvest for the World.

    Chermaine Bigby

    Jennifer Ingram Yes it is Okelly

  43. g balla

    Real music!!

  44. Theresa Brown

    Theresa and Gilliam

  45. The Fame Cameran Show

    In my opinion, Lover's Eve is the most underrated romantic ballads/love songs by the Isley brothers. The oldest brother O'Kelly "Kelly" Isley, Jr. did a good job on singing lead vocals. The youngest brother Marvin Isley did an great job on playing the bass on this song. The second-youngest brother Ernest "Ernie" Isley did an awesome job on playing the 12-string acoustic guitar. Last but not least, Chris Jasper did a tremendous job of playing all of the keyboard instruments and writing and producing this song.

    XaQaRa EquinoX

    this song is so beautiful! will bring you to some thoughts if you listen to it, while sipping on some brown liquor!

    Blossom Hicks

    The Fame Cameran Show agree

    Blossom Hicks

    Sang boy yes!!

    Billy Jones

    I never knew o Kelly sang this song always thought it was Ronald... Wow blown me away


    Wow! That was O'Kelly doing the vocals?! All these years I thought it was Ronald. I agree; it's a very underrated ballad.

  46. ahmad litman


  47. Lorna Houchens

    This has been my favorite/ My no.1 song in this world, since I was a teenager, riding with my brothers. I listen to this song at least 3 times out of the week. The Isley Brothers sings to the one you love.

  48. Robert Williams

    When real music was real

  49. Mulazeem Yant

    The best move they made was departing from Motown gaining the artistic control to become giants in the industry.50 consecutive years. thanks.

    Cedric Bigby

    Mulazeem Yant yea that's so true thou but I'm glad they can say they was a part of the Motown family.Hell I think they along with alot of artist should of been part of Motown 25 man wld that been something 3+3

    Lawrence Anderson

    Motown didn't know how to market the Isley Brothers

    Ced Bigby

    @Lawrence Anderson You have a good point

  50. Michael Peterson

    Potentially sweet by Michael Peterson , Our first , a meeting of great interest into different worlds, uncharted waters between a boy,  a girl, then love came alone for this smooth ride , hugs plenty of kisses and never saying good bye`s , saving many days of fun , excitement as we lay , small arguments begins to hide but Potentially sweet  she cried  now love have only memories upon my mind  , suddenly I`m  alone, why`s are empty questions without saying good bye. Like the hands of time Potentially sweet could never stay, So I say good bye ,my love. Potentially Sweet written by Michael Peterson. 12/30/15 Wednesday night.

  51. Charles Thomas

    music in the 60s,and 70s, touch the soul. they was written that way... the Isley's was one of those group that reach the soul..I'm bless to be born in that era..true music at its best..can't get any better.. i just celebrated my 55th birthday ..and as a musician of keyboards..I understand the essence of musical composition from the heart.. thank you Isley's. . for playing a part in my life

    P. M.

    +Charles Thomas I'm in the same age bracket as you and I absolutely loved the Isleys. In my opinion they were one of the best popular groups ever. Music has changed quite a bit, but then it always does. The people in my parents generation had a totally different musical experience from us and I'm sure they missed it as much as we do the music from our day!

  52. Leo55BabyBoomer

    A year later and I still am messing around with you. We always meant so much to each other but another year has come and gone and "lover's eve" has gone by.

  53. D'Artenya Granger

    LOVER'S EVE - Isley Brothers

  54. Denise Gray

    So so under rated but very much loved. Isley Brothers love songs are my life.😍

  55. EL Dawg

    I hear ya O'Kelly!!!

  56. doc2skate

    Isley Bros. did a lot of concerts and each was pretty long, so the lead vocal duties had to be shared.  Which was great because the strain on one guy's vocal cords would've been a beast.  Thankfully, O'Kelly's vocals were similar to Ronald's.

    Tony Houston

    +doc2skate Very few people realize how similar Kelly and Rudolph sounded to Ron. Kelly's voice was smooth, while Rudolph's voice has a raspier edge to it.

  57. Maurice Still

    im grooving all night all isleys

    Chermaine Bigby

    Maurice Still Right on bruh

  58. RealBro

    In the 70's, great groups made great Albums like this!

  59. fatima knippel


  60. Flaze Simmons

    U MEAN.............RONALD ISLEY sounds like O'KELLY ISLEY!!!!!!!!



    So does Rudolph. His gospel songs are on YouTube

  61. Corey Ingram

    This is a soulful ass track! Heard this back in the day....

  62. cbjrcher1

    Respect due to O'Kelly Isley on lead vocals

    Rufus Claylay

    See ,give thanks for mentioning
    Chris Jasper on writing & keys, but
    reason Ron and Kelly sound alike?
    Chris Jasper arranged the leads
    and sang the demonstrations
    Chris 4 Governor

    Ced Bigby

    @Rufus Claylay He has my 🗳👍

  63. Michael Givens


  64. Evelyn Aguilar

    Love love love Isley Bros this is old school classics's doesn't get better than any Old School Soul!

  65. MEI

    Candlelight and you!

    Dale Mcillian

    Your beside .... ALL THAT

  66. Rebecca Oliver

    I grew up off of listening to the Isley Brothers Music and im 55 today and I still love all of their music love em so much I am a Huge Fan of their's So So Talented

    P. M.

    +Rebecca Oliver I grew up listening to their music also. I must have had every album they released in the 70's.

    Travis Lumpkin

    Rebecca Oliver , So Am I , I,m 61, I feel their !, Music Too!,.

