INXS - Beautiful Girl Lyrics

Nicky's in the corner
With a black coat on
Running from a bad home
With some cat inside

Now where did you find her
Among the neon lights
That haunt the streets outside
Stay with me

Beautiful girl (stay with me)
Beautiful girl (stay with me)
She wants to go home

From doorway to doorway
Street corner to corner
With the neon ghosts in the city
And she says

Stay with me
Stay with me
Stay with me
Stay with me

She's so scared
So very frightened
Anything could happen
Right here tonight

Beautiful girl (stay with me)
Beautiful girl (stay with me)
She wants to go home

Stay with me (beautiful girl)
Stay with me (beautiful girl)
Stay with me (beautiful girl)
Stay with me (beautiful girl)

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INXS Beautiful Girl Comments
  1. Marian Brundage

    Every girl is beautiful in her own unique way.. so Smile, you're beautiful....
    Uma dás melhores músicas deles,uma voz incomparável
    Inxs sends such a deep message that ever girl needs to know every girl is beautiful!!!!

  2. estrela santos

    Michael Hutchence forever s2
    Stay with me Michael...... In memoriam 1960 - 1997. Never gone and never forgotten

  3. Belinda J. Tarnowski

    Marcou demais na época que foi lançada, demais 1992!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stay with me Michael...... In memoriam 1960 - 1997. Never gone and never forgotten
    Oh man I miss Michael. ♥️

  4. Laura Kaminski

    R.I.P. Michael. Bless them for this song about real women.

    What girl would not of stayed with Michael Hutchence 💜
    Stunning like his soul ✌🏻

  5. Jerree Erman


  6. A. BLANCO


  7. Sharon

    youtube was the death of music or maybe it was the music video. We are now visual instead of listening.

  8. Robert Smith

    I love the Lou Reed texture of the vocal

  9. Kaya Sayana

    unforgettable beautiful

  10. Katheryne Mero

    I remember hearing this song on the radio all the time. Never once saw this video though. Not once. This is one of those unpopular messages. Don't kill yourselves ladies. Inxs got it, and they're a bunch of guys. I'm shocked.

  11. Carper diem

    Amo muito!

  12. Jim Knopf

    Geiler Song voller Erinnerungen.

  13. Shirley Rodrigues

    Esse cara era [email protected]

  14. Paul Shotter

    Inxs beautiful girl great music from the eighties classic tune from them very catchy songs back then great music and very good video to this song great sounds back then

  15. Mikki03

    ❤❤❤ This song makes me want to cry 😢 Ooow Michael , we miss you 😢

  16. Rem Who

    One of my fav songs by Insx Rest in peace Micheal

  17. Ilaine Marinês Gass

    Linda voz .linda canção

  18. Román González

    Esta banda me lleva a mi niñez a mi hermano más grande que me hacía escuchar genial música años '90 mi mejor década

  19. Chris Simpson

    To ALL woman especially black gingers like me, thanks Michael for including us. ALL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL AND SHOULD BE CELEBRATED.

    Stuart Little

    Wait, you said black ginger?

    Chris Simpson


    Stuart Little

    @Chris Simpson No ma'am you didn't. But... How did that happen? I mean, if you wanna talk about it

    Chris Simpson

    @Stuart Little Are you on messenger? Let's chat.

    Chris Simpson

    @Stuart Little My Grandfather (Jewish, Irish, Indian) had red hair and green eyes.

  20. tom magne nilsen

  21. Jellymoses

    1:22 I am incredibly uncomfortable

  22. Paul Melsom

    Go ahead, tell me this isn't as relevant, if not more so, than when released. Awesome!

  23. Tinnelle 88

    Whitegenocide is not beautiful.

  24. arve lie andreassen

    This song came around the time the vocalist was injured in Copenhagen and was permanent brain-damaged

  25. Eric Theriault

    how is this not better quality video and of the greatest Pop/Rock songs ever .....

  26. José Carlos


  27. Jessica Jackson

    Is this the official video?

  28. Robert Metzger

    Oh ! tell me me which is a crappy song and i'll Pimp slap ya one !! lololhahaha Beautiful girl yeah ! yeah ! yeah !!

  29. Marcia Menegon

    INXS .... eternamente.... Michael Hutchence😍😍😍😍♒♒♒

  30. Abdel Raouf Benyhahia

    Miss you soo much Michael !

