Iron Savior - Burning Heart Lyrics

Who do you think you are
To tell us what to do
What makes us minor to you
We don't need advice
We don't need smart ass talking
Look at yourself and keep walking

Leave me alone
With all your words of wisdom
For once and all - for once and all time
This is the bottom line

Take your life
Life it your way
Forget it in the amber
Of a burning heart
Life it for tomorrow
Taking on the future
With a burning heart

Blinded by conformity
Obedience and rules
Now who are you to call us fools
We won't adapt, we are different
We're unique
And your egomania
Makes me goddam' sick

Leave me alone
I'm gonna make it on my own
For once and all - for once and all time
This is the bottom line

Take your life

We don't need your guiding star
No need to tell us who we are
Leave us alone
For once and all time
And once again
Here comes the bottom line

Take your life

Life for tomorrow
Life it your way
At burning heart
Life for tomorrow
Taking on the future
With a burning heart and soul
At burning heart and soul

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Iron Savior Burning Heart Comments
  1. Shishapangma 59


    Very, very energic and powerful metal ! Piet Sielk, is one of the most underrated Best Singer, in the world.
    Stay heavy...and metal ! 🤘🤘🤘

    Lucio - from Switzerland

  2. Карабас Барабасович

    Красавцы!!! Уважуха! 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Павел Таланов

    Натуральный штурмбанфюрер СС !


    Heard of them but never really gave a proper listen maybe a song was not do powerful as this 1. Grest singing holy shit

  5. Sumo's Projects

    Legende Band

  6. Dr. Jacy O'brando

    Clipe amador para uma banda com a qualidade que tem.

  7. Keith Foyston

    The vids remind me of 1985 metal when no one was comfortable in front of the camera and there was much cheese, but the tunes freakin' kick!!!

  8. Sam

    5 years later and I’m still listening to this entire album. IS, you have a life long fan!

  9. Charlotte Willis

    Even when I am down, your music always lifts me.
    Thank you!
    Keep Rockin'!

  10. Thomas Frost

    >>> amazing song about freedom forever <<<<

  11. Shishapangma 59

    The riff, and the guitar tone, are awesome !
    "Up The Savior's !!!

    Stay heavy, brotha.
    Metal Greetings, from Switzerland.


  12. kickoutmedia

    I really love this song!

  13. Andreas Kirchner

    Eine komplett geile und unterschätzte Band

  14. Heverton Perez


  15. Vicente Muñoz

    Here I am in 2019!

  16. Vitaliu Perviu


  17. sirh*c Lind

    Unification is a great album!

  18. Franco Tomasi

    God bless the Savior...! 🤘🤘🤘

  19. Franco Tomasi

    I love this band because: space metal, the voice. Thanks for all. Will listen this forever.

  20. Franco Tomasi

    Love you Piet! 🇦🇷❤

  21. Alex Calma

    you are perfect!

  22. Сергей Габышев

    Чего он в джипе сидит ?

  23. Vladdy The Riveter

    Him being stuck in traffic makes this weirdly adorable like what bad luck lmao

  24. jabokk

    Very Nice ,..

  25. megadeaf

    why the Greek flag at his bass???

  26. Maxi Gabi Me

    I'm soy happy now, so happy, thanks for this awesome music♥

  27. biggsexy007

    love it just pure metal

  28. Jimmy Sinner

    Metal 4 everrrr.............!!!!!!

  29. Gwen Pierce

    Thats it, i'm moving to Germany. American music just blows, these guys are fantastic.

    Rap makes me want to shoot myself in the head 😂

  30. Giovanni games

    i woulda loved to be in this video as 1 of them cheerleaders :P

  31. Jeanette Palmgren

    They rock saw them in Norway total amazing come to California 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  32. Paul Holmes

    Really love everything. Voice, guitars, songs, etc. But, good god they need someone to do better production on their stuff. Just no bottom end, sounds far too thin for this type of music.

  33. Martin Link

    You immediately know it's Iron Savior when you hear that guitar tone. I LOVE IT!

  34. Gio Bats

    heavy metal it is the law!!!!

  35. A. Mackey

    my ass has been thoroughly kicked \m/

  36. timothy carson

    good defiance

  37. Pedro Terán

    Hard to admit, but I love the soccer dads angle in this

  38. gary gomez


  39. Samantha Mason

    This music video never fails to put a smile on my face. :D

  40. The energy i live for !!

  41. dany caouette

    superbe vidéo...

  42. solarstorm2011

    Great band, great people.

  43. Alexey K

    Класс!!! Молодцы!!! Металл не умрёт!!!
    You are best!!! Heavy metal is still alive with your band!!! Keep it up!!!

  44. Клуб "РАБОТА ДОМА"

    вот это ГОЛОСИЩЕ! :)

  45. pin head

    nice guitar sound great

  46. Stefano Nani

    Das Video ist sooooo mega geil!!! Ich liebe euch!

