Isley Brothers, The - Live It Up Lyrics

Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
Tell me what you want me to do
Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
Tell me what's on your mind

I feel that you wanna hug me
I feel that you wanna kiss me
If that's what you wanna do
(Wanna do) hey (wanna do)
Hey (wanna do) yeah

Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
I think you got something to say
Give me just one more chance
Then I got to try and do it in your way

Honey, I'll be there when you need me
And I'll give you everything that I can
Let me be the one to make you feel
(Like a man) like a man like a man
(Like a man) like a man (like a man)

Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
Please don't hold back another day
Baby (baby) tell me (tell me)
What is it that you're trying to say

I feel that you wanna get close to me
I feel that you wanna love me
If that's what's bothering you
(Bothering you) hey (bothering you)
Yeah (bothering you) yeah

Ask me (ask me) got to try
Ask me (ask me) yeah, yeah, yeah

Once upon a time I could have you
And it hurt me way down inside
You might as well tell me you love me
Cause I'm gonna make you mine, all mine

You couldn't get along
With what you had me for
Don't think that this is the end
Now you need someone
More than a friend (than a friend)
Yeah (than a friend) yeah (than a friend)

Tell me, baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
Tell me what you want me to do
Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
Please, don't hold back another day

Baby (baby) ask me (ask me)
I've got to try to do it in your way

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Isley Brothers, The Live It Up Comments
  1. Noni Way

    Damn bumpin all night to this jam, sweating like crazy, afro shrinking, everybody dancing like da roof on 🔥 fire! No fights no shootings. Those were the days.

  2. Albert Mojica,Jr.

    Gosh. Doesn't the beginning of ZZ Tops "Sharp Dressed Man" echo the intro (drum) to this? AMJ

  3. M Mcintyre

    How may times did I see these guys live? about 25

  4. J b

    *love it !!*

  5. Tony Mclaurin

    Some bad boys

  6. B. Rod Clark

    This comes to mind every time i hear ZZ Top's 'Gimme All Your Lovin' ' drum machine intro...

  7. Mtt Agr

  8. Linda Marie

    my favorite Isley Broithers song and actually one of my all time favorites.

  9. Celeza

    Never fails to give me chills

  10. smoothjazzaxe

    Where my rose_colored glasses an' psychedelic fur at??? Got to live it up!!!

  11. SIGMAMAN69

    This groove is very simple yet catchy as hell! When it comes to good music, sometimes less truly is more!

  12. Darnell Webb

    This song here brings back hella memories the year was 1975 summer time in the housing projects in Watts California Nickerson gardens everybody love this song

    Brian Layton

    summer of 74

  13. Slim Ingram

    THEM ISLEY BROTHERS - For me and my opinion, their the GREATEST GROUP Of ALL TIME!!! VERSIFIED: Can bring it FAST OR SLOW!!! LONGIVITY: 6 decades of HITS!!! From the DO-WOP ERA TO BEING MR. BIGGS!!!

    Slim Ingram

    The ISLEYS BROTHERS been around so long, that they were involved in the MUSIC INDUSTRY back in the days where COLORED FOLKS couldn't appear on your own ALBUM, regardless if it was a HIT ALBUM or not!!!

  14. André Mooreland

    What is great about "Live It Up" I remember Moma had a line dance that went along with the song. I love after Ronald gets happy and vamps out the last verse, the song is so hot... 🔥 you can hear Marvin Isley turn down the heat with his bass guitar. " I wanna live wanna live it! I wanna dance make romance... Then Ernie and Marvin gather the song along with Chris Jasper... Now you have about two and a half minutes of a square dance twine line dance track. . . that's "Live It Up!"

  15. Tito

    I honestly don't know WHY classic rock stations refuse to play the Isley Brothers. Their music was very rock n' roll. It'd be refreshing to hear this song just once instead of the same dumbass Wings song every fifteen minutes.


    Many Rock radio stations played the Isleys in the 70s when the songs were current, for sure.


    @JackT Wish it were like that today.


    @Tito it was like that back in Philly, anyway!

