Iron Maiden - Como Estais Amigos Lyrics

Como esta amigo
For the death of those we don't know
Shall we kneel and say a prayer
They will never know we care
Shall we keep the fires burning
Shall we keep the flames alight
Should we try to remember
What is wrong and what is right

No more tears, no more tears
If we live for a hundred years
Amigos no more tears

If we do forget them and
The sacrifice they made
Will the wickedness and sadness
Come to visit us again
Shall we dance a dance in sunlight
Shall we drink a wine of peace
Shall our tears be of joy
Shall we keep at bay the beast

No more tears, no more tears
If we live for a hundred years
Amigos no more tears

Inside the scream is silent
Inside it must remain
No victory and no vanquishment
Only horror, only pain

No more tears, no more tears
If we live for a hundred years
Amigos no more tears

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Iron Maiden Como Estais Amigos Comments
  1. jaislow lucas

    Argentina está afundando aos poucos, Argentina comunista cairá em breve !

    Jefferson Deth

    que kkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Donanma Aşığı

    Somos todos bissoneros.

  3. Стефан Мельник

    С приходом в группу Блейза Бейли Стив Харрис обязан был поменять бестолковых ударника и ритм-гитариста.
    Ударник поломал все рифы в поздних альбомах (после 2000 года) и как бы Дейв Мюррей не старался на соло-гитаре, ритм-гитарист - полнейший полудурок.
    Это лучшая композиция группы Iron Maiden за всю их историю творчества.
    Её вытянули три музыканта:
    1. Дейв Мюррей - соло-гитара;
    2. Блейз Бейли - вокал;
    3. Стив Харрис - басс-гитара.
    Ударник и ритм-гитарист - два дебила.
    А бывший вокалист Брюс Диккинсон (его вокалистом назвать тяжело) непонятно зачем вернулся в 2000-м...

  4. Vipin Ravindran

    @3:15 that guitar with that metal tube thingy in the finger...amazing.

  5. Dan R

    Great Maiden song. The Album got Overlooked cause it wasn't Bruce fronting the band. Only true fans of Maiden bought and appreciated this Album. Up the IRONS!!

  6. Diego Mojica

    complices luego de la dictadura en Argentina los militares de esa época. la guerra no es buena. soldados adolescentes sin experiencia. nos unamos él mundo sin guerras. Saludos desde Córdoba Argentina!! aguante la bestia!

  7. Philip Holmes

    I wasn't happy when Gers took Adrian's spot...but this song i love !

  8. Richard Armuelles

    los reinos europeos ya no tienen poder actualmente, solo existen como adorno por lo que sus leyes también deben ser consideradas iguales. Las Malvinas deben ser argentinas hoy y para siempre y al que no le guste puede irse

  9. Contact Cem

    What a song!

    Tks Blaze, you made me listen to Iron again AFTER GIVING UP ON THEM 30 YEARS AGO!

    I know all songs until Somewhere in Time, and now the AMAZING Blaze era.

    So please tell me; what songs are good from the rest?


  10. cadaxi bin

    Música ficou linda na voz do blaze

  11. Victor Hernandez

    Let's just not blame Blaze, because he had the most difficult job in the world.....To replace the great Bruce Dickinson....


    ...and we did not envy his task...

  12. W.D. GASTER

    Pues estamos bien :v

  13. Leví Júnior

    Amo essa música!

  14. Júlia Mara Silva

    absolutely amazing!

  15. edgarsam 1988

    Grande maiden grande Chile

  16. Lutrinae

    Coming from others songs, can someone just explain HOW THE FUCK THIS SONG HAVE LESS THAN 1 BILLION VIEWS ?

  17. Rodrigo Dourado

    Iron Maiden honored at Argentinian Parliament. This is History!

    Gustavo , Emmanuel , Acuña

    Saludos desde Buenos Aires Argentina mi país

    jaislow lucas

    Argentina afundará em profundo caos breve !

  18. Zaddicts Kruelty

    ./,,/ <3

  19. Karnal Loco

    Amazing and powerful....

  20. Nelton Costa

    Dizem ser o pior disco do iron....Mas pra mim iron não tem algum ruim

    NC951 *

    É o "menos melhor"

  21. Nibiru Planet X

    If I live for a hundred years,amigo no more tears.



  23. Edgard Morielo

    #BRASIL 2019 😎♠♥♠❔

  24. 양말섹시

    브루스 딕킨슨 형님과는 또다른 매력
    아 개좋아

  25. Janus Kobain

    Amigos, no more cheese!

