Iris, Donnie - Love Me With The Light On Lyrics

Babe, I know you’re alone
Dancing on your bed
You know your old man is flying
From LA to Long Island
So dance for me instead

And though you’re dancing in the darkness
I know you dig it ‘cause I’m watching

Even though you only touch me with the drapes drawn
Even though you never kiss me with your guard down
Even though you never love me with the light on me

The neighbors would not understand
The neighbors could not understand

Babe, I know you’re on fire
You’re burning with desire
You know my old heart is aching
This old ladder’s shaking
I can’t wait to come up for love

Too bad your man, he doesn’t kiss you
And when you leave, he’s gonna miss you

Even though you only touch me with the drapes drawn
Even though you never kiss me with your guard down
Even though you never love me with the light on me

The children would not understand

Darling, I miss you badly
You know I love you madly
There’s got to be a better way

Rip off the shades and curtains
Show the world that we’re certain
It’s time we greet the light of day

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Iris, Donnie Love Me With The Light On Comments
  1. Gee purrs

    Every guy has had his Leah at one time or another.

  2. Leah Becker

    Does anyone else just try to look up songs with your name in them and find songs like this?

  3. Ishiro Tanaka

    Anyone else think that this song almost sounds like something KISS would have done? Like say, on either Dynasty or Unmasked?

  4. Ishiro Tanaka

    If You Set The Playback Speed To Custom 1.15, It Sounds Just Like A Scooby Doo Chase Song.

  5. Tortilla Senpai

    I found my fellow Leahs😆

  6. Xeri Renee

    My kid sister has a dog she named Ariya. So when the dogs sits on my lap I sing this song,

  7. Joanna Cooper

    My beautiful sister Leah.. it’s been 3 years since that monster took you from us.

    Michael Cornett

    Sorry for your loss :(

  8. Charles Deason

    A blast from the past!...thanks

  9. Eric

    i'll be damned if i didn't just figure out the song that has one line that has mysteriously eluded me the last two days (is it ever gonna end?). was like something stuck in my teeth that i just couldn't extract. time to move on, fortunately :)

  10. Marlee Minick

    So many Leahz

  11. Lyric MASTER

    Since this channel is dead. If you want memes. (a variety of memes) check out this channel.

    Ishiro Tanaka

    if you set the Playback speed to 1.15 custom, you've got yourself a Scooby Doo chase song.

  12. MrPhillyfan09

    If its considered a One Hit Wonder its the best Ive ever heard!!!

  13. Tedros Wood

    This is really awkward but my irl is Leah and my dads name is Donnie..

  14. Jeremy Patterson

    Awesome ass video keep up the great work and most under appreciated song ever!!!!!!!!

  15. annmarieknapp

    A classic great song. Always sounds cool.

  16. Lyric MASTER

    Read Description Please!!!!

  17. Lyric MASTER

    Good News for you All!
    I'm Quitting Youtube PERMANENTLY!

    Jess S

    Lyric MASTER Never give up. Never give in friend. They played this song on 106.9 in Birmingham Alabama a few minutes ago. Why you wanna check out dude? Ignore the haters. Turn off notifications. I got so many death threats I never revisit anywhere I comment on YouTube. So many hurting people that wanna hurt others because of their pain. L8r 😎

    Lyric MASTER

    @Jess S What do i even make? there is nothing to do here anymore.


    Lyric MASTER well thanks for this video.. I appreciate it

    Lyric MASTER

    @Julia King Because this channel is trash. how about a nice meme. MemezMaster:

  18. Leah Wages

    Im named after this song

  19. Zombie Delicacy

    Ahhh my mother named me because of this song.

    I'm just that one person

    Me too but the spelled it differently

  20. D Lee W

    We've prolly all had this kinda relationship at one time...this song sums it up well: not love, but really hot

    Amy Warren

    Oh yes. 😉

    Michael Cornett

    DEFINITELY one of the BEST kinds of relationships to experience in life!!

  21. Dogporch Dogporch

    Great song

  22. Leah Burt

    yay!!!! ive never heard a song with my name!!!

    Matthew Pavelka

    Nice ain't it good feeling

    Dr Lock

    Awesome comment,Awesome song.

  23. Nonya Bznis

    The guitar tone is great!

    Alejandro Hidalgo

    Nonya Bznis power chord progressions in standard tuning. Great & Simple

    Nonya Bznis

    @Alejandro Hidalgo I play guitar myself I usually go with standard tuning the only time I change it up is I go half down. So yeah you are definetly speaking my language on that. 🤘

  24. Leah Teuerle

    My name lol

    Leah Teuerle

    This is my loves lives theme song lol. I love my name but really?? Lmao

    Lyric MASTER

    its just a song. you dont have to be concerned

    Kelly K.

    My daughter's name...and back when this song first came out, i was 16 and i had never heard that name before! I decided that that would be my daughters name when or if i ever had one. I was 21 and my first baby was a daughter...her name is Leah. She loves this song!😊

    Mike Iman

    Nice name!

  25. Matteo L

    That's my girlfriends name

    Lyric MASTER


  26. Kitt Katt

    Love the guitar solo. This song dominants what is played in modern society. Wish I would've encountered the eighties. Thought Ah! Leah! was Hung me up. Lol

  27. Loriann Smith Morelli

    Love this song!

    Gene Fieseler

    Carrie library