Iron Maiden - The Longest Day Lyrics

In the gloom the gathering storm abates
In the ships gimlet eyes await
The call to arms to hammer at the gates
To blow them wide throw evil to its fate

All summers long the drills to build the machine
To turn men from flesh and blood to steel
From paper soldiers to bodies on the beach
From summer sands to Armageddon's reach

Overlord your master not your god
The enemy coast dawning grey with scud
These wretched souls puking shaking fear
To take a bullet for those who sent them here

The world's alight the cliffs erupt in flame
No escape remorseless shrapnel rains
Drowning men no chance for a warrior's fate
A choking death enter hell's gates

Sliding we go
Only fear on our side
To the edge of the wire
And we rush with the tide
Oh, the water is red
With the blood of the dead
But I'm still alive
Pray to God I survive

How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through
How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through
How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through
How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through

The rising dead faces bloated torn
They are relieved the living wait their turn
Your number's up the bullet's got your name
You still go on to hell and back again

Valhalla waits Valkyries rise and fall
The warrior tombs lie open for us all
A ghostly hand reaches through the veil
Blood and sand we will prevail

Sliding we go
Only fear on our side
To the edge of the wire
And we rush with the tide
Oh, the water is red
With the blood of the dead
But I'm still alive
Pray to God I survive

How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through
How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through

How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through
How long on this longest day
'Till we finally make it through

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Iron Maiden The Longest Day Comments
  1. LCS LCS


  2. sheldon Bazinga

    Bruce Dickinson a toujours oeuvré pour rendre les textes du métal un peu moins cons, et c'est tout à son honneur...Mais que cela n'empêche pas le reste du groupe de composer de bonnes chansons. Ici ça n'est pas le cas puisque ce titre est excellent, mais d'habitude....Vous savez vu de France (ou d'ailleurs) où l'anglais n'est pas toujours compris et où l'on se fout d'ailleurs de ce que le chanteur raconte, (c'est un tort, mais bon...) ne reste que la musique à se mettre sous la dent, et du coup cela passe souvent très mal...Mais je suis certain que vous êtes au courant de la question...Longue vie quand même.

  3. Daniel

    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

  4. Fernando Barrios


  5. SinDawg030

    “All summers long the drills to build the machine
    To turn men from flesh and blood to steel”
    Always gets the gains going in the gym when I put this on!

  6. Mathew Lydy

    This is by far my favorite Iron Maiden song.

  7. Scrub Plant

    You can feel Omaha Beach!! God Bless our troops who did this, June 6th, 1944!!

  8. Thomas

    This song is about me walking across the parking lot from my car into work every morning.

  9. andrew kenneth

    Compré el 2008 el disco y la polera respectiva. UNA MAQUINA DE VIDA Y MUERTE.

  10. Oscar Pavez


  11. Grigori Rasputin1990

    too cheerful imo one problem about this album

  12. Scrub Plant

    Gold, Sword, Juno, Omaha, and Utah, these 5 beaches are why we walk around in freedom!!!!!!!

  13. Napalm Blast






  14. Vicente Ayala

    Like👍 México

  15. Shaneoid

    This song is absolutely amazing!!!!

  16. Mark Angelo Dar

    June 21, 2019 will be the longest day in the northern hemisphere

  17. roauf elfituri

    who's listening in 1984 ?

  18. Outsider Sidaroth

    Happy Longest Day 75th Anniversary!

  19. Brendan Williamson

    75 years ago today.

  20. C.J. Somersby

    75th Anniversary of the Longest Day tomorrow. Lest we forget.

  21. Definitely a George Soros funded bot

    Fuckin epic

  22. Combatant Boor

    Every 6th of June I feel so grateful to these soldiers as if they were ours. They're heroes
    Greetings and my respect from Greece

  23. Steven Brown

    My great uncle landed on Omaha in 44 with th 29th and made it to the Ardennes. He was on patrol and a sniper got him in the shoulder. If that sniper hadn't found him he would've bought it when a mortar shell landed just a few yards in front of him. He was on his death bed swearing he forgave the sniper and would even kiss him on the lips for saving his life.

    IJN Yamato

    So terrifying, yet so weirdly wholesome.

  24. auron 98

    every day of my life...

  25. Rodrigo augusto mella


  26. David Vigliotti

    Very under-rated album! i haven't listened to these songs in a long time, i forget how awesome this album is :D

  27. gon pen

    up the iron!

  28. Terry Quesenberry

    TQ..Maiden Man

  29. SomethingRedundant

    Name a song with a more powerful intro

  30. Someone Else

    This was the album that got me into Maiden

  31. MRCL8215

    This song has one of the greatest goddamn riffs of all time and you all know it

  32. Furious Sherman

    Iron Maiden is quite simply the greatest metal band of all time, no exceptions.

  33. Alan Lloyd

    they fell off drastically after 'brave new world' i hate to say

  34. A generic Templar Knight

    Is that a hybrid version of the T-72 and 62?

  35. Leon L

    Bruce Dickinson is the best vocalist ever! End of discusion.

