Interrupters, The - American Idiot Lyrics

Don't want to be an American idiot
Don't want a nation under the new mania
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mind fuck America

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay
Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who're meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

Well maybe I'm the faggot America
I'm not a part of a redneck agenda
Now everybody do the propaganda
And sing along to the age of paranoia

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay
Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who're meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

Don't want to be an American idiot
One nation controlled by the media
Information age of hysteria
It's calling out to idiot America

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn't meant to be okay
Television dreams of tomorrow
We're not the ones who're meant to follow
For that's enough to argue

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Interrupters, The American Idiot Comments
  1. Michael Talbot

    Love this please do more kindest regards mickT

  2. Bruce Wayne

    Fuck, her voice is so good. Reminds me of Brody Dalle's.

  3. O K

    Love it👌

  4. cory vyner

    that's funky as hell. i really like this version. saw these guys with green day in 2017.. fucking amazing live

  5. koozboy

    Johnny Test of the Creek

  6. David Johnson

    Why cover this? I don't want to be a Canadian Idiot.

  7. Seth Millstein

    Better than the original!


    So much better then 5 sos


    I never knew this was a thing!!!

  10. Punk Cover Moose

    This is great!!

  11. Doc

    Ok my number one band since high school, is getting covered, It's official. we're old... still dig it tho lol


    When some one says skapunk is dead i answer, do you know interrupters?

    Matthew Brown

    I gave up on ever getting another Streetlight Manifesto so this will have to do

  13. ktmd03

    I wanna like it, and I should, cuz I like both bands, and the Interrupters are among one of the best new bands out there IMO...but I can't really get down with Aimee's vocals on this version =/
    I'll give em credit for trying though, but this just misses the mark in my book.

  14. josh bach

    Trump 2020!!

    xFn FraGrave

    I think we all hope not. I'm from the UK so ill feel bad for u if he stays. Wish u luck lol

  15. Nastasia Rivas

    Jonny test anyone?

  16. Gerardo Malicia95

    No me guste green day pero buena version aguanteee the interrupters ska punkkkk y cervezaaaa

  17. Amal Rehman

    I’m a bit iffy on the vocals but aside from that I think it’s a cool cover, the style is so different from the original yet somewhat similar and doesn’t butcher the song

  18. Sadie Stanifer

    what an another American idiot?

  19. Jordan Allen

    They've aced it. Awesome.

  20. Neverender 19


  21. sleeping colours

    I can't believe I'm just finding this now. This is fucking awesome!

  22. Billy Ramone

    DAMN! The Interrupters strike again! Rapidly becoming a favorite these days. Looking forward to seeing them at Punk in Drublic on June 3rd.

  23. Rodrigo Fernandes

    Melhor q a versão original kkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkk venham pro Brasil! Mais só vcs... Não venha nesses eventos de rico pra toca pra burguesia!

    Giulia Capel

    Exatamenre kkkkkk!!!

  24. Patrick Garcia

    Wow I never really liked this song but I like The Interrupters and I think they made it better!

    Huey Long

    Whatever it takes to get you to listen to green day, that's all that matters

  25. Jim Ferguson

    Brilliant Stuff

  26. Cory

    I'm their brother

  27. Brad Redundant

    The instruments have kind of an Operation Ivy vibe to them, I could see Jesse singing this definitely

  28. Fernando García

    Chiquirop Chiquirop Chiquirop ska ska Movimiento skin perros

  29. soundxpunos


  30. Tomtom Kaladalle

    i love this covet cause i love green day and the interrupters.

  31. Tomtom Kaladalle

    i love this covet cause i love green day and the interrupters.

  32. Keola Mahelona

    Perfect blend of ska and surf rock, this should be on nimrod

  33. 中野裕勝


  34. MATEJ Stojanov

    Dammit, Kerrang! You have to make everything like shit.

  35. Mike Provocateur

    I have to say that I am bias here cause I am actually just in love with Aimee Allen, love the gal. But I like the Interrupters version of this song better than Green Day's. It is really sexy hearing a chick nail a song done by dudes only basically for dudes. Great Job I think. Aimee Interrupter and the guy Interrupters nailed this song. Green Day's draw back is that they are punk up to a point; when in reality Green Day were pretty commercial from the very so beginning. So it makes me laugh to read people of any type having to say anything about The Interrupters version of this song or any song as because The Interrupters (say what you will about their collaborating too much with Tim Armstrong, to which I agree they need to go create more their own sound: as they have some but not enough) they have never claimed themselves as part of any oh suckling on the tit that Green Day has always put its lips onto. Green Day were a commercial band and still are basically. Aimee Allen turned down a big music there contract and big publishing companies over producing her, where Green Day signed on the dotted line and went with being over produced. In my oh opinion Green Day should be honored to have someone like Aimee cover them. She is first class. Same with the band. Green Day is a bunch of closet homos afraid of their proclivity.

    Shachar Glück

    oh yeah lets say a lot a shit and than make a stupid joke about gays. maybe in your opinion green day is over produced, but that's just your opinion. it's not a fact. actually, green day and the interrupters and really really good friends and they write songs and produce them together a lot.


    Que buen cover

  37. Reda Lhioui

    This reggae rock band sucks ass -_- just like Rancid and the likes

  38. keenantara mahatari

    This is funny. Green Day song with Operation Ivy-like music, i bet Aimee last name's now Armstrong too!

    Adam Philipson

    Given that Billie at some point asked Tim to be part of Green day, but he opted not to and go off in another direction.

