Iris DeMent - These Hills Lyrics

Far away I've traveled
To stand once more alone
And hear my memories echo
Through these hills that I call home

As a child, I roamed this valley
I watched the seasons come and go
I spent many hours dreaming
On these hills that I call home

The wind is rushing through the valley
And I don't feel so all alone
When I see the dandelions blowing
Across the hills that I call home

Like the flowers, I am fading
Into my setting sun
Brother and sister passed before me
My mama and daddy, they've long since gone

The wind is rushing through the valley
And I don't feel so all alone
When I see the dandelions blowing
Across the hills that I call home
These are the hills that I call home

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Iris DeMent These Hills Comments
  1. Leon Wreyford

    a lament in the truest sense

  2. hangdogit

    I saw Iris in a concert in Santa Rosa. She has this amazing ability to sing as both a woman and as a girl -- and both beautifully, her own compositions.

  3. Stephen Carpenteri

    I hate to see these old buildings in decay. All that hard work, crumbling down.

  4. glenarmone

    beautiful song it touches the heart and brings up old memories

  5. Graham Scott

    so sad, Iv watched my beloved England become overun with immigrants, were up to 70 million on this tiny Island, 3 times the population of texas, but only a third the size.

    Barry Litchfield

    Graham - I'm hoping I'll be gone before we're overrun with immigrants like y'all have been. I'm in the most beautiful part of Texas, the Texas Hill Country on Canyon Lake. I can't imagine what it will be like for my kids and grandkids when we get overrun here with Muslims and Mexicans. I know that I don't want to witness what you've got there in the UK. God bless you and your family.

    Graham Scott

    thank you barry, our countrys are like a pie?? its fine while theres enough to go around, until one too many arrive.

  6. Allison Rodgers


  7. Brian Chapman

    Lil lady sure can sing... I'm a descendent of the McCoy coalfields is where we settled. History is somethin else. For sure is.

    joe blevins

    Brian Chapman, I live in the coal fields of Kentucky.

  8. Rev. Stephen A. Cakouros

    This was so powerful I had to listen to it three times.

  9. h2oboater

    Absolutely Beautiful !!

  10. Dawn Strydom

    So beautiful

  11. Stephen Morgan


  12. Larry Mangus

    Fantastic voice looking for some better material.

  13. Scotty Belknap

    She is a beautiful soul.

  14. John Taylor

    Pure honesty, this is real, and Iris is an icon


    I miss the hills too.

  16. patty bips

    what a singing voice! Im 64 yrs old and just found her...not sure our politics jibe but no surprise there


    From the Mountains  and Hills of West ( By God ) Virginia....This is Home . Is and always will be.

  18. Andrew Hayes

    Love Iris song's so much 🇮🇪

  19. Michael Lindsey



    I always loved the woods .
    Grown up in a small town in Hungary called Nemesvamos.

  21. Sherri Stonem

    I grewup in a small town in thehills of northern NEW HAMPSHIRE, the hills are my home. Most still undeveloped.

  22. Sherri Stonem

    I'm not crying...😢

  23. diamondgirl33

    No one else has a voice like this woman, not even Emmy Lou Harris. She sings from the depths of her soul, so beautiful, so haunting, no matter what song, I love to listen but her hitting those high notes make me cry.

  24. Tammy Marcum

    Wow, this song is so beautiful, I have seen her perform several times and have several CD's but have never heard this song, stunningly beautiful, reminds me of summers in rural West Virginia. Where my cousins and I roamed the hills freely without a care! As always thank you for this music that touches my soul deeply!

    Eric Bogar

    Thats funny. It reminds me of RURAL VIRGINIA.

  25. Adam Van Gerpen

    My mother played this often wen I was just young. I love it . Thanks

  26. walt braden


    Shammy Cat

    She's a keeper!

  27. Pittsburgh Area Affordable Aerial Photography

    First song I ever heard of iris dement. Gave me goosebumps!

  28. Roger Tanner

    Love this woman!

  29. Bird

    Love this girl,she is awesome.

  30. Ray Unseitig

    Iris; just sincere all the time.

    Hannelore Antes

    Wonderful. Reminds at my youth in
    Voerde Niederrhein. Iris ,you are wonderful !
    Hannelore Antes Germany

  31. FaerySeeker

    The beautiful hills of West Virginia. This brings back so many memories of my childhood . Love this song. really touches my heart of a time now passed.

    Bob.B Bob.B

    West Virginia is truly "Almost Heaven" Gazing out across the rolling forested hills, brings peace to the troubled heart

    Bob.B Bob.B

    This song touches the part of my heart from having grown up walking the hills of West Virginia

    Eric Bogar

    SW Va is the same goddamit. lol Get tired of everyone thinking only WVA has mountains.

  32. Deckie Deckie

    She transmits nothing but raw emotion ....I love this woman!!

    joe blevins

    Deckie, I agree!!!

