Isaiah Rashad - Grace Lyrics

One more time
Got some hoes
Got some hoes that read between the lines
I-, yeah
Got some hoes that read between the lines
I like smoking weed, I like that
I dream like three year old
Got my-, I like-
Yeah, yeah

I got some hoes that read between the lines
I like smoking weed, I like that, I dream like three year old
With my diamond teeth, I don't need no bitch to hold me down
I got more to see, got my sapphire 'focals on me now
No more monsters swarmin' round

DMT, I like to pound
It's my momma turn
Let me strike some rule, and you a fool
Are you down to burn?
Are you-are you down to hold it too?
Are you down to learn?
All my niggas know was Chattanoo'
Hand me down the shirt
I come from-I come from where you goin'
Where them bitches at? Where them bitches at?
Is that your Henn'? Let me finish that
Hoe, you know I'm good as granny food
Bring my nigga back
Rakim, don't you down that 100 proof
We just chillin', Jack, got 'em poppin' on a new terrain
On them bitches face
I could fuck her, flip her, to a Benz
With my better rims
They don't make no fuckin' picket line
For your cousin, then
You might catch me prayin' for some J
For some better rims

I got some hoes that read between the lines
I like smoking weed, I like that, I dream like three year old
With my diamond teeth, I don't need no bitch to hold me down
I got more to see, got my sapphire 'focals on me now
No more monsters swarmin' round
No more monsters swarmin' round

And just a reminder, regardless, you know you're special, yeah
So fuck the Matrix, the pineal, and phony vessels, yeah
We are the 'niners, we brought you a bowl for breakfast, yeah
I'm glad your offer is often, like, sacrificial, yeah
And oh my God, it's a God, I should never 'fessed it, yeah
Like can you call me, I'm fallin', I need a blessin', yeah
I never heard ya, I'm worried, I think you're human, yeah
I see you bleedin', you need me, I never knew ya, but
But bust it wide, when you visit me
Hoe, at least you know that it's Rashad
Over everything, now I got the world, but I was fine
With some Dairy Queen, I might fuck her, flip her, it's a line
'Till they bury me, guess what happened on that new terrain
In the better place, I can't choose between this medicine
And some better friends, thought we found the truth but then we lost
All the evidence, hold my Gucci, baby, don't get lost
In the Edison
Baby, Gucci, baby, hol' up

I like to smoke
Medicine, man
Lost, everything
Lost, Edison
I like to smoke

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Isaiah Rashad Grace Comments
  1. Themba Maselela

    Rashad over everything!!!!

  2. Caution sign


  3. Gwrightproductions1

    This man needs all the game Kodak Black has and then some. Ever since Cilvia Demo

  4. hidden

    It’s Rashad over everything

  5. Jasean Nixon

    I did have some hoes that read between the lines, tskk tskk

  6. Husky Ranger

    So fuck the Matrix, the pineal, and phony vessels.....

  7. Cheeky Cheekz

    This is my absolute favorite song to listen to when I put on my Dre beats studio headphones and just close my eyes and vibe the fuck out

  8. Chance Haulbrooks

    This song is so good, I wish I could stream this so Isaiah would get some of the streaming money. But damn this song is so good man

    Black&White Rap

    Same but I hope he has seen all the love here

  9. Keith Sweat

    he aint ever dropping again :(

  10. Brian Fitzpatrick

    "Rashad over everything"

  11. Michael Mccorkel

    Absolute fucking fire.

  12. Kareem An-Nas

    Your music saves lives

  13. Kareem An-Nas

    Never disappoints. His music has helped me through hard timez. Thanks

  14. Marcus Quijada


  15. Carlos Mendoza

    True art at it's best. I no need no bitch 2 hold me down euuuhhhhhh !!!!!!

  16. Another[Channel]

    Man, the way he ends some of his songs, with the mumble and the bass fading adds a signature to this sonics. Very interesting

  17. hoyas42215

    Anybody here rn has an awesome taste in music, and dont let anybody tell u different

  18. proud to be brown

    Why is this age restricted wtf fuck you youtube, yall bitches can allow corny rappers to show ass shaking and stripping and rapping bullshit
    but yall can age restrict this mater peice

  19. Richard Temple


  20. Santino -

    Ohhh weeee!!!!!!

  21. boward woward

    been listening to this for months, this shit better be on the album on GOD

  22. Logan Kanekoa

    Why is this vid age restricted??? Like fr

  23. Nyiko Shilubane

    Deja who. 😂👌,

  24. Satelllliiiiiiiteee

    rashad just touches the soul


    “I don need no bitch to hold me down, I got more to see, got myself I focus on me now” I felt that shyt heavy😓

  26. George LaFave

    Everything he puts out is 💎😁💧💉💲🇺🇸🎯🥇🏆🥇🔥🔥🔥🎱🔊🔊📢❗️❕❗️🔎✔️💯☠️💣🧨🛩

  27. Jason Flame

    Would love to get featured on the channel. Do you have an email so I can contact you

  28. BIG NUGZ

    This what you fall asleep to blown as fuck. What I’m bout to do right now haha night

  29. BIG NUGZ

    This what you fall asleep to blown as fuck. What I’m bout to do right now haha night

  30. Gabriel A. Rodriguez

    Got myself I focus on me now 😏


    The Feeling....the feeling

  32. How Sway

    Isaiah always has great songs

  33. Jesten Brown

    Hit The Like Botton If You Waiting For An Album From Isaiah Rashad

  34. Kevin Sanchez

    I love fucking zay fans we all stay loving this man even though he hasn’t dropped anything we will support him until he does

  35. DeVonte Greene

    New King of the South

  36. jmora44ify

    This song is beautiful man.
    No more monsters swarming round

  37. Jakes Western

    Feel this

  38. Hunter Ralston

    Since my ex and I broke up it’s been hard finding music to listen to that we didn’t share together. Been so refreshing to find and get into this

  39. Jay Jones

    This song is like six beers in.....

