Insomnium - Into The Evernight Lyrics

Listen to the night, hearken to the silence
The wind sings in fir-trees, forest's music rings
Rueful is the tune, wailful the soughing
Soothing is the choir, murmur of the trees

Time to forget all the heartache and pain
Time to leave behind all the toil and travail
Here where the water mirrors a still sky
Here a fair place for a child to lie

Under the woeful sky, moss-grown our bed tonight

Here we sprawl in mellow darkness
In warm caress of the night
Far away from world's betrayals
Afar from all the Heaven's might

Better to dream, far sweeter to slumber
Than face the cold days, bear the grim longing
Time to rest a while, close the drowsy eyes
Sleep till the dawn, till the bleak morning

Heed not the rustle or hoots of the owl
Heed not the ghosts that still dwell in the soul
Night brings us solace and serenity deep
Night brings at last neverending sleep

Better it would be to sleep forever
In silent shades of the evernight
Sweet are the dreams in the groves of death
Far away from the earthly woes

Sound is the sleep under spruce's boughs
Serene are the dreams in the darkling shade
Gone are the cares of the waking world
Forgotten the sorrows of the weary heart

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Insomnium Into The Evernight Comments
  1. Lupa Rubrum

    Incredible song!! 🤘🏻🖤

  2. Chris Nikolaou

    Beautiful Dark diamond.....

  3. FlorTyEight

    Daaaaamn.... those lyrics.... This proves that not all metal bands sing about darkness and shit like all those mainstream idiots say. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

  4. KingCobra21

    You're. Easy there grammar police.

  5. Biohazard40

    My gods of metal?

  6. Sami Sarlin

    Damn, that must suck :/

    I've listened to a few songs from omnium gatherum but I really haven't had the time to kinda let their music sink in. Hopefully I will someday have time :D

  7. Sami Sarlin

    It's actually really fascinating to just stop and think about it for a while. Scandinavian bands' lyrics consist mostly of sadness and mourning of some sort whereas some central europe bands' (Fleshgod apocalypse for example) lyrics are mostly about overthrowing a tyrant, corruption, mafia etc. People always consider scandinavians silent and kinda enclosed and judging from our lyrics, I'm really not surprised about our "imago" :D It's really fun to just think about it

  8. MrFrostcold

    Oh anyway I'm really in some kind of love with Finnish and other scandinavian musics since most of them have that 'connection' and they're quite good when it comes to expressing the certain atmosphere. I mean,
    some songs whose lyrics are about darkness (or mourning) have melancholic melodies. That's one of the reason why I enjoy listening to Finnish (or Scandinavian) music.^^

  9. MrFrostcold

    I'm quite negative about our music.
    I've considered that they're not atmospheric, not even close. Besides they don't even care of the 'connection.'
    Commercialization is quite opposite to the atmospheric, and 'connected' music, you know...

  10. MrFrostcold

    Alright, just heard some of their pieces and I'm quite impressed! ... and already heard of Before the dawn and they're one of the bands that I've considered atmospheric.
    Additionally I'm really into listening to Omnium gatherum, my first impression was not that positive but after listening to their newest album, called "Beyond," I was totally blown. Hope you know them as well , and like them!
    ...and unfortunately the country of mine (Korea) , I mean, our music is getting commercialized, so

  11. Sami Sarlin

    You should check them out. Those are all bands that make me proud of being finnish, along with before the dawn etc :D

  12. MrFrostcold

    And I'm really glad to hear your idea which is same with mine...and additionally saying, forgive my bad english skills since I'm just a boy from Korea...ha;

  13. MrFrostcold

    Totally agreed, and I'm just so glad to have a person who has a same idea with me. Actually, just like you said, everytime I hear the song of Insomnium's, I feel like drowning into a sea of emotion, and mood that each song gives to me, and you know what....? I even cried...;;

    Oh, so much for personal talking...
    Actually, I've never heard the songs by Swallow the sun, and other bands you've mentioned, but I strongly believe that those bands compose their music based on that 'connection...'

