Interrupters, The - So Wrong Lyrics

You were right and I was so wrong
I was weak and you were so strong
Now that the damage is done

You were right and I was hard-headed
Upset at everyone who seemed to know better than me
I was ungrateful, not faithful
So blind but now I see
I was resentful, I repent for
Everything I did that hurt you so
You don't deserve it, I'm not perfect
I hope you can let it go

'Cause you were right and I was so wrong
I was weak and you were so strong
Now that the damage is done
You were right and I was so wrong
I was so wrong

It must have been so painful, for my angel
To see me walk the road of the prodigal son
And burn bridges, break dishes
And shoot liquor like a tommy gun
Now I'm just thirsty, for some mercy
It was so hard to show my face
We all remember my temper
You were always so full of grace

And you were right and I was so wrong
I was weak and you were so strong
Now that the damage is done
You were right and I was so wrong
I was so wrong

I was so wrong

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Interrupters, The So Wrong Comments
  1. Bastl

    Best German band ever

  2. Jason Ventura

    That album cover is dope as fuck

    Jason Ventura

    Very well designed

  3. Andrea Ferrari

    See you next week in Italy with Dropkick Murphy! It will be a damn cool night!

  4. baby._. juliana

    The best band and album ever!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. F. Crazybone

    Courtney Love only hoped to be this good.

  6. John Kay

    Another AWESOME song by them. Hugz to ya'all.

  7. Héber Bensi

    I saw they opening for Greenday, they are better than Gd kkkkk

  8. J.Miguel Romero

    five stars for this band guys

  9. Graham Aird

    Fave song on this Album... great band

  10. L8tin Cook

    Great song... it's hard to admit, but ... I was so Wrong

  11. Nice RC Playground

    Aimee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Dave J

    When you make a band after hearing Rancid for the first time.
    Literally a copycat tune of ruby Soho.

    lauren thompson

    tim had a lot to do with this album

  13. Kristen Lynn

    Thank you Jesus for Your love & mercy. This songs is AMAZING & THIS RECORD IS MY FAVORITE. Got this record playing non-stop. Fight the good fight! God bless The Interrupters!

  14. da phake whan

    gotta say, the song doesn't seem to fit in with what the album, the band even, means. i think of it like "hah! togetherness! power! woop!" I mean saying you were wrong is a bit different...even the titles. you've got Be Gone, She's Kerosene... that sort of thing. also, would you consider coming to Atlanta again? Ily

  15. ecrost84

    Come to Richmond, Virginia! I would love to see you live.

    Nathaniel Fraticelli

    Dude, March 12 at The National! Get your tix!

  16. xosua

    El tema es buenísimo, pero el final está como cortado. ¿no?


    She sounds like Joan Jett which is fuckin awesome!

  18. Trevor Patton

    Bitch rocks! Joan Jett 3.o

  19. Triet Phan

    Lead singer looks and sounds like Joan Jett

    Sebastian Castillo

    thought this was her

  20. ConcernedCitizen

    She sounds a lot like Courtney Love.

  21. Sadie Stanifer

    my day is complet

  22. juviny182

    My fav song from the album! :) Interrupters ftw!

  23. Mike Provocateur

    I ordered this album. But I love to listen to it on you tube so I can comment. It is worth the purchase folks.

    Cris Haas

    one of the best albums of 2018

    Emily Freeman

    @Cris Haas The only album of 2018

    Cris Haas

    @Emily Freeman What about Thanks for Today Deathcab for Cutie

  24. galikanokus87

    Cant wait to see U in UK!!!

  25. David Medina

    You are the best!! I love each song

  26. Sólyom Sam

    Ruby Ruby Soho

  27. Aliff Haikal


  28. Stevie 77

    so beautiful!!!

  29. Courtney Jones

    Yes!! So good!!😍👍👍🎵🎶

  30. wondermint2

    Seems like it cut off at the end before the song was completely finished?


    It was so wrong

    da phake whan

    I almost woke up my whole family trying not to laugh I like giggled into my hand and it made a Fart sound which made more giggles. what a mess but it was worth seeing this, brightened my... night


    @da phake whan
    I guess I could reuse a joke and say that you... interrupted your parents sleep

  31. gleb ivanoff

    2 года спали, и тут такой водопад песен, молодцы

  32. Diego Yanisky

    OMG this album is so fucking GOOOOOOOOOOOD, Interrupters forever bitch.

  33. Bulgyrat9016

    Heard this at amoeba

  34. Virginia M.

    Awesome!! You guys rock

  35. Alejandro Sabelli

    Alta banda!!!

  36. Victoria

    This album is sick!! I hope I could see you live someday. Greetings from Chile

  37. grant ballard

    hope you guys come back to Aus soon. loved the last Gig :). sick song!

  38. napunk saavedra

    Los amoooooo fui al concierto de noviembre y la pase genial una gran banda vengan a Bolivia

  39. Cristhian Aguirre

    I loveeeeeee this álbum <3 thanks my family <3 the Interrupters it's very cool <3 i love you <3

  40. nehuen rossetti

    Cada vez mejor! Saludos desde argentina, vuelvan rapido!

  41. matheus alves

    Ai sim porra 😍💪🏽

  42. Jacob Burke

    Saw you guys at ameoba music it was awesome!

  43. Steevefuk SO

    Hell yeaaaaa!

  44. Mari H

    Love them!!