Iron Maiden - Massacre Lyrics

At a point below zero
There's no place left to go
Six hundred unknown heroes
Were killed like sleeping buffalo
Through the devil's canyon
Across the battlefield
Death has no companion
The spirit is forced to yield
There goes the bandolero
Through the hole in the wall
He's a coward but doesn't care though
In fact, he doesn't care at all
The general that's commanding
He's defending what he fears
While the troops they are depending
On reinforcements from the rear
If God is in the heavens
How can this happen here?
In His name, they used the weapons
For the massacre
There is a point below zero
Where the sun can see the land
Six hundred unknown heroes
Lay dead in the sand

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Iron Maiden Massacre Comments
  1. Rafael Goncalves Leite

    IRon +Lizzy = epic

  2. Manuel Tomas Alcala alarcon

    Fantástica versión de estos crack, dos iconos del heavy rock, gracias !! 🤟

  3. Ronan Danaher


  4. Marcos Figueiredo

    Cara...ouvi seventh son até furar o disco, no Brasil não se lançava singles...e confesso estou ouvindo esta pedrada hoje em 2019... maravilhoso.

    Philipe Davis

    Nunca é tarde para novas descobertas, ainda mais de uma banda desse quilate.

  5. Michel Kok

    Never knew this was a Thin Lizzy cover...

  6. Luke Carretta

    This is the best lizzy cover out there I feel

  7. MichaelHansenFUN

  8. MichaelHansenFUN

    i thought the b side was BLACK BART BLUES

    Товарищ сталин

    It is, along with this.

    Paul Burrows

    And many others!

  9. Declan O Shaughnessy

    A great brilliant cover version of thin Lizzy by Iron Maiden much appreciated! From an Iron Maiden fan

  10. Fernando Jiménez

    At a point below zero........!

  11. Greg Sarnecki

    Iron Maiden's version has a very different feel - much too much just 1-2-1-2, etc. A little too even and unrelenting. TL's version has a 70's 'groove' to it that Maiden's is missing. Live and Dangerous is the best!

  12. Tomasz Kałużny

    Thin Lizzy Rules!

  13. Traveler Metal

    This is pure gold.

  14. Retro Music TV

    I prefer this version, pure energy, amazing Dickinson vocals.

  15. Ariel Galvan

    Temaso perfecto de maiden nico en la bata esta re loco

  16. Carmen Peralta

    Iron maiden an ban

  17. Carmen Peralta

    Thin lizzy massace bass supers estars an haevy metal

  18. Justin Tyler Jimenez

    Gr8 Thin Lizzy cover:).

  19. Les Deffner

    The musical heroes (Thin Lizzy) of my musical heroes (Iron Maiden), often are (or become) my musical heroes. Plus, I grew up with dad playing TL's "Johnny The Fox" album. I love that album. Thin Lizzy is so much more than the overplayed track "Jailbreak". If you love hard rock and metal, and haven't listened to much Thin Lizzy (classic lineup) do yourself a favor and check them out.

    While Iron Maiden is in my top five favorite bands, and this cover is excellent, it doesn't quite match the original.

  20. JJRJ 85

    ah, the classic, unmistakable Seventh Son sound/production

  21. Richard Farrell

    Love the original but goddamn if this isn't so awesome. Different feel, but just as deep. Love Maiden!

  22. daniel vieira

    Amazing cover version..

  23. Drew Smith

    Leigh Burne's assessment is quite accurate. It's neat hearing those Seventh Son guitars. 
    But I do wish they would have recorded it during the "Piece of Mind" or "Powerslave" sessions.

    J C

    I can’t even imagine how good a 83 version sounds for sure that would be wicked!

  24. EdHell Banger

    Thin lizzy and iron maiden, perfect

  25. MadMan666 Alive

    I like this better than thin lizzy


    Eat shit and die.

    T R

    Nothing is better than Thin Lizzy.

    the clean up

    It's a good cover but can't beat the original version

  26. Greg Young

    Nice version by Maiden but can't compare to the original. I like their version of Cross Eyed Mary better.

    Shooting Stars

    The album in your icon is the greatest album of all time!
    Released on the day I was born!

  27. Dexterward Charles

    not a great cover ...


    ForeverFit Mauritus what makes you think that?

    russell morgan

    @KSK_ hes deaf

  28. Leonardo Hiram Nunez

    Nice song!

  29. Leigh Burne

    I actually prefer this to Thin Lizzy's studio recording, but it ain't got shit on their live version from Live and Dangerous.

    Nacho Harris

    Leigh Burne thats fuckin right


    Fuckin eh, I get goosebumps every time Dancing in the Moonlight transitions to Massacre. Best live album ever recorded.

  30. ButThatsShacksTrain

    As much as I love I M the original by Thin Lizzy can't be beat

  31. Maiden Wool

    cool tune

  32. giannis Ti

    this is a beautiful song speaking about native americans war with the new american US army...!!more than 600 ''new'' americans killed by the natives...!!The song talks about the US troops who attacked to the natives and the last one slaughter them..!the song does not tell who was the real hero in this war...but ok...its just a masterpiece!!

    Up the irons..!!

    Lord Inquisitor

    from what I know it's about Crimean War. 

    Miguel Almeida

    @Lord Inquisitor
    No. That one os the trooper.

    Nick Thomas

    Nope, Lord Inquisitor is right, it's Thin Lizzy's song about the same war.