    Janus Kobain

    Inside ice cream is science…

  26. JJRJ 85

    Como estais amigos?
    Jodidos, amigo, estamos jodidos. Messi la cagó de nuevo

  27. BLoooDYSaBBaTH

    08.08.08 R.I.P. Georgian Heroes <3

  28. Олег Еремин

    no more tears! no more tears!!

  29. Kyosuke LionHeart

    Uma das melhores musicas deste cd maravilhoso... Obrigado Deus p exister Iron Maiden nest mundo.

  30. Steven Vary

    Fack this underrated thing
    We knows why we love it

  31. The walker

    Blaze is the most amazing singer from Maiden totally.

  32. Berüchtigter Kämpfer

    Someone knows good calm musics like this? Thanks!
    Alguém conhece mais músicas calmas como esta, mas que sejam boas? Obrigado!

  33. maurice666


  34. andrew kenneth

    La nueva voz duro solo este disco (excelente igual). El '95 se despidio Bruce (en los discos) y volvio el 2.000; discos estudios recording.

  35. Milan Malfait

    Up the Irons.

  36. CRGRRR

    One of the best Maiden songs in my opinion

  37. Rodrigo Falcão

    How are ye mate?

  38. Solaire of Astora

    15 years ago, I preferred Bruce. Now I preffer Blaze. He is dark, I like it

  39. Ken Beach

    No one:
    Argentina: Buys 5 used Exocet carrying Super Etenards off the French this year just to mess with the British, even though Argentina still lacks any fighter aircraft.

  40. gminix

    same with sammy and van halen, I prefer the sammy era... much more melodic and better songs...

  41. gminix

    one of the most underrated songs in Iron Maidens discography

  42. trololo111

    For me is Blaze great singer and Maiden with him played great songs too.. But Bruce was absolutely different ...

  43. Александр Старостин


  44. folladordeprostis

    Why Iron Maiden never play it live??

  45. Patricio Voltendalth

    Me hace tan feliz la musica de IRON MAIDEN.

  46. Nicolás A. Torrejano H

    Beautiful Song!

  47. Mike Messick

    O hell yeah

  48. Riincon guitarra Guita 77

    Beautiful music, l love.

  49. ballaballapo


  50. mr.anglus

    the best song of Blaze in IM

  51. Jose Raynor

    Se me salio una lagrima :,(

  52. susanne williamsson

    Listen.....just listen, it´s a beautiful song on so many levels....even if the Blaze era is VASTLY underrated and surely Blaze...why can´t so many IM fans appreciate this emotional and absolutely heartbreaking song ??? Why not enjoy what you´r listening to, because it IS Maiden regardless of WHO is singing .....

  53. Dininni Lucrezia


  54. Vitor Hugo

    to bem bruce e tu mano

  55. Studio Kids

    I don't care what people think about blaze and his stuff. I'm a huge Blaze fan. Great singer and an amazing person. Down to earth and true metal music lover.

  56. Oscar Pereira

    Gracias por recordar a mis hermanos caidos en malvinas.Son unos grandes ciento que las lagrimas caen de mis ojos Viva mi patria amo a la Argentina

    XuruDoAcre ꤶ

    Hermanos no more tears😢😢😢😢

  57. GerardoC01

    One of best of Maiden

  58. ivan briones

    Aguante Maiden

  59. Praveen C



    Ktoś Polska ? 2019

  61. Markel Stavro

    Virtual XI and X Factor are one of Iron Maiden's top albums, hands down.

  62. Alibobs Marland

    One of Maidens most underrated tracks!

  63. Dininni Lucrezia

    Amo questa canzone

  64. susanne williamsson

    An amazing song .....guys listen, just listen, to me their dark era will always be a Golden Era, both lyrically aswell as musically we still hear echoes of this era in their later music, here we also hear them using theese slow, soft intros and outros, which adds a certain magic to the´s a beautiful song and interpreted by Blaze it touches heaven...

  65. Ignacio

    Songs like this, Run To The Hills and The Clansman are proof these guys, no matter how they love their country, they also recognize it's crimes and mistakes, Up The Irons

  66. Gildo Araujo

    Iron maiden from são Paulo Brasil!!!

  67. susanne williamsson

    Painfully beautiful......I never thought I would actually call a song of Maiden underrated, but this melodic tune certainley is just me it´s a brilliant song, both musically and lyrically, and no one could ever sing it like one..

  68. jobard28

    OK it Will be good...

  69. André C.

    Ugly album art.

