Isaak, Chris - Waiting For My Lucky Day Lyrics

I watched the sun roll down in Texas.
Out on the edge of town in Texas.
I keep on hanging round in Texas.
Waiting for my lucky day.

Lost everything I had in Texas.
A millon dreams went by in Texas.
Sometimes the same life turns against us.
But I'm waiting for my lucky day.

I watch the sun go down, I keep hanging on waiting for the wind to change.
I watch the sun go down, And I keep hanging on, I know it's coming up again.

The friends I had are all gone in Texas.
Sometimes you stand alone in Texas.
Just when it all goes wrong in Texas.
I'm waiting for my lucky day.

I watch that sun go down, I keep hanging on, waiting for the wind to change.
I watch the sun go down, And I keep hanging on, waiting for my luck day.
Waiting for my lucky day, waiting, for my lucky day.

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Isaak, Chris Waiting For My Lucky Day Comments
  1. Steve Tautog

    is it possible for someone to explain / show how the guitar player does his accompaniment

  2. Rosario Campos

    Me encanta los,temas,d kriss su melodia tiene algo el oeste country

  3. xg1027

    I don’t wait for my lucky day anymore. Trying to make my everyday is lucky day. At least, I am still trying....

  4. Jay McD

    Classic Isaak

  5. Sharon Park

    5:28AM -are you still up listening to Waiting for my Lucky Day 😉 next Yellow Bird. I sure do live the pretty songs. Chris You the most handsome funny and sexy man I met.

  6. Sharon Park

    I am in Texas I am waiting for my Lucky day. i am single alone in Texas... Love it Chris Isaak so beautiful.

    Olesya Boz

    You are very beautiful women in tehas

    Olesya Boz

    U will find your love

  7. Sylvia Lohmann

    my favoutite album. love chris isaak

  8. Surfgypsy52

    Back to the first time we played this amazing album Baja Sessions...was a while ago now, but just as amazing and brings back all those memories very quickly!!

  9. Loida Cuckson

    There is some kind of magic inside you when you sing that I kept following your voice and your music. Love you <3

  10. JAMET betty

    de BETTY Nouvel Album de Chris Le 05.09.2016/Encore une Bonne Musique ;;j'Adore ;Betty de Bretagne France ::

  11. mesina

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!
    Touch yours soul and heart.:(

  12. silentangel178

    Is it strange that I know nothing about the album or music but I stumbled upon it just two days befoee my graduation? Hmmm
    Must sleep.


    When my son graduated from high school, he got in my car to go to our celebratory dinner with family, and when we turned on the music for the drive, the first song my iPod randomly shuffled up was Chris Isaak's song "Graduation Day."

  13. Bob East

    Love this whole album....brings back so many poignant memories. Are you able to post "Pretty Girls Don't Cry" from this album? Thanks for posting!