Iron & Wine - Caught In The Briars Lyrics

The back alley's full of rain and everything's shining
As holy as she can be, the trick’s in the timing
Free as the morning birds, fragile as china
She’s stuck in the weakest heart of South Carolina

Where all of the naked boys who lay down beside her
Sing her the saddest song, all caught in the briars

I never meant to fall so hard in her doorway
All of the sinners here have crosses for Sunday
Kissed at the county fair, frisked in the city
Where proof is an answered prayer but ain’t it a pity

That all of the naked boys who lay down beside her
Sing her the saddest song, all caught in the briars

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Iron & Wine Caught In The Briars Comments
  1. Francisca Gurgel

    Amazing 🤗❤️

  2. Ricardo Costa

    Muito obrigado, Sam!

  3. rodica zwilling

    wunderschön 🌹

  4. Nyang Meow

    Ive been his fan for almost ten years and just found that He's coming to South Korea next weekend!!! WOW!! And I CAN'T GO!!!! GOD I swear I won't die till I watch him performing

  5. Eva Vox

    What a soul 😢

  6. Intellectuallyhonest

    Been listening to Sam for so very long. Absolutely love this man, his talent, disposition and the love he has for his family.

  7. Allison Neely

    I heard the album version for the first time. This slow version is infinitely more hypnotizing. He's a prophet of our time. Love him.

  8. Amos Dunshee

    and all of her naked boys and not even i was true

  9. earthsskin

    Back alleys full of rain
    And everything shining
    As holy as she can be
    The trick’s in the timing

    Free as a morning bird
    Fragile as china
    She’s stuck in the weakest heart
    Of South Carolina

    Where all of the naked boys
    Lay down beside her
    Sing her the saddest song
    All caught in the briars

    I never meant to fall
    So hard in the doorway
    And all the sinners here
    Have crosses for Sunday

    Kissed at the county fair
    Frisked in the city
    Which proves as an answered prayer
    But ain’t it a pity

    Where all of the naked boys
    Lay down beside her
    Sing her the saddest song
    All caught in the briars

  10. Skyclad Wanderer

    to me its fucked that this was almost four years ago....
    Time fucks shit up.

  11. Luke

    one of the great songwriters

  12. Cheesybread

    that man cleavage though

  13. Kevin Lee

    is this all recorded with that Zoom?

  14. Daniel D Santiago

    I wish Sam would have released this album as a solo acoustic album.

    Mariangela Giuliane Guida da Cunha

    all his work sounds better when he plays live acoustic

    t.h. worden

    wait a minute-what about this : "he lays in the reins" - calexico & iron and wine... this really takes the cake, imo

  15. Abreu

    "Caught in the Briars" & "Sundown (Back in the Briars)". ;)

  16. Ricardo Coelho

    Astonishing interpretation.
    Pure Talent...

  17. Samuel Tormey

    I was not true either

  18. Tyler Clark

    I really like how Ghost on Ghost is more of a concept album of a story rather than just a collection of songs. I also started out absolutely hating it along with Kiss Each Other Clean because they were so radically different than his usual (I know Shepherd's Dog was radical too, but who didn't absolutely fall in love with it?), but I really love them both now. Hell, in five years he'll have moved on to classical and death metal. And I know I'll be buying the albums.

  19. Helena Ales Pereira

    Love Sam Beam's voice! <3 
    "She had a way to be kind with words, I had a knife in the back of my car..."
     (from Sundown (Back in the Briars), which he sings in the middle of this video)

  20. Othéra Flores

    There are some good tabs (they're just chords) for this particular arrangement on Ultimate-Guitar

  21. Kimberly Hoyt

    Does anyone know where this live track can be downloaded? 

  22. Jordan Gagnon

    can anyone tell me the minor sounding chords he plays? like after the c and the g????

    Thomas Lancaster

    Cm Bm Am

  23. Mark Palladino

    This is two songs. 'Caught in the Briars' and 'Sundown.' The second song starts at 2:36

  24. Nathan

    whoever disliked this has no mates

  25. Jennifer Frederick


  26. Paschal Mwambene

    does anyone know where i can get the tabs to this song, its a mix between caught in the briars and / sundown.

  27. Brittany Nicole

    I went to his concert last night, and he was absolutely incredible. He is such a sweet man and so funny! Easily one of the most talented men I've ever seen perform live.

  28. Adam Bruer

    I hate how many people want his acoustic sound back. Its called growth.

  29. maxit876

    You should release acoustic versions of your albums. Appreciation for both is absolutely necessary.

  30. Meg Di Maggio

    What a cool dude!

  31. Meg Di Maggio

    Amazing echo

  32. Meg Di Maggio

    What? How did I miss this live?

    Júlio César

    With all due respect, you're extremely beautiful! Now I'm listening to this song staring at your eyes!

  33. theoceancitypuglife

    Is this set available for download? I love the videos but would love to listen to this at work and basically everywhere I go.

  34. Robert Deaton

    My only problem with Iron and Wine is that I love every single song he has ever had when he plays them acoustic, but I can't stand to listen to his albums. If he would just record acoustic, he would be my favorite artist.

  35. SuperJackish


  36. Georgia

    I met him out in the parking lot before a show. I'm a huge fan of the EP he did with Calexico, so I asked if he'd be playing any songs from that album, and all he said was, "we'll see." towards the end of the concert that night on stage he said "this song is for my friends in the parking lot" and played A History of Lovers for us. So from that brief encounter I'd say he has a very kind heart :)

  37. Pat Bishop

    Shoutout to South Carolina! SC til i die!

  38. Jaleesa Kulpe

    Came here thrue that song that was used in twilight. He's a f*cking awesome genius sensitive man with a magnificent voice. Amen

  39. KaiTempter

    Thats two songs in one "caught in the briars" and "sundown"

  40. Nick Doukas

    His name is Sam, not Zak.

  41. Josiah Edlund

    There's something about him that makes you want to listen... So soothing. I hope to meet him one day.

  42. elimcq

    "She locked the door and the sun went down
    In South Carolina with nothing to lose

    All of her naked boys
    And not even I was true"

  43. William Thomas

    Wow. Zak has the voice of an angel...

  44. Roeming

    So Beautiful