Interrupters, The - She Got Arrested Lyrics

She Got Arrested
For shooting down her man
U.S. Marshals
Caught her outside of Spokane
She said I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
I'd do it again, I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
Ya I'd do it again

She met luck a year ago last Christmas
He drove a truck in town on business
She fell in love or so she thought
Cause Maryland was cold
And Nevada was hot
So she moved alone to the city of sin
Then got a place with him put her chips all in
But it got dark, he was a stranger
Put his hands on her in anger

And she got arrested
For shooting down her man
U.S. Marshals
Caught her outside of Spokane
She said I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
I'd do it again, I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
I'd do it again

They brought her down to the police station
In an eight foot room for interrogation
Her fingerprints on the murder weapon
Now all they needed was a taped confession
And she was bloody, been beaten for years
And her demeaner was cold so she cried no tears
But this time it was his blood on her
She wore it like a badge of honor

And she got arrested
For shooting down her man
U.S. Marshals
Caught her outside of Spokane
She said I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
I'd do it again, I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
Ya I'd do it again

Flight risk, she drove a thousand miles
In a cell for a year on trial
No regrets for the things she done
He lost the fight
She won

And she told her story, the jury heard it
Deliberating for a verdict
She's up for murder in the first degree
Because she refused to plead insanity

And she got arrested
For shooting down her man
U.S. Marshals
Caught her outside of Spokane
She said I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
Ya I'd do it again, I'd do it again
Do it again, do it again
Ya I'd do it again

Do it again
Do it again
Do it again
I'd do it again
Do it again
Do it again (That's Right)
Do it again
I'd do it again

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Interrupters, The She Got Arrested Comments
  1. No Yb

    Just when you think the genre is dead, you hear a banger like this. Amazing!

  2. Jordan Kimmelman

    Love the Interrupters miss y'all keep it up broskis

  3. Kuba Maćkowiak

    I saw you few years ago in Berlin in some club under the railway station. There were maybe 50 people. It was one of most remembable gigs in my life... Thank you

  4. Victoria Hammond

    She thinks she’s Brody dalle

  5. Jens Meyer


  6. Jens Meyer

    wait ´n....

  7. stephen sherman

    Awesome song

  8. deathpunx13

    MONSTER 2019

  9. Jose Villamonte

    And she got arrested lol good song

  10. Christine Pagsanhan

    Finding bands like this...Im scared. You may convince me their is a god who answers prayers. Not cool...Lets just stick to good Karma. Ramones RIP returns joey into a chick😊😁

  11. Nick Saitz

    When that fucking organ kicks in i curl my toes it feels so good

  12. William Bloomfield

    oh wow good scar.......................

  13. Lukas Sisu

    The song tells you the only story was her staying with him and eventually murdering him. There could have been another story, of her leaving the relationship of her own will when it got bad.
    Makes you reflect on assumptions of how we weight personal responsibility between the sexes, how quickly we judge tangled domestic violence situations, and how quickly we celebrate the use of violence by women against men.

  14. Boston is my race track

    Song sucks. So commercial I can't stand it. Formulaic and fake.

  15. The Shadow Project

    Shout out from Spokane, good to know at least someone knows us XD punks not dead

  16. Alicia Nietzschmann

    Libtard literal halfwits

  17. A. Stone Thorn

    Not as intense as Brodie but I wonder her vocal dynamic? Is pretty Interrupter girl a crazy bitch or a Loud Love!

  18. Alex mun

    I was watching a documentary from Michael Moore called where to invade next and I found these guys...awesome!

  19. Beth Ziegelmeyer

    Saw them at Warped Tour and Sonic Temple and dang they are awesome live

  20. Jennifer Ferguson

    So what happened to her? Did she beat it or not. I'm invested in this story dammit

  21. Samantha Bobier

    Saw them at rockville and im a huge fan now!

  22. djfitz13

    My favorite band at Rockville! Wish I could have seen a full set, but the 30 minute festival set was still totally awesome!

    Samantha Bobier

    For real though i saw them at rockville to and im now a big fan

  23. Snagglefratz

    Aimee!! 💘💘💘💘

  24. John Calcerano

    Anyone else hear the verse of Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend at 0:32 ?

  25. James MacDonald

    The recording doesn't do this girls voice justice.

  26. CREEPSHOP Belmar NJ

    Hi! We’re Creepshop. If you love The Interrupters please check out our brand new video RITA. We’re big Interrupters fans and we think it captures the Hellcat sound, maybe, hopefully. You be the judge:
    Hope you dig it. And if you don’t, please feel free to leave us some mean comments. We have not been burned for the last time, that’s for sure...

  27. Lindsay Bjornson

    Absolutely obsessed with this band now!!!

  28. Jeff Kaminski

    Raising my daughter on this music :)

  29. Ryan Riopel

    im terrible at math, but i think this is the 15th song iv heard from you guys, and i think i came about 30 times. PUNK NEVER DIED IT JUST HIBERNATED!!!!

  30. CREEPSHOP Belmar NJ

    Hi- we’re Creepshop. If you like The Interrupters please check out our brand new video RITA. We’re big Interrupters fans and we think you might possibly potentially like our sound, maybe...
    And if you hate it, please feel free to rag on us in the comments. But thanks for listening!

  31. Devin Kitzman


  32. Paulo Pereira

    Amazing!!!!! finally!!!

  33. Yvan SEMENIC

    Superb vibe here! Best wishes and keep-up with the good work.

  34. Omar insano

    Awesome Sound.

  35. Justin Thiel

    just got my tix for the Denver show in April.

  36. MussoiSka

    a band like this in the years 2010s is pure gold

  37. Gary Oak

    Is it a true story?