  47. Matjan Thking95

    Fucking awesome guys

  48. Freawulf

    'Teutonic' power metal and heavy hard rock at its best! \m/

  49. božena gažovičová

    You are the best Number 1!!!! from me...

  50. Nexeon

    These guys are seriously the best band out there.

  51. Philippe Tschanun

    I love it !

    Вкусная жизнь

    I love too !!!

  52. rod2761

    you know this fun rocks


    leave us the fuck alone


    I dedicate this song to america's current nanny-state overdrive governmet

    Галя Стоянова


  55. Tabak Tabakus

    reminded me of fckn good old days...

  56. Axel Royer

    stuck in traffic!

  57. svogender

    Great song though !!!!!!!!!!!

  58. jay7066

    Great hook! Cheesy ass video. Like the pace and the fact that you can hear them. But the video, please!

    Malcolm Montgomery

    I am still waitong for some form of media entertainment, be it a game, movie, etc, that is inspired by their artwork and songs.

  59. Legionario de la 501

    shame video, good song.

  60. Geoff Mifsud

    good shit

  61. Luca Ferreira

    que som do karalho, holly fucking song !! heavy metal power thunderforce,

  62. Lord Hunk

    awesome but waiting for a video of last hero

  63. Chris Mueller

    Awesome crowd in this video !!

  64. Dragos Leiden

    0:25 danseaza ca pe manele :))

  65. carlos urrego

    El video es una mugre peo la cancion es lo q resalta siempre buena factura musical de parte de esta buena banda.long live rock and roll

    Satu Lee

    xD tienes razón, a mi me encanto la canción pero el video no... xD A lp mejor no tenían presupuesto o les dio paja hacer un vídeo chido .

  66. Юрий Георгиев

    The best HMR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. musicman7222

    a little bit heavy for my taste,why do I like it so much??

  68. Anatole Dupérré

    Really good song but honestly, thèses guys act like  a bunch of clown, remove credibility of the song....

  69. POTIS1


  70. Jeannot Drue


  71. Thedjbj2

    This song's lyrics are incredibly generic for metal.


    @Thedjbj2 Let me guess, you listen to linkin park ;D


    ad ho·mi·nem
    ˌad ˈhämənəm/
    adverb & adjective
    1. (of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
    "vicious ad hominem attacks"


    @Thedjbj2 tldr

    Anki Hansen

    +Thedjbj2 This is not generic

  72. John Devou

    Does anyone know the song starting at 4:50 ?


    @John Devou Hey, you probaby have found it by now but the song is called Fistraiser (by Iron Saviour)

    John Devou

    @kookoorookoo Well, yes.... just after I heard the full album... it's the last song :D .... Thank you!

  73. Music lover

    Album (IRON SAVIOR Rise of the Hero) in my collection, vid in my favs. Thanks.

  74. Jonathan Lopez

    jaja re casero el video

  75. Ygor Nimoy

    I should put this song on my Android phone, and play it whenever some jackass gives me a piece of advice. 

  76. какой то чувак

    This is a masterpiece! It is sad that few listeners(((

  77. GunvorPlays

    Gawd, I love this band but, you just don't strum your bass using a pick. It demands to be picked with hands.

    Cameron Harvey

    @blyjd91 But they produce two different sounds. A pick often allows for a much cleaner, crisper sound. Even if a pick is not being used for the different sound, there is still nothing wrong with using a pick when playing bass.

    Antar Keys

    To be honest, I prefer pick bass in these power metal songs as well as Progressive rock numbers, they just shape the edge perfectly in my personal opinion.

  78. Britt L.

    This is just good clean fun!

  79. annie vallee


  80. MustWeDevouR

    Nice touch adding the car singing scenes, top notch video production. Complete oral defication!! 

  81. munsterotaku

    I like Iron savior work but i'm interested for a album and style "change" i have feel to listen 4 albums.... except The landing

  82. PietroRumenta

    Why does such a valuable song have such a mediocre video?

  83. Old Rocker

    Мы веселы,счастливы,талантливы!

  84. Arek S

    Hank, maybe you lost some pounds but you wont catch Mr. White anyway

  85. Judas Iscariot

    This is as metal as it gets!  Another friggin epic tune by Iron Savior! 

  86. D C


  87. _Hernan_

    que video mas pedorro

  88. Adrián Méndez

    hahahaah (y)

  89. Mark Page

    i thinks its great, the guitar tone is Superb.

  90. Anton Podolnyy

    love this band \m/

  91. Nekro Rabaphy

    Dat tone<3



  93. Bruno Barros

    a homemade clip..haha. but cool music

  94. Dust Devil

    video is like eating tacks but the song is brilliant.  Metal up ur azz fuckers

  95. Pedro Colangelo

    best videoclip ever.

  96. Dyeison Matos

    Conheço pouco dessa banda, mas essa música ficou fera

  97. Geddiz

    I too sing along to Iron Savior while in my car.