  40. Jake McClosky

    This is so good

  41. Jakes Western

    Smoking the trees feel breeze

  42. xyz . yanni

    My heart🖤😭

  43. Can’t Think of a Name

    why aint this on spotify

  44. Trentin Lowe


  45. looneyboy

    Thank you

  46. Xzzero blesseins for ophhinions <4

  47. Quintin Collins

    It’s my mama turn !

  48. EHSnipes Gaming

    Wow still fire. Every time I listen. ♥️

  49. Don Huston

    The countdown till new ishiah has started. 3 more days 🙏

  50. Vanessa B

    Listening at 1.25x with a cup of coffee.

  51. SolidVisualsX

    everytime i hear this song
    "lits the blunt,chills on the bed,close the eyes and hear this god song"
    love the vibes ma boy

  52. IT'S JAZZ!

    Isaiah rashad > J.cole easy

  53. Jessie Marsh

    I love this hypnotic stuff.

  54. Troy Smith

    ...bruh..I just put the blunt out for tomorrow 😑....🔥🌬🌬🌬😌

  55. Alexis Herrera

    I need more

  56. Big Daddy B

    Wya Zay? 🤔

  57. itzLouiebae

    Zay......u killin me dawg.....drop yo album n*%ga😌

  58. Apollo Obrien

    J dont need NO bitch to hold me down !

  59. Blvck Chrxs

    This my favorite song cuz it's my momma's name

  60. c Ship

    This shit slaps. Most slept on ever. 🤙🏾

  61. Noah Gilmore

    This is one of THEE best songs out there don’t fuckin @ me.

  62. RonnieBoy 707

    Plz release more music bro

  63. brandondiel80

    Put this shit on Spotify 😭

  64. Dre

    When's this album coming out

  65. BallinLikeGabe

    Been waiting for the album for a min now 😴

  66. DaddyMcSwagger

    Aww shit Isaiah spitting fire again

  67. Keith Rogers

    Where is the as a whole...I'm mean him,ab soul,Kendrick on a track...let along schoolboy q and j rock...(internet literally broken)

  68. Mitchell Agujia

    Since this came out that damn bass drop gets me everytime

  69. Slatt slatt


  70. fabian Camp

    No more monsters swimming round

  71. Barboncito Dechilly

    i like smoking weed, she likes chicken grease :)

  72. Cletus McYeetus

    If I get 50 likes everybody gotta T break till this album drop and we gettin fucked

  73. Eric Ayers

    If u dont drop tht hot shit got dam me rashad i been waiting where's the tape

  74. Arnold Lopez

    2020 is the kids year watch

  75. Chance Hemsley

    I want this beat. Anyone know what it is?

  76. HOGAN RD.

    i love how isaiah layers his vocals


    Isaiah Rashad the best tde member besides kendrick, this man just has his own sound and style that I fw heavily

  78. Jus Quas

    yooooooooooooooooo who took the rass clot song down

  79. Something Seems Off

    Zay could take another year if he wanted to release his album. I really appreciate that he favors quality over quantity.

  80. Jesus Loera Jr

    We need some more music from Isaiah Rashad 💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  81. Ca'mula Yazz


  82. 91 BOI

    931 to 615 he got me trippin from ville to ville wanging this in the wip ON ME NIGGA!!!!💯🖕🖕

  83. 91 BOI

    Ever thing he touches sounds amazing in my truck on God it's perfect for the ride

  84. ahmetb34gfb

    Can someone put this on fuckin Spotify? My battery bout the die just bcz of this


    "Its rashad overr everything" My god🔥🔥

  86. doggyfizzle719

    For me Isaiah and Kanye got the best music to smoke to. Isaiah cause his lyrics, Ye cause his production

  87. SIPeublo

    This is a badass song. Add SZA on the vocals? DAMN

  88. Chin-wa August

    Drop an EP or album yo! Lol please

  89. Luis Sanchez

    Sooooooooooo sooothing man wtf

  90. Shyla berry

    My nigga man! He’s such a vibe... love this guy to the death of me and I’m forever rootin for him. #TDEUnderDog ✨

  91. Pierre Menocal

    I've kept this bitch on repeat, we not worthy !

  92. Daniel Cortez

    I hope Isaiah Rashad is doing good, I really don't think he realizes how much his music touches our souls, it feels as if he were speaking to me. His music is for the Dreamers, the optimists, the underdogs, the kid they didn't give a fair chance, the chill laid back person, the Coolin type people, and whoever else is reading this joint. "Alright now I got the moon and the Stars below my feet, so low I speak so I don't wake them, Praise the lord that got in me, who made spoiled with Rotten teeth, so I perform the Prophecy and on the norm the plot could be to be expressing who we are and addressin' who they aren't and doin# what they can't and want" Zaywop

  93. SolidVisualsX

    non profit?Xd

  94. ギンGin

    I feel like when I listen to Isaiah, I’m dancing with my demons and he makes me comfortable with them.

  95. Power Miller

    Waiting for the album since idk when drop it already bro