Insomnium - Shades Of Deep Green Lyrics

...This path leads into dark...

In shrouding veil of thickening dusk
In the caress of darkening woods
There winds my path, narrow and fading

Let this twilight linger, long upon me
Moon and stars take over when sun has fled
And bring her scent to me

May the blowing of winds cease
And all birds fall silent from singing
May the dreary waters lay still
And hands of time stop turning

So in forms of evening mist
I can feel her slender grace
In shades of deep green
I can drown in her tender eyes

Now that her light has gone away
All this searching has led astray
These turns are filled with grieving, this moments with loss

What a cruel world left for me to roam alone
What a scornful fate, took my light away

Neither the glittering dew on moors, nor the the whispering wind in dales
But only these shadows of green can remind me of her

What a cruel world left for me to roam alone
What a scornful fate, took my light away

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Insomnium Shades Of Deep Green Comments
  1. Sayed Nazmus Sazib

    How do you do that.... Supporting from Bangladesh. 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  2. Asim Muhammad

    Great song , beautiful lyrics

  3. Florian Carvalho

    Insomnium is always ONE FOR LOVE 🎼

  4. Zedrik Allen

    The intro reminds me of their "Disengagement" intro along with Omnium Gatherum's "Everfields" opening riffs and Dark Tranquillity's "Shadow Duet" intro.

  5. Kenny

    the intro is the fucking best!!

  6. Soogbad

    lol this is an imitation of shades of deep purple

  7. Lucian Satmarean

    My feeling is that the ending deserves an entire song just for its own. Heavenly!

  8. Rasant'

    these guys were sent by gods to play MDM for us, mortals

  9. Gustavo Gonçalves de Freitas

    \--/_ (*_*) _\--/

  10. Alec Payne

    Such beauty

  11. princesspluto


  12. Edward Kenway

    No dislikes. This band is amazing.

  13. Fr3xT

    Listen to the ending, those are not humans !!!!!!


    squeaks ruin the ending

    Lucian Satmarean

    @F3xT Agree. The ending gave me the chills :)

  14. krisx15

    but only these shadows of green can remind me of her...


    ....can, remind me of herrrrr.

  15. randomusername987

    IMHO, after Above the weeping world, there was a definete change in the sound.

  16. Andi Wolf

    einfach geiler Sound, one of the best Songs

  17. Blacksoul444

    Epic band with equilibrium! \m/

  18. Gaming Moments

    Love the last part of this song.So good!!!

    Tatinee Dey

    gives me goosebumps XD

  19. Xartaetos2007

    So you're saying your god is Hephaestus, from ancient Greek and Roman mythology...?

  20. Jake Delano

    really seems like a heavier version of shadows fall...(at least it seems to me) fucking fantastic..

  21. Brandon Gunn

    Can't stop thinking about zelda.
    and the hero of time in shades of deep green.

  22. JVRottweil

    @ikarusproject Why do folks always need to bring religion into these videos? Man you are just as annoying as a Christian fundie.

  23. Pizza

    My god carries a hammer. Your god died nailed to a tree. Any questions?


    jesus was not god, fool