Insomnium - Black Waters Lyrics

Somber is my mind, now that
Misfortune has faced my kind;
Weary glazed stare,
Beneath the pitch-black hair.
On my cheeks, once so alive, adorn
Flood of tears, caused by strife
And as I grieve under the sky,
Even raven croaks to me it's despise

My warm hand against your cold
Words echoing in the air though
You're gone...

Somber is my mind,
Black is the colour I feel
These completely dead emotions,
Drain the last bit of me
No matter how many tears I've shed,
No matter how much I repent,
Some things just can't be undone
And some of us can't be forgiven.

No matter how many tears I shed,
Some things can't be undone...

I've reached the point of no return,
These are deeds from I can not flee
From a reflection I see a tired man,
Longing for a relief
Black waters in front of me
Will sway me till I'm in sleep,
Take me to the shores of Manala
Where I'll be free from my sins.
Black waters will sway me till I'm sleep...

This roaring stream will wash me
Pure and clean...

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Insomnium Black Waters Comments
  1. Gwayne Gan

    Needs remaster

  2. Allan Pv

    First song I heard from this guys, loving them since then, more than 10 years ago.

    Filipe Vincent

    Me too!

  3. Tomcio Paluch

    ZAJEBISTE na zawsze!

  4. Evan Delphia

    25 people are worthless

  5. dEschus

    Best inso track ever ... Legendary

  6. Head Master

    Awesome song!

  7. Tenebris Angelus

    0:10 epic guitare

  8. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  9. Pastori nikulainen

    insomnium!! \ _/

  10. Tomcio Paluch


  11. Nadir Shah

    Such a godly song!

  12. MetalMark9

    Having now finally listened to the old in flames albums, I can definitely see the similarities in Insomnium's first record. Both are awesome though. Melodic Death Metal owns.


    In Flames where so god damn good with their first 3 albums! Whoracle, Colony and Clayman where great too - but the first three will always hold a special place in my heart.

  13. Paladin Leeroy

    Ah man, I fucking love this song <3

  14. Eija Sofie MetalWings666

    I like this band OMG INSOMNIUM BLACK WATERS!!!



  15. Kelvin Manji

    i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. FrozenTerror666

    Awesome lead work.

  17. Zagann

    Damn it spotify why is this album not on there!!

    omgwtf696969, if its not there check great torrent sites :) They'll have it. just make sure you have a torrent client (I recommend Utorrent)

    Vanja Gredelj

    album is not out yet

    Paladin Leeroy

    Because you can download it for free from Youtube

    Erin Long



    Spotify is shit, too many good albums missing from there to be worth using

  18. Shamy Dragon Head

    its like Melodic Pirate Death Metal :D


    It's not. At all. Where the hell do you take the pirate part from? Insomnium have always been melodic death metal.

  19. Andrey Lalev

    Are you kidding me?! It sucks from the very start!... oh wait, it's just because I've muted it.

  20. vaso soilemezis

    O.O MetAL MetAL MetAL !!!! <3

  21. fallen40000

    reminds me of old inflames :3
    love them

  22. Enlo Marco

    i fucking love this band, it was love at first listen, one of those bands with not really any "i'll skip this one" tracks.

    Paladin Leeroy

    I literally love every song they have made thus far.
    The only band for me who has that.

  23. james robertson

    Doesn't matter - what he said is true and it's used appropriately.

  24. Mr.Burek

    No it doesn't! We got a replay bottom...

  25. ShoeEaterThe2nd


  26. Yama 景久

    Lol nope

  27. Flu3n

    Sober is my mind, black is the colour I feel \m/ raww!!!

  28. Sunnyish86

    I agree!!

  29. Sunnyish86

    Amen...fellow fan!!

  30. r4zv4nes

    not if stuck on replay

  31. Ivan Axel

    pay no attention to that crap!

  32. NiggeliNG

    the opening riff of this song was all i ever needed to instantly fall in love with this band.

  33. Can İlhan

    best part until 0:35

  34. MeHasLife

    ah right sounds fair

  35. Damian Kenney

    not the intro of the song, he meant the beginning sounds like a kalmah song. after the piano part when the guitar comes in, it sounds like this song.

  36. MeHasLife

    wtf? moon of my nights has a piano intro. wtf u smoking lol

  37. i7887

    They are on par with each other

  38. Gryme Z

    and still after 4 years since i descovered metal. this song is the best nothing can top this.

  39. Damian Kenney

    It's moon of my nights.

  40. Onlystolen

    ads about video ads?? FUCK OFF!!!!