    Jason Schooler

    Aimee is married to Kevin the guitar player for Interuptors/Transplants.

  39. teenagerfrommarss

    This is so good I'm glad that Kerrang brought the interrupters in to cover this

  40. Lord Piesaac

    Ah yes I love when one of my favorite over-driven pop punk songs is turned into some shitty beach anthem.

  41. isidooraaa

    this is so fucking good, american idiot ska version is very awesome

  42. Boi Retardus


  43. Linkin 69

    Okay fuck you can't disagree with me hear, they destroyed the instrumental! The iconic American Idiot riff was destroyed by some Mexican sounding shit! But to be honest it does have a cool Rancid vibe to it


    I can disagree with you

  44. James Daniel

    If American Idiot was in Nimrod

    Keola Mahelona

    Was thinking exactly the same thing

    tom brady

    Have you even listened to nimrod no Green Day songs sound anything like this

  45. mobilesuitjesse

    This sounds like something from sonic heroes xD

  46. Luca Nicolosi

    seeing these guys open for green day super excited

  47. piefort99


  48. Daniel Solano

    If Rancid wrote this song....

    King SLAYER!!

    Daniel Solano Tim Armstrong actually signed this band and does a song with them called Family

    Daniel Solano

    @King SLAYER!! I know, i love this band and Hellcat Records.

    King SLAYER!!

    Daniel Solano same. I got to see The Interrupters last October. Killer live show

    Randall P Floyd

    Duh... totally Rancid inspired!

    Carlos Facundo Hernández

    It sounds more like Operation Ivy

  49. Stez Mutiny

    this is fucking fabulous

  50. Girl Friday

    pretty cool cover;)

  51. My Chemical Kaulitz

    Guys, if want a 'punk sound' so badly, go listen to the original -_-

    Brad Redundant

    You don't get to talk about punk when you have an emo kid as your avatar picture

    Joey D. Gabba

    Brad Redundant a punk does whatever the heck he/she wants, you also don't get to tell him/her what to do mate - it's really not punk at all

    Joey D. Gabba

    Serious Goofball you go around telling people what to do and what's not to do , so punk

    Truth BeTold

    I'll see all you emo pussies in the pit. You'll know it's me because I'll be the real punk smearing your guy liner with my fucking elbow!!!

    aldi armstrong permana

    @efri andy bahar more ska

  52. Sean Kearns

    This is the only one I've heard from this tribute album that isn't an offensive pile of steamy shit, I do really like The Interrupters though so I might be biased


    Sean Kearns what dud you thunk about Milk teeth?

    Sean Kearns

    piefort99 didn't care enough to remember

  53. Scsigs Gaming

    Still better than 5 Seconds of Summer, I'll give it that.

    Maria Sanchez

    Scsigs Gaming I was thinking the same thing....

    Kyle Bowen

    a 3 year old on a toy piano would be better than 5 seconds of shit

  54. Hermione Styles

    I like 5 Seconds of Summer's version of this song better. Their cover actually sounds like a song. This version is so bad, it makes it seem as if this was made for another generation. If you played this for someone that would have no idea this is Green Day. American Idiot is their most well known song. Please choose another artist for this next time.

    karl gee

    Are you on crack

    Maioha Hunt

    Hermione Styles They basically just wanna be Greenday, They're just wannabes

    Maioha Hunt

    kaas I was Referring to 5SOS

    Maioha Hunt

    kaas Idk why everyone says theyre not Punk. Describe Punk for me


    If its cover it shouldnt sound same... and if you like 5sos pls kys

  55. Nacho Sanchez Parra

    All these bands are good but they suck at this XD

  56. That Bonkers Brit

    These guys would've done better covering a different song. Good sound. Just not for this track.
    This one needs more of an angry punch.

  57. Zoe Wimberly

    Definitely the most unique out of all the covers. Best track imo.

    Lord Piesaac

    DiarmuidMcGurk same. I think a lot of these tracks are almost insulting to green day. the only ones I actually liked the covers of are Hitchin a Ride, 21 Guns, She, and When I Come Around


    The Lonely Hobbit exactly my thoughts half of them especially this song is a massive middle finger to green day

    Fernanda Martins

    Wallace McGudis I think it's better than the original

    Robert Hardy

    If you think this is an insult you're a fucking moron

    Miss Mo

    Dude these people opened for GD on their last tour. They are a ska punk band. Billie helped them write a song on their new album. It's not an insult. Just a different genre.

  58. Zackary Aqqad

    I like some of the bands stuff but I hate this I think it ruined the original for me holy shit

  59. Black Ice Entertainment

    this is really good, love the beach vibe a lot and nothing bad to say besides it's not the original which doesent matter so WOW


    Black Ice Entertainment *ska vibe

  60. Meitnerium9818

    it sounds like something that could be in bill and Ted's excellent adventure :/

  61. Lucas Santora

    This is fucking sick

  62. Lucas Santora

    Omg ska American Idiot

    Aqil Kamaludin

    hey doesn't this sound like that Foxboro Hot Tubs bands??? (wink wink)

    efri andy bahar

    it's sounds like The Interrupters

    Matthew Lee

    Skamerican Idiot.

  63. Jamm Traxx

    keep checking back. more tracks comin'..,

  64. Louise Austin

    hi please can you upload the Twin Atlantic cover of Good Riddance?? 🤗

    Jamm Traxx

    Done. Enjoy!

  65. Moustachio McEvil

    pretty unique