    Travis Lumpkin

    Rebecca Oliver , I,be been a fan since , 1969, Especially,the Isley,s 3+3,Album, list to It,!,.

  67. Jermell Haywood

    Kelly could've been doing lead just as much as Ronald. Their voices are identical!!

    Patrice Cooper

    And they sound alike!

  68. Sherry Parkman

    a rare gem. thx still love ron, peace !

  69. md3616

    First time hearing this earlier, automatically added it to my playlist

  70. Tony Houston

    Kelly Isley! Silky smooth. He sounded more so like Ron than did Rudolph or Marvin in terms of smoothness.

  71. Neil Franklin Franklin

    Great nuff said

  72. Katy Arnold

    I really appreciate the isley brothers music from the late 1960's and 1970's and 1980's

  73. Shay White

    On Lover's Eve,Let's Find The Time For Love!

  74. Katy Arnold

    O Kelly sound like his brother Ronald Isley.

    Shon Mosley

    Katy Arnold You mean Ron sounds like his older brother O kelly

  75. Katy Arnold

    I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this song. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baseline and intro. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Isley Brothers music.

  76. Ernestine Johnson

    All I can say is WOWI

  77. MrRcndad5

    There were many songs that put These brothers into main stream, but it was songs like this that blew everybodys mind! My parents and aunts and uncles would have a card a fish fry or something on Friday nights and have the Isleys playing, and u would sneak to the door and listen and sing in the bedroom, but never made it to this song until one Friday night... It took me a while to learn the lyrics, but the music hit my ears and has lasted a lifetime!


    Sherry Parkman

    u stole the thought out of mind, the words show the isleys can sing and express the most intimate feelings. ty

    Roger James

    There B-side songs have to amongst the greatest ever recorded musically.  Its like they personally left songs like this for those the really wanted to go beyond their outer pop shell and enter their soul to find this song along with "Highways of my life"    "sensuality"   "Love put me on a corner" and "its too late"  

  78. Donald Douglas

    One of my all time favorites, thanks OKelly!

    Katy Arnold

    Me too!!!! Donald Douglas. First time hearing this song. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this song.

  79. Donald Douglas

    O'Kelly at his level best!

  80. Leo55BabyBoomer

    Let's slow drag sisters. I promise not to hold you too tight, but I can not promise I won't try to whisper sweet nothings in your ear....seriously. Can I still have this dance? Thank you...let's do it.



    Michelle michellehasstyle

    No Ron Isley did not sing this song it was his oldest brother O'Kelly Isley that song this song. I know him and Ron Isley sound just like O'Kelly. But O'Kelly sang lead on a lot of popular Isley Brothers songs.

  81. Michael Love

    O'Kelly on lead.....

  82. Rena Johnson

    one of my favorites...reminds me of high school

    Patrice Cooper

    I was in junior high school when I also heard this song. It is very beautiful and it touches the heart.

  83. RedClayDJs

    like if the intro made you stay and like the post.

  84. DoubleEdged7

    The 12 string acoustic guitar played a big part in their early slow jams

    The Fame Cameran Show

    +erik dennard Ernie Isley was actually 22 years old when Live It Up was released.

  85. Leo55BabyBoomer

    Can't believe this song doesn't have more 'likes' than it does. My Brothers, if you listen to these lyrics, get real with yourselves, put your pride to the side and admit you've been where The Isley Brothers are singing about in this song, I believe we can get this cut some more air time. (And if and when you get her back...and when the moment is right...whisper in her ear, "Baby, Ain't I Been Good To You?"

  86. Robin Jackson

    Chris Jasper is the brother-in-law of Rudolph Isley. Elaine Jasper Isley (Chris' sister) is married to Rudolph

  87. Robin Jackson

    Just to let you...Marvin Isley died almost three years ago. Ronald and Ernie are making the music now. Chris Jasper is a gospel artist and Rudolph Isley is involved in ministry.

  88. D.W. Smith

    I've an advit Isley Brothers fan, have been since I was 11, and had no idea there was a voice as good as Ron's. Just listening I can't distinguish, I'm amazed at the resemblence..

    Shon Mosley

    D.W. Smith O kelly is the older brother. Ron sounds like Kelly

  89. amd77j

    I still have Isley Brothers nights when I just play the ballads for me and the "Lady of the House". ;-)

  90. amd77j

    It was an incredibly creative combination, wasn't it? The music they created was simply incredible.....

  91. RPMaster71

    I always say, The "Brother,Brother,Brother", 3+3 & "Live It Up" albums mark the apex of the Isley's most creative period. Ronald,Rudolph & O'Kelly laid the foundation in 72' with "Brother Brother Brother" as a rough draft of what was to come, But it was the addition of younger brothers Marvin, Ernie & cousin Chris Jasper that gave "3+3" and "Live It Up" the distinct "Isley" flavor that they never matched again in following years. This ballad is a testament to that statement. Love the brothas!

  92. Timbuc Mobotu

    Classic Isley Music, one of The Isley Brothers best.

  93. galatians4n16

    This isn't Ronald...This is his oldest brother Okelly

  94. Norma Nixon

    @sistaoldschool50 - U2??? Had The Same Experience, But Who The H**L Cared With This Groove Playin' In The Background - We Were In Heaven!

  95. DJPsychoDTM

    @CDOGATL . It was a mellotron.

  96. 57JHarris

    Another Isley Brothers classic. This is true ole' skool musik.

  97. cakafella

    oh my god the piano intro rocks you back and forth and then when the bass drops........damn this is my shit

  98. MrRcndad5

    i love this song. my godbrother song this at a club, and i never knew it was the isleys.... (wasnt suppose to be in the club either. lol