  36. Skylar Williams

    I have only been listening to this album for a week but I think this song is much better than Hallowed Be Thy Name

  37. ShishouDzukiZaManako

    hate the chorus, but oh well

  38. Sarah Kreuz

    Today the D-Day was 74 Years ago. Who else is here to let Iron Maiden tell the story? :)

    Player Eric

    you should check out primo victoria from sabaton

  39. Jakub Leško

    Today, 74 years of the Normady landings.

    I guess I will just play this over and over again

  40. Luke

    This is definitely one of their most underrated albums, I mean like the lyrics are amazing and as well is the energy and the chorus.
    Well done!!!!!!

  41. Leo Schuele-Van Aken

    D-Day much????????????????????

  42. Steven Brown

    You want to motivate a construction crew. This is one of the songs to blast. Monday's are maiden day just to get back in the groove coming off a weekend and we crank it up and tear the knob off. 🤘

  43. جونكازا نيكرا الرايخ الثالث

    Iron maiden The Legend of Singing

  44. cropathfinder

    One of the best Overlord themed songs the only one thats on its level that i know about is sabaton's primo victoria

  45. benn mullins

    Half the people are arguing about historical consistency, considering that you have skeleton soldiers....

  46. Chuck Aule

    singing about war is about the most metal thing you can base music around. RIP to all the men who fought

  47. Spyros

    A Matter Of Life And Death is actually better than I thought
    I never gave it a chance but its a good album!

  48. Fishbait 98

    Bone chilling

  49. Blackfire611

    Best of the Beast !!!

  50. Slasher/Entertainment

    *i got the synthwave cover of this song in my channel ,maybe somebody got interest :)*

  51. Petteri Silventoinen

    D-Day upon us!

  52. MrsJadeCurtiss

    the drums man....

  53. Brian

    my favorite song on the album, man Nicko's drums and snare are like gunfire and war, he's blazing on this album with a huge in-your-face sound, one of my favorite things.

  54. MottiMajuri

    In those days our dads fight for their lifes and country in axes side against stalins evils....and hey beat those evils...finland llves forrever!!!!!

    Student Avery Kersjes

    MottiMajuri axis

  55. 자막중독자

    Many men, came here as soldiers!

    Ah, I am sorry. It is not the song

  56. Jason Barbush

    men love darkness rather than light.

  57. Judge Fist

    sorry i adore maiden, maiden for life but this song does have a riff that is full on megadeth, if u know wat i mean u will know but love maiden


    Apology accepted.

  58. Brett Johnson

    Great zombie killing song

  59. Κων Χα

    Im reading some comments here and I just want to point out..that MAIDEN NEVER MADE AN ACTUALLY BAD ALBUM! Some were just not that good compared to other Maiden compositions..thats why everyone has a different opinion which is respected of course!

    Student Avery Kersjes

    Κων Χα true that my favorite is peace of mind


    except 7th son which is dreadful

    Timothy Smith

    @Emperor_Xenolius Do you actually believe that or are you trolling? I'm genuinely asking.

    KoolKid 101

    @Emperor_Xenolius I'm gonna have to agree with that. The only three good songs on that album are The Evil that Men Do, Can I Play with Madness, and the title track.

    Philip Norman

    @KoolKid 101 I like all the songs, but strange enough I don't like it as much as a whole. Too much synthesizer and a totally different feeling from their other stuff.

  60. reginaldo bocada

    Muito bom

  61. thisghy

    The crossed rifles symbol for iron Maiden really bugs me, they have magazines sticking out of the foregrips, it's just wrong

    Joshua C

    Why did you say this? I just bought that shirt! I can't unsee that, you know....

  62. tks gaming

    Soon to be North Korea THEM.

  63. Garrett Keenan

    This was yesterday 73 years ago....D-day

  64. Tadd Mason

    6/6/17 today anniversary of D-day

  65. Shinku Kirito Ichika

    Happy 73rd D-Day everyone. Up the Irons!

  66. DjugyRamone

    Dat chorus tho

  67. Herrmann Siegfried von Rosenheim

    This should have been the music in the trailer for CoD WWII.

    Stephen Stine

    no, that piece of shit of an excuse of a game does not deserve to be anywhere near this well-crafted masterpiece


    the longest day


    I love how the strumming at the end goes from one headphone to the other like the push and pull of a calm ocean wave

  70. bedBug

    Makes me wonder, if something happens now, does Europe have tough bastards like this to save her again?

    Canuckman Canuck

    Truth is Europe was saved by the Russians. They defeated Hitler - not the US. The German losses on the Eastern-Russian front were on a scale far beyond anything they lost in the West. By the time of the Normandy Landings in June 1944, the Germans were already reeling from defeat after defeat in the East and were in full retreat. The landings in France did open up the much needed second front that Stalin had been demanding. And it did shorten the war. But that war would have ended even without landings but then all of Europe would have been Communist. And ruled by a dictator just was bad as Hitler.