    Stephanie Malone

    @JackT. I don't know about the rest of the South, but no Isley Brothers were played on rock stations here in Dallas TX.

    Rock radio (97.9 KZEW 'the Zoo') and KTXQ - Q 102.1) played NO black acts, EXCEPT a long-dead James Marshall Hendrix. Someone must have arm-twisted them into playing Prince, one time only, in 1983. Steve Winwood's 'Higher Love' with Chaka Khan on the chorus? She made that song a hit. 'Higher Love' was played ONCE.

    Neither of those stations exist now; 97.9 is a rap station.
    Q-102 fought to the bitter end, becoming 'alternative' from the 90's to about 2018, when it threw in the towel and became a generic pop station.


    Tito: I was thinking the same thing.

  16. J b

    soooo funky cooool !!!!

  17. jb Yesterday

    I don't remember where or what club in downtown nyc (long time ago) I was groovin' to this song on the dance floor, but what I'll never forget was how drenched my clothes were & how every single person dancing was digging this tune, it's message & life - forever memories !!

  18. Rocket Three-Two

    Sure makes the drive home a lottttttttt better

  19. sensey07

    funky as they wanna be

  20. Richard Yancy


  21. Horace Jacobs

    Sylvester the national anthem we just play this at the beginning of every football game in the United States everybody just wants to have fun and Live It Up

  22. andresa1963


  23. Chris Nova777

    sounds good!

    Victor Marshall

    Chris Nova777 Music of strategy love it.

  24. sun rah 44

    thanks for showing this song the love and care it needed. now excuse me while I go and CRANK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS ON A HUUUGE SYSTEM!!!!

    Silver Bullet Rider

    Some songs are just meant to be played loud. This is one of them.

  25. Xtian Shank

    For Tyler Azelton :-)

  26. Larry Anderson

    love. it

  27. Crate Digga

    Chris Jasper funked this song up!!! His solo was off the chain....the drums is mad tight! Ernie's solo was nice too!

    Tracy Davis

    so true but what about the vocals by ronald isley he murdered this

    ASCENDANT - Ascendant Music

    Ernie always played drums on the recordings as well

    Albert Mojica,Jr.

    Michael Jackson emulated Ronald Isley & Stevoe Wonder. (Great influences). amjmetaltomotown

  28. Michael Cheatham

    Love Ernie playing drums (in the pocket), and also his guitar work on this piece, but I really love the keyboard work O Mr. Chris Jasper...WOW! the best of the best.


    Got a feeling it was George Moreland

    Steve Andrew

    I see George Moreland credit for drums on some tracks . does he play keys too?
    Ernie's guitar usually takes the lead on the Part 2 of most tunes, but giving space to the keys on this one is my favorite thing about this tune.
    Not a fan of ballads but the Isley funk always gets me goin!!

  29. Honey327

    i play this song 10 times per day and it keeps getting better.

    Dave Brown

    Honey327 👍👍

    goog le

    takes me right back to the dance floor (lighted dance floor) in the 70's
    Great tune.

  30. Mack Edwards

    Rockin back to the great 70s to real meaningful music no auto tune bull here

  31. Honey327

    Where do I begin...there's something spiritual about this song that rocks my soul, in a good way. ;-)

  32. carmen alvarez

    This SONG takes me back to the 70's

  33. MrLickitylick

    dude, thank you for this cleaned-up upload.

  34. Darrell Perry

    I LOVE this song!..The guitar solo,the groove,the STRONG back ground vocals,and smooth lead vocal!

    Victor Marshall

    Darrell Perry need all need to work instead of killing each other.

    Victor Marshall

    Forget the other message I gave you it was misquoted what i wanted to in the time that music sending us a message that we as black should live happy as any body else and it seems like it's against the law.

    Victor Marshall

    I .messed that message up .I mean well I'm trying to adjust to texting.

  35. David Smith

    great taste in music brought me here

  36. Lenwood Robinson

    old school funk The ISLEY

  37. Perry Stockard

    thank you

  38. formlessfighter

    Thanks brother I needed this

    Real Talk

    Got to live it up!

  39. Tom Miskin

    excellent work sir