INXS - I'm Only Looking Lyrics

I hear voices
Inside my head
Can I deceive
Can I believe
My whispering friends

What do I hear
About war and peace
What do I hear
About love and sex

I'm delirious
For an answer

Taking me deeper
And deeper in mind
I'm only looking

Fascination for
Limits of love
Should I aim higher
And higher and higher

Will I break you
Like some possession
To learn my lesson

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INXS I'm Only Looking Comments
  1. Алина Алина


  2. jorge luis araujo cevallos

    INXS a great music rock band...🎸

  3. Elizabeth McLeod

    I love this. 💋

  4. Mark Stott

    Great band never afraid to experiment

  5. pablo mazzeo

    no esta mal aunque no fue mi album preferido

  6. cynthia Rodriguez


  7. Marcus Morrison

    Great track and a gem for the ages. One question please, where is the bar the band are chilling in ?

  8. Beautiful Girl

    Leslie Rae Bega made an appearance. She was a wife of Jon Farriss (the drummer) then. She also stared in The Sopranos (seasons 4-5).

  9. christina ryding

    Well, Michael - we are still only looking, All the love from Sweden Michael and INXS...

  10. Andres Ricardo Reyes

    Conceptual al maximo

  11. You're the man now Dog

    I hear voices inside my head...the devil inside....possession...and then he dies young...and people still don't believe the rock n roll stories about selling your soul.

    Maye McDonald

    Stanko Burrito He had demons......severe depression.

    William Von Schenk

    I am a believer. He wrote."Devil Inside" about temptation that everyone feels. Not saying he lived out a full righteous life. But I will say he had a HUGE heart. Read the lyrics to "Stairs" off of X. Tell me.those lyrics came from a possessed man. No way. "Everything" and "Searhing" have amazing compassion as well. And, in general, he had humility that was genuine. He 80,000 people and can be low key, kind and genuine to a homeless person. That's what makes me love the guy.


    Hearing voices sounds more like mental illness than possession.

  12. Алина Алина

    Что за картина в начале и конце видео?

    Beautiful Girl

    Алина Алина Картина интересная. Напомнила мне другую песню: «Ночная бабочка, ну кто здесь виноват»?)

  13. Yvette Marie G

    Never saw the video til few years ago.  But always had different INXS tapes, albums, cds.  This song always put me in a trance.  Such a good band and Michael's fine ass vocals.  Great song.

    Mark Davidson

    Yvette G comes from an album which the band says was the hardest to do

  14. Uma prosa com Martinha

    Great voice

  15. Uma prosa com Martinha

    I missu

    Maye McDonald

    Uma prosa com Martinha I’ll never get over his parting with the living. We adored him.

  16. Magda Piechocka

    The best band ever!



  18. Gym Rat

    Damn his voice was so sexy. RIP Michael

    Chiara Dic

    the way he pronounced "I'm delirious" is so frigging sexy

    Gym Rat

    Chiara Baldini agreed

  19. Yvette Marie G

    full moon dirty hearts a decade after the swing and just so good. RIP Michael. so appreciated inxs, the sound and your voice. thank you for posting the video.

  20. Gym Rat

    This is such a catchy tune...

  21. Алина Алина


  22. Douglas Tracy

    "I'm delirious 4 an answer"

  23. Yon Tanek

    INXS & U2 ... the best of 1980 - 2000


    How bout Genesis?

  24. MystifyMe6097

    This video is amazing, it's so dark. I love it.

  25. matt brown

    If you like this song you will love the album it comes from. Please check out the Inxs Full moon dirty hearts Facebook page and show your support by clicking LIKE. Many thanks.

  26. Sam Toucan

    Alot of INXS' songs sounds the same. This song sounds like NEW SENSATION. As much as a fan I was, so much of their stuff just sounded the same. I am quite surprised at the success they got. Their best album was The Swing, yet it was the heavily commercial KICK which helped them break the tough American market.

    Артемий Голдобин

    Sam Toucan Great Masters are free frome "the best alboms"and "not the best.All they do is invaluable.The Future will show.

    Malady Magruff

    Sam Toucan away n bile yer heid


    I respect your opinion. To me, they were massively versatile. I can't even choose my fave Inxs tunes.

    ppouty pandaa

    @Qwerty123 I feel all of their stuff and think everything is quite unique though you still know it's an inxs song the first seconds you hear it which I love.

  27. froggy9191

    Michael's voice reminds me of Bryan Ferry on this track.

  28. iain -northpole

    I saw this years ago. It's still as good as I remember. (Were they the first band to do a video album?)


    I would say so

  29. 8Aimee

    Yes, so underrated..

  30. bennymutant

    Full Moon was not INXS's best album, but this is easily one of their best songs

  31. byronbee

    Amazing track. x

  32. Sunny Tiger (Tigress)

    I love itttttttttttttttt yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh