Insomnium - Revelation Lyrics

I have drunk the yearning,
Swallowed the flame in full,
And now I will bend the skies to my will.

Two eternities can never be so far part,
That I could not bridge them together.

"I hear the unsaid thoughts,
The silence through the storm,
I speak without the words,
With unbound soul,
I'll bring forth the Sun,
And hand over the moon,
I'll hide the evening stars,
And fold them in your heart."

I have touched the longing,
Breathed the wistful air,
If I wish, I will turn the winters to springs.

Through the dust and fear,
I find the faintest light,
And I can see life,
Amidst the death that wreaths us all.

"I hear the unsaid thoughts,
The silence through the storm,
I speak without the words,
With unbound soul,
I'll bring forth the Sun,
And hand over the moon,
I'll hide the evening stars,
And fold them in your heart."

Here at your feet,
I rest my head,
Hear the roar of time,
The birth of stars.

This is the gift of man,
The key to see it all,
The hidden wonders,
Hope in despair.

But only the few will find it,
Only the few will keep it,
Only the few will ever turn towards the Sun.

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Insomnium Revelation Comments
  1. B. H.

    One summer I sat with my girlfriend on the balcony, I was totally drunk. Later that night we went inside to ... well, I wanted to sing this to her. I laid my head upon her feet and I was _very_ drunk. Well. Later we .... What a damn fucking epic great song. This is perfect. Still I am really in love with her. She with me. However, I wish I had all the might like the creature singing. I would know what to do. Oh yes.

  2. wintersun

    playing guild wars 2 in world v world nd together with this music nd my soul makes my eternal flesh awake

  3. Stefan Maurer

    so brutal and lovely at the same time! cannot describe the impact this music has on my soul...

  4. Ez bb

    one of a few bands can bring tears to my eyes.

  5. Pascal Braak

    This is the BEST BAND EVER!!!

  6. Sabin Ionesco

    Now they're also masters of metaphysics... cool ppl

  7. occvltwarwolf

    This band truly Helps you through a break up. Hail to the melodeath Gods Insomnium.

  8. coolFix

    Great, now I have to deal with people that never heard this masterpiece!

  9. Alexander Botello

    this deserves million of views

  10. Ez bb

    what a beautiful song I love it

  11. DBJMK

    I'm a man but I've also cried listening to this song.

  12. Gaby River

    Y yo sin boleto para ir a verlos

  13. lnetz77

    This was different but very beautiful 💕 first time listening to insomnium what a great impression

  14. wolfye

    Beautiful music as expected from Insomnium ♥

  15. George Simister

    IDK what secret you guys hold, but your songs make the hairs on my body stand up head to toe.

  16. Pancho Tumare

    4:48 fuuuuuuuuuuuck so beatiful

  17. The Fury Of Bona

    I want In Flames to abandoned that stuff they are playing now and copy Insomnium's concept.

  18. 99% ways to die

    The real name of the song its Revelation right? But It says revelations at the begining of the video !!! And in rocksmith

  19. 99% ways to die

    The real name of the song its Revelation right? But It says revelations at the begining of the video !!! And in rocksmith

  20. DarkEnergyDoctor 480

    Only the few will know what this song means

  21. MIKE Mike

    0:25 crow should have been doing a death growl

  22. JB Metalhead


  23. Sandra Sancho

    4:35 emotional orgasm

  24. Jason Good

    Lyrics like Immortal

  25. Tomáš Mráček

    perfection itself!

  26. Juan Fernández

    guuuuuuau impresionante


    To są mistrzowie, ewidentnie mają wielki talent i jak dotąd nie wydali nic kiepskiego.

  28. Jaffar Naqvi

    Brilliant work

  29. Bitupan Bora

    Hear the roar of time, the birth of stars. 3:42 - 3:56

  30. Tomcio Paluch

    BTW Universe no have beginning and no have end. Is Eternal, like our souls ppl ;)

    Marko L

    Btw, science has proved that Universe has absolute beginning and will have ending too. :)

  31. Tomcio Paluch

    BEST, like all Insomnium created.

