Iron Maiden - The Angel And The Gambler Lyrics

Roll of the dice
Take a spin of the wheel
Out of your hands now
So how do you feel but you're never gonna win
You'd better go back again

Do you feel lucky?
Or do you feel scared
Take that luck brings
And the devil may care
But you're down on your luck
Will the next day bring?

Adrift on the ocean
Afloat on the daydream
Or lost in a maze
Or blind in the haze
So what does it matter
So why don't you answer
So why did you send
An angel to mend

Best make decisions
Before it's too late
Take all your chances
Take all hold of the reins
A roll of the dice
Ahead of the game again

Nothing to lose
But so much to gain
A little danger
It goes without saying
But what do you care
You're gonna go in the end

Gate open to heaven
Is ready and waiting
Or straight down to hell
Can go there as well

I'll suffer my craving
My soul not worth saving
So why don't you go
Just leave well alone

Don't you think I'm a saviour
Don't you think I could save you
Don't you think I could save your life

There's like a hunger
That knocks on your door
You've had a taste of it
Still you want more
You've made your mistakes
Won't play it same again

You have been warned
But still you plunge in
You play high stakes
But there's nothing to win
You've only one life
And so many things to learn

The angel on one side
The devil the other
Which path do you take
Decisions to make

Arrive on the crossroads
You know where you're going
And what if you wait
It maybe too late

Don't you think I'm a saviour
Don't you think I could save you
Don't you think I could save Your life

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Iron Maiden The Angel And The Gambler Comments
  1. Vinícius Rodrigues

    É ruim mas é bom

  2. Daniel Gonzalez

    Aguante Blaze!

  3. Cursed Ragdoll

    Don't you think i'm a shaver
    Don't you think i can shave you
    Don't you think i can shave your wife

  4. D D

    wow. that was horrible.

  5. Tiago Coelho

    Curtindo Boa música no dia 29/01/2019

  6. Nath Ulius

    Vrais de vrais 😀😎😎🍻👍✌🎸🎸🎸🌠👊♠

  7. sylwiak231

    Stranger in A Strange Land.

  8. sylwiak231

    F Julek The Fgdhjfhdndndbdbndndndddbdbdgdbf dndbbfbfbfngg of the To The Roblox Uffjcjcnndbdmsnffmjfnfbfbd Dishdg For

  9. sylwiak231

    Shotjndgcb. Vfb

  10. Ben Burke

    It’s like Iron Maiden’s version of Blue (Da Ba Dee)

  11. Mark030a

    My father was into Iron Maiden like crazy, he had tons of albums from the band (like Rock in Rio) but he lost all except Rock in Rio, by that I mean we can't fucking find them. HOW DID WE LOSE THEM...

  12. Laura Peskin

    Alright it might not be typical Maiden but I love it. Very good. I love Blaze anyways and am in to all kinds of music: metal, prog, pop, avant, alternative

  13. dave b


  14. Eric S

    Mostly awful

  15. Chiara Caniati Carlucci

    Well...I love the song,this video is great...just add a super sexy Blaze,with that leather trench and the hat...dayummm! 0_0 My ears are in eyes are coming,ladies! :-*

    susanne williamsson

    may I join you ??

    Chiara Caniati Carlucci

    @susanne williamsson Of course,my dear! :-)

  16. German Vigil

    Que gran video

  17. Gabriel Cosceari

    Creo que fue la peor época creativa de los maiden.

  18. jovas hdz

    2019 sigue vivo

  19. jefferson foguel

    O Bruce e top mas esse álbum ficou bom demais

  20. Steve 23464

    Ranked #165 out of a possible 165.

  21. Massimo Pilloni

    Questo video è una merda assoluta

  22. OldSchoolBoi

    I don't understand how the full version is considered their absolute worst track. Really, THE worst? No other song from No Prayer or Fear of the Dark is worse than this song? It's all because it repeats the chorus a lot? It's not that bad people, come on.

    It literally keeps me up at night how Bring your Daughter to the Slaughter made it to the top 100 and this one is all the way at the bottom. All the way! Number 165.

  23. Thiago Coimbra

    O clip é tão ruim quanto a música

  24. Lewis Carty

    Occasionally I think that there are a few Iron Maiden songs with Blaze Bayley singing on them that sound as though he is trying to be Meat Loaf, but I am not trying to compare Iron Maiden to Meat Loaf here, but sometimes he sounds like Meat Loaf. Is it just me, or am I imagining it?