  33. Donald Merriweather

    She's awesome

  34. ettab47

    I was born in 1947 and as a young child lived in a house that probably was built around 1900. There was no faucet or bathroom in the house, so, yep, we used an outhouse behind the chicken house and pumped our water from a well outside. The house prior to that (until I was about 4 y/o) had no electricity so we used kerosene lamps. My dad would bring a big block of ice home in a galvanized tub every couple of days to put in the icebox (refrigerator) to keep our food cold. Mom cooked over a cast iron wood stove with a fire in it-how she was able to cook without scorching food in the cast iron skillet amazes me to this day! She was a really good cook! Again, an outhouse and well outside. As some of the families re-settled and left their homes, after several years the buildings started to look like these. Houses and barns didn't get fresh paint-people couldn't afford it. I walked around the country side many miles and explored the old abandoned houses and barns. I went into the woods to pick Morel mushrooms in May (delicious!) and ate wild onions, wild cherries and sassafras leaves while on my journey which would usually take several hours. This was outside Mt. Carmel, Il. near Friendsville, Il. This song and the accompanying pictures take me back. At my age now, I think of those days and how special they were even though life was difficult due to economics. My parents had a hard life, but raised us kids with principals of honesty and integrity and doing for others in need. The sun is getting lower. Great song and pictures.

    Ray Unseitig

    The kerosine in the lamps I kept, still smell of that time, I burned it.


    So what...

    joe smith

    They sure do. I spent my childhood summers on my aunt's chicken farm in Pennsylvania after WW2 and many memories came back after reading ettab's post. How wonderful it was to run around barefoot and walk down the country back roads observing nature ,living a simple boy's life. I often now picture myself as a barefoot boy with cheeks of tan back then.

    Stephen Morgan

    Love this woman and her way of singing. The story you told and the songs she sings reminds me of my father and the stories he told me of when he grew up in Arkansas. i used to go out to Arkansas when i was very young and visit my grandpa with my dad and it was very much the way you tell. My brother and i would roam for miles and the memories of the way it used to be is very heart warming for me. I grew up in Colorado and remember going off with my brother into the fields that stretched for miles with my fathers guns to shoot and play at a young age of 7ish. "The sun is getting lower"!


    ditto , born in '45

  35. Cody Martin

    I wish I could go back in time and see that last house in it's prime.

    jack bobrick

    O my yes, if we could wander back and see where our people lived, an where they scratched out a living,,,the old way,, the hard way,,everyday.

  36. Jan Danielsson

    Go listen to Iris De Ment .. ! .. for mentioning a few .. Beth Beecroft, Suzanne Weinberg, Marianna Holzer Jan Miller and .. the rest of the lot .. just go !

  37. Jack Patterson

    I grew up in a small rural town in Southern Illiinois. There were woods and wasted coal mines, farms and creeks all about. As boys anyhow, we just roamed free in all directions. It's not like that now. And nobody taught me (it was just in the air many of us breathed), but I grew up ashamed of music like this on the radio. It took going to the Univ. of Illinois and falling in with the Illini Folk Song Club to wake me up to it all. I'm so grateful to them and, well, the likes of Iris.

    GT S1971

    You can bet many would swap that story for their own in a heartbeat. Good luck to you.

  38. Norman Clucas

    When you coming to the UK?

    al kalitta

    +Norman Clucas you guys got the Beatles .that's good enough .lol
    just kidding

  39. robert bennie

    I just discovered her as a result of her song as opening theme of 'Leftovers', an HBO series.
    Catching up now and last few weeks. There is a seamless cross over of folk, blue-eyed blues
    and Woody Guthrie original country/folk. The term 'unique' hardly suffices. Words and music
    are nothing less than superb.

    Julie Rich

    ive also just learnt of her from a dvd i checked out from our library THE SONGCATCHER

  40. Scott Black

    This is 100% Iris, thanks for sharing!

    Glen Thompson

    Iris De ment what a voice, indescribable.Seen her in concert twice in Nashville and twice of course at the Grand Ole Opry.She always moved me.
    What a gift she has.She opens playing the piano and as she gets more into the show she plays the guitar.She has to build her confidence up as
    the guitar and Mike are closer to the audience.Iris is shy but what an artist.Will see her in Minneapolis next month.Can't wait.She definitely is the
    real thing with no pretense.Theres' no one like her.Please do yourself a favor and give her a listen.She is a jewel.Shes someone very special in my opinion. Enjoy.Glen Thompson


    Eric Bogar

    Sounds like Appalachian music to me

  41. Maurice Chaplin

    so poignant, reminds me of my childhood in the unspoild countryside

  42. paul brissette

    paul brissette several years ago I heard her on prairie home companion ad was totally blown away. she's been at the Newport folk festival in  Rhode Island but I was unable to attend, even though it's an hour drive away. I'm still hoping I might be able to see her live. she is a very special lady

    joe blevins

    Paul Brissette, I agree that Iris Dement is a very special lady; very talented, and I love her music...Would love to see her in concert one day..:)

  43. TheSkenney

    I love this song.  My son also does a beautiful version of it.   Iris Dement's songs are all well worth learning, the lyrics are so heartfelt.   Thank you for video accompaniment.

    joe blevins

    You're welcome... Glad you enjoyed the video, TheSkenney

  44. Kimberly Parker

    <3 Iris DeMent - thanks for sharing.

    joe blevins

    Kimberly, you are welcome...All of the pics are from the area I call home...Beautiful song.

    Roe Chelle Breeding

    +joe blevins these pictures are hauntingly beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

    joe blevins

    @Roe Chelle Breeding...You are welcome.

    Roe Chelle Breeding

    +joe blevins . they remind me of the place in Virginia that I call home.

    joe blevins

    @Roe Chelle Breeding...They sure are some beautiful places in Virginia.