Insomnium - Weighed Down With Sorrow Lyrics

"Nothing can offer content
Nothing can ease the pain
Nothing can wear off the sorrow
One is born to bear within

While your world is worth of trying
My world is mere cold
No chance in disillusion
Only the end of the road"

Man weighed down with sorrow
Anguished from the sole being
Destined to live with uneasiness
Always the hard way

Cold is the world
For the ones excluded
Dark is the path
In the absence of light
Compelled to cherish beauty in longing
Cling on love amidst of the suffering

No chance in disillusion
No, not in this world
Not for a man
Weighed down with sorrow
Only the end of the road

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Insomnium Weighed Down With Sorrow Comments
  1. 36 01

    Listening to this song on the day when Miika died is so painful and beautiful at the same time

  2. thomas tischler

    as i heard the band dedicated this song to miika tenkula/sentenced rip

  3. Warulven

    Time to cry again dear people of the internet !

  4. Vick

    To all insomnium fans with all respect: Please hear Sentenced, probably the best most underknown metal band in history and surely an inspiration to Insomnium, Amorphis musicianship level and the best band from Finland in their time, love and respect! \m/

    asdrt asdi


  5. edman218

    Amazing song and amazing band the lyrics speak to well 🤘everyone keep following you’re dreams!

  6. Vovin

    Finally, when the day ends, when its all said and done, when I reached the heights and tasted the lows, I'm returning to this song. Everytime.

  7. Radu Bojica

    Guys. All of us, listeners. Let us not forget the feeling, the immense euphoric feeling this song, this masterpiece gives us. Darkness through the lyrics, hope through the riffs and damn, those riffs. Hope you all go back in time for this song as I did!!

  8. Paul Eubanks

    This song echoes much of the leitmotif used in Fillmore (Actraiser). Very cool songs, both.

  9. Gustavo Brune

    this song can express my depression easely

  10. Average Metal Head

    Thank you for uploading this. All of Insomnium's music, but this song in particular has gotten me through some very hard times in the past year and a half.

  11. Xeno298

    Comments wayyy too old, so here's a new one. Stunning track, love you Insomnium 🤘

  12. Most Live



    This is beautiful. Tear jerks.

  14. Sqak

    Finally I know why PUBG old theme music sounded so familiar. This is metal as it’s finest.

  15. rano ljuta

    Great intro to the greatnes song.....Insomnium till the grave

  16. Arne DooM

    My top track since 2010, always on my phone, so whenever i'm feeling it i can listen and relax.

  17. GreenskinHolland

    The intro reminds me of the intro of Sherlock

  18. Egill Vanadisson

    Society is something wrong with you. If this song is not beautiful then no song is beautiful?

  19. Nicole Lengauer

    this song is so beautiful!

  20. TheHrebo

    my neighbours dont like it :( say its crappy shit and i am retarded :( but .... thiis is so beautifulll and melodic ♥

  21. Add3k

    THis song is too strong, man it reminds me of my journeys, first love, there is something about this song... that makes memories come back

  22. Muhamad Hasnizam

    dedicated to Miika Tenkula of Sentenced ....may his music be remembered...

  23. Caius Wolf

    i was left with one nut after the great war of 2035 and my dick is angled so when it gets hard it pokes my rectum. this song has helped me through that time and time again.

  24. jean rene adigadou

    j'adore !!!!

  25. Mostafa Eid

    if you sing this song filled with anger and feel the music of it like no other track, u know u r depressed ... come join me my brothers and sister!

  26. Adam Mason

    You will not survive without Jesus, I listened to this song for years and years but sometimes the "Sorrow" is too much
    to bear by yourself. Sacrifice everything you have for him, get rid of anything anti God and I promise you, God will fight on your behalf.

    Matthew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

    Öde Ö

    That "God" is only in your head

    pancito con palta

    what if don't believe in god

    Josh Maib

    your fucking brainwashed....god would want you to sit in a man made building every sunday and read a book? no he wants you to go outside and enjoy this life and expierence it.

  27. Ruthless Savage Hatred

    People who say death metal is just noise havent heard this

    jackie liu

    Samael many black metal bands are also “just noise”actually,but you wont admit that cause u love it!!

    Rick King

    Death metal, the pure stuff isnt supposed to have really any melody. Its meant to be brutal. So in that case it is just noise. Black metal can be somewhat brutal but thats not the purpose of it. Thats a death metal trait.


    @jackie liu I don't like every black metal band or song lol, so yeah, some black metal songs are just noise.And immaturity and stupidity are very present in the BM scene as well.But generally BM has a certain purpose in it's music, it is not made just to be brutal and noisy, that's what I wanted to say.