  14. Sami Sarlin

    Yep. That's what makes Insomnium so awesome. The connections between their musical and lyrical themes are so well constructed that Insomnium is beyond comparison with other bands.

    Don't get me wrong, there are many other bands that are awesome when it comes to connecting the music with the lyrics, but Insomnium just does it so marvelously it's one of my favourite bands, along with Swallow the sun, Sentenced, Poisonblack et cetera.

  15. MrFrostcold

    That's because Insomnium composes their music based on the connection between music and lyrics.

  16. Sami Sarlin

    This blows my mind. The verse riff in it's "sleepy" mood fits the lyrics just about perfectly

  17. TheRCat

    well you need to change your mind !

  18. Grim Stream

    i think this is a bit better than "at the gates of sleep" :'( im gonna cry

  19. Risto Salonen

    @videogamerselite270 True, and it was reworked to "At the Gates of Sleep" for the next album. This was gone through earlier here anyway.

  20. omiejay

    amaaaaaaaazing intro

  21. Greensmurf

    @MetallicGod07 So was I. Just finally got Across The Dark today (overdue I know), and wasn't sure if it was an older unused track, or a new song with a reprise of At The Gates Of Sleep. Form the comments, I see it's an unused track

  22. marko mars

    best melodic off course it;s insomnium!!

  23. WintersunFTWFTW

    \m/ "." \m/

  24. Valantis OneForSorrow

    Every time I hear their song they inspire me to write lyrics they make me feel down. They pass emotion that deserves to be called music!

  25. Winged Yoshi

    @AngelofDethMetal hot shit =D! thx for telling me =P

  26. AngelofDethMetal

    @XspecpowX94 There in the process of making one rite now, they start recording this april!

  27. meowmastr123

    Begining and end were really quite yummy.The middle was kinda forgettable. Good thing they re-made it into a 10x better song with At the gates of sleep.

  28. DuoNoxSol

    @Blissel I believe you're right. The lyrics are almost identical, and the melodies are similar, if not exactly so. Observe the guitar in the beginning compared to the string instrument during the whispering of Gates of Sleep.

  29. Winged Yoshi

    i just can't imagine the next insomnium album =S (if they're planning to do one).. im so addicted to them = o

  30. utdfortreble

    teh evernight? :D what shit.

  31. Folkearth

    Whew just got done lifting to insomnium what a great band to get me pumped and ready to face what I got to lift.

  32. AestheticBiker82

    Insomnium owns. Period.

  33. Patrick Graham

    Haha it's pretty cool waht they did with this song still a fan of At the gates of sleep though love that song so much this and is so good

  34. Schwarze Eule

    couldn't have agreed any more...

  35. Schwarze Eule

    not probably right, HE/SHE IS RIGHT!!! ^^

  36. Schwarze Eule

    I'm glad they didn't put this on either "ATWW" or "STDIACD"... wouldn't have fit those albums any way... it was just waiting to be placed here on this album... goes quite well with the other songs on this album ^^!!!

  37. Kylar5715

    It did, as a bonus haha, from what I have seen

  38. Josh Jennings

    yeah i caught that too, there is a break that sounds is basically the same thing from at the gates of sleep...your probably right about it being a demo of it or something...

  39. skidude

    This is really cool, but I like the riffs on "At The Gates Of Sleep" a hell of a lot more... they fit the lyrics better.

  40. KingCobra21

    your gods of metal thats all i have to say

  41. Schwarze Eule

    That's where you're wrong me friend, it's on the limited edition!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  42. PhilFilth

    But I think it's better this way. The song in the new album get too similar sometimes.

  43. Risto Salonen

    I wonder if this is actually a demo of "At the Gates of Sleep". Sounded good at first but it's no wonder this didn't make it on Across the Dark :D