Insomnium - Into The Woods Lyrics

Now close your eyes
And open your weary heart
Let me soothe away the woes
Of fiendish world...

As will the sun bathe the land
In its warming light
So shall the moon ascend
To guide the day to wane
In turn the rain to hush
The tumult of this world
And the wind to rise,
Sigh a lullaby in trees

"Not in these troubled times
I'm not the one you pined for
No, not into calmer waters
I'm not the one you long for"

"But a scarecrow, an anathema to the world
Looking in from the outside
It's time to turn my back
Walk off the beaten path
Seek heartening in solitude"

The arch of sky is roof where I call it home
Drizzle of rain, the only music from now on
My bed is made from juniper's boughs
Of mire and moss my pillow

Lone footprints diverge from tree line
Autumn veils the sloughs with rime
Shell of quagmire
Yet too fragile to bear a man

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Insomnium Into The Woods Comments
  1. Christian Rentería

    Is there any meaning to the lyrics of this song??

  2. Felipe Jofré

    Gold <3

  3. Marcin Lewandowski

    This is so magnifiscent and breathtaking the four people who thumb downed it ought to be publicly stripped naked and horsewhipped. My favorite Insomnium track and probably the album

  4. Derek Andrews

    This music emanates from the totality of all the stars in the universe singing in unison.

  5. Marzio Cuello

    So good they just released a Disney Version of it

  6. andrei Nedelciu

    We need 4 condoms and a time machine.

    Marcin Lewandowski

    andrei Nedelciu Absolutely

  7. Latthapol Khachonkitkosol

    Correct lyrics to 3:42 (It was bothering me so I emailed and asked the band):
    Not in these troubled times
    I won't alleviate your grief

    No not into calmer waters
    I can't mitigate your loss

    andrei Nedelciu

    Thank you, sir!

  8. Plumbingtomb 939


  9. selpakçi çocuk

    türkler buraya :D

  10. Melodic DB Metal


  11. Dawid Szymanik

    Jest moc ;) To jest to co lubię najbardziej.

  12. jackrussel20000

    new genre...beautality


    +jackrussel20000 Melodic Death Metal


    ^Way to miss the point.

    Ed Hance

    jackrussel20000 its... brutiful

  13. MrFatbard

    this band, just the ending man, so awesome

  14. SingleCrystal

    You do have a most favorite song.

    It's called "every song."

  15. David Kempa

    why do i not have a most favourite song of insomnium?

  16. Bruno tavares ferreira

    2 people are a fucking motherfuckers

  17. Akhamesh

    actually, that would be Sweden.

  18. rsluminator

    epic \m/

  19. Mourning Hours Brajangngana OF

    i agree dude... and sometimes Noumena can fill up the spot as well.

  20. [RISE] Matoro8759

    aww maybe he clicked the dislike button

  21. Verador Vayziel

    The real 3:42 lyrics (no one bothered to correct them all over the internet):
    Not in these troubled times
    I won't reveal the echoes of sorrow
    Not into calmer waters
    I can't grid the cage for us.

    PS: Sorry if there are any mistakes, hope I helped.

  22. DeathByMetal

    Wow... Amazing.. Can`t wait for their new album

  23. 14chiiq

    no shit!? how could anyone dislike! wtf Bieber did it again!

    Marcin Lewandowski

    14chiiq People who dislike it just don't like music, period

  24. manish jackson

    i think this is the only band in the world which hasnt produced a single bad song till date.. wt a fantastic band.. i`m proud to live in this era...

  25. RamboHax

    Even trolls, haters, and everyone else couldn't dislike this.

  26. MrMetalbud

    Where the fuck did my pants go?!?!

  27. H3adHunt3r

    And what about Mygrain? :)

  28. midairman

    @Powermachine123 Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have a listen soon.

  29. SycamoreHill14

    @LoGAtRUnEaRtH428 that's because bands like this actually put thought into every part of everyone of their songs. It really shows, but it is horribly unrecognized.


    Finland is the most metal country on earth and bands like Insomnium are the best.

  31. Occult Boozer

    My favourite song! It's absolutely awesome!!! \m/

  32. coempa

    @sweetsongman1 yeah be´lakor is epic as well, I got their latest album, their releasing or recording a new one!

  33. midairman

    I dislike metal. I already love Insomnium since a few days.
    Any comparison is irrelevant.

  34. Awkwardly_Scripted

    @LoGAtRUnEaRtH428 Not really, They just go between good and epic.

  35. Exallium

    @LoGAtRUnEaRtH428 No.

  36. disturbanite8

    Must be the most epic walk into the woods.

    Derek Andrews

    I listened to this after visiting Sequoia National Park in California. That was pretty damn epic, world's biggest trees (and THE world's biggest tree, The General Sherman). This song fits well...

  37. Cavs75

    @sweetsongman1 Thank you, i had heard be'lakor on one day, loved them but i forgot to write the name down or fav. it so i could never remember how it was spelled therefore i couldnt find them again. now i need to go make up for lost time thank you

  38. AlexK878

    The intro sounds very In Flames inspired...which is a good thing ;)

  39. wutongoingtwo

    Everything feels so natural, its like metal flows from them without effort.

  40. wutongoingtwo

    Insomnium has proven to me that they have an undying passion for true melodic metal, every song they have put out has displayed time and effort (to a point of an almost deity-like skill). These guys crush pretty much everything i have ever heard.

  41. tamer temo

    thanks for mentioning!

  42. c0uchdude

    well literally it is about going off into the woods to be alone and never come back. Metaphorically it could be looked at as suicide or just death.

  43. tamer temo

    great song from a great band but any one can tell me what is the song about!!

  44. lolaroflmao

    their intros are just amazing!!! they are definetly in a league of their own :D HAIL INSOMNIUM!

  45. Mourning Hours Brajangngana OF

    is there any band where we can put them beside Insomnium???i don think so...

  46. zuschlag123

    oh shit eargasm..

  47. Lifelover

    For me they`re the kings of melodic death metal.
    Слава Инсомниум!

  48. Josh Jennings

    has this band ever come out with a bad song?..i think not

  49. xBurzurkurx

    My ears feel alive when I listen to this.

  50. Raw Arska

    Fucking awesome song!! :O

  51. Sauli

    2:32 - 2:59 omg sick doublekick! :D