    Dod o

    Canuckman Canuck Europe wasn’t saved by Russia, had they done all the fighting and liberating it Europe would be in a far worse position

  71. George

    5:50 favorite part of any iron maiden song

  72. pinkie pie

    wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Achilles Dinamita

    July 5th in Oakland.

  74. Franky Saquipulla

    why isnt this song on spotify??

  75. Tom Mcfall

    when was this written? I goggled it but could not find the date

  76. Dido D is best mlg


  77. mokshit kumar

    this reminds and perfectly depicts the D-day

    Arie Heath

    That is the point of the song.

  78. Thanasis nos

    Feels like the longest day till that solo comes and washes all the pain away <3

  79. first name last name

    fuck I love iron maiden album covers there fucking awesome

    Burning World Society

    first name last name Except Dance of Death. Lol

    first name last name

    Friedrich Gutenberg (just looked it up) what the fuck?what where they thinking

  80. herecomesmightymouse

    One of the rare Maiden war songs where the narrator is victorious.

    Ameya Sawal

    in aces high, the narrator(an RAF spitfire pilot) is victorious

    Classical Potato

    @Ameya Sawal Well the song ends with the narrator going into battle against 10 enemy planes, so its inconclusive. At least in my opinion.


    @Classical Potato I think that was to set a picture for the odds against Britain


    where eagles dare would also qualify

  81. Valtteri Mäntylä

    Awesome, excellent, heavenly, unbelievable masterpiece. One of my favorites from Iron Maiden.

    Morten Grün

    Could not agree with you more. Absolutely magnificent. The messy, gritty guitartransitions in the chorus and Bruce's voice soaring on top of it all. I love it!

    LPS kirsikka poni

    Asiallinen kommentti. \m/

  82. Player Horstaford

    This is the first Iron Maiden song I've ever listened to. I was searching for some WWII stuff on Youtube and found it. I fell in love for Iron and for this song specifically.

    Andres Marquez


  83. yerko cornejo

    feliz cumpleaños a matter Of life and death !!

  84. Monteric

    Awesome song!!

  85. Sait Öztürk

    \m/ \m/

  86. yerko cornejo

    up the irons from Chile !!

    Jason Voorhees

    yerko cornejo Canada \m/

  87. Diego Camargo

    buen tema

  88. Dan Vachon

    this is a master peice

  89. Riley Wallace

    love the bass work

  90. Riley Wallace

    kinda power metal

    frachey thomas

    absolutely not hahah

    Ivan Gushkov

    Power metal would have a more epic sounding music and the lyrics would praise the glory of the battle. The vibe and message of this song is everything but to praise the glory of battle...

  91. Juanfra Vega

    Valhalla waits, valkyries rise and fall!

    Marlon Quilante

    I don't know why nordic mythology was cited in this song

    Fonzy Floof

    Why not?

    gusti sok

    nordic mythology is created around the idea of warriors, see the connection ?

    Bad Beard Bill

    Because the Nazis liked to say that the Nordic race (whatever that means) is the master race. And the Aryan race...

    Marlon Quilante yes,it shoud be Celtic mithology once we are celts,but it is not popular as Nordic mithology unfortanaly

  92. antonio ladu

    iron maiden The Best

    Gabriel Sanabria Cervantes

    And the beast

  93. Luuk Zweers

    Awesome song

  94. daichai

    usa cant be proud of what they did to germany killing their own white brothers


    @Красная Армия- Вперёд! 
    >>semites, and khazars


    @Andrew Carroll ww2 vets are going to hell for fighting against Christ's nation... 

    Красная Армия - Вперёд!

    @vonshtoyven The one that sent priests to labor camps? "God's nation". This is why wars start.


    @Красная Армия- Вперёд!
     yeah because british were the first nazis to use concentration camps. and like other nations are so innocent with the way they treat people?

    Jason Voorhees

    vonshtoyven if a pitbull were to go door to door murdering small dogs, and the only other dog strong enough to take down the pitbull was another pitbull, would it be wrong for pitbull 2 to kill pitbull one for the greater good of his fellow dogs? we are all equal in this world, and murder should be Avenged. no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

  95. Nate Gold

    What a phenomenal album. I think this album was Maiden at their peak. The sheer ferocity, dark melodies and complex structure makes this one of the best metal albums I've heard to date.

    Mark Skaggs

    It seems pretty clear from all these comments that their "worst albums" are still good and appeal to different people

    Our Greatest Downfall

    Hey...I saw someone insult the final frontier in this comment section, I respect your opinion, but please, leave my favorite album alone lmao

    Xystal 8

    Nate Gold iron maiden was not metal


    Aiden Kelly yes they were/are metal. That's an ignorant comment. They were one of the heads of the "second wave of British heavy metal".

    Now go vape kid

    Furious Sherman

    Number of the Beast was Maiden at their peak. This just showed that they haven't lost their touch.

  96. Adrian Wójcik

    only Iron Maiden

  97. Ines navy blue

    To jest takie dobre ,że się w głowie nie mieści ;o !
    ! <3! \m/