Interrupters, The - Rumors And Gossip Lyrics

Some people can be so vicious
A friend turned to a malicious witness
Ain't got no time for the judas kisses
It's like their loyalty never existed
And after everything I've done for them
How they keep my name in their mouth
I'll make 'em spit it out
I'm on to you ain't nobody gonna listen
You better keep your distance
Rumors and gossip, so sick and toxic
Lies and accusations, in heavy rotation
And I don't know what you want from me
In your alternate reality of rumors and gossip
You're too sick and toxic for me
You like to orchestrate dramatics
Maestro with the knife back-stabbin'
Covert character assassin
I'm bulletproof when your guns start blastin'
You feed off the pain, you're feeding off the worry
You gotta control the narrative
Wanna control the story
I'm on to you when nobody gonna listen
You better keep your distance

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Interrupters, The Rumors And Gossip Comments
  1. Charlie Anderson

    That's some damn good music

  2. Jason Voorhees

    Dont sell out like Gwen

  3. Omar insano

    Conheci a banda, atráves do Rancid, estou viciado, no som do the interrupters. não consigo, parar de escutar.

  4. Omar insano

    Long life! Ska-punk!

  5. noomnoom


  6. Carlos Castañeda

    Que gran discaso .... vengan pronto a Mexico

  7. angel 2179

    me encantaaaaa!!!!!

  8. David Landsberg

    Great lyrics. Share um with everyone

  9. Joe Saitta

    Always one asshole....

  10. jay wright

    Song is DOPE!

  11. Mike Provocateur

    Come on! You know that one I told you about you is true. Not all rumor and gossip is bad? LOL. Love it.

  12. Daniel T. Chaves

    Whoa I love this melody!

  13. TheSelena2721

    Love it!!!! 😎

  14. larkprof

    Fave song off this album off this album! Need more awesome guitar solos, good vocals and chorus lines, over all dead on ska rhythm and that awesome bass and drum with that good old ska vocal percussion*chickachicka*!
    Such a good aggressive, infectious beat! Also the organ is a nice touch!

  15. Kev Bouchet

    GRAN TEMA!! Nunca decepcionan los Interrupters 👊😘


    Viva el ska-punk, síguelo, síguelo, ou yeahhh.

  17. Juan Rios

    hermosaa <3

  18. rudy pericolo

    This song is freakin awesome!

  19. Aliff Haikal

    asikkkkkkkkk aww

    Joe Saitta

    put down the pipe, people are starting to talk

  20. Derek Gailey

    Amazing song!

  21. James Birch

    So good!! See you in December guys!

  22. YellowCheeseMonkey

    Just so so good.. better than the finest madagascan vanilla ice cream on a hot summer afternoon

    Turkey Bowlwinkle

    Yes, very good but not better than ice cream (or pizza).

  23. rizhki dwi putra

    it's hard for me to love a new song but not for The Interrupters especially this song !

  24. Mauricio GS

    the best song!!