Insomnium - Change Of Heart Lyrics

Spring brought the two together
Married the wind with the fire
Under the secrecy of lush birch trees
Opposite hearts became one

One day followed another
Weeks passed, months lapsed
Until wind grew to a storm
And fire to a burning pile

Cold gust of whirlwind
Fiery flames, burning sharp
Adoration all too strong pushed the two apart

Different from the start
Fate that never was written in the stars
Led to a change of hearts

The fall split the one in two
Under the pouring rain
Dressed them both in loneliness
And led to their separate ways

The fire could not be tamed with the wind
Or the wind suppressed by the flames
As blending the light with the dark
Merely results in grey

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Insomnium Change Of Heart Comments
  1. DystopiaX

    Just the lyrics alone are amazing poetry

  2. omiejay

    Who hurt you, Insomnium?

  3. Paul Haslam

    First insomnium vinyl lp I ever bought

  4. Spuds

    The song has potential but please nix the crappy cookie monster vocals!!!

  5. Luis Rodrigues

    Still fresh in 2018

  6. palm tr33

    Sounds like a long distance relationship 😔

  7. Braun Valdés

    2:06 This...

  8. CarrionSmile

    Been listening to these guys for like 10 - 11 years. Never gonna stop.

  9. Alex Mercer

    I want this played at my viking style funeral as people dance around my burning corpse

  10. Ole Gunnar Kvåle

    In May 2017 i meant ;) Ole from Norway

  11. Ole Gunnar Kvåle

    sincere and my deeply greetings go to you my Insomnium. thankz from the bottom of my heart for your art of har helped me soooo Much. see u In Haugesund In May 17😊😊😀😀

  12. Ole Gunnar Kvåle

    i love u so Munch Insomnium💜💜

  13. Liz N

    New fave song

  14. naguib khalid

    imsonium you're so damn fuckin awesome!!!!

  15. Uday Joshi

    this one definitely stays with me till my last day :)

  16. gil riv

    repeat, repeat, repeat, cant stop fucking repeating this song its so fucking awesome

  17. Ayotunde Ayoko

    i fucking have this on repeat.. pure beauty

  18. Kogasa Tatara™

    *Insomnium is pure art!*

  19. De Gijser

    this is the first insomnium song i heard and my god its so amazing

  20. Furkan Koçyiğit

    uğruna şiir yazılır...

    İlter Çağrı Özcan

    Furkan Koçyiğit sözlerin Türkçesini biliyor musun

  21. thoughtinprocess

    still listening in October 2014 baby!

    gil riv

    +Vycrance indeed


    And in December 16 :D

    Nini Park

    january 2017


    For me this song will never get stale. Apriil 2017 :D

    Sachith S

    November 2017, still here \\m//

  22. SassyWithMakeup

    My boyfriend showed me this song, and I was like 'what song is that?' and he said: Change of Heart, but he said it too fast and I heard 'Ginger Fart'

    It was a very silly moment.

    Hans Peter

    "Fate that never was written in the stars / Led to a ginger fart"
    => Shit happens :O XD

  23. KabraMetalera

    For one moment, reading the lyrics, I thought is said "Under the secrecy of lush bitch trees"... I was like WTF?!?1 XDD

  24. metalizer

    One of my favorite songs in this fuckin world

  25. chloe


  26. MrFrostcold

    Since I felt a little blue and depressive at that moment....actually darkness but with nature strongly relieves me...actually.

  27. thoughtinprocess

    why where you in the woods?

  28. Ugyuftiyfty Hgkyi

    Change of my heart <3 \m/

  29. MrFrostcold

    Standing solely in the woods, with the caress of night and silence, and listening to Insomnium.....HOLY MOTHER I'M CRYING

  30. The Legend of Xander

    Literally my favourite melodeath song EVER.

  31. thoughtinprocess

    so are you

  32. WakeUpDead1200


  33. Allan Larsson

    Oh i came for justin bieber.. !!! WTF?? hehe.. best kind of music.. sad to say its a dead art cause people are so narrow sighted today.. PURE METAL!!!

  34. StormenTV Aurnora

    I would say: beauty of brutallity

  35. SuperIby

    I listened to this album, and Death Meditations, by Torchbearer while playing Skyrim.
    Needless to say, it was insane. :D

  36. EBchannel

    480p :)

  37. Marty Truckster

    do you want to know whats Melodic Death Metal means?....Listen to Insomnium

  38. Sami Sarlin

    "As blending the light with the dark
    Merely results in grey"

    So simple, yet so powerful. Most talented band i've ever heard in my life.

