Iron Maiden - Montségur Lyrics

I stand alone in this desolate space
In death they are truly alive
Massacred innocence, evil took place
The angels were burning inside

Centuries later I wonder why
What secret they took to their grave
Still burning heretics under our skies
Religion's still burning inside

At the gates and the walls of Montségur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montségur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montségur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montségur
Blood on the stones of the citadel

As we kill them all so God will know his own
The innocents died for the Pope on his throne
Catholic greed and its paranoid zeal
Curse of the grail and the blood of the cross

Templar believers with blood on their hands
Joined in the chorus to kill on demand
Burned at the stake for their soul's liberty
To stand with the cathars, to die and be free

The book of Old Testament crippled and black
Satan - his weapon is lust
Leaving this evil damnation of flesh
Back to the torture of lies

The perfect ones willingly died at the stake
And all of their followers slain
As for the knowledge of God they had claimed
Religion's still burning inside

[Repeat chorus, 3rd verse]

Templar believers with blood on their hands
Joined in the chorus to kill on command
Burned at the stake for their soul's liberty
Still running heretics under our skies

As we kill them all so God know his own
Laugh at the darkness and in god we trust
The eye in the triangle smiling with sin
No passover feast for the cursed within

Facing the sun as they went to their grave
Burn like a dog or you live like a slave
Death is the price for your soul's liberty
To stand with the cathars and to die and be free

[Repeat chorus]

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Iron Maiden Montségur Comments
  1. Yahir Hernandez

    La cansion maravillosa Pero...... la portada. Mmmm flojita no me gusto mucho

  2. Asczor

    I always play Cathar in Crusader Kings 2 thanks in great part to this song.

  3. Duchess Van Hoof

    "In 1242 Hugues de Arcis led the military command of about 10,000 royal troops against the castle that was held by about 100 fighters and was home to 211 Perfects (who were pacifists and did not fight) and civilian refugees.[1] The siege lasted nine months, until in March 1244, the castle finally surrendered. Approximately 220 Cathars were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the pog when they refused to renounce their faith. Some 25 actually took the ultimate Cathar vow of consolamentum perfecti in the two weeks before the final surrender."

  4. Dış Mihrak

    Vatican killed all catar people. Because catars never believed catholic shits

  5. Sabina Piaggi

    This song is in my heart

  6. Stevev Steele

    this is about the innocent victims of the Cathar religion who were pacifists and would not give in to the Catholics.200 people burnt at the steak in Southen France.Maiden make people think not only superb musicians.up the irons

  7. Theo Pot

    Very powerfull

  8. Orange Car Bad

    That fucking cover.

  9. Alex Cast

    Am i the only one that thinks the intro sounds a bit like naruto's theme?

  10. Anime Jesus

    Start of the song sound like rising fighting spirit

  11. Seventh Son


  12. There's so much to wait for & see in life - RM

    Damn I like it

  13. Animals are comrades too.

    Yes the commander of the catholic forces literally said those lines from the chorus when asked how they'd tell Cathar from Catholic.

  14. Tasty Unicorn

    I live near Montségur, in Foix, Ariège, and that's the first time I'm proud to live here. Makes me like the song even more !!!

  15. Giselle La gazelle

    I just live next to Montsegur. Come on in Occitanie visit us it's much better than Paris!

  16. Dan Maler

    Definitely them going back to their Killers to Powerslave era in this song.

  17. Alessandro Mariani

    Best Maiden's album of the 00's in my opinion

  18. Morte

    My favorite Band 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸

  19. TayR0C

    Everyone hates this song, but I think it's the most underrated song ever.

  20. Carlos Dos Santos

    Essa é umas das belas músicas mais pesadas do.IRON MAIDEN ...Inesquecivel .

  21. Voyd2

    It's a naruto theme !

  22. Tukang Ojol Gitaran

    This song should have played live!

  23. Lorenzo Fornasieri

    Fuck the cruisaders!

  24. David Meirovich

    One of the best songs Janick ever wrote for Maiden.