  25. Ghb Hbhnhnb

    Wow, those SGI workstations are next level Man!!

  26. Vinicius Oliveira

    Why did they choose this as a single while there's other good songs on the album?
    This is just annoying as hell.

  27. Francisco de Arruda Montilia

    Excelente música, amei, porém repete muito o refrão...

  28. Super Soap

    When the LSD is expired

  29. Stuart Jenkins

    I still say this is Maiden's BEST. VIDEO. EVAR. And there is not a single fucking ONE of you that can prove me wrong.

  30. Eddie Burton 666

    better than studio version

  31. Matthew Giron

    Eddy you rat bastard caught cheating like a dead creature you are. Yet you still lose you lol ;).

  32. TheAxeGrinder

    "I love your handjob, so how do you feel?"

  33. JJRJ 85

    Iron Maiden: the silly years

  34. Dantres

    Easily the WORST track Maiden ever recorded. Still... this short version is much better than the album's.

  35. kakolykia

    I can't help but still thinking that he is a savior.

  36. Mini Nicko McBrain

    Who told the lad from the bowling alley to make this video

  37. SeriousRodger

    Smith and Dickinson all the way - this song is horrendous!
    No wonder Maiden ended up in crisis around this time.

  38. Elizabeth Henry

    This is what happens when you get Jeremy Paxman to guest-write one of your songs.

  39. Fabio Jorge

    Virtual XI > The X Factor

  40. Sarah Hilton

    Love this

  41. Shaggy Rogers

    Is it bad that this song is growing on me?

  42. Chimp Scape

    LMAO! Janicks camera kick at 0:26 hahaha what a beast :')

  43. Coky

    When i listen to maiden the whole universe do!!!!!!

  44. Coky

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa iron for life!!!!!!

  45. g geggs

    I'm ok with the bad cgi, after all that was the technology of the time.
    But what I don't understand is why the band is acting like they are playing a heavy metal song, since this clearly a rock and roll tune.


    But look at how much energy they're putting into it! If they didn't put in this much energy it'd look like they're half-assing it

  46. Remoniq

    Perfect song for that man's voice.

  47. Shaggy Rogers

    Don’t go past 1:43

  48. Buck Futtler

    ranked as the worst maiden song of all time by several polls lol. yeah, this is BAAAAAD.

  49. kakolykia

    278 people still think that he is a savior

  50. Fabien P

    Good song, a lot better in this short version, the album version is over repetitive and lacks of energy

  51. kakolykia

    Wow, those graphics could challenge "the War" by Judas Priest.

  52. metalfanatic

    This is a lot more tolerable than the official song itself. Still their worst song. 90’s Maiden doesn’t exist to me because of how bad they were. There are a few good songs made at that time but most sucked ass.

  53. Jack Riggs

    I fucking hate blaze bayley what was Steve thinking

  54. Shaggy Rogers

    The first minute and a half is good but after that is crap

  55. Alessandro Mariani

    I enjoy this album more than the X Factor , No Prayer and the Final Frontier...
    This should have been the length of this song.


    To be fair not a lot of people liked No Prayer when it first came out, so saying that you like Virtual XI more than it is like saying you like a dry log of shit more than a wet one

    That's just an example a typical Maiden fan would probably use, but I agree with you; I think the X Factor and Virtual XI are two of my favorites, and I like No Prayer a lot too

  56. Filthy Planet

    I used to have a compilation of these songs and videos on DVD when I was a kid and this song was among my favorites...but oh my god the video has NOT aged well! I am laughing my ass off at these effects!

    Tyler Larsen

    Was that compilation the one that came out around the same time as the CD and DVD releases of their Rock in Rio 2001 concert? Because my dad happened to own the aforementioned compilation (he either owns or has owned almost every release in the Maiden catalog regardless of format), and I watched the shit out of it when I was younger. Dear lord, that takes me back quite a ways. I also agree that this video has aged horribly. And Blaze is quoted as saying that the computers used to make this video were more powerful than the ones used in Jurassic Park. LMFAO!

  57. Yisus SB

    Is anyone going to mention that Eddie turns into A FREAKING GIANT in the video?