  39. XxazidxX

    nah lyrics are soft the music is bad ass though

  40. Vass

    Shut people. listen to the damm music

  41. satanloveskady

    damn. the lyrics. so deep.

  42. ShinraXSoldier

    It's impossible for them to make bad music

  43. Umbra

    This song makes me feel like I'm in the cold north, amongst my kin, in the fray of battle!

  44. Jean Marcos

    Melodic Death metal is epic

  45. 9rmetal

    @Xartaetos2007 hahahahaha

  46. ronni muza

    @centennialknight It's good to hear your not listening to Bieber anymore.

  47. ronni muza

    @Pl0xz0r Hahahahaha! Your just asking to get verbally abused.

  48. Samayel Harlian

    @Pl0xz0r Why waste time on insulting it? Go listen bieber or some other shit and let us listen to real music in peace.

  49. cute

    Shit band

  50. Rose Horan

    In the gray?? Yup my misterious life.

  51. Xartaetos2007

    Wow... you're like a comment time-machine

  52. seka

    Omg,I love the album cover,but the song is even better...^^

  53. tricambestcam

    i finally found a song my dad won't try to sing along to. Thank you Insomnium.

  54. Dean Moriarty

    This song deserves 666 stars... out of 5 ofc...

  55. Tech Ape

    4 people have no heart for this song to touch.

  56. AFvcG

    @abominabletreachery I didn't give five stars! I gave 10 stars!!!

  57. Starla Inisis


  58. Alora Zobel

    @BulldogBMXgirl Lol, that was me who said that on your account, Kim! =P

  59. 189Productions

    Mmm, my favorite song by them. =)

  60. prinzashitakah

    insomnium for erver!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Robin Dupenloup

    I love this group of metal

  62. Tech Ape

    @xshadowspherex You mean what they should have developed into? Because In Flames were amazing back in the day. The song Jester Script Transfigured brings a tear to my eyes :) Wonderful melancholy.

  63. tyhjyys storslått


  64. Buster Wolf

    4 ppl didnt have a change of heart

  65. Dragon Claw

    Fucking amazing.......

  66. Dragon Claw

    A mysterous erection appears...... \m/

  67. ErikX

    What In Flames SHOULD'VE been.

  68. Devin Conley

    list of the five bands i need to see live before i die or they do: insomnium, insomnium, insomnium, insomnium, and insomnium. They spit hot fire

  69. MetalMusicMatt1

    3 people have a serious medical problem...they have no taste.

  70. SycamoreHill14

    My 6th favorite band. Melodeath is the greatest.

  71. InterpolFL

    Just an amazing band.... the best MeloDeath band out right now.

  72. zuschlag123

    0:35 jizz

  73. flyfa

    thank you for this song,save my life..

  74. ServantofSelf

    entirely true.
    only 12 thumbs up? you should be at the top with the highest rated comments.
    you dont find many (if any) bands this awesome.

  75. ServantofSelf

    3 people have crappy aim. i personally liked this video. awesome song!

  76. persondude911

    now this is some good shit

  77. DangerNiels

    3 guys were crying and banged their heads on the table and accidently pressed the dislike button

  78. peter knarvik

    how come that 3 guys missed the like button?

  79. Steven Cole

    Songs like this make me appreciate life a little more :)

    Insomnium \m/

  80. Winny Chen

    This song is heart touching, it reminds me a lot of something.

  81. Matt Miller

    how this song isent more well known i have no clue. Go insomnium

  82. ShredmasteRsl3


  83. Matt

    I find it difficult to not think of past relationships, and though I shouldn't, I find myself slightly mourning and yearning to what was during that time.. This song is a tear-jerking (and more often than not, a tear-inducing) masterpiece that I am glad I came across, simply for the fact of what it reminds me of what I used to have and the feelings/thoughts that were once apart of my life.
    Thank you, Insomnium, for putting what I had into a form of music that everyone can enjoy!

  84. Superchicken SC

    Insomnium is a perfect example of how truly deep and emotional (no, not emo. emotional) metal can truly be. It takes beauty, melancholy, happiness, melody, poetry, and even a little bit of brutality. You mix that up and get Insomnium. Truly some of the most beautiful music to ever be written, and to write music like this? The chances are about four in 6 billion or so. 4 members out of the world's population.

    In other words: Simply amazing.

  85. MrStokkvin

    sick intro !!

  86. VoGo

    thats why insomnium is one of the best melodic death metal bands..

  87. jaime torres

    You're right guys, this is pure metal art.