  25. davalyzz

    if there are any german speaking folks here, that are into this perticular part of history: there's a highly interesting documentary on this topic called "Mysterien des Mittelalters: Der Kreuzzug gegen die Katharer" streamable from for at least one more month.

    für die deutschsprachigen geschichtsinteressierten unter uns: sehr interessante doku über die katharer, abzurufen bei unter dem namen "Mysterien des Mittelalters: Der Kreuzzug gegen die Katharer". sehr zu empfehlen, allerdings wohl nur noch einen monat online, also nix wie ran da ;)

  26. maidenrulz73

    24 priest fans

  27. Rashinka Zlj

    The beginning sounds like The Fallen Angel

  28. Mark Angelo Dar

    The intro sounds like naruto bgm. Haha

  29. Theo Pot

    the 10 month siege of Montsegur after order by the Pope ...Among the prisoners they're were 250 Cathars who stayed true to their beliefs , so they burned them at the stake.,

  30. Luis De la torre

    3:40 solo de born in 58

  31. what does this button do

    I can't believe it's been 15 years since this album was released :/, and btw such an underrated song

  32. Joëlle Deschanel

    prat des crémats

  33. Afonso Neto

    This song denounces the Catholic inquisition that murdered over 60,000 evangelical Christians who challenged Catholic heresies. From: São Paulo Brazil = Esta música denuncia a inquisição católica que assassinou mais de 60 mil cristãos evangélicos que desafiavam as heresias católicas


    actually evangelicals didn't even exist in the middle ages and this song is about the Cathars, who believed the material world was created by Satan, and human souls were genderless angels trapped in physical form and destined to be reincarnated until they achieved salvation

  34. Sydney Davila

    1:15 favorite part

  35. Nick P

    At the beginning it sounds like Dave Mustaine hijacked the recording and then walked away when the lyrics started. That riff is so Megadeth it's not even funny.

  36. Henrique Oliveira

    This riff inspired the book of souls (the music)

  37. thekar

    "It was reported that Amalric, when asked how to distinguish Cathars from Catholics, responded, 'Kill them all! God will know his own.' "

  38. Al Deeb

    "The book of old testament crippled and black" - Knowing what the Cathars believed about the evil of the Old Testament and the evil of the God of the Jews, I wonder what Bruce's intensions were with this lyric considering this is a seemingly pro Cathar song.


    I think that the song is more anti-Catholic rather than pro-Cathar.

  39. maxdesmer2008

    i just don't know why they never played it live.........i cannot understand....

  40. azcory19

    Immortality is Iron Maiden!

  41. Megafayce

    It's been said already, but the guitar intro is straight from Powerslave era

  42. Wabin22

    One of the most underrated Maiden songs, a real shame they never played it live.

    John Mitchell

    Stop saying that!! Prague, Book of Souls part one tour. I was there!!

  43. DAVILINHO777

    3:42 IT'S JUST AWESOMEE! *____*

  44. tehCostHD

    Seriously sounds like something straight off powerslave...


    wow, never thought of that, but you're right

    Mark Maiden

    tehCostHD i think at 3:44 it sounds straight out of killers


    Specifically Losfer Words - Big ‘Orrah

  45. Payden Hodencamp

    For some reason dance of death isn't on Spotify anymore


    To know the geopolitical context of the Battle of Montsegur (1244), last stronghold Cathar taken by the French (Saint Louis) during the Occitan wars, you have the details in this video: History of Occitania - The Thirteenth Century

  47. GrayNeko

    Up the Irons! ^_^

  48. give em hell mike

    great song but the Dance of Death album cover is just so terrible...


    I remember when the image was first released, I thought the cover was hidden by rubbish CGI figures to avoid giving away the exact form of the cover. It was a bit of a surprise when the CD arrived and the figures were all still there.


    They got Derek Riggs back for the BNW covers, but he only did Eddie, which was applied to the rest of the art. He did a much better Wicker Man illustration which apparently the band didn't like, hence the one chosen which more closely resembles that from the Wicker Man film.

    Haloid Kusnetsov

    @TayR0C The cover for A Matter of Life and Death is pretty cool imo.


    @Haloid Kusnetsov yeah, it is. I don't remember even saying that. Also, FOTD has a great cover.


    @TayR0C are you kidding? What's shitty in 90's covers?

  49. Irish Countryman

    lovely and heavy.

  50. endoplazmik retikulum

    Albigeois, remember 12 agust 1209.

  51. Diego Arellanes

    Here is the answer to all Janick haters, the lad is a hell of a guitarist.

    Orange Car Bad

    Who should have left in 1999.

    Vinícius Rosa #ConTV

    Janick sends a hell of a great solo to his haters 🎸🎸

  52. POK moissa

    i'm living in front of montségur ^^ watching it every day ^^

    Matija Drljaca

    veron morgan
    I have wish to visit castle Montsegur.


    I wanna go one day.., looks like such a tragic place.. I'd like to go pay my respects..

    Matija Drljaca

    KGODSMACKC go,show respect.


