Internet, The - Shadow Dance Lyrics

Won't you shadow dance for me?
Play it off and tell me how it feels [x2]

Let's try something different, brand new
Oh that, right there, don't move
I wish I could tip you for all of your time
Yeah, yeah

Girl when you
Teasing me, pleasing me, guaranteed
You know that I love it when you (I love the way)
Dance for me, flashing me, all for free
That's the way I like it baby
It's what you do
Me and you should rendezvous
Somewhere we can meet in private
Your debut, time to shoot
Now's your cue, so

Won't you shadow dance for me?
Play it off and tell me how it feels [x2]
(For me)

If I could freeze the hands of time
I would stay right here with you
Right by my side, that'd be nice
The night is young, your taste is sweet
Lay with me until we find
Just what we need, what we need [x2]

Tell me that you love me, babe
Tell me that you love me, girl
Tell me if you love me, baby
Do you really love me, baby?
Do you really love it, girl?

[Vocalizes out]

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Internet, The Shadow Dance Comments
  1. S. Jackson


  2. Nic A.k.a. Personwhoexists

    This is fancy as h**k

  3. cj so cool

    I only noticed the cat on the bed 😂

  4. LacyHipHopMovement Gang!!

    I'm in love

  5. DJ HYPE

    Can’t believe this only has 1.1M views.


    Someone could tell me this is Aaliyah and I wouldn’t question that. Same vibes.

  7. Dr Renea

    Damn even Sid choosing not black??!! Love the song. Not the video

  8. Danger Knight

    God they are so underrated

  9. K. Jackson

    Man, this is so smooth

  10. L. Chill T.

    Love this , sooooooo smooth

  11. SC Thomas-Joe

    This band is dope !!! The mood and chill mode. Her vocals and the musicians is a whole groove !!!


    Whoa... this is amazing

  13. Carlton Lou

    Syd.. you always stamp, but the seductive level..smh, if a generation gives you and the Internet birth credits...

  14. Candee Jordan

    Love this ❤

  15. gutasvos

    Anos se passaram e ainda não tirei essa música da minha playlist!



  17. Diamond Gillard

    lucky girl

  18. Emmanuel Hernandez Martinez

    Sex sex sex sex😍❤

  19. Fabiana Cabrera


  20. Anthony Fulton

    sang gurl!

  21. amber fords

    Who still jamming to this in 2018 show of hands

  22. younger lil uzi

    Just finding this has a music video

  23. enigmaticstatic 7

    My girl is hot like Syd. Lesbian love is so beautiful. I love you baby girl xxx

  24. Asanda Africander

    Ewu, cuff yo girl

  25. Michelle Arcanjo

    This video is sooo extremely beatitiful.

  26. Capricorn Love

    I love this song!! Syd is soooooo DOPE!!

  27. Jorge Luiz

    i didn't know syd was this great since 2014, awesome evolution since then

  28. J' allume

    Who else watching this in 2018?😂🙋🏽‍♀️

  29. Akaash Kathawaroo

    Is Frank Ocean and the internet ever gonna do a project together? I think if that were to happen it would be the only thing I play ever ... you both Odd Future...this needs to happen ...please consider this Syd and Frankie


    Syd Is The International Playa From The Himalayas!!

  31. lydia bryant

    Her voice yessssss

  32. Toya

    don't stop making beautiful 🎶

  33. Kati Dust

    I have learned how to love music once again

  34. Emanuele La Plebe


  35. brndn

    Wont u shadow dancee 4 meeee

  36. RoSo

    This girl gets all the girls I can only dream about.

  37. Henry Ward


  38. Noel Spiva

    I used to watch this video every night ❤️ so beautiful

  39. kat _onacid

    This song is definitely going on my list. If I'm ever bumping this song my girl better know what time is it haha

  40. Noluntu Zwelibanzi

    Still sounds amazing

  41. grown sound

    Love it...


    this song makes me cry every time I listen to it

  43. bartdude82

    Who's here before a million views?

  44. Fausto Valdez

    That was... HOT

  45. Lore Lovins

    I needed this in my life.

  46. MZ Cam

    Coffee house music 💯

  47. Toya

    beautiful music

  48. Jennifer Castro

    This is beautiful

  49. Initially Sound 2


  50. Mona Kealah

    Goosebumps all the way <3

  51. Tamika Landers


  52. Latisha Johnstone

    The Roots & Jill Scott late 90s early 00s vibe!

  53. The Nomad

    made a beat outta 3:46...check it out...

  54. Haram Lamont

    This song is fuckin 'OUT OF THIS WORLD'!!!

  55. Khuking Soul

    I will never understand the people who click unlike to such beautiful music!
    I am just a Zulu guy from South Africa.

  56. Skyy Royal

    her fuckin beat selection caresses her style and vice versa

  57. LaPortia McKinley

    this shit almost made me gay! I FUCKING LOVE THE INTERNET!

  58. Andre Souza

    of is over but the internet keeps the vibe

  59. Shelley B

    so in love with this single

  60. Ms. Pretty Brown Cancer

    beautiful 💕💕💕💕

  61. Loyalty'sBest

    who is the asian girl!?

  62. PPP

    Syd makes my dick hard

  63. yeyo710

    I've actually met this dude after oddfuture carnival concert quick talk session2015.

