INXS - Baby Don't Cry Lyrics

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

When you're down and confused
Nothing seems right
And it's you who decides
Who's going to make it right

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

Well life ain't no joke
But it's good when you smile
Steal everything
But you won't get far

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

Sometimes you will fall
What cha gonna do?
Give your friend a call

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

We know that you can smile
Even though it takes a while
To lose your fears and say
Gonna lose your fears and say

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

Do you know who you are
And where you're going to
Don't you know that love
Gonna pull you
Gonna pull you through now baby

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

Baby don't cry, Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry, Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry, Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry. Baby don't cry

Face to face
Anything is possible
Not political, or analytical
Never givin up on the wrong
You got a choice
Why don't you use it
Change, is an attitude
Guaranteed to take hold of you
So welcome, to the turnstile
Take a turn with a new vow
Hey, I know what you know
All the sympathy
Made a mess of me
Respect the sacrifice
Before the number one
Now it has begun

Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry
Baby don't cry

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INXS Baby Don't Cry Comments
  1. Sylvia Mihaylova


  2. Shoutout Shoutout

    Oasis were right.

  3. Iggy Higgins

    Sounds like a Japanese song

  4. Chris Maguire

    I have two little kids on my own, single dad. My two heard this song while sitting in the bath and sang their rendition; daddy don't cry. Which made me laugh a lot.

  5. Leo

    Michael hot and sexy.

  6. debbie mason

    Debbie and Ade......dEBBIE and Ade

  7. Sirius Patrol

    Still better than "Oashits...

  8. Артемий Голдобин

    Art of this level comes to the Earth one time a thousand years.

  9. Janet Edge

    Really really couldnt help it

  10. Janet Edge

    I did cry

  11. Gloria Hollern

    Still playing your songs mike you are so sexy and hot in your videos rest in pease my sexy man wish i met you years ago ho my god gust wonder what would it might have been to me you were shy and sometimes abit cheeky but you did not mean it becouse i been watching all your interviews as well you look so realy good micheal wye my god look after him will you hes a star even in heaven bless R I P

    Gloria Hollern

    Thankyou for likeing my comment who ever you are dont know if you like the same music has me but dont you think inxs was brilliant and mickeal was so beautiful to everyone and what a man he was so beautiful in hes own way ho i still play hes music that will never end and watch him and paula on utup all the photos and tiger lily but i will never give up watching them or playing there music pity things had to end that way life is strange dont you think one minute you haveing the time of your life the nexst you are not there enymor bless micheal paula and peaches there in heaven now r i p happy xmas maybe stupet saying that but i believe in life after death

  12. EnnioRome

    I listened to it until I consumed the whole and wonderful album that takes this tune

  13. Лена Мухина

    This song saves my heart

  14. Conor T

    Waking up after a rough one to this and im on cloud nine once more. Immensely beautiful and immensely happy. That’s why music is greatest thing in the world.

  15. jamiep7

    27 years today this was released

  16. מבקר המוסיקה

    So sad, miss him miss them

  17. John Smith


  18. maciej lignowski


  19. maciej lignowski


  20. Uwe Helming

    Michael hutchence and his band, they where so great and then he must died so bad by himself 😢😢😢😢

  21. Ian Allen

    Be great to hear a live version

  22. Lex Bond

    186 people did cry

  23. sans undertale

    i am crying

  24. linda parks

    2019 anyone?...


    Claro que si!

    Mark Davidson

    linda parks oh yeah

    Horseman Pit

    linda parks Yup!

  25. Peter Miller

    The song that just goes on and on and on

  26. stevemrmusic9

    Best INXS intro and my favourite INXS song!!!

  27. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Just as a woman first of all could never stand that peacock concurrence obsession by someone like George

  28. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    Even being already 42 year old woman I still feel myself guilty listening to this song as remembering the fact was seduced by George`s "Father Figure" in 1989.... as so much regretted about that right after

  29. Svetlana R

    Michael I love you! 🌹

  30. Ion

    The song is one of my all time favorite, but the video seriously gives me headache... :)

  31. Peter Miller

    Goes on and on and on

  32. jamie foyers

    Hutch and a bunch of animals in this video...could it get any better?!. One of the best vids the band did.