  58. The Fuzzy Sheep

    Not a bad video but Star Wars in 1977 has better vfx lol

  59. gonzalo huenchumil

    Temon 🤘😈🤘

  60. Lobster Jerky The Meme Guru

    Every person in the world needs to see this video it's art

  61. susanne williamsson

    Catchy song, NOT their worst, not in a long shot, hilarious video.......ALL bets are on me ....

  62. Dennis Moore


  63. susanne williamsson

    If you´r a gambler, may I be your angel ???

  64. Sean Morrison

    Great song

  65. Seb S1000r


  66. Extreme WOLF

    666k 😩

  67. foggy4xchamp

    West Ham bass guitar? Cool as.

  68. Facundo Oliva

    El peor video que he visto de iron maiden :(

  69. susanne williamsson

    If Maiden EVER did another concert with this guy......I wouldn´t go to be first in line..I would be RUNNING...and THAT´s a promise..

  70. Stamatis Giallolover

    Needs more cowbell!


    May IRON MAIDEN LIVE On forever

  72. Harold075

    Good song bad video.

  73. susanne williamsson

    A catchy song, brilliantly performed as always, the video ???? STUNNING GUYS........that´s NO JOKE.......

  74. Vin Punt

    Sorry guys. That’s not my preferred song and singer.
    I listened first to Iron Maiden in 1981 when I was 13 years old.
    The. Number of the beast ! That really left me impressed , for me
    Bruce Dickinson is my Favorite! He was he is. And he will always be.
    Thank you Bruce ! For returning! You are the Man!

  75. Joaquin Santillan

    Aha maiden (?

  76. susanne williamsson

    Say whatever you want, Iove the song, the video and don´t you think it´s got a message that´s real, considering all the casinos in your phone, tablets and computers ??? So what if it´s repetitive, that goes for a lot of other Maiden songs too......

  77. Alessio cam

    Great Video (1998) , great song .

  78. gustavo algusto do nascimento

    Excelente banda ótima música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais

  79. David Rocha

    The worst metal video ever produced.

  80. Αννα Σκουρλετη


  81. Pablo Saracho

    en esta etapa tuvieron pelotas para traer un vocalista diferente a DICKINSON...guste o animaron...y no como JUDAS que trajeron a una copia de HALFORD...

  82. John Osbourn

    Awsome video!

  83. Chris Williams

    I always thought Blaze was a gorilla, but now he is totally bald, it is clear he is an Neanderthal with a pituitary gland tumor

  84. Mando Vid

    this song is 100 times better than the whole "A matter of life and death" album

  85. Jar Cruz

    Não tem diferença nenhuma entre blaze e bruce

  86. Lukas Skrypetz

    Eddie looks like a moldy potato in this.

  87. Phase

    Isn't this Shine's Collective Soul on steroids?

  88. griffyn

    horrible album, good song.
    just my opinion.

  89. susanne williamsson

    AWESOME.....I just love this catchy song aswell as the incrediblly dark, intense and powerful voice of Blaze.........GUYS it´s Maiden regardless of who´s singing.........or not ????

  90. The Demonic Horseman

    I love this song and video. It’s a weird video, but that’s what I love about it.

  91. Maruchan Girl

    A song that is So bad that it's good, a Bring You Daughter... To The Slaughter 2.

  92. Cortez Mack


  93. RJ Da Best

    Their is a Lord of Iron Maiden
    Their is 3 kings of Iron Maiden
    Their is one gifted prince

    1. Eddie
    2. Paul Di'Anno, Bruce Dickinson, Blaze
    3. Adrian Smith
    The 2nd King came back

  94. mike schmidt

    i pissed off my Girlfriend by cranking this song and popping out with a guitar shredding to this song lmao!!! and now she shreds with me >:)

  95. susanne williamsson

    Listen, just listen......why so many thinks this is their " worst " song is way beyond me.......catchy rythm, blistering music and the dark, intense and powerful voice of Blaze.....and please, pay attention to the lyrics, what it really means....

  96. Laura Peskin

    Great song great video. Love blaze Love bruce too

  97. Jeremy Cubs

    Horrible maiden era, Blaze sucked hard!

  98. iadoredavey murray

    Davey with a fringe (bangs for any Americans) 😍😍

  99. James Peckinpaugh

    Blayze is a bad mother fucker and so is this video.