Interrupters, The - Bad Guy Lyrics

White shirt now red, my bloody nose
Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes
Creepin' around like no one knows
Think you're so criminal
Bruises on both my knees for you
Don't say thank you or please
I do what I want when I'm wanting to
My soul so cynical

So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I'm the bad guy, duh

I'm the bad guy

I like it when you take control
Even if you know that you don't
Own me, I'll let you play the role
I'll be your animal
My mommy likes to sing along with me
But she won't sing this song
If she reads all the lyrics
She'll pity the men I know

So you're a tough guy
Like it really rough guy
Just can't get enough guy
Chest always so puffed guy
I'm that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I'm the bad guy, duh

I'm the bad guy, duh

I'm only good at bein' bad, bad

I like when you get mad
I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone
You said she's scared of me?
I mean, I don't see what she sees
But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne

I'm a bad guy
I'm a bad guy
Bad guy, bad guy
I'm a bad

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Interrupters, The Bad Guy Comments
  1. Markus Wiemers


    in my humble opinion you should just watch this
    or my (OWN) video..
    just leave a little bit of coins there... qpdurj6734878jjfl0vnuvku7m04ffj2psvhkwnz0g
    Than I could just by trine 4 and play it
    or you could even watch this guy.. he is in my humle opinion the king of all covers

  2. Rhian Royal

    I totally dig that, love this band.

  3. Alexander Umanzor

    Daaamn this Sh*t is 🔥🔥💣💣 Better than the Original one tbh!!... The Trombone 😎 🔥👌👌👏👏

  4. LisV :3

    Ok, now I'm interested in this band

  5. Brandon Rilling

    1:03 sheep.

  6. Dredgen Yor

    Not enough horns!

  7. JR JR

    Not a fan of the other version. Having said that, I LOVE THIS UPBEAT SPIRITED VERSION!!!

  8. KlarKopf

    Hearing this at a swiss-rock-radio, falling in love with it

  9. Clive Fane

    Love it ❤️

  10. Derr Wereturd

    pick it up pick it up

  11. Mickael

    good good good

  12. Tony Wilson


  13. The Hound Dogs za

    Amazing Cover !!! 🖤

  14. pallbearers1969

    Better then the original..

  15. Andrei Lucian Țecu

    Nice cover, funky!!


    Pffffffg, hard to like after i was listening to great music from the 60th & 70th for 1 hour.
    So, nope. Booooring

  17. Levi Thorstone

    So? rockabillie eilish ska guy.

  18. Kat DLT

    Well fuck yeah

  19. Sarah Hiles

    Oi Oi!😎😎👊👊!

  20. TatoTimez

    THIS is what this should have sounded like!

  21. Richard alexis Castro nuñez

    Doble nueve

  22. Henry

    LA original de Billie Eilish es realmente mala

  23. Gekko Studios USA

    just plain awesome 👍

  24. Fourth Wall TV

    This song is even better when played by a group with actual musical talent.

  25. Kyle Smith

    Look at all the people desperately trying to be superior to others because they don’t like some artist. It’s adorable.

  26. Alec Holland

    Literally DESTROYS the original version of the song.
    This is what happens when a real band/singer actually plays music.

  27. AquariumGrownPlants

    Posers love this

  28. Claudia

    this is SICK

  29. Santiago

    Me gusta más esta versión... 🙄

  30. Dat boi again

    great stuff!

  31. Chef Paul

    Far out! Much better than the original!!

  32. Ибрагим Сулейманов

    А что? Очень даже клево...

  33. Logan Metcalf

    I actually like both versions of this song.

    *prepares for hate*


    Both are super good. Different enough to not really be that worth comparing against each other.

  34. Cat thomas

    Madness vibed

  35. Rody Ahmad

    I like this better than original

  36. HondaPro. K

    i love it

  37. Maxime Dufort

    Your performance in Montreal was incedebale at Mtelus!!!

  38. Mathias Bodewell

    EST. 2020

  39. steven gillham

    Just brilliant.

  40. Saraya Ration

    😍😍😍😍 absolutely love this!!!

  41. vernando saputra

    i like the cover song, from indonesian

  42. Jaz Yuill

    I'm afraid to say very poor Rancid

  43. RedPill TheNormies

    Would be better off calling it the "Heroin guy"

  44. Kenneth Ostrer

    I'm pretty sure billie would approve. Ska Billie? Of course

  45. Novy Ritchie

    Love it...😘😘😘 skinhead hip hop...

  46. xlxDxlx

    More please.

  47. Brent May

    hate the original but omg I live for this freaking cover! Duh! **Trombone plays**

  48. trash manpunker

    Lost my respect as a punk/ ska band covering this shit.....

  49. damianzaw

    Better than original!


    Don’t think so

  50. alex jessop

    this is a better version


    Don’t think so

  51. LeAvE it to WeAvEr

    I'm 44yo & I love Billie Eilish.
    I fucking love this 🤘🤘 & I GUARANTEE she'd love it too. I hope she sees this!
    Btw first time hearing you & LOVE IT.
    NEW SUB right here <-----

  52. HeresMikey!

    If I showered this to my younger siblings that just got into Billie Ellish they would believe this is the original

  53. Karla Galvão

    accelerate by 1x25 !!

  54. bornfuct

    fuk ya!

  55. Tom Goffnett

    Nicely done!

  56. Alexandre Pereira

    Amazing the song

  57. Justin Johnson

    When the cover is better than the original.

  58. jaylen pizarro

    she got a sexy voice

  59. Linda Hollinger

    Never heard the original, but this is pretty damn kicking. I love it! Great Job!

  60. Billy Watkins

    Fuckn killer

  61. Александр Николаевич

    Sergey Shnurov style 👍😁

  62. Misanthropic666bipolar

    For me the make or break is how you deliver “Duh”
    Nailed it 🤘🏻

  63. johan6347

    een goede cover ja maar beter dan billie eilish neen , het origineel blijft geweldig

  64. John Panagakos

    So sick. Liked the 'One Step Beyond' reference.

  65. Gb Crowne

    What a jewel! I love this version!

  66. Cherry Killer

    my boyfriend hit me this song and is a thousand times better than Billie Eilish ✊

  67. Shakespere Zen

    Awwwwwesome Ska Punk guys make music totally fun to jump about the house to..I never seem to get any work done if you are blaring from the stereo..Dang you Truly Eeeevil Rascals Yoooo😈😆💕👍..

  68. Conor Prochaska

    Thank you, you showed that even with a great band there is no saving this fucking peice of shittyness song. It's not your fault

  69. Jess Shane

    I bet Billie Eillish likes this version better than her own..

  70. 애교코만도

    빌리엘리쉬가 부른건 모르겠고, 이게 훨씬 낫다는건 확실하다.

  71. Mich 2409

    @Billie Eilish or whoever the fuck you are, this is how it's done.

  72. Jose Antonio Seminario Ordoñez

    the coitus interrupters? :v

  73. Dano Nugraha

    Wait, Robert DeNiro on the bass?? Wow

  74. amber Lockhart

    Much better

  75. Cian Nolan

    Instrumentation is very good but nothing can distract from terrible lyrics

  76. josaurus rex

    ouww yeahhh!!

  77. H2O Feature

    spit and polish the old now it's new with a twist of future. love it.

  78. jakeTexas

    I like this version better.

  79. Grunge Kid Music

    Perfectly done in your own style 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  80. john frew

    If Aims was a shrinky dink I'd put her on my key chain.

  81. Dusty83

    Wow, way better than the original! You guys rocked it and made it your own!

  82. BLACK_ MIKE230


  83. Me Alia


  84. wak atak

    can i finnish?

  85. Cicero Santos

    Aimee allen, will you marry me?

  86. Herecomes Trouble

    Hands down, best thing I've heard all year <3

  87. Tercio Santana

    this is so rad!

  88. 3pistolpete2

    Wow. Amazing cover! Pure skacore \m/

  89. Riley K

    Wow. This song doesn't actually suck. Just the original does lol

  90. Katerina Pash

    Heard this on the Covers Channel on SiriusXM and fell in love! LOVE THIS COVER!

  91. Misanthropic666bipolar

    NAILED IT! Faultless

  92. Daniel Fernandes

    Muito foda mermão!!

  93. fishermanmitch1 Salzman

    trombone makes this song!

  94. Brandon M

    Ok but the main female singer looks like 1974 era Margot Kidder

  95. Kent Power

    I didn't know who Billie Ellish was until I realized this song was a cover.

  96. Boatwright Family and Comics

    Billie who?

  97. Eduardo Escobar

    You shoud go to see how Billi Ellish made a cover of this song.

  98. artesa carpinteria

    ohhh, como suena, this is my song

  99. The Interrupters

    Listen to our new album Fight The Good Fight:

    Conor Prochaska

    Thank you, you showed that even with a great band there is no saving this fucking peice of shittyness song. It's not your fault

    Nivek Russell

    I listen the Fight at least once a week from a to b... great cover !

    Emily T

    Wtf where are the AZ dates?!

    Tony Wilson

    Coming out on tour soon?