  33. Helen Tyrer

    Some front men just have it don’t they ?
    Lennon ,Jagger , Freddie , and Mick to band a few !

  34. CRAB JAB

    Still miss ya Michael. Love from the UK.

    Defo my spirit animal. I’ll never forget ya even after all these years man. Still in my thoughts always. Coolest brother ever.

  35. ross white

    inxs fan party reunion anyone in london?

  36. Михаил Сергопольцев

    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

    Когда тебе плохо и ты в замешательстве,
    Все кажется неправильным.
    И ты-та,кто решает,
    Кому это все исправить

    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

    Что же,жизнь-не шутка,
    Но она хороша,когда ты улыбаешься.
    Ты знаешь,где ты
    Воруешь все
    Но ты не хочешь попасть далеко

    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

    Иногда ты будешь падать,
    Что ты будешь делать?
    Позвони своему другу

    Детка,не плачь(позвони мне)
    Детка,не плачь(позвони мне детка)
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

    Мы знаем,что ты можешь улыбаться,
    Даже если это займет много времени,
    Отбросить твои страхи и сказать
    Отбросить твои страхи и сказать

    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

    Ты знаешь,кто ты
    И куда ты идешь,
    Разве ты не знаешь,что эта любовь
    Вытащит тебя
    Вытащит тебя сейчас?

    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь
    Детка,не плачь

  37. Jhon Marc

    Michael Hutchence ❤❤❤❤

  38. Adrián Fernández

    One of The BEST songs in the history.

  39. Misa Popovic

    Michael, ili Misha Popovic, mnogo volim ovu pesmu

  40. Rob Gallant

    that orchestral arrangement is epic!

  41. carl laity

    last rock n roll star....

  42. Ad Greenwood

    May as well cry 😆

  43. G K

    Nice chrrr

  44. marks marsh

    one of my favs

  45. Joanñe Adams

    inxs is good singer

  46. Scott Tucker

    They were just so good. So many wonderful songs. Best ever IMO.

  47. Pat Smith

    Happy birthday. Very sadly missed The cat Mayfield God blessed R.I.P

  48. jose lopez roman

    que pena ya no cante ..gran voz

  49. Ken Richardson

    One of the best bands ever,my only regret was never seeing them live

  50. Brandon Gill

    Now 23 brought me here!

  51. Anira 3791

    Why was I born on the wrong generation?? 😭😭😭

  52. Liss Lou

    Just love this one! Michael is so up there! And a record which has so many memories!

  53. BoraBoraSharkBoy

    Was Hutchence animal rights supporter or not? I always thought he was but he hang himself with a snake skin belt? The fact that he owned such a garment makes me wonder?

  54. David Molyneux

    Great song

  55. Fürst Krisztina

    The song that made me fall in love with INXS. That was 23 years ago. The feeling is still going strong.


    de jó olvasni!

  56. Aart.Jr. van der Waal


  57. Aart.Jr. van der Waal

    Irritante kut reclame 😡😡😡😡😡

  58. orinocoPL

    One of the most underrated bands of all time. Shit, I miss 80's and 90`...


    Underrated? Kick was one of the gratest albums of the end 80´s and they sold all tickets in wembley for XS Summer in 1991.

    Iti Suman

    Never ever.they were spunky and hot and the songs churned out by them wud nv be outdated.The kinda instruments used by them were so them.

    Wayne Holmes

    Some of these replies. INXS were not the greatest band of their time. I lived through those times. They weren't even rated that high but now they're when he has died!

    Wayne Holmes

    @Antonio Casanova he was on the way to Hollywood? Haha! Lies. He was a drug addict!

    Wayne Holmes

    Conquering Hollywood Haha! That's fucking hilarious!

  59. Bailey Douglas

    This song just cheers me up...

