Interrupters, The - Room With A View Lyrics

No matter how much the clock goes around
There's an aching pain
The sun goes up and the sun goes down
But it still feels the same
Your house is just some drywall now
Your parents moved away
I know you got a room with a view up there
And you're looking down on me
I know you got a room with a view up there
Please save a spot for me
It's been ten years without you
And all your friends have aged
Some got married and some had kids
And some just moved away
And theres a few that came to live with you
A few that are on the way
I know you got a room with a view up there
And you're looking down on me
I know you got a room with a view up there
Please save a spot for me
All the laughter that you missed out on
Tears in your name
Your brother and sister are doing great now
But your mother's never been the same
And your father's there to comfort them
On every happy holiday
I know you got a room with a view up there
And you're looking down on me
I know you got a room with a view up there
Please save a spot for me

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Interrupters, The Room With A View Comments
  1. Miles Hirst

    RIP Uncle Gav we miss u ✌️dude

  2. Slone Acevidi

    I can't stop crying

  3. Kayn OTP

    rest in peace chris we will all miss you bud

  4. samsara_nightmare


  5. spiken theneck

    LOST my mom like15 years ago before my children could meet her. My youngest just told me that this song makes her think about her... Nice to have music touch hearts this day and age... thank you for the great tunes. Keep it up

  6. Zachary Bowers

    This song is about me and I'm not even dead :'-(

  7. carlos melo

    essa é uma das bandas da nova safra que eu gosto,geralmente eu só ouvia bandas antigas.muito bom(very good)

  8. Knuckle Buster

    Wow Chick RANCID.... Big deal

  9. Ben Rollman

    1:13 is the best "woo!" in all of music.

  10. fuckenxio

    If they ever come back to Colombia, i want to hear and sing along this with them <3

  11. GD McK

    This song is a glimmering light in the darkest of times. Thank you, Interrupters.

  12. Briar Jessup

    rest in paradise erikki save a spot for me up there would yah !

  13. MoeJillionaire

    All of the feels.

  14. BadAcid Trip

    Great ending song, off a great album

  15. Tommy Keeling

    Since being on Tour with Turbulent Hearts, bashing this song every day, its bringing me the most joy ! ❤ Sweatshop

  16. Dylon

    R.I.P. Levi
    Love you, man.

  17. Turkey Bowlwinkle

    Note to the future: they don't write great songs like this anymore.

  18. Dr Wackooo

    7.9k of these views are me, repeating this song, ITS SO FUCKING AWESOME

  19. Mike Provocateur

    I have to always keep myself away from commenting: because I am so bias in a situational that deals, with a hot chick like Aimee looking up on my Room with a view on life with my curtain open, which is an opening always for another schmoe or gal oh who seems to have had to watch their oh friends and family move on into a different styling but hers is in her same her mode. I relate. It sucks watching everyone evolve into oh new family branches of different kinds with kids of their own and what. But there is also liberation involved in having a different life than the what seeming norm. At least that is what is going on in my head when I hear this song. But Aimee should know that she won't have to live that life style too much longer. I am saving a spot for her, definitely. I agree with Marc Baca. Best album. Truly. I really love the music coming now, really do.
    I thought at first that The Interrupters were lucky to have Hell Cat. Now I think the pendulum is swaying the other way to even.

  20. Aliff Haikal

    the album that i like the whole song

  21. Mrbunsngear

    If you hit the dislike button you will spontaneously combust

  22. Corey Pallett

    R.I.P ali. Me and the girlfriend are thinking about you now and this song is helping loads.

  23. aleksandar nikolic

    U're great people.

  24. toad wii remote with wii motion plus inside

    My favourite on the album, what a masterpiece

  25. Marc Baca

    This is the best album of the year


    THE INTERRUPTERS's Ruby Soho. Great song!

  27. david scherer

    This was a very moving song.

  28. Arkadius Zigarette

    Dunno wether it's about death by suicide, sickness or fatal accident - but it's for sure one of the greatest songs about loss i've ever heard.

    Mads Gellert Madsen

    It's about socialism

    David Landsberg

    Mads Gellert Madsen interesting interpretation.

    Lucas Boudewyn

    It seems like it was written in a way that it could be any of those!
    Losing someone is always tough.


    Seems like a problem with drugs; leading to overdose of the subject. One verse she sings about friends ..."some has come to live with you, and some are on the way...".

  29. Mikey James

    I want this album to be 100 songs long !

    Dr Wackooo

    Mikey James i want the album to never end

    Turkey Bowlwinkle

    Just repeat it about 8 times

  30. YellowCheeseMonkey

    Soo Rancid ..meant in the nicest possible way... Love Rancid and love the Interruputers more than any band i have heard in the decade. They are the absolute, total, unadulterated dog b***ks. 100%. Some of the tracks a tingle goes up the spine of this cynical aged 50's punk. Wasnt sure if i would like anything on this album as much as i love She got Arrested but hell, what do I know -2 or 3 certified classics at least on the album

  31. Bret

    I love it