  64. William Knight

    this tight

  65. *Sweet Lena*

    Always been 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. Sarenna Walker

    I love this song so much but I have to admit if syd came on the me I'd be down for it she is totally hot

  67. wowokwow

    Who is the Asian girl in this video?What's her name?Is she a model,actress,what?

  68. IASIS

    there are aids that are 2 hours long. wtf. thank god for the skip button



  70. Kay The MilkShake

    This song should have well over 1 million views .


    Kay Veggies Its getting there


    I feel like 1/3 of the views are just from me lol

  71. Reni Rn

    So amazing

  72. Anna Valentina

    Teasing me, pleasing me...

  73. Niah J .

    GOD BLESS && JESUS BLESS Y'all && U && U All && Ur Family Members && Ur Fan's && Ur Friend's

  74. Freeform Thoughts

    This track is euphoric!

  75. no im not high its euphoria

    all the gay comments seriously ruins the song. who gives a fuck who you like.. just listen to the song seriously do you go on straight singers videos and say god damn makes me feel good to be straight just shut up and listen to the song

  76. A Reyes

    225 people without good taste disliked it lol great song!!❤

  77. Stebbie J

    she bringin neo-soul back!!!

  78. Markie Wynn

    Liiiiiiiiiitttttttt I play this all the time the whole Album is fire

  79. Poppy

    this is such a beautiful video

  80. Hugh Janus

    I loveloveloove this song! Can someone please recommend me some tunes that flow jus like this! New School, Old Schooll, it doesn't matter!

    Brandon West

    Also check out the band, Hiatus Kaiyote. You won't be disappointed.

    Hugh Janus

    @Brandon West i love them!

    Sha'Dae Brower

    Urn by Childish Bambino has the vibe

    Sha'Dae Brower

    KidGamer yeah specifically Babylon


    @Sha'Dae Brower urn 🙆one of my fav

  81. Dominique Boyer

    this has been on repeat for months


    Dominique Boyer been on repeat since feel good released

  82. flying monkeys

    this is so beautiful 😍

  83. Tiffany Jacks

    I love this song!! I play it alot!!!!

  84. Feo 9acino


  85. Lucie CZ

    i'm not lesbian but for her I would be ..She is amazing woman with man's thinking, behaviour etc. Love her.

  86. tKoQ

    If I could freeze the hands of time
    I would stay right here with you
    Right by my side, that'd be nice
    The night is young, your taste is sweet
    Lay with me until we find
    Just what we need
    my favorite line xo

  87. Red Barbiie

    Syd makes me wanna be lesbian sometimes lmaoo .

  88. erikascottjones1979

    I both hate and love finding out about a (new) artist. I hate that I have never heard this before and it has been out for some time. But I love that I was put on to this; she reminds me of Amel Larrieux (voice) and looks like (Ladybug Mecca, Digable Planets).

  89. msraqueta



    Song reminds of my first time feeling love.... That's all over now

  91. Shanee Washington

    She pulls us in because she has the best of both worlds she speaks from a emotional level as a woman but sees it from a man's eyes yall ain't ready!


    Shanee Washington so stupid like a boy ;p womyn's sumthin n man's sumthin wut? Lol

    A. L.

    "but sees it from a man's eyes"---> The fact she's bisexual/gay or dresses in "menswear" (now irrelevant in western societies cause everybody wears anything regarless of gender) doesn't make her a man. She just sees it from HER own eyes! It feels like people always need to attribute a "male role" to one of the partners in a lesbian couple... You don't necessarily need to see things through a man's lens to appreciate a woman's worth. Sister, stop seeing genders, start seeing personalities. ;)

    Robin Shipp

    yes....thats right on the money lol.. She's wonderful

    SC Thomas-Joe

    Diek Marley What a response ! 😂😂😂

  92. Keith Thomas


  93. Dolly W0lf

    This kinda reminds me of Poussey and SoSo from OITNB😭

    Destiny Franklin

    thinking the same thing

    Tiffy Shackelford

    omg yes!

    Hair Etc By Vee

    awwwww I miss poussey

  94. Eurydice Shackelford

    This is honestly making me think of poussey and brook and making me sad

    Mia Gutierrez

    I'm cryin

  95. SI- LINCE


  96. MrBlkirishqueen


  97. APoem YouNeed

    For Syd


    I was born this way and that shouldn’t be an issue
    People are very cold though, colder than an igloo
    I’m viewed as a lesser person as if I were a cannibal
    The frowns, whispers and hatred are almost tangible

    I’m not allowed to be gay because that’s a bad direction to swing
    Whatever I do is disgusting but straight couples do the same thing
    I thought gay rights and civil rights were interchangeable
    And if they aren’t then it should be easily explainable

    There is nothing wrong with me but I’m supposedly a degenerate
    Wherever people have learned this I hope the source is legitimate
    Sometimes I feel completely alone, helpless and defenseless
    So much judgement over something that is only my business

    I’m supposed to feel ashamed because what I am and what I do is immoral
    I’ll avoid discussing that topic since it will probably be an endless quarrel
    I wouldn’t be any other way and plus it helps me to see who has a closed mind
    In addition to a weak mind that will believe anything if they’re led by the blind

    I’m just a man who has preferences other than yours
    No need to wish me dead and gone like dinosaurs
    I’ve done nothing wrong but the majority will never see me as their equivalent
    I don’t understand why I can’t be different without people acting belligerent

    -Bad Ass Author

  98. Ti jAy

    love it 💜💜💜