INXS - The Stairs Lyrics

In a room above a busy street
The echoes of a life
The fragments and the accidents
Separated by incidents

Listen to by the walls
We share the same spaces
Repeated in the corridors
Performing the same movements

Storey to storey
Building to building
Street to street
We pass each other on the stairs

Storey to storey
Building to building
Street to street
We pass each other on the stairs

Listen to by the walls
We share the same spaces
Repeated in the corridors
Performing the same movements

The nature of your tragedy
Is chained around your neck
Do you lead or are you lead
Are you sure that you don't care

There are reasons here to give your life
And follow in your way
The passion lives to keep your faith
Though all are different, all are great

Climbing as we fall
We dare to hold on to our fate
And steal away our destiny
To catch ourselves
With quiet grace

Storey to storey
Building to building
Street to street
We pass each other on the stairs

Listen to by the walls
We share the same spaces
Repeated in the corridors
Performing the same movements

Storey to storey
Building to building
Street to street
We pass each other on the stairs

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INXS The Stairs Comments

    YESSS, the video's are back up!!!


    Why did you take down By My Side?

  3. Anna Kcmb

    has to be one of my favorites.... this band is better live

  4. Lisa Colcord

    Published on 11:11. How I wish 💕

  5. Gisele Alves

    Ah.....Michael hutchence

  6. Magdalena Piechocka

    Hutch !

  7. 7389

    Michael took an ectasy at the very beginning of this song according to one of his bandmates.

  8. suckerlove11

    No one like Michael. We will never have another INXS. Magical moments 😭

    Giovanny Gutierrez

    You are right

  9. Ed More

    Oh my... so many memories! I had this on CD and Laserdisc back then! Feels amazing to look at it in 1080p decades later!!! LOVE THIS!

  10. Ben Appleton

    Worlds best performance 101111%!!

  11. Nanda Lima

    Esse show é incrível e a música também 😍


    😢😢😢😢 nostalgie 💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Slicky Ricky

    one thing about concerts then is that they didn't sound EXACTLY like the album versions like they do today, which pisses me off because it makes me believe that aren't really "using their voices"

  14. nor norvirawanti

    thumbnail looks like Harry Styles

  15. carlos cari

    suban todo el concierto Please....

  16. 000

    Thank God for Michael Hutchence

  17. Mark Heydon

    I was there, wish Michael was still here ❤

  18. Melissa Onorati

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  19. Layla Reeves

    Those vocals just melt my heart. ♥️

  20. Kayla Schulz

    All it is is done

  21. Donna Suzanne

    U couldn't of said that any better. INXS rules.

  22. Sonia Verdugo

    Ke hermoso se te estraña mxo michael hutchence te amo vsts al cielo

  23. Yubilan Ottermann

    is this guy has something in common with Jim Morrison ?

  24. Romchikthelemon

    Прекрасно ⭐⭐⭐

  25. Ulrike Sextro

    Thanks for posting this video as The Stairs is one of my favourites (along with Hear that Sound), and I had the pleasure to watch the concert movie in cinema.

  26. Ad Greenwood

    Mmmbop I reckon everyone picks a word

  27. Jean Paul Rezance


  28. michał bawor

    Alizee = Michał = Don't Worry You Can Kill Me Here If You Want = You = Aliee = If The Rays of Your Works = A + MAm = Gods = I = Alize = You = AnołemMmy Thoughts = A Urge My Heart = Tear My Souls = Alizee = You Know = Alizee = You are My Goddess

  29. Leonardo Barreto

    Michael Hutchence inesquecível, eterno !!!
    Que esteja em paz onde estiver !!! RIP ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

  30. grozdof

    Not gonna hide the truth that this concert has been my favourite for more than two decades.
    Great performance, amazing inxs, outstanding Michael.
    Had the opportunity to watch that live on the cinema in Alesbery and its was like my dream come true!

  31. Roberto Furukawa

    1991, i was in Japan with 18 years old...never I'll forget when I listened by the radio the dead of Freddie Mercury.
    And six years after, Michael left this world .