    Missy Rogers

    @jackie liu Showing respect to anything one doesn't feel is worthy of respect is very un-metal

    36 01

    @Samael Cmon Cannibal Corpse is not the whole (extreme) death metal
    In example first and second Sentenced albums(Insomnum's Weighed Down With Sorrow is dedicated to Sentenced's founder and leader Miika Tenkula)
    I can't say that its a beautiful music, but good and freaking amazing at some moments and that's not melodeath

  28. Shawn Raven

    This song gets myself...weighed down with sorrow. No seriously. I cry every time I listen to this amazingly melancholic track.

  29. mariaa375

    Love this album but can't listen to the rest of the songs because it is not available in my country due to copyrights. Can i ask why is this?

    James LeClair

    That's YouTube for ya.

  30. Louis Thornton

    what kind of metal does this count as?

    m 2222

    melodic death metal__ maybe

    Disturbed Monster

    classic melodic death

  31. Jan Guchelaar

    Such a great band

  32. Colos

    god i love this song


    3:07 almost sounds like it came straight from the Witcher 3 soundtrack


    I was reading the Witcher books when i found this song so i associate it entirely with the books and the game :D


    dude i put almost 80 hours into the game already and beat the game and the blood and wine dlc ( AMAZING) and this band and that game put me into a state of bliss. That game was the first thing in years to make me genuinely smile because i was actually happy. This band does the same thing and its almsot like this song and that game are one at that part. so i feel ya man

  33. Sami Marttinen

    Nothing can offer content
    Nothing can ease the pain
    Nothing can wear off the sorrow
    One is born to bear within

    While your world is worth of trying
    My world is mere cold
    No chance in disillusion
    Only the end of the road

    Man weighed down with sorrow
    Anguished from the sole being
    Destined to live with uneasiness
    Always the hard way

    Nothing can offer content
    Nothing can ease the pain
    Nothing can wear off the sorrow
    One is born to bear within

    While your world is worth of trying
    My world is mere cold
    No chance in disillusion
    Only the end of the road

    Cold is the world
    For the ones excluded
    Dark is the path
    In the absence of light
    Compelled to cherish beauty in longing
    Cling on love amidst of the suffering

    No chance in disillusion
    No, not in this world
    Not for a man
    Weighed down with sorrow
    Only the end of the road

  34. määp

    verse melody is crushing

  35. Mikko Salokannel

    Saddest song in history

  36. Panzer Abteilung

    I was dark whole life why would I change now?

  37. Cássia Souza

    Arrepios. ♥

  38. Decland Humphreys

    My fav song. Ever.

  39. Kcvee777

    This song makes me happy.. thinking.. I'm not the only one.. you know?

    Autumn Aurora

    Surprisingly I'm happy when i listen to this track. Like, you know, walking through the rain.


    you never are ... yet it feels like we always walk our path alone


    Because it is dedicated to Miika Tenkula who died earlier that year?

  40. Sébastien Decleir

    i've got goosebumps every time i listen to this music, with Gojira, my best band ever, such excellent guitar and drum and i don't even speak about this VOICE!

  41. Vaishak Menon

    This song is soo freaking amazing! Also if anybody noticed the sherlock series has the similar intro melody! I guess sherlock got the idea from here! Insomnium all the way!

    jordan inard

    You're goddam right ;) Yeah I find the main tune quite similar too


    Wayyy too similar... 🤔


    Listen to "We Accursed" by Amorphis. It, too, is oddly similar.

  42. Caridad H

    Best band ever i fuckin love them!!!!

  43. Macheta San

    This epic song deserve milion views.People don't know to recognize quality.

  44. Jester Head

    This song is just fucking beautiful, i love this band

  45. Tech Today

    This song narrates my suffering.

    Trương Hùng Phong

    me too...

  46. bünyamin özkür

    r.i.p miika and thank you insomnium for this beautiful song

    Rebecca -

    bünyamin özkür who is Miika?


    Lead guitarist and songwritter of Senteced, this song is dedicated to him.

  47. Chase Howard

    A tear built up in the eye as I remembered times of past.I shall lift these weights in their honor, Valhalla awaits.

  48. Lina Sk

    I. cry. everytime.


    let the tears and go get a new keyboard :P

    Walid Battal

    Let. me. weep. with. you.