    That's a beautiful place to live

  53. Talita AmiguruMio

    love this song!!!

  54. Veli-Pekka Kultanen

    Yes, I agree with most people, who have commented. This is bloody great song. And the history it reflects - all christians should hear this.

    Dials Mavis

    +Veli-Pekka Kultanen Catholics

    Knight at the Crossroads

    +chloe davis agree.i am christened in catholic church but after reading the bible and all known gospels....The pope and church doesn't mean much to me.but they played a very important roles in defending Europe against invasions of all not everything was wrong.


    If it wasn't for Christians, Europe would be Islamic, so you wouldn't have the right to listen to music to begin with. Of course, this is happening right now and PCness is letting it happen, but that's another story...

    K.M. K.

    @hugolafhugolaf christianity+ islam= middleeastern religions with little differences that directly or indirectly cause millions of deaths.

    P.s it has been claimed that islam wouldnt even exist but for christianity... What do you have to say to that?

    Duchess Van Hoof

    If it wasn't for christians there wouldn't be an islam in the first place.

  55. Address Unknown

    I think this is THE most underrated Iron Maiden song

    whatthe hey

    i think almost all songs of iron maiden songs are the most underrated songs of iron maiden songs.


    i agree.

    Luke Bradford

    Agreed, along with Journeyman, and pretty much every track on Virtual XI apart from Clansman and Futureal.

    Don Sandro

    I agree perfectly

    Javier javier

    @Long-eared Bat anal treatment...?

  56. SunsetBlvd

    Hats off to the creator of this great band Steve Harris and his troopers!!!!! NWOBHM!!!

  57. Juggernaut

    Bruce is just too fucking good.

  58. Tales Oliveira

    Great song!

    Worst album cover ever


    Probably Ed Hunter. *shudders*

    Leigh Burne

    The idea is actually really cool. Sadly the execution is ass.

    Marin Hrabrić

    actually they had a complete, finished version but the band said they want the unfinished one which is this one

    Joshua Balla

    I think the idea is brilliant but it should have been drawn like most of the other maiden album covers.

    Sam Norris

    Steve Harris was actually the one who decided to keep the album cover this way. The Artist who was making this gave them a rough render (the current cover) to show the band about what it would look like. Steve Harris liked it so much that he decided to use the rough render. The artist did not credit himself for the work because of how embarrassing it is. Always makes me wonder how cool the final rendering could have looked like.

  59. John Last

    seriously underrated album, this is one of my all time favorite maiden songs

    Marin Hrabrić

    dance of death is number 5 on my top 5 Maiden album list

    F Superbravedude

    #Seventh son of s seventh son (the song)


    John Last while I think this album is a mixed bag overall, there are still some great and underrated tracks, this very much included. another showcase of janick's underappreciated writing prowess

  60. bmw66674134

    When that third guitar harmony comes in at 4:55.....perfection!

    robin tremblay

    +bmw66674134 YES!!

    The Punisher

    The one at 3:42 is amazing as well, it gives me asmr everytime!

  61. Pierre Mathieu

    Merci Franz !!!

  62. Jamie Warrior Warlord McCallum

    nice dark maiden song \m/

  63. Nightowl

    Hell.  YES.

  64. Wow Brandon you did Great

    One of Bruce's best vocal performances of all time!


    Imo The Talisman isn't far

    Alessandro Mariani

    Every song Bruce sings is his best performance!

  65. j freed

    4:05 this part sounds like it's in 4/4 time which the rest of the song is not (it's all in 3/4) - how very fucking Steve Harris, hahah...

    j freed

    @J.I Levula Same. I can only agree we're hearing it differently because triplets don't divide into four no matter what. You can think of this song - much the guitar solo section of "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" - as either 6 or 12 beats to a bar, or as a very fast 3/4 (semantics).
    OK I just looked at sheet music, it is 12/8. That's a 3 base not a 4. Best, J.

    j freed

    They're 12th not 16th notes. Like Where Eagles Dare, or most of the song Phantom Of The Opera (except the bridge 'Keep your distance...') The digg-it-ta digg-it-a rhythm I was describing IS the 3- (or 6 or 12-) beat base (not a 4, 8 or 16). Maiden do these a lot, and they do a 4/4 gallop a lot - each is different feel.

    Santeri Levula

    @jonas brave Let's just agree to disagree. All the best to you, man :)

    Imogen Kazi-Hill

    @jonas brave Don't know what school of rhythm you hail from but Ancient Mariner is 4/4 except the spoken word bit in the middle which is 3/4.