  31. Laila Sīle


  32. Peter Lacina

    The best INEXS song for all times

  33. Gloria Hollern

    Am still Listening never forget that buterful mam he was so lovey witch way he went on stage and thouse moves he mad what he was singering to and them eyes so bloody sexy l allways play hes songs and watch him every day on my phone it makes me think hes still with us and it 2002 but that means nothing to me i love that man he was so shy when he done hes interviews ho my god i think to myselfe wow wish i met him when he was alive wonder what i would have seid to him still have dreams about him because its its funny i play all hes songs allthe time watch interviews about him allways loveyou micheal forall you are in heaven my Angel r i p

  34. wolfgang Breisig


  35. Paul Mclaren

    Yes yes yes!

  36. Gudrun Hansen

    I remember when this came out. I was down in it. I'm better now, not perfect, but better. I get this on so many levels. Great song, and overlooked

  37. Anynha Santana


  38. Gustaw III

    GOŚLIK MICHAŁ PL to lubi!!!!

  39. Gordon Mckinna

    Brilliant song

  40. Russ Kirk

    A true genius

  41. Ольга Анхелец

    Чувствую, в этом клипе скрывается смысл

  42. German Gonzales

    1 de Enero de 2020

  43. Lucelia dos Santos

    Os melhores.

  44. Leonardo Moreira

    2019 - 2020 here! We never forget you!

    Andy Morrison

    Most definitely brother

    Jacquie Laurie



    good year for you bro

  45. Mihai Remus Gavrilita


  46. Mihai Remus Gavrilita


  47. Natalie Sefton

    Stunning like his soul ✌🏻

  48. TAO TAO

    Happy Holidays! Listening in December 2019. Still beautiful! ♥️♥️♥️♥️💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

  49. Kartikeya Srivastava

    My favourite INXS song :)

  50. Narresh Gabriel

    I remembered when this son first came out in 1994 .... That was 25yrs ago

  51. Элмурод Шералиев

    Ost Love and other drugs

  52. Maxi Zamac

    This is the kind of song that you never forget if you love music with your heart and soul

  53. John Smith


  54. Carlos Marinho

    Dezembro de 2019.

    Luiz Henrique Morais

    Dezembro de Alagoas

    Adamblack Z

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼я с вами

    valeria stoeva

    @Fabricio Quintão Happy Holidays ;-)

    Filippo Nannini

    Buon natale dall Italia

    Adamblack Z

    Filippo Nannini grazie bellezza

  55. Gus Telios

    Are you still listening i am join me Dec 2019

  56. Mike Woodson

    There’s beauty in everyone.

  57. Windbandit

    Enjoyed listening INXS in the 80s such a great gig

  58. Fabiola Cristina

    Anorexia e bulimia,não ! Eu quero ser normal !

  59. Brat2 Grimm

    Музыка великолепна !!!

  60. Karla etiane cruz

    Essa música é linda,como as outras INXS.👏👏😍

  61. triska maxi

    Rip Tom,just 15 will never know why but loved u mate

  62. divnaindija24

    I not jsut like, I love this video. Because it is so against the dictatorship of the media-image and fashion-rules. I like natural beaty of women, no matter how big, small, short or tall are they. This is saying much about Michael, he just knew that youre nobody if you dont have gutts and brain. And he had it, a lot, this video show exactly that. My greetings to all natarul beauties all around the world, stay with us as God or Nature made you so. Luv ya all, and thank you, Mike! <3

  63. mike fan

    Great song and band ! Wish we could have more bands now with that quality of writing and that freaking energy ! Good old times there or I'm getting too old for the new shit with no soul and balls :-).
    I bumped on one good song the other day, like to share the discovery. A shame they don't have more views given the great sound they deliver : and new song

  64. Leonardo Barreto

    Eu tenho um grupo no WhatsApp sobre a banda...
    Se alguém quiser entrar é só falar aqui...✌️

    Maria Kent

    E a minha banda favorita!! Eu quero!! Nao podemos esquece-los...nunca!

    Leonardo Barreto

    @Maria Kent Oi, Maria. É a minha preferida tb!!
    Entre por esse link:

    Leonardo Barreto

    @Maria Kent Entra!

  65. Douglas Souza Barbosa

    toda mulher tem sua qualidade seja na Beleza quanto no caráter

    alguém do Brasil ouvindo. ..?🇧🇷

    Maria Kent

    Oh yeah!