  49. Wrathful One

    I was born with a paradox of failure and heartbreak. Every girl I've dated has cheated on me with some aasholes, Mom, dog and friends all died within the same year and now I'm stuck with a grandmother who is beginning to show signs of Alzheimer's and has lots of kidney problems. And I was born with deep anxiety and I never feel fulfilment in anything I do besides playing video games. They help me escape from reality with my friend. I'm sorry if I'm bitching but this song made me just think about this shit... I am really not meant for happiness, am I? I'm not even in school. My grandmother says she will help me get my GED but she can't remember shit very well so it's just like I start over every day trying to explain shit to her. I can't afford driving lessons and even if I was behind a wheel I wouldn't be able to handle it due to nerves. People tell me to take control of my life but they don't experience the shit I do...Most of them really have had good lives from the start. I just want the world to leave me alone my life was made for laughs. God is a sociopath but at least Satan pretends to give a fuck.

    tim m

    If you ever need someone to get you up or if you need advice you feel free to hit me up. We all have to face our demons but that doesn't mean we need to do it alone

    Radu Bojica

    Man, this song is all you should need. Find your best feeling about this world, keep it in your mind, never tell it to anyone and just follow the stream. It will lead you to the surface. You can also take my hand, I will show you! I haven't been in many shit case scenarios, but, trust me, it's been really bad for me too and I've figured out a lot of shit after so many years and tears. It all helped me realise what I really want and it also taught me. Here, take my hand. It's not how you see it, it's how you SHOULD see it. This life's a lesson. At least for the ones who bare to live until they can make decisions. I will drink one for you mate.

    Judge Virulence

    Hey budy, I don't know you, but I have something to say:

    I know how you feel. I have been there. Those times are really very difficult. On the outside, it can feel as though everything is pointless and you are hopeless and decaying. Deep inside, you are a warrior. How do I know this? You wake up everyday, and you live through your day. Please continue doing this. Start slow. Get some exercise done; breath in the cold winter air and cry if you must.

    If I believe in you, so can you. Your time has not yet come.

    Ned del Delaney

    I was the same got though the years of emptiness n heartache an out the other side now keep the head brother I now how you feel

    anon y

    Meditation is the only way bruh. sahajayoga

  50. Liyanin

    Instant Orgasm.

  51. 3Quetzalli

    This one going to become one of my favorites, I can tell already.

  52. Ebo0o0o0

    OMG this actually came out 1 year earlier that Sherlock series ?! ?!


    Do you think the melody was stolen? It's wayyy too similar!

  53. Mikko Salokannel

    This makes you sad even if you are happy -.-

  54. Shaun Collins

    I always liked this song and Daughter of the moon.. The last few albums is not as good( by that I mean I listen to oldest more), but the latest album is magic! For me it feels like the insomnium I use to love. (Shadows of a dying Sun) EPIC Album from this magical band.

  55. Gloomy Grim

    Weighed Down With Sorrow. . . ,-_-,

  56. UglyButtercup

    Iiiiiii fuckin love this song!

  57. Dystopia Band

    Hey guys check out our cover of this song on our channel, see what you think. There will be more to come as well!

  58. jolexi laiho

    I've always listen this song when I'm alone....

    The Joker

    so basically you listen to this song 24/7, 'cause no one loves you and you're always alone?!

  59. dzikibonk

    Do pierwszej minuty jak nic pasuje:
    Hej dziewczyno,
    Spójrz na misia,
    on przypomni, przypomni
    chłopca ci!
    Zrobi ktoś rimejka? :]

    Gloomy Grim

    Chyba jednak nie. O_o

  60. Ahmet Koçak

    Ebemi siktin yine Insomnium.

    Ahmet Koçak

    selpakçi çocuk cover bile yapıyorum 🙂 be,lakor candır.

    selpakçi çocuk

    okadar iyi çalıyosan :D


    Турско лайно.

    Ahmet Koçak

    Български глупак.

    Ahmet Koçak

    Не си струва времето ми.

  61. FacelessKill3R1

    This song is the saddest song in existence...

    Maurizio Carcassona

    Advent Sorrow - Absolute Perpetual Death. I'm sorry, but it can't beat that one, in terms of sadness and depression

    Rick King

    Idk Katatonia, Woods of Ypres..


    Try "Mourn" from Sentenced whitout crying friend


    Saddest song I have heard, but when I knew that this was dedicated to Miika Tenkula, former guitarist of Senteced (Referred as "The Suicide Kings"), it doesn't feel as saddening. But this is also one of the best songs of Insomnium.

    36 01

    @OneSpeaks I've almost cried when knew that this song is dedicated to Miika

  62. Azureflux

    Oh wow.

  63. pLord

    sherlock's intro!


  64. Deema Wallo

    I'm drunk today, guys! how do you think what am I doing?

    Henri Hirn

    Deema drinking wine, listening to metal music, and cut your wrists with a knife wounds? :D

  65. The Octobers

    The feels...

  66. ante pereza

    when song makes you cry you know it's a song from heart and soul

  67. Ömer Cem ŞAHIN


  68. ante pereza

    on of the best creation of all time

  69. mindthemun

    Insomnium - it's not a music... it's a spirit, a way of life, a powerful things...