    Imogen Kazi-Hill

    Don't know what you're on about mate. In case it had never occurred to you, Maiden produce the heavy metal version of football anthems (see Steve Harris' obsession with Westham). Can you imagine a bunch of Maiden/football fans chanting along to a waltz e.g. 'The blue Danube'? in 3/4 time? Lol get real. All (nearly) Maiden tracks are in 4/4 time, it's just that McBrain is a brilliant drummer, and the galloping effect comes from Harris' bass playing style. Complex timings don't sell. If you want that go check out Stranglers' Golden Brown, or otherwise Wagner  (e.g. Ride of the Valkyries) or some Jazz. 

  66. Alex Ritter

    I wish maiden would make a thrash album.

  67. 0O0O0O0O OO

    Speed X1.25 is much faster and heavier. 

  68. Michael Prado

    It SO unfair this song was never played live...

    Richard Huigen

    Richter Siegfried this very well had to do with ones natural vocal range. For me being a tenor, it's doable, but still not easy....I'll tell you that . Peace


    Oh my fucking god, that is exactly what I was thinking this whole time

    John Mitchell

    It was played in Prague a few years ago. I was there. I sang along. Fucking brilliant!!

    The Punisher

    At Bruce's age, singing this live is most likely impossible. Too high. He could screw up the song, like he did with Flight of Icarus back in 1985. Don't get me wrong, big IM fan. But I know when they do something bad.

    sleep walker

    Agreed. I saw them 2 nights in a row on this tour & was gutted they didn't play it live.

  69. Jim Tison

    Not only so metal, but historically accurate. Well-researched. This event took place in 1244. I can't imagine that this song wasn't written anywhere but inside the ruins of Montsegur itself. One very amazing piece of music!

    Jesse Buchanan

    Agreed! !!


    The people who were burnt alive by the French Catholic were somewhat my ancestors since I was born few kilometres away from this remote place. I still speak our language but unfortunately it's dying out. It's like if the French have killed us twice.


    The inside of the castle is a magical place, I agree

    Petr Vasilev

    @chongtak just keep speaking it, no?


    @Petr Vasilev Right, but it's harder and harder since France has systematically destroyed our efforts to keep our culture and language alive since the invasion. The same can be said about people in Basque country, Corsica, Catalunya, Britany and other places.

  70. Michael R.M

    Amazing solo!

  71. GhoulToons

    Favorite album. Mainly because of Rainmaker, Montsegur, Dance of Death and Passchendael

    Salad Pizza Restaurant

    And journeyman


    I also like age of innocence and no more lies. The intro song is not good imo though :(

    Arka \m/

    No more lies?

    Ben Keane

    Age of innocence is criminally underrated too


    Those are nice tracks. The rest is dull

  72. sharke2010

    Milicie Templi!!!

  73. Lorenzo Tosi

    I want a new album from them ALL MEDIEVAL.

    Lately they did stuff with "modern days" flavour (A matter of) and with futuristic and sci-fi taste (Final Frontier), now I WANT MEDIEVAL TIMES.

    Only them can do the RIGHT album, with stones, musk, demons from crypts, little legends from the ancient times creeping all around, that sense of adventure, of sincere love for details in descriptions of monsters or places or feelings.

    \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

  74. Sandshrew Clark

    This album had the potential to fail, but this is one of the songs that revived the fuck out of it. So fucking metal. Rock on, Bruce. Rock on, Dave. Rock on, Steve. Rock on, Nicko. Rock on, Maiden!

  75. Rafael Villalva

    Killer riff.

  76. Odinss SOn


  77. Gabriele Pinto

    Bruce, now that you own a Cl215, (and I flew the one you own ) why not make a song on it?

  78. Nicolas Robichaud

    oh wow, what a great song... I read about Castle of Montségur and the katars... they were judged as heretics but they had precious knowledge...

  79. Davor Šuvak

    Holy shit. Your name is Susan!

  80. demkeHot isBACK

    Thats my daughter

  81. Joseph Hard

    My favorite from Dance of Death. Awesome song!!!

    Marin Hrabrić

    mine too

  82. Raghav Tankha


  83. Tiago Willis Machado

    That's Rock bitch !!!!!!

  84. Susan Dickinson

    yeahhh!! hahaha

  85. onemoreturn

    March 16. 1244. Remember the victims.

  86. nthib91

    lol. that would be kinda awesome for her if she was.

  87. thegrimreaper238

    are you his daughter?

  88. Susan Dickinson

    100% DICKINSON!

  89. locojano