  32. Ankit Kumar

    I told my girl about this song. I hope she listen and see this comment. Hey :p

  33. DG EMON

    This is Heaven

  34. judas deadly night kisser

    It's just beautiful

  35. judas deadly night kisser

    I'm just getting into this band and it is awesome

  36. slinkeepy

    So I did a thing, I added this song to Smule Sing! Please use it -- it's as accurate as possible in both timing and lyrics, with vocals completely removed (though of course with a slightly warped instrumental track as is unavoidable for all standard vocal removal processes, still good though). I have a new 7-day invite just started. I will be adding other Insomnium songs too from the same album, as well as heaps of songs from Omnium Gatherum (my fave band currently), for whom there is almost nothing on Sing. It will be done gradually over time though. I just want them to be available to anyone who searches for them 8)

  37. jean rene adigadou

    insomnium fait partit de mes de mes favoris de mes préférés j'adore tellement !!! d'être un matelleux forever vive le metal " le death melodic melancolic "fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Daniel Cannata

    Melodic death metal Is the type of music that turns depression into peace, using depression. <3

  39. Shin Chan

    Thanks for all the Years Insomnium!
    Thank you for all!

  40. TheDragonfly256

    Can you imagine Insomnium song performed together with philharmonia? Jesus.... I would die from goosebumps.

  41. Code D

    2018 anyone?

  42. Warrior Deadly


  43. Alan Bjeloš

    Just reading thru your comments, while listening, makes me think how many of you are just awesome people... Love you all... :)

  44. georgi marinov

    by far, the best lyric video I've ever seen... and the music itself is unbelievable...

  45. Taelyr Aundra

    These... riffs... I... cannot...........

  46. Ingrid Valentim

    2018 🖤

  47. Deb P

    it's beautiful ... it just beautiful poetry ...

  48. Jan Guchelaar

    99 dislikes. Why ????

  49. Kozalak

    Too many emotions...

  50. Donovan Hernandez

    Que pedo prros

  51. Matthieu

    Oh how these lyrics speak about Jesus Christ to me. Thank you for bringing me closer to God, perhaps without even knowing it.

  52. SeeSR

    best song of the album for me

  53. 99% ways to die

    This is how Niilo Sevänen worked on Revelation :

    awesome intro and main riff.....check
    some awesome change of rythms and slower passages....check
    awesome catchy melodies.......check
    awesome lyrics ......................check
    awesome guitar solo with high technical skill needed......check
    awesome images for the video clip ......check
    and of course a raven!!.....check

    "ok i think we have another epic song....god its so easy to create good music with my secret list of checks....maybe i should send to Hetfield and he can also put out something good again"

  54. Prateek Jaiswal

    Marcus vanhalla.👏

  55. terroroftalloaks


  56. Jamila Andersson

    Insomnium are a real uniqe Awesome Amazing Band! Can't understand ..Everything They Do
    Every Song Music Album ARE A MASTERPIECE BEST EVER \m/♥\m/

  57. MetalMark9

    After 7 years, Insomnium always has me coming back.

  58. Owsse

    that whole ending from 4:08 onwards is just unbelievable, get chills everywhere everytime i hear that part.

  59. Swedish Fish

    One thing I will say about melodic death metal is that it all kinda sounds the same. At the gates, dark tranquility, mors principium est, etc. However with Insomnium I’ve never heard music with such powerful and moving lyrics. Saw them a few months back and they only played for about 45 minutes but it was amazing.

  60. MRvanus GG

    pero que buen LYRIC la reputamadreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  61. Maximus Gigantos

    Every song of Insomnium is so beautiful

  62. Santanu Kaushik

    Dislikers are some pop lovers they can't understand the lyrics neither instruments

  63. Brandon Hagan'Dragon

    it's about geo-engineering and changing the world. destroying mass amounts of population so that few can enjoy a man made utopia or heaven on earth.. most of us won't see it. we will be dead. even us "FANS".