  32. michał bawor

    Michal Bawor = Alizee = Supersaturate Impossible You Are = Until = All Heavens At The Source Of My Thoughts Die Every Day = And Your Dimension Of Beauty Wings My Thoughts Millions Of My Dreams In One Of Your Dreams Stand Before Your Dreams And You Are Saturate My Moments = You Moments Alizee = And Don't Believe Me = Amm = Your Passions = They Are The Most Beautiful And My Angels Land = You Are Their Goddess Alizee You Are Breaking Their Hearts = Alizee

  33. С Кру

    From Russia with love 👍

  34. Anita Mrohs


  35. bigmaxy07

    I was there, it was a great day!

  36. Ismar Neuber


  37. James Higgins . Open World

    love this band .

  38. Douglas Wolfe

    Love the remastered quality !! Hope they release a remastered dvd !!

  39. Juju Bee

    So glad I saw you guys in So. Cali at Pacific AMP..🤠👍

  40. Bécquer Orbegoso

    Lo máximo!

  41. Roben Philly sniffer

    It's Amazin... God Bless You All...

  42. Roben Philly sniffer

    ... ✌...

  43. Graciela noemy Rios

    Inxs sexyy ♥️🌞

  44. Graciela noemy Rios

    ♥️😊la mejor BANDA de todos los tiempos👏👏👏😍✌

  45. P .Dunn

    What a front man, one of a kind. Seen INXS with JD but not the same

  46. Titinette 15994

    j adore ce groupe dommage que l on entend plus sans le chanteur il disparait

  47. rumbapassion

    To this day Michael Hutchence was the best frontman ever in an Australian Band. INXS and Michael made fabulous music! It still saddens me that he is no longer here!

  48. J Casey

    Justice for tigers daddy

  49. Wendy E J

    oooh i loooove this song!!!

  50. John Blackmouth

    22 years ago to the day he left. RIP

  51. German Quiroga

    Jim Morrison II

  52. jaime tellez

    el mejor tema

  53. Donna Suzanne

    INXS rules & will always be number 1!! The Stairs is truly a masterpiece.

  54. Patrizia Brugiatelli

    Li adoro come sempre 🎸🎶🎶🎸 erano un gruppo grande
    🌹💖Un tuffo nel cuore

  55. Mario 1978

    Bendito seas extraña mucho tu voz. INXS por siempre. ARGENTINA TE AMA!!!

  56. josep maria marín

    Why is it so dark? In the original video there is full sunlight during this song, twilight comes with "Original Sin" aprox. I'm going to see the concert next week on cinema (very, very excited about it!!), and I hope the have'nt blackened the whole thing. I like very much "Guns In The Sky", "New Sensation", "Send a Message", etc with plenty of daylight. This is one of my favorite live videos ever, absolutely magnificient from the beginning to the end. The crowd in Wembley shows great entusiasm, going totally nuts in many moments of the show. This is pure gold. The performance is sublime.

  57. Leopoldo Lambert

    Cuando el mundo escuchaba a músicos tocando sus instrumentos de canciones compuestas y cantada por ellos mismos...

  58. Tiffy Mf

    Mmmhmmmm yeaaaahh... 😭

  59. Carmen Araújo

    Gente que voz era essa? Perfeito RIP Michael

  60. John Doe

    I always used "HUTCHENCE_" as my Mirc nickname.

  61. Dave Marsh

    I've got my cinema tickets.
    And Epstein didn't kill himself

  62. Charles Porter

    i love watching the mindless zombies drool over drugged up rock stars...take a hike you mindless idiots


    Amazing vocals

  64. Ygor Souza

    Melhor banda!!! 💛

  65. Diana Jorden

    Michael Hutchence INXS L❤VE THIS BAND NOVEMBER 2019

  66. revacohen

    What does, "The nature of your tragedy is chained around your neck," mean?

  67. seba plan v mas bien

    Creo que es la mejor cancion de Inxs...por lo menos para mi lo es...un himno

  68. Eskimo Joe

    Lovely seeing the old Wembley stadium...full of memories...

