Isaiah Rashad - Brenda Lyrics

Uh, uhm, yeah, uh-huh
Uhm, yeah, uhm, this a room

I got two cigarettes to my last name
I clock in for the check but I don't wanna go
I got two cigarettes to my last name
I clock in for the check but I don't wanna go
She said you, you can't save em all
She said you, you can't save em all, yeah
She said you, you can't save em all, yeah

I mix a gallon of the gallon in a gallon of that
And down that in your Nissan for the memory
For the energy, for the Tennessee
Fam called work all work just to visit me
I bought an ounce just to fuck with you
He don't take no hand outs, he don't take no hand outs
Remember what my poppa told me
Remember what my poppa told me
Trust in with, trust in ya, my inward, my friend of
Last of the divine livin'
So timid, all on us
Dog on it, they would laugh at the small moments
Then call on us
Like who had you on your bad day?
Who dropped you at that bitch house?
Like back when we was little
I was just an instrumental
Now I'm Malcolm in a million
We talked about a billion
We talked about our feelin's
We kept it more than realest
And look at how the path came
Took it for the rap fam
Would ya give ya all to the world
The work, work, and left hurt?
Shit and what's worse
She too tired to talk, lately your thumbs hurt
We miss love and sex bridgin' your son's birth
21 hurts in court by 24, boy

You can't save 'em all
She said you, you-you, you can't save 'em all, um
She said you, you-you, you can't save 'em all, um

I write pissed ass livin', fuck that shit
Fuck call centers, fuck is this really growin' up my nigga?
Tax on your motherfuckin' nuts my nigga
1025 what the fuck can a nigga do with 1025?
Plus your weed habit plus my weed habit and your weed habit
For free givin' we livin' with a weed daddy, two kids
Mix that Boosie with that boom-bap
You rap like you need money like you don't love this
My shit chewed up your jury before you judged this
Pull up, suck on my dick like ain't it gorgeous
For those that can't afford this
It be like I got, I got
I got my own world, I got my own mind
Day dreamin' for a lunch break for my son's sake
On the run for the fun's sake

I clock in for the check but I don't wanna go
I clock in for the check but I don't wanna go
You, you can't save em all

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Isaiah Rashad Brenda Comments
  1. Moreno Blokland

    The job I had at the moment The Sun's Tirade came out made this song my anthem.
    Used to listen to this every morning on my way to work thinking in a few minutes I have to clock in to this damn job which I don't even fcking enjoy anyways.
    I don't wanna go :[.

    But aiii gotta support my weed habit my girl weed habit right.

  2. El 47

    I mix a gallon of the gallon and a gallon of that and down it in your Nissan,for the memory,for the energy for the Tennessee

  3. zay

    the suns tirade been one of my go to albums since it dropped but jus recently ive been appreciating this song more


    zay same here man I’ve been listening to this and Cilvia Demo, I’m praying for some new music soon.


    goldpiece trust bro i think we get new zay soon. he’s been teasin a lot in the last week so...


    zay I’m here counting down the days 🤞🏻

  4. Lukasz Janus

    My #1 Zaywop song, right up there with some of those classics off Cilvia Demo. This shit hits me on a whole different level and I can't quite explain why. The sound of this track overall reminds me of my life this past year or so..

  5. The Average Gamer

    He looks like 21 Savage in that pic

    El 47

    He's greater than 21

  6. Yer

    Malcom in a million

  7. Xerzus

    What the fuck can a nigga do with 10.25? Hits me hard..

  8. the wza

    Thats my spot. My weed habit and your weed and your weed habit...

  9. Frost

    Such a classic song already !

  10. Daloy

    You Can’t Save Em All

  11. Gagi Ugrekhelidze

    there's really 2 cigarette brands named ''Rashad"? lmao


    I thought he meant he has 2 cigarettes to his name, referring to how he’s broke. “I’ve got a dollar to my name”

    Gagi Ugrekhelidze

    @KAIZEN. what check is he talkin bout tho? I thought he wants to get his check cuz they usin his last name


    @Gagi Ugrekhelidze he's probably talking about his job, like he HAS to go to work so he can get money but he hates it and they don't even pay him that much, which he expresses in the line "$10.25, what the fuck can a nigga do with $10.25"

  12. Mango Fresco

    Fuck car tinters

  13. El 47

    Piss test living,fuk that shit



  15. THASoNME

    Still bumpin this on the way to work

  16. michael mckenney

    0 dislikes ha must be ight

  17. Mehdi Mohamed

    I clock in for check, but I dooont wanna goo...

  18. Trent Banks

    The Sun's Tirade!!!

  19. Bella Holmes

    Underrated track thanks for posting!

  20. bbb 115

    one of his best songs if not the best for sure


    bbb 115 I love his “wats wrong” but not even because Kendrick Lamar, hell nah the song itself is just so chill and good lyricism

    El 47

    Chill fuc all that

  21. Zane Dietlin

    For the memory for the energy for the tendency

    El 47

    Zane Dietlin for the Tennessee*

  22. Knox 6260

    I've def been sleeping on this track

  23. Stay Shitty

    Still listening to this track daily. Need some new Zay to drop.

    El 47

    Stay Shitty soon man


    @El 47 what is soon to you then?



  24. Adrian Aguilera

    The Male version Badu

    yoseph og

    Adrian Aguilera just better

  25. Julian Campos

    "I clock in the for the check but I don't wanna go"


    Easily top 5 in the "Most Relatable Lines in Rap"

    Moreno Blokland

    She said youuuu you can't save em all.

  26. Isamon Andretti

    Post NBA YoungBoy on this channel, he's the realest rapper alive, better than this untalented piece of shit

  27. Nick Arnold

    one of my favorite Zay songs