Interrupters, The - Got Each Other Lyrics

If you are alone tonight
You can come with us
If you don't have friends or family
Or people that you trust
We will be your confidants
Your sisters and your brothers

We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other

Through all the heartache
We find a way to smile
And if you were in trouble
I'd walk ten thousand miles
And when that storm comes around
Well I will be your cover

We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other

Hard luck and tough times
Always around the bend
Without your love and friendship
And a kind hand to lend
Well I'd be so lost
Out to sea without a rudder

We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other

Make our home in this sacred ground
We've been here for years
Solid in foundation
The blood, the sweat, and tears
Raise your voice, stand side by side
And we will sing forever

We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other

If you are alone tonight
You can come with us
If you don't have friends or family
Or people that you trust
We will be your confidants
Your sisters and your brothers

You ready?
1, 2, 3, 4!

We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other
We don't have much but we got each other

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Interrupters, The Got Each Other Comments
  1. B zed

    made an old punk so fkn happy minted record

  2. BenDrinkin1

    In the 80’s and 90’s as punks we were united. I got old and left the scene actively and getting back into it now the scene is so violently divided.

  3. Norman Winter

    Huuuh, Matt sounds kinda like Ian Stuart, soo awesome 🤯😆🤘🏻

  4. Sun Enthusiast

    Shoutout to all of my close friends and family who have stuck by me and was there throughout all these hard years. At the end of the day all we have is family, fuck everyone else. We don't have much in this world but we'll always have each other!

  5. soberpunk

    It is so goddamn nice to hear that unity message again.

  6. q3aryoko

    bitchin' Rancid is in there giving the love. great song. I love when Lars chimes in man, Badass.


    I like Matt's voice. You don't get to hear it often.

  7. Jarda Smitka jr. Tce


  8. BootlegGodzilla1

    this is amazing

  9. Perry Woodman

    Volvo stadium tonight was bad ass. Damn the Charleston heat and the timing. Thanks for the drumstick guys! I know Joel appreciated it... he even let me touch it. (Just that once though)
    Thanks again!

  10. I really like Operation Ivy

    Finally another song with Freeman vocals!! His voice is so unique and great


    You should check out Devil's Brigade. He sings and plays standup bass. Good shit.


    Passing the torch

  12. soulinite

    Ride the 4th wave!

  13. Asep Punk

    So fucking good!

  14. Miss Nobody

    This band will lead the next generation to Rancid.

  15. Richard Wicklum

    Do you ever tour up in Canada?? I would LOVE to see you guys live!!



    Richard Wicklum

    Ahhhhhh yeah!
    Seeing them live has been added to the bucket list

    Oneida Wolf

    Hell yeah Richard they came before they were famous to london ontario and just came back recently as well AFTER theyve gained some popularity! One of the best shows I have ever been to they sound exactly like they do on their albums!


    @Oneida Wolf I was there dude!!! Fantastic shows!!

  16. Helen Hubbard

    Describes the punk scene!

  17. J Go

    Don't do it

  18. Robert Poole

    I absolutely love this song!

  19. Brian Ingram

    Rancid...I've heard of those guys before.

    Brian Ingram

    Lars signed my pants back in 96

  20. Jack Bouley

    This song makes me want to climb a fucking mountain in the name of leather, chains, liberty spikes, and friendship ❤🔥⚡

  21. サイダーチェリー

    Coming Summer Sonic with RANCID✨

  22. Jaime Acosta

    This doesn't sound like new music to me because I listen to this music always. It's just a fresh fuck yeah ska lives thank God. Straight real honest get's the heart going good music. Revived me from the dead of the hell of current shit sold as "music"✌🤙

  23. Punk Cover Moose

    Long live the Interrupters.

  24. Pirates in Teepees

    It's been a while since such an amazing new band has come out. I LOVE THIS BAND! I am on like 6 plays in a row of this album. Every song is my favorite!

  25. Perry Woodman

    MATT FUCKIN FREEMAN!... I'd clone him if i could!
    humbly asked, with your permission, sir...may I say?... that's one cool hand, or two...

  26. Anna Mozatee

    Sham 69's "If the Kids are United" and The Interrupter's "Got Each Other"; Punk's ULTIMATE theme songs. All you need are these two songs, a safety pin through your eyebrow and a fist in the air.

  27. scott rogers

    Finally some real punk rock

  28. Mike Provocateur

    Cool song. I like it. It is totally old school punk, definitely. But with a real new twist. Truly.


    It's impressive to say the least!!

  29. Ann Wilkiemeyer

    Tim Time bomb I love U. Thanks Hellcat records for the Interrupters

  30. Lanuhsi Slehs

    These guys & gal kick so much ass! Holy shit.

  31. Franke Sisto

    God... this is song is so cheesy... but I love it!!!

    It’s so... so ska!

  32. Chaos Knocker21

    we should create a completely new country that's only punks, skins and ska's and this wil be the national anthem

  33. Adriana Espinoza Torres

    Son increíbles. Regresen a Lima, Perú !! 💜

  34. S J

    Fuck fake friends !

  35. Emil Dimov

    Listened to the song, didn't have friends or family, so went to their home addresses.
    They looked at me weird about it for taking it literally...

  36. 中野裕勝

    Please come to Japan!!!!!!!!!

  37. kamerad zeman

    Come to Indonesia please

  38. taiping alip

    Salute from malaysia

  39. Zach Creighton

    To fucking rad

  40. Okiechiko

    Hohohoho... awesome

  41. brickfungus

    nice to see bobcat goldthwait getting into music...