  64. Deoye Falade

    December 2017 and I'm still here, drinking in this beauty through my ears

    Storm Killzone

    Deoye Falade This song really never gets old. It takes you to a fantasy world for about 5 minutes.

  65. Jaizz J. Z.

    Damn I hugged Markus Vanhala on Wednesday after Omnium Gatherum concert. And on 19th March I am seeing Insomnium... Hell, life is so beautiful... <3 It makes me cry with happines :')

  66. erebusterror NM


  67. Storm Killzone

    chills phukin everytimeeee

  68. authoritahid

    can someone explain the exact theme and meaning of the song

  69. Mahir Faisal

    this band made mad at them I can't pass a single day without hearing them 😍

  70. authoritahid

    half views are mine

  71. Danny Sleepwalker Morado

    i love this song! 😍😍😍

  72. Salvador Guzmán López


  73. Jelmer Vogelzang

    A perfect track....

    And then the solo hits me right in the feels

  74. Jamila Andersson

    I love their music and songs. .they are Always just Amazing
    An Incredible band ♥

  75. Storm Killzone

    This is... Unreal

  76. Javier Aragón Santamaría


  77. Odins Wolf

    such perfection wow so excited to these guys in Melbourne in 3 weeks

  78. Dwellerß

    The video and song fit amazingly together!

  79. Christopher Walker

    la luz nació de la oscuridad y la oscuridad de la luz .. ambas mecidas en el vientre de la creación del todo donde la mente crea nuestra experiencia. ..... :")

  80. Peter Karargiris

    Amazing !!!

  81. Perplexityocosmos

    The outro solo pierced a hole through my heart

  82. Caleb Tully

    Damn this should be a worship song in church somewhere. Maybe that would wake people up..
    Thank you Christ & thank you insomnium for this masterwork.


    Caleb Tully Religion does not wake people up

  83. Zack Griggs

    These guys are perfect and probly my favorite band

  84. Mr. Metalhead

    who knew metal can be this beautiful

  85. Sajid Sohan

    Metal can bring tears in your eyes and melt your heart!

    Mr. Metalhead

    You're awsome man I'm glad to hear you say that because most people would say the opposite

    Sajid Sohan

    Mr. Metalhead thanks man.actually when you take metal seriously,dig into it and feel it that's what you really feel like right?

    Daniel Cannata

    @Mr. Metalhead only outsiders.

  86. Beef Quirky

    2 thumbs up

  87. Jasper Jaffe

    praise the sun \[T]/


    Dark Souls ftw

  88. Arthur B.

    One of the most under rated songs ever

  89. meytal

    who is listening in january 2017?

    Nilton J. Málaga

    January 2018

    JB Metalhead

    It's January 2018 still listening to it

    Jamila Andersson

    ME 2018..LOVE IT

    Moon girl

    May 2018

  90. James Parks

    These guys are amazing

  91. Jelmer Vogelzang

    Every time that solo kicks in, every single fucking time.... It hits me so hard :O

    Storm Killzone

    Jelmer Vogelzang yep it is mindblowing.

  92. Jasper Jaffe

    That man has forehead similar to that of a wall... it's just so overwhelmingly large...

  93. Dominic Standley

    after coming form listening almost purely to DragonForce this is a nice change Insomnium is just majestic

  94. JoZz RamOs

    this is a gif of man the key to see all....

  95. Nolan K.

    I always picture cookie monster singing this song

  96. silent storm

    J'ai jamais eu autant de frissons en écoutant du death!! magnifique!!

    Jester Head

    Le death melo est juste un des tous meilleurs genre de metal :)

  97. Gamma Lykos

    This one is amazing, I love you guys! <3

  98. André Tavares

    great music is not for everyone so there y go