  69. jamie foyers

    Love this track.."do you lead or are you led?. Are you sure that you don't care?."..bloody great lyric...genius, one of the best tracks they ever did.

  70. chinoneu1

    Un capo Jon Farris , es un genio, con toda la Onda de los grandes bateros en 2:53 .

    seba plan v mas bien

    Un genio jajaja a la mierda el palillo,agarro otro jaja

  71. Joseph Q

    ~{`Step by step, Hand in hand..´}~

    🙏YouTube: Millennium-Lance and the Open Scroll
    keeping the Faith, receive the parable, tell a Friend, all the cards are on the Table...

  72. Eric Schenher

    Highlight of the show!


    Lindo demais 😚😍

  74. DanielAmLl

    En Perú el 9 de diciembre veré este gran concierto de INXS 4k. Cuanton irán?

  75. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    The best time of the band 💟

  76. Gaby Lima

    Adoro essa Banda inxs

  77. neil campbell

    Seem them on this tour, Hutchence was incredible, all the band was like a well oiled machine. Fantastic album, great song. He had an amazing stage presence, had a great voice, moves and made you wish you were up there with them. Still listen to INXS and songs from this album.

  78. Aldo Acero

    INXS ♥️ 🇵🇪

  79. Just passing throoo

    Whats you favourite INXS song? Go!
    Need You Tonight is mine.

    Sean O'Connell


    Just passing throoo

    @Sean O'Connell one of my faves, too.

    Marty C

    Don't change

    Just passing throoo

    @Marty C Shabooh Shoobah one of their best albums. To look at you, has to be my fave.
    I realise that this is impossible to choose.


    Not possible to chose only one: Heaven sent, Time, I'm just a man, Searching, Not enough time, Never tear us apart ...

  80. BlueVaraMike

    I still miss him SO MUCH!
    What a voice!
    What a presence!
    Lyrics and Music are so so strong here!
    Thank you Hutch‘ & INXS for being part of my life since for almost 40 years!
    Many greetings from Austria!
    PS: can‘t wait to see you on big screen next week in Innsbruck! (and please give a 4K bluray to the fans!)

  81. dlbrigg

    I just heard The INXS Christmas song today, it’s out on U Tube look for the version eowyn posted. It has a little new wave twist to it, a great song to play around the holidays! I never heard it before. 👌

  82. Souza Altair

    Sensacional, esses caras são demaaaais!!!! Miss you Hutch!!!!

  83. drrightaway

    2:52 LOL

  84. Barbapou Pokin

    All are different all are great

  85. Car Mencita

    A L.Celimendiz Aranda le huelen los bajos

  86. Ace

    2:53 Stylish drum stick toss and replace

  87. Nicoku7 7

    Michael Hutchence is the true definition to a Rock Star ❤️..My salute goes till Heaven.

    Melissa Onorati

    Nicoku7 7 I hope Michael accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour so he can receive the free gift of eternal life

    Nicoku7 7

    Melissa Onorati I hope so 🙏🏼...I heard him say in audio that he believed in God...

  88. Janne Fisch

    Michael & INXS = 😍

  89. James Dalgleish

    I fancy this guy & I’m straight.......

  90. Miss Tery

    And he's dead now.... fame and excess 👍🏻

  91. Radek Ventruba

    Amazing song, night...

  92. No Name

    My favorite INXS song!!!!!!!!!❤

  93. Borderline Personality Disorder 1978

    22 & half years later & the world is still sniveling over this junkie/alcoholic loser pathetic cunt - get the fuck over it he's dead shit happens

  94. Vassilis K.

    Good years,
    Michael was the one!!
    Love to all..

  95. weatherednboston

    My avatar on the fan club site used to be Jon flinging the drum stick. Switching sticks like no big deal. I love that. Glad to be the 1000th like on this new upload! Do I win a prize? lol Just being an INXS fan is the prize.

  96. James Rae

    That day... That band Could not be touched for that live performance.... Exceptional

  97. One