INXS - Freedom Deep Lyrics

Show me the way
Give away
The truth
I'm looking for

I need a new way
Out of here
The door
Is opening

Freedom take me deeper
Freedom take me deeper

All the blue days
Gone astray
The clouds
Are giving in

Freedom take me deeper
Freedom take me deeper

I need a new way
Out of here
The door is opening

I'm losing my fear
The way
Has come to me

Freedom take me deeper [till fade]

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INXS Freedom Deep Comments
  1. Alê

    Linda música 💕
    Michael Hutchence lindo 💕
    AMO 💕 INXS💕

  2. jamie foyers

    I'm not getting maudlin since it's near the 22nd..besides I had a really weird dream of Michael Hutchence this morning. For some reason we were talking about short sightedness and the need to wear glasses. Clear as anything this dream and he looked like the way he does in this video...crazy this of the best unsung tracks that SHOULD have been a single in my opinion. It showcased a different side to the band's sound.

  3. lucio adesso

    Una joya musical .si pidiera un deseo poder volver a ver a Michael. Con Inxs

  4. buretehudesi

    This thing appeared in my head after 22 years. My brain suddenly started to play it for me. Im too far away from home to find this cd so I end up here. Feel so good now.

  5. Mark Stott


  6. Eileen Kehoe


  7. Elias Stubbs

    3:50, I never realised where they got that footage from until now

    Chael P

    Elias Stubbs me too, eager to look documentary

  8. Мирослав Мирош.

    Моя любимая песня.

  9. Upy 017

    freedom take me deeper.....

  10. Amanda Mifsud

    INXS/Michael Hutchence rocks!! No one will ever compare to Michael! My love,my idol!! Always and forever!! 💙💜

  11. DKashman

    Still among my favorite INXS songs. It gets into your head and just hits all the happiness centers. It's perfect calming de stressing song

  12. Eric Schenher

    Did I see that right, no Tim or Andrew in this video? 25 years have gone by and I'm now just noticing. Wonder why they couldn't make the shoot.


    You saw right. And in the video for, "Kill the Pain," only Jon appeared.

  13. Eric Schenher

    No wonder why this album flopped, it was to ahead of its time!


    The song is beautiful, but it's also painfully sad, unlike their previous music. Michael Hutchence's emotional torment showed through.

  14. Adelia Hogarth


  15. Maye McDonald

    I feel awkward. What does this song mean. Thank you.

    vcr_archives 1977-1987

    free your mind and your ass will follow

  16. PhotoMexico - Edicion

    Magnificent song

  17. Paul Mitchell

    Why does this song remind me of U2?

    vcr_archives 1977-1987

    1991-1994 they heavily influenced each other I think



  19. natalia gomez

    Alucinantes videos!!! Amo a esta banda!!!

  20. LRDO47 Naya

    T oday you are in deep freddom, where are the true alive.

  21. LRDO47 Naya

    today is in deep freedom. beacause is with god.

    monicaraquel caro

    god? please...

  22. monicaraquel caro

    what he needed.

    pablo mago

    hi ....nice comment, thanks.

  23. J. Gerrin


  24. Debra Hogan

    Excellent sound fantastic as always has that unique inxs feel to it

  25. Lizzie Modern

    Beautiful song.

  26. marijo torino

    I remember your birth and celebration your life!
    El 22/01/16 hubiera sido tu cumpleaños número 56. I miss you more and more Hutch!

  27. Maximiliano Plaa

    Artist: INXS
    Album: Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
    Released: 1993

  28. simmisaia

    I will always consider INXS with Michael Hutchence my favorite group of extremely talanted musicians, and dangerous sexy! Every time, all of life.

  29. Spike 242

    I would die, to see you in heaven.....

    Maye McDonald

    Spike 242 I do Reiki and send love to Michael every time. 💜😌💚

  30. Becky Griffin

    Michael Hutchence had a great voice. R.I.P.

  31. surflinden

    I love this song!!!!  Nice to hear a band that actually writes and plays their music!!!!  INXS will always be my favorite band.

    Nicholas Dickens

    This is by far their greatest work for me. It really spoke of their roots and how, for me at least Australia is a lot more than a cultural mix of England and North America.

    Still love this 22 years on.

    Long live Michael :) X


    @Nicholas Dickens My God, has it been that long? Wonderful album

  32. Nicholas Dickens

    21 years young, a brilliant album, and my favourite song off it. So fantastic, listening to this, I feel like a 21 year old child again.

    When the sun shone brighter, when the days were longer, when I awoke before the sunrise and felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting and anticipating what a gift the new breaking day could be :)

  33. MsTruthseeker999

    Beautiful words, music and video

  34. Monika Miklos

    You are in balance when you are in lava.

  35. halesx1976

    Great Song,Great Album,Best Band.

  36. abel borja

    Uma das melhores bandas de sempre, embora pouco reconhecida.

  37. SuperXfactor01

    Such a powerful building arrangement of music and lyrics

  38. noblees

    fell in love with inxs years ago, and still after all this time, my love never receded
    freedom take me deeper....

  39. christian ramos