Iron Maiden - Burning Ambition Lyrics

So you think you can own me, well you'd better just think again
You'd better watch your steps now, woman, cause I ain't like those other men
There's something burning inside me that makes me want to be free
And when I get these feelings honey, you better keep away from me

There's things in life now, baby, that I know I've got to do
And I need your love now, baby, to help me see it through
So you think you can own me, well you'd better just think again
You'd better watch your steps now, woman, cause I ain't like those other men


So you think you can own me, well you'd better just think again
You'd better watch your steps now, woman, cause I ain't like those other men
There's something burning inside me that makes me want to be free
And when I get these feelings honey, you better keep away from me

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Iron Maiden Burning Ambition Comments
  1. Carlos Hernandez

    When Paul's Rules the World

  2. Gary Wright

    0.47 sounds very Who like. This is a kick ass track, great blend of influences.

  3. alexander sosa

    La pared dice, led zeppelin, scorpions, ac/dc, kinks, vaya detalle


    Awesome MAIDEN tune ... love it !!!!!!!

  5. 米田さとし

    A good song of fresh Maiden. I love early Iron Maiden.

  6. gaz elliott

    maiden back in thge pub days

  7. susanne williamsson

    I only have ONE burning ambition, following Maiden around the world........London 2018, Santiago de Chile 2019, either Sydney or Tel Aviv 2020........I´ve got so much catching up to do !!

  8. Rodrigo Ramos

    Is punk rock

  9. starfthegreat

    Sounds a bit like Cheap Trick

  10. Feral the Earthworm

    best song

  11. Acceppt destruction Metal

    Masterpiece up the irons...

  12. Eddie Burton 666

    Me hubiera encantado que esta canción esté en el lp original, junto a sanctuary, así serían 10 canciones, quedaría aún más redondo el debut de Iron Maiden

  13. Kelly Hopkins


  14. DOGBite GD

    this is fucking punk, but it's fucking amazing, and why people hate this song?

  15. Cook moore

    Man. How many other early b sides are there? To be exposed to this earlier and it be more popular...
    It feels nostalgic like I've been missing out. Did they use the exact 78,79 recordings? Even more so. In their world of music.

    This and another Maiden so go of two sound like Before and After by Rush. Bass-Yes, Kiss influence, comradery Rush. All interconnected :)

  16. Michael Davidson

    Only band that I know of that their B-Side songs are better than their A-Side songs.

  17. Vitor

    Heavy Metal yesterday, today and always!

  18. joey reamer

    love it, maiden is number 1.

  19. Coog

    Been searching for this fabled work of art my whole life.

  20. socko2424

    Bought the best of the B sides album and this is on there. Great album

  21. Survivorism

    Loudwire rated this song #4 worse Iron Maiden song of all time... Those guys sniffing glue or what?

    Mariana Aguirre

    I know they must be on something , this is the best song not the worst

    Dave Jones

    @Project Apocalypse Angel and the gambler springs to mind. **shudder**

    Flat Earth Socialist

    @Dave Jones Umm..WASTING LOVE???

    Kaiser Wilhelm II

    @Flat Earth Socialist quest for fire is a good song

    Flat Earth Socialist

    @Kaiser Wilhelm II Yep. Quest For Fire rules total balls. Up The Irons!

  22. Pepsi Lovin' Asian Janitor

    Nearly all of Maiden’s B sides are the shit! 😀 who the fuck has quality material on BOTH sides?

  23. Jesús Cortés

    What a beautiful song!!!

  24. ti oui

    Dianno rule!!!!!


    7 people do Not have Burning Ambition.

  26. Spiros Liatas

    This is the first Iron Maiden song that Steve Harris composed! Around in 1976-7 i think!




    Even earlier. He wrote it at the time of Gypsy's Kiss, some 1973 or so.

  27. Rodrigo Julio

    Man, 7 mtfkns dislike this!!! Whyyyyyy??

  28. socialresearcher88

    Reminding of Montrose.

  29. TORTOISE 954

    Wondered if this was ever a cover song??

    Owen Lewis

    Turtleman XoXo793 it's from his old band smiler

  30. Netherweed

    Is Eddie the one standing or the hand??


    Good question, I think the one standing but I’m not sure

    Robert Moore

    I think Eddie's left arm is missing so, this Bruce lookalike person is running from Eddie and is running into his arm

    rosspy thano

    @Robert Moore Its Eddie both sides also Bruce cant be in the cover he came afterwards

    Rik van Dijk

    @rosspy thano he just looks like him

  31. Алексей Инопин

    И правда проигрыш похож из Буратино.Печалька.


    "Running Free" вышел в 1980. "Буратино" снят в 1975. Вопросы?

  32. Damián Yaxchilán

    Love this song since it was the very first B-side I heard and it's still my favorite to this day.

  33. Maestropheus Astronauticus

    The mother of all B-sides

  34. Mithat Yurdakul

    very first maiden song

  35. Shoksta

    I wish this was on their debut Album..

    Fernando II de Taboada

    I'm glad it's a b-side, it's production is way better than what's on the debut album. But I get what you mean, it would have launched them even further.

  36. Thomas

    I challenge anyone to listen to the double time solo bit in the middle without tapping their foot to the beat. So peppy.
    Was Dennis on this one?

    Ryan Thompson Guitarist

    Just Dave on both guitars


    HA, I was already doing it when I read your comment.

  37. Lou Bragg

    up the irons \m/

  38. Gabriele Domingos Jardim

    My favorite Iron Maiden's B-Side and one of my favorite songs of them, it brings the soul of the ending of the 70s and beginning of the 80s in the pubs of London, I can't describe it, it's just incredible

    John Burns

    It's the sound of NWOBHM getting up and truly beginning, my friend.

  39. Kriss Delaney

    This is, without a doubt, the best & the coolest song Iron Maiden ever recorded. Released on February 8, 1980. It was recorded in late 1979 with Doug Sampson on drums. I believe Dave Murray did all the guitar work alone. Paul Di'Anno´s raw, raspy & punky voice on this song is, by far, the best recorded vocal Iron Maiden ever did. I also think the 7" single cover artwork of "Running Free"/"Burning Ambition" is the coolest Derek Riggs ever did. The cover artwork for the 7" & 12" vinyls of "Women In Uniform"/"Invasion" is a runner up. I just love the yellow color tone in these paintings. Very Nice Artwork !!!

    Greetings from STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

    Spiros Liatas

    Steven Gomez No! The sound of the first album was totally cheap production! The producer was very stupid!

    Simon Stevin

    Spiros Liatas low production is heavy metal, especially the new wave of British heavy metal!!!


    Definitely had a metal/punk thing mixed with Steve Harris' love for Wishbone Ash.


    @helterskelter1178 And Thin Lizzy.


    Wasn't Chris Stratton (if that was his name) in before they got Adrian

  40. chillednthrilled

    I sooooooo wish this was on Spotify!!!

    Sunny Bee

    omg same -.-

    Jose Juan Rivera Reyes

    Still not on Spotify :(

    Sebastian Ramírez

    They should really upload the singles in there, or at least Best of The B Sides

    Duke _of_destruction_

    This and sanctuary!! The original version not that shitty live version with Bruce singing

  41. RockNRollDad88

    This song is really fucking good!! I never understood why it didn't make it to the remastered album.. Only thing missing from this song is Clive Burr's amazing drumming..

    Steven Redpath

    True, but Doug has done a great job on this track!

  42. Agus Valenzuela

    1.5 million years later, I realized the writings on the wall are actually band names


    I had pointed out to close friend and lifetime Maiden fan that Derek Riggs symbol was his initials...blew his mind wide the fuck open. LOL

  43. Carlos FP


  44. Akerbeltz 77

    de las primeras piezas increíble

  45. xzxblue090’s Channel

    First time hearing this song, AND I LOVE IT. UP THE IRONS😈😈😈😈😏😏😏👹👺👹👺👿💀👿💀🎸🎸🎸

  46. Goratchthemule

    I forgot about this song :( i listen to maiden daily, still it's about 10 years ago i heard this.


    Goratchthemule this song reminds me of the smell of model airplane paint and summer! I got all this CD and a model Star Wars star destroyer kit for Xmas 1993 (in Australia)

  47. Vinny Vecchi


  48. helterskelter1178

    Has a bit of a Wishbone Ash influence, Steve(Harris)is a big fan.

  49. Holdsworthy

    harris meets his rush influences, and that's it

    Jm Dg

    the point dude !!

  50. Led Zeppelin

    Great song!!!!

  51. Felipe Testa Añazco


    Dragon Rojo


    aucan kirk

    La pura verdad !!!.

  52. Mage Roman

    It's weird. This song gives me Déjà Vu. . . But I still love the song. Up the Irons! \m/


    Ironic since Maiden have a song called Deja Vu

  53. TheGiorginetto

    Up your Irons !!!!

  54. gfinetti

    Maidens's B Sides: The dream of lots of bands. No kiddin'; Maiden's "B" work is top in any place.

    Guilherme dos Santos


    Áurea Pureza



    SHit is you!

  56. ezernut9mm

    dianno is the shit!

  57. Feral the Earthworm

    easily one of my favorite songs on the planet


    Feral the Earthworm is this still your favorite song?