  70. St. Chestpress

    a Beatiful, very beatiful song.

  71. Encore

    This band is a big legend ...

  72. lolaroflmao


    "Across the Dark" is an amazing album, man i love Insomnium!!

  73. DadoMuerto

    the starting is... no words to describe it :,)

  74. MetalDubreuil

    I'm not even drunk, but I fucking cry everytime I listen to this.

  75. William Moore

    2:32 That riff is always in my head. I can relate to these lyrics so well, especially in these moments of my life; but that riff always seems to send a shiver of hope down my spine. There's truly no other feeling just like it.

    anon y

    Hope you good bruh

  76. SomaSkx

    Man i paused my street fighter game for this.

  77. Glorijan Jelčić

    Cold is the world
    For the ones excluded
    Dark is the path
    In the absence of light
    Compelled to cherish beauty in longing
    Cling on love amidst of the suffering

  78. ante pereza

    you're not the only :)

  79. gluefrog78

    Fuck I wish I new more people like you.. good luck ok!

  80. fairedtale

    Insomnium <3 so beautiful..

  81. Der Schurkinist

    Ahhh, now I completely understand, sorry, yes, the influence music (of whatever concept) has is really undeniable.

  82. EnigmaticNeurosis

    I didn't mean the song was life versus death. I meant the bands that focus so much on death and less so on life should be put in complete context. I didn't say death doesn't have a place. I said focusing purely on death--or, more accurately: hopelessness and despair, is not very healthy. I know I tend to get caught up in that one aspect of life when I *ONLY* listen to these types of songs. What I mean is: these types of songs have a place, but they can also influence you into feeling like shit.

  83. Der Schurkinist

    No offense, but I don't believe, that it is "life vs death".

    Life becomes totally meaningless without death. I think both things are nearly the same, as life has no beauty without death, and death has no without life. And I wouldn't call one single aspect of both things "negative" or "positive".

    Life and death are beyond such words, in my opinion. And, there's still the single question of what death really is. Without that knowledge nothing can be said for sure.

  84. cjmftw

    Right in the feels

  85. gluefrog78

    I got to see this group last year while at a Paradise Lost gig and omfg! they played with immense passion. one of my favourite songs they played was "Down with the sun" fucking dig this group a lot and will go see them again for sure.


    Death cannot be worshipped... Death is a Power, a "mean". Worshipping death... Yeah...
    *Goes to worship his potatos in his cellar...*

  87. Doctor Raven

    Glad you saw my point,i wish you to find the light at the end of the tunnel. if that is what you wish for...

  88. EnigmaticNeurosis

    I'll agree that the music is majestic...However, I *am* one of those sorrowful beings, and I suppose my comment was directed towards others of that kind. I see the beauty of death, but want to see the beauty of life. The issue I believed was the complete worship of death without the context of attempting to live; however, this comment was premature; I hadn't listened to much of Insomnium then and must withdraw that part of my comment. You make a very fine point, btw.

  89. Doctor Raven

    some sees the beauty of Death some seems the beauty of living , liveliness, any way they're not focusing on negative thoughts, they're expressing how a sorrowful human thinks, what's in his burning mind. admit it people aren't always happy at some point of the day they will crawl in to their side and wait someone to come soothing'em, that's where Insomnium acts their role. it's not decent music tho it's like mother nature caressing your head while your head on her lap. It's Majestic!

  90. Doctor Raven

    me too! Oh! Insomnium, you beauty, more grander than every book i ever read, more poetic than every poem i ever heard

  91. EDD314614

    I love this song!

  92. EnigmaticNeurosis

    Decent music, though.

  93. EnigmaticNeurosis

    One thing these type of bands rarely address is the juxtaposition of life versus death; in the abstract, sure they do. Most of the time it's more a worship of death in the means of an artful outlet to the inner feelings all of us feel. The thing is, if you listen to just this stuff, it'll emphasize the feelings--at least, IN MY CASE. There's always a balance: a yin and yang. It's live or die: and though both entail each other, there's no sense in focusing on the negative. Though it strikes home.

  94. stutter666

    "That's the way of the World. No matter how strong, how mighty you are." (Project Pitchfork - Way of the World) Yeah, indeed they do. Nothing against lust. And even greed can be directed towards something positive if it's transformed into ambition. You're right, nowadays with autotuning, anyone can make "music". But just let them fool themselves, we'd better not give ears or eyes to all this senseless stupidity.

  95. Mehmet HESAPÇIOĞLU

    requiescat in peace miika

  96. Numbstrike

    Which one?

  97. Yen Luu

    My personal favorite would be Weather the Storm, very uplifting song