    Wicker Man

    not their best i agree, but i still like it because its unique

  70. lkjyuiop Good one also

  71. Edson rodolfo de andrade Andrade

    A voz de BLAZE BAYLEY é fantástica

  72. RedDead Smeg

    A perfect song for today, lest we forget.

  73. Damon Saven

    Como stai amico?

  74. JapaNeeSee

    No more cheeeeeeeeeese
    No more cheeeeeeeeeese
    If we live for a hundred yeeeez
    Amigos no more cheeeeeeeeeeeeese

  75. Sugar Den

    the only problem is that every song of this album is Balad, exept the first. And previes Album had the same problem. But the songs are great.

    Alexandre Steph Novaes

    Sugar Den what? U clearly don’t know what a balad is

  76. susanne williamsson

    Beautiful.....a Golden Gem that´s for sure...insanely brilliantly performed like always, and the voice of Blaze grabs your heart and attention in a heartbeat and NEVER let it go ..

  77. leen smk

    No more tears no more tears if we lived for a hundred years *amigo no more tears* oh ooh oh oh oh ooo masterpiece love it

  78. Anthony S.

    Blaze is a great singer...not the best in maiden but he's still great!!! Stop bashing Blaze he's better than most hard rock and heavy metal singers..Go Blaze Go!!!

  79. w7class

    Moving, melancholic, but for sure the most beautiful song in the album

  80. Enlil Gods

    Best voiceee ever

  81. Studio Šrauf'n Cingr

    this song is a lost gem, very beautiful!

  82. Diego Mojica

    Paz y amor amigo. Saludos de Argentina

  83. SETUM

    Written by Janick Gers and Blaze Bayley. One of my most favourite songs of the Iron Maiden! P.S. About @[email protected] in the comments - low bit rate...Try to listen like 192 or more and you will never hear the "cheese".

  84. susanne williamsson

    JUST LISTEN.....Blaze´s got exactly the intense, powerful and emotional voice to interpret this amazing lyrics how it´s supposed to be, blistering music, fantastic guitar harmonies and a dazzling more tears and BRAVO BLAZE !!

  85. Raylane flavia


  86. Lewis

    ...velhos tempos ... melhor capa

  87. 4§4§r1

    best Virtual XI song by a mile

  88. susanne williamsson

    GUYS, listen to this incredible voice, the power, the intensity, and the truth and depth of the tell me, if this isn´t a Golden Gem, WHAT IS ???

  89. ballaballapo


  90. Matthew Gray

    The Album Art's inspirational

  91. susanne williamsson

    I LOVE the singer, this era in Maiden....there were SO many brilliant songs written and performed in that time, and even if it´s vastly underrated we still here echoes in their later me it seems that Blaze wasn´t given a fair chance, at all !!

  92. dream of ice

    Uk should'nt have invaded Falklands they were not right and were responsible for deaths. Turkey laid an ambargo on britain for that war

    T. Rey

    I think you have history wrong. It was Argentina that invaded the Falklands. Research it if you're going to comment on it.

    dream of ice

    @T. Rey no it was britain invaded falklands as an empire of colonialism. What you are taught in your history classes are just to brainwash you people, read history not written by british.

    T. Rey

    ​@dream of ice We're talking about the Falklands war right? Where in which in 1982 Argentinian forces under a military dictatorship attempted to invade the Falkland Islands? How do you think it happened i'm genuinely curious. Also i'm guessing you're Turkish based on bringing Turkey in on your original comment. If so, you've got no right to talk about colonialism when just 100 years ago your people were just as colonial and tyrnaical under the Ottomans for hundreds of years.

    dream of ice

    @T. Rey If ottoman was colonist as british empire the half of europe and asia with middle east would be Turkish right now. Ottoman never tried to assimilate the places they conquered that is the reason of their fall,and yes we're talking about falklands thousands miles away from britain and which lie 300 miles east of argentina's coast . Britain occupied the islands in 1833 which was under argentina's sovereignty, expelling the few remaining Argentine occupants. The Falkland islands belong to argentines you people are still invaders there.

  93. ThunderstruckGaming

    What do you mean No More Cheese? I can have all the cheese I want! As long as I can afford all that cheese and don't get a stomach ache.

  94. Seraphim Serenata

    think they spelt estás wrong

  95. Emmanuel Reza Carrillo

    Malvinas 1982

  96. Jandergil Cabral

    Ainda fui da sua geração Blaze Balley. Também lhe amo.

  97. Shāms Rafen

    This will be the exact song for the mexican's war for the american wall !