    Douglas Souza Barbosa

    @Maria Kent hi 🌺

    Wagner Maciel

    I'm here. Brazilian guy detected

  66. Crystalline Entity

    This song always makes me cry. I've never had an eating disorder, yet I know what it is to live with such intense self-loathing that you believe you are so ugly and useless that nobody could possibly ever love you the way that you are. It can make you too scared to live anymore. I have attempted to end my life over it. I'm in a much better place now, but it is frightening to know and feel just how vulnerable us women and girls (including trans women and girls) are to the judgements that society throws upon us. I am determined to move on and away from this way of toxic thinking . . . ! ! <3 * Thank you, INXS * We miss you, Michael Hutchence.

  67. Margit Ouma

    Body positivity before it was a thing😊

  68. Studz Ramrod

    Why do I feel the video and the song don’t go together? I like both but the video doesn’t fit the song to me.

  69. I Am Groot

    This song is everyone's wife,grandmother,daughters,nieces,best friend,girlfriend . basically every and any woman born biologically or not , you're all beautiful.please don't change 💜

    Laura Plant

    @paul w stay single


    born or not, ok freak

    Paul Melsom

    You have had a hard experience Paul the woman makes the man as much as there are times you can cheerfully strangle her, my lady I's my life and the Sun rises and sets on her

    dixler mudflap mudflap

    Laura Plant ...I agree with you. Lots of pale skinned slender beauties, the best kind in the world. HA !

    Paul Miklasinski

    I’m sure that’s exactly what Michael had in mind – especially about gender equality and biologically confused dudes in 1992 ;-))). To be a beautiful woman is a challenge, same for beautiful man, or decent human being. Why you people have to politicize everything for pity sake? Leave us alone with our music, our thoughts and feelings. Just go away, live in peace and let live – whoever you may be, because nobody cares. Nobody should care…

  70. Auntie Pasti

    Just beautiful.

  71. Валентина Гром

    Какая злость и безысходность. Прости Майкл...

  72. Stargazer Lily

    I love the end when all the girls smile 😏😊🤗👊👄💕

  73. Aldair Jochem

    Tem alguém do Brasil ouvindo está música em 2019

    Piteira da silva Piteira

    quem não ouve INXS , não sabe o que e bom na vida.

    maria gloria

    Estou ouvindo. Música boa

    Paulo Henrique

    Tamo aqui,sempre ouvindo música de qualidade

    Vinicius Eduardo

    ouvindo essa musica sempre, todo ano e cada vez mais

    Segio Santos

    Ouvi primeiro com o Paulo ricardo.

  74. maciej lignowski


  75. Святослав В

    Вот это музыка была!Не то что сейчас!Вихляются,как гнусные обкуренные проститутки!!!

  76. Jose Carlos Silva Nascimento

    2 de setembro 2019 quem está ouvindo essa banda maravilhosa

  77. Makushan 62

    Une jolie fleur dans une peau de vache !!!

  78. Наталия Петрова

    Пишите на Русском!!!! 😢😢😢

  79. cleyton maciel

    Brasil/2019, inesquecível...

  80. Josildo Fernandes

    Relembrando o baú da mix

  81. Nelio Rosa

    Linda canção.

  82. cleanview70

    bring Sax back

  83. Roberto Iraheta

    Muy buena canción

  84. Layla Reeves

    Oh man I miss Michael. ♥️

  85. jamie foyers

    I often wonder if this video would pass the censors in this day and age?. One of the underrated tracks that the band released back in the day.

  86. Sô F

    Michael Hutchence forever s2

  87. Michel adrian Ortiz Rodriguez

    Bellas mujeres.

  88. Manuel pro 2020

    Q Buenos recuerdos q buena epoca y ensima con la mujer mas bella valeria edhit asprea el amor d mi vida

  89. Erika

    Beyond awesome song and video. Too bad society hasn't changed much, especially in America. Thanks INXS for your love. R.I.P., Michael

  90. L H

    Beautiful Girl Stay .

  91. luiz tuttibonagente

    Essa música é uma terapia para quem ama de verdade...

    cette chanson est une thérapie pour ceux qui aiment vraiment ...

    This song is a therapy for those who really love ...

  92. divnaindija24

    This one is perfect for the woman you love. No matter what the occasion is, dating, breakup, marriage, proposing, divorce, even funeral.

  93. Premium Blue

    Stay with me forever beautiful girl!

  94. Norman Cruz

    Now, all the women are feminists

  95. Rosana Dutra

    nossa isso qui e musica boa deicha cualquer de boca aberta amo essa musica

  96. Ricardo Flores Loera

    Que hermosa canción. Saludos desde la Ciudad de México.

  97. Amanda Soares

    Tão bom ouvir essa música