  60. Tony Storm

    Michael H., i know that you are alive! I awakened years ago to this deceiving lying world/ matrix and i know that nothing is true only the love in our hearts! I was a huge INXS-Fan in earlier days! Have a good life my friend! God bless you! Love & Peace to everyone!

  61. Mr Anonomous

    What an outstanding song 👍😀

  62. Beata M.

    I miss u baby ... RIP Michael ... it was a very bad joke of you ... 😢😢😢

  63. Zvonimir Torbarina

    I am crying

  64. pumpkintubs

    sweetheart don't cry I will try and do my best by you xxx

  65. Arnee Dadrink

    Still a fuckin class song, God bless , so.long since you passed, so.glad I saw you live before your time was up, hopefully I'll see you up in the big blue yonder....

  66. Jason Pattinson

    You are the man. Miss your music☹️

  67. Nurul tea

    Great video

  68. Victoria Semenenko Real Life Victory

    I had the same twid jacket in 90s

    Ange Cann

    Victoria keep coming across your comments almost on every Michael interview. ,couldnt help but notice another 1 from you,still very difficult to come to terms with this tragedy after 20y. Great music, more importantly he was a truly beautiful humble gentlemen!

  69. Jules HS

    One of the most INXS 's song played in England back in the days

    Chael P

    Jules HS I am not from England, but I watched their channels, this song was EVERYWHERE :)

  70. Malcolm Marriott

    "it's about Population 'Control'& Checkers"

  71. Jorge Salgado

    Excelente banda...musica eterna

  72. brandon cook

    lights are on.

  73. brandon cook


  74. Dennis Rodic

    folks i wanna say,incredible song,
    but best refrain [email protected]!! don 't cryyyyy

  75. Marcin Kołakowski

    i miss You..., but i will in Australia soon

  76. Sybille Wesenberg

    Absolutely great song and video!!!!!!!!

  77. Dennis Rodic

    L E G E N D 😓

  78. Luc Machiels

    20 years and a day ago, but still missed...RIP Michael.

  79. CRAB JAB

    Miss u like fuckkkkk everyday man. Had so much swagga man. So glad we was left with songs we can play till we pass on.

  80. mary ellwood the height of their fame, they were one classy outfit.......they should be as proud as leaving a legacy of music like this

  81. irena zet

    Вот кто должен был играть в Заводном апельсине АЛЕКСА

  82. drumdust

    It's impossible to choose one favourite song from a 20 year career.
    But Baby Don't Cry comes pretty damn close :)

  83. Ilona Kadic


  84. Zach Griffiths

    Love inxs

  85. patricia fletcher

    amazing inxs

  86. The Bipolar Bear

    I didn't realize this was an advertisement for "David Jones"

  87. Vasil Mirchev

    Hillary Don't cry

  88. Johnny Gowcho

    Fakkin ACE ACE ACE !!!!

  89. Courtney McSweeney

    How does this have under 1 Million views?

    Gary Budd

    Makes no sense to me.

  90. Emre özsümbül

    fucking brilliant song.

  91. Marcin Kołakowski

    this song so many times pull me up to the life...

  92. p4jrm need to know. i won't buy your stuff. simply because you ruin Youtube videos.


    Use adblock plus, it's free and hey presto no ads......


    Thanks Amy!! You just made an old fella very happy!!


    No problem p4jrm, happy to help. The ads used to drive me nuts as well :-)

  93. Robert Cubinelli

    RIP Hutch, mate😑

  94. Дмитрий шик

    сижу и плачу как же жалко этого парня RIP

    Мария Величко

    Да, очень жаль, прекрасный голос, харизма, всего 37 было, помню их ещё с детства, по-моему группа без него не существует.

    Ирина Шуняева

    Печально,а ведь мог ещё столько спеть. Жаль.💔

  95. Helen Happy

    Hes like an angel who just got lost

  96. Styles Lee

    This song had a simple effect on me when i 1st heard it.

  97. Wayne Gregory

    love this song and band. it's a real pity Michael died so

  98. Wayne Gregory

    great band, great song.