  42. Malakai Spears

    what punk means at its core that and anarchism

  43. 2coool Foskool

    Like real 77 punk? Like us on fb - NO PLACE TO PISS aka the PiSs

  44. Zein Paputungan

    Come to indonesiaaa..

  45. Kel Quirino

    Thank you guys for all the good vibes that you give to me. I'm depressed, your songs give me hope! I love you!

  46. ade surya winanta

    need lyric please

    Winston Smith69

    It's in the vid description 😉🍻

  47. SilencioNo Official

    Rancid/Interrupters ARGENTINA!!

  48. keenantara mahatari

    Reminds me with Honor Is All We Know! Great song!

  49. Orange Pulp

    Getting that Cock Sparrer vibe with lars these days 👌

    Cody Heckler

    Orange Pulp thought I was the only mfer that thought that

  50. Chiara Piva

    Honor Is All We Know part 2

  51. Tomáš Lang

    I am like 666 for super song, from best bands ever ! :D

  52. TheCollector

    YES!!! That's how it's done!!!!!

  53. Ian Batista

    This band makes me so happy!

  54. Elliot Argenis Escalera Torres

    Awesome, Tim, Matt & Lars

  55. iraz vids

    i love it when tim sings with the interrupters. but when rancid sing with them. its even better!!

  56. oignon sauvage

    Tim Amstrong should leaves this band alone and go to rehab ONCE FOR ALL ! (fed up with his sick streetdog voice)

    nehuen rossetti

    oignon sauvage chupala

    oignon sauvage



    Said Fuck You lol

  57. Vladimir Markiev

    Who's that I hear singing in this song? Why, it's the whole gang!

    mickey ensley

    its tim bruh

  58. ryan2stix

    Matt Mothafuckin Freeman!!!!!!!!

  59. MattieLocs

    😍😍😍😍 keep it up. You got this guys support. You guys kick ass!!!

  60. Ava Love

    Operation Ivy 1990" + the interrupters 2018" = BADASS 😁😁😁

  61. Farisan Fathan

    this is epic!

  62. Kenneth FORD GARCIA

    Matt's voice is awesome!

  63. red drib

    if you think your family sucks wait til you have to rely on your friends

  64. Juan Gil Garcia

    Vengan a Perú 🇵🇪!!!

  65. mysterymanphoto

    Love it when Matt sings too

    eric roskup

    mysterymanphoto yesss!

    David Landsberg

    mysterymanphoto did I hear Lars also?

  66. mike tapia

    Que buena cancion putamadre rancid y the interrupters la voz de las Tim y el mejor bajista

  67. Luis Alfaro

    boludo, lo que suenan!! tienen q volver a Argentina a tocar ellos solos!

    Diego Beerserker

    Vengo haciendo campaña para que vengan solos desde el 2015 casi jajaja Fui a ver a Green Day mas que nada porque venían ellos, de paso vi un lindo show de Green Day jajaja

    Luis Alfaro

    @Diego Beerserker jaja si tenés videos subilos xq de donde estaba yo no se veía una goma

  68. cxpunx666

    this song is the punk's communtiy national anthem.

    Nick Butler

    couldn't agree more


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    speak for yourself haha, give me convenience OR give me death!


    I doubt the underground punk community likes this song lol but it's fun for sure

  69. reed76rc

    I don't have much but i got hellcat music

  70. Aliff Haikal


  71. Just another Account

    Absolute banger of a tune!!!!!

  72. Fabrício do Nascimento Luiz

    Lembro a banda brasileira Mamonas Assassinas! Muito bom!

    Victor Sacuti Cozinheiro

    Fabrício do Nascimento Luiz hahahahahahahhahahahaha

  73. Danielle Malloy

    Interrupters/Rancid tour should be a thing.

    Cj Campbell

    Danielle Malloy they usually tour together

    Inconsistent Gaming

    They both did a show in Seattle in 2013 at the Showbox SODO. I've been hoping they do another show since then.

    Kelli furthurdead

    Wendell Bruce saw the same tour in Vegas but missed interrupters and every time since then they came it didn't work out til last year finally saw them, great live and reminded me how much I miss ska

    Kelli furthurdead

    Jimmy Houghtaling lucky!!! That's such a good lineup! Saw offspring,bad religion,pennywise,stiff little fingers that was insanely good!

    Thomas Raymond

    We saw them at surf city blitz. Two days of punk rock, motorcycles and not one fight.

  74. Albert Leung

    So anthemic!!! OiOiOi!!! Love it!

  75. Martino Ferr.

    Hell yea🤘

  76. S. M.

    Another great song by The Interrupters!

  77. Bob Grenier

    Holy shit!

  78. jbm8312

    This should be the next video


    That Tour happened years ago man.

  79. johnpickk

    Holy shit, this is fucking amazing, the whole new album is!!!!

  80. Knekt


  81. サイダーチェリー


    El Chistos

    Matt !!!

  82. rizhki dwi putra

    Damn, this song is so great, i listening to this song all day long.
    greeting from Indonesia !

  83. RueTV

    I love this so damn much

  84. Naughtistic

    So sick 🎤🎤🎤🎤

  85. ConstructsoftheState two eyes one mouth

    Yeah!!! ✊👍

  86. The Interrupters Lyrics

    I love this song!!!