  38. Isabella Huneke

    I love you very much

  39. pendechos


  40. Lindsay Bjornson

    One of my favorites by The Interrupters.... "this time it was HIS blood on her, she wore it like a badge of honor!" What a great line!


    hot damn :)

  42. MrPulchano

    come to fla plz bring the bosstones if u can

  43. MrPulchano

    geez ma fav band now

  44. geko 613


  45. Brian D Howard

    Spokane .. ha

  46. nicole mckillop

    saw them tonight they were awesome... sounded like the album so that's the shit. like legit they were having sound issues and the guitarist handled it great keeping the crowd engaged while she fixed her mike issues super professional definitely going to see them again gonna wait till i get to see them for a longer set though. it would be cool to see them play with streetlight that would be bad as fuck.

  47. TheLastCoolGuyOnEarth

    I love how upbeat the music is compared to the really dark lyrics

    Aaron Hurst

    That pretty much sums up most ska music :-)

  48. Shift//Dawgie

    There is a really cool punk band from the UK who i listen to who have that 90's vibe to, they're called Black Anchors, proper Tony Hawks Pro Skater vibes

  49. Haley Sawyers

    LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  50. Ramsey Rowland

    I'm an old rockabilly punk and my wife is a goth punk now pregnant... baby already likes the interrupters

  51. Jdm262

    This would fit perfectly in the older Tony Hawk games!

  52. D Mac

    love these guys, this song is one of my faves from them

  53. Kaylee Gonzalez


  54. Bruce Bennett

    Like Joan jett meets rancid you can definitely hear the influence

    Mac Turner

    Yeah, it sounds like Rancid with a female singer, who tries to sound like Rancid.

  55. Tom fields

    ok soooooo this is a good tune

  56. Actionmoviemaker 001

    im very grateful to have seen them at the last warped tour :)
    they r my new fave punk band
    i'm starting to love ska bands again...HELP!

    Daniel Corrigan IV

    Infested crack rock steady

  57. haniff hasan

    greetings from tour pls =)

  58. Just Jeff

    Man, EVERYTHING Hellcat touches...touches me. Inappropriately.

  59. Mister L


  60. Amped Up Fishing

    I can't wait to see you guys for the 1st time with my daughter at the show in about 2 weeks !

  61. Dennis L Noel

    Anyone remember skankin pickle muster plug bratmobile the toasters the ska flaws the Bruce Lee band

  62. Aixa Oviedo

    Saw them in buenos aires, i didn't even know them back then, but oh god, they are amazing

  63. Keith Kevelson

    I love this band.

  64. john frew

    Love when songs tell a story OiOiOi

  65. Daniele Novati

    It's only a problem of mine if I prefer to listen 1,25 faster ? GREAT JOB, Tim foresaw well...

  66. Rage Plays

    Damn I Love her Voice <3

  67. Romero - TV


  68. cxpunx666

    Love them!amy high fived me and shared the mic with me during the course!!

  69. DodixBro Games

    Мой любимый трэк)

  70. Kurt Gally

    Saw them in huntington beach last week. They're even better live. Clean music and Aimee is awesome!

  71. Bacon Pancakes

    what a tune

  72. Dennis L Noel

    This song kind of makes me scared to be man .... Joking

  73. Ari Saputra

    Yes .. music punk is my life ... PUNK ROCK AND SKA NOT DEAD

  74. efg abc

    Who is next to be arrested

  75. Rich De Leon

    Fkng love them! I'm hooked🍻💀

  76. Billy Calabrese

    I am pretty sure they wrote anout my girlfriend

  77. xavier zanini

    excellent morceau, ça met la pêche

  78. Lupe Tiemersma

    No jive jukin' here babes!!!!

  79. Isabel Duarte

    The interrupters broke everything in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Incredible! They're great live.I can't stop listening to them. <3

  80. AndiOmsen24++

    I was on a long journey from Rancid through Time Time Bomb till i found the Interrupters during i was sitting in my office. I feel in love with their awesome sound and i like this uptempo ska song. It makes me skanking with my feet under the writing desk the whole time. I hope to see them on a show in germany.

  81. Valentín López

    Que temazo vieja

  82. Célio Barros

    I love this sound

  83. gustavo criado

    I remember when I knew this band in the green day show in Brasil <3

  84. Joao Faita

    They were awesome on live! I saw them before Green Day in São Paulo last month

  85. Jhett Szostak

    I Thought this was Brody Dalle at first! my god, what a cool voice

  86. derek rodriguez arancibia

    Los vi en Chile :`3 ojalá vuelvan

  87. Lucas Gonçalves

    The Interrupters.
    I went to see Green Day here in São Paulo this month, they opened the show a little bit more than half an hour of music but tottaly worth it.

  88. Matías M. Aguilar

    Saw them live on their first time in Chile!!! They are awesome 🌟

  89. Santi Cervantes


  90. J.P J.P

    quien mas esta aqui por la gira con green day

  91. Santiago Colombo

    Punk is saving rock n roll and music again

  92. Matteo Osorio

    wow! this band is just what i needed. New fav.

  93. Aly hetfield


  94. Juancs

    Los vi antes de green day en argentina y estuvieron muy bien

  95. stfu ugly

    Caught the Interrupters last night in Seattle. Awesome show and great music! I am a new fan and will be following the band from here on out. The opening acts were also great: Sharp/Shock and SWMRS were awesome. Truly an excellent night of live musis.

  96. Chris Colombo

    I love this song, but when you kill your abusive partner, call you lawyer, don't say a word, and please don't say "I'd do it again," just as a practical matter.

  97. Bibin Subianto

    Fuck off...