Interrupters, The - Be Gone Lyrics

Man on the corner got your soul in his pocket
You die a little every time he makes a profit
He’s killing you in the dark like a mob hit
In the clutches and you don’t know how to stop it
A broken record play the same old song
It’s getting old dirty needle getting worn
Now you’re ready, take the demons head on
Look em in the eye and say they gotta go
Get on behind me
Devil be gone, devil be long gone
Looking at your glass already half empty
You got a little but you wanna have plenty
I know the voices in the dark still tempt me
’til i remember all the places they sent me
And all the people that are gone too young
And anyone that's still struggling
I owe it to 'em to stand up strong
Got my iron shirt so they know they gotta go
Get on behind me
Devil be gone, devil be long gone
You got to go

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Interrupters, The Be Gone Comments
  1. Joe Saitta

    Devil be gone #QueenOfWarmongers #tulsi2020

  2. TheRideandglide


  3. Andres Alzate

    You are the band that revive in me the emotion of the ska-punk
    I love you guy guys and i love you baby 💜

  4. rami arebi

    finna blast this at some thot

  5. Pirates in Teepees

    Devil be GONE!

  6. Punk Cover Moose


  7. Skummy Skelly

    The day I find this song and it's 55 degrees on a January day in Chicago. Ska gods are telling me to skate. We be bombin hills to this jam lads and lassies!

  8. novan dwi saputra

    I loveeee youuu

  9. Sybato

    I really hope I get this album for Christmas, if I get a gift card I'm totally gonna get it

  10. LanzEarthling

    Why do I think of No Doubt when I listen to them? 🤔

  11. What Do You Know About Ska Punk?

    Ska is back!

  12. El demonio que entró en Lolita Ayala


  13. Enrique Kennedy

    Ska is back!!

  14. Joe Saitta

    Sometimes greatness thrust upon unlikely people. 20 year old John Lennon would've been last one to believe, such an unlikely story as his. Your humility, most endearing, SIGN of a great leader. Humiltiy is a virture, so rare in most music and in the world today. Never lose it!

    Particularly infuriating was commenter accusation of alt-right, obviously someone w/ political BIAS against Libertarians, wrongfully conflating the two. Another SIGN of greatness, your courage. Who thought 4 working musicians from Liverpool would be leaders in a social movement?

    I saw comments from haters saying you're phony cause you've done other things. Wow experimentation & versatility is phony? They said same shit about John Lennon. They only sling mud when they CAN'T criticize work , jealous & petty. This is how I KNOW, you ARE the anointed ones. To save music and maybe more...

  15. Mr Sarcasm

    I'm giving this a chance mainly bcos they've stuck with it. And haven't changed much.


    Praise God for the Inerrupters

  17. Calu Cifer


  18. Daniel T. Chaves

    That bass and keyboard at the beginning <3

  19. Om ar

    I Love this song!!

  20. Shaze Elliott

    Best song on the album?

    Pirates in Teepees

    That's a tough one... Every song on this album is my favorite! But yea, this song is especially amazing :)


    Nah She's Kerosene is better

    Maximiliano Barretto

    Broken World is the best song for me

    Wendy's Twitter

    Gave You Everything is easily the best on this album, but I also really like She’s Kerosene

    Christian Pedroza

    Yesss, of course!

  21. Mikhail Gordeev

    listening to this album whole night long drinking wine somewhere in russia/ that's great

  22. Christofer Tapiheru



    Christofer Tapiheru I hope you are right! #ska4life

    What Do You Know About Ska Punk?

    We approve this comment.


    Hell yeah! This album is GOLD.

  23. Tercio Santana

    What a chorus, goddamn!!!

  24. Aliff Haikal

    hello from malaysian hahahahaa

  25. lusho

    ska revival is happening

    Robert Moloney

    Didn't think it ever went away? Saw the Selecter in the West of Ireland in 2012/2013. It may have been swept under the carpet, but you just have to lift the carpet and there it was all along! What an album. Just saw them in Ireland the night before last, I am still buzzing!!!


    Such Good Vibes listening to this album so can't wait to see you people live in newcastle its gonna be Epic smiles all around

  27. David Jay DeRaimo

    I love this band just as much as I love rancid

    David Jay DeRaimo

    She's a badass women and there punk friends

    David Jay DeRaimo

    I watched them both in Chicago ....and even drop kick Murphy's I can't get enough of them all

    Albert Leung

    I second that!

    Matthew Raschke

    They good but not that good Rancid have Punk Demigod status bro, they are amazing though fresh funky.


    They're a bit of Rancid, The Toasters, and Mighty Mighty Bosstones. I love how much of the genre they cover in just one album!

  28. Bret

    This is amazing <3


    HonorableTyrant The whole album is!