  41. xDemisorx

    crystalic, cypecore, dark flood, Embryo, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Godgory, Gormathon, Hackneyed, Heretic Soul, Hypocrisy, Icewind Blast, Kälter, Lazarus A.D., Lost Regrets, Lunarsea, Mandragora (very good), Mind Assault, Omnium Gatherum, Overload (Sweden), Quo Vadis, Ryashon, Soreption, Soulfallen, Summoning, Sunless Rise, This Ending, Thousand Year War, Watch me fall (OLD PROJECT OF INSOMNIUM),...

    Check these bands out too and spread them :D

  42. 7zeldafreak

    it sucks after 5:01

  43. SharkAttack3a

    Niilo sounds like Nathan Explosion in this song

  44. Jerome Solis

    I think this is a huge generalization 'cause music is really wide, there's tons of interesting sounds to hear in jazz, classic, electro, etc., you have to search though. Just like metal, on the surface, it can be crap. Mainstream (some "metal" bands can be included) is a small dip into the ocean.

  45. avatarbearseks

    Metal isn't exempt from this 'lack of variety' categorization. There are about a billion Finnish melodeath bands that all sound exactly the same, a billion black metal bands that all sound exactly the same, a billion thrash bands that all sound the same, and sometimes they get away with it and make a killing. This goes especially for melodeath. It's just because metal is becoming more and more accessible that more and more people are forming copycat-style bands.

  46. TheMango121

    How come there is so much great metal music?

    There seems to be a lack of variety in other genres... Just a few radio hits and that's all they can deliver?

    Long Live Heavy Metal.

  47. Can İlhan

    Kickass beginning!!!!!!

  48. Jacob Martin

    Now that this band has released their whole discography on vinyl, I must purchase.

  49. Tom T

    The best band, for your metal collection ;)

  50. ShoeEaterThe2nd

    they're alright but they're not in my favorite

  51. Liviu Johann

    symphonic black
    and i didn't compare i gave him a list of good bands to check

  52. Prateek Kumar

    what? comparing dimmu borgir shit to this? are you serious?
    they are not even of same genre, Insomnium is melodic death and D.B. is black

  53. ShoeEaterThe2nd

    to be honest i like this band more than kalmah but not as much as hypocrisy, in flames, at the gates, dark tranquility and amon amarth

  54. xpd15

    @akathasamurai And dupstep is when it's diarhea

  55. Liviu Johann

    @Zdraloviocnjaci95 Immortal , Tvangeste , Dimmu Borgir , Moon , old Children of Bobom , Dark Tranquility , The Black Dahlia Murder , StormWarrior , Rebellion , Rhapsody Of Fire , Warmen , Sinergy , Eternal Teras Of Sorrow , Obscura , Ablazer , Abigail (band) , Korpiklaani , Eluveitie , Mistweaver , Wolven Ancestry , Amon Amarth
    check those bands , they are very good

  56. musicain5

    @Zdraloviocnjaci95 check out skeletonwitch, they are amazing!

  57. pasi paskis

    @Zdraloviocnjaci95 In Flames and trivium, not sure if wrong video or a troll.

  58. ADeadlierSnake

    @pspvampire Insomnium has never hooked me. But I keep coming back for more hoping that they will, because I have experienced that with Kalmah. Theres only a handful of Kalmah songs that I liked the first time I heard them, but now I love every album. Although it would seem as if my coming back has finally paid off, because I believe I like this song now

  59. xpd15

    Porn for my ears!

  60. Zdraloviocnjaci95

    Kalmah,Wintersun,In Flames,Trivium and Insomnium!

  61. MasterDwarf97

    I came at 2:43

  62. antmmos

    Damn, getting shivers of the intro <3

  63. Chosasan992

    @pspvampire its like that with alot of death/black metal bands...

  64. ShunsuiUA

    @pspvampire Same with Dark Tranquillity

  65. Ace Dequilla


    Kalmah and Insomnium \m/

  66. Josh Vivero

    this song makes me want to ridea fucking dragon with a goat and rip its leg off and ride the deathly rainbows of FUCK YOU and beat a unicorn with my goat leg till its in bits and peices and rip that fucking horn and eat it and obtain mighty fuckin power to somin the gods of metal to sommen me to there castle and cross the bridge and open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinosaur

  67. Breadbin Massacre

    Well I've loved every single one of their songs first listen lol.

  68. Dartht33bagger

    @leomatosuk Agreed. In The Halls of Awaiting is their best album.

  69. leomatosuk

    Their best album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. adam h

    @patsmcgee408 nah, dubstep is techno with AIDs

  71. gsp1175

    That opening riff is the shit.

  72. patsmcgee408

    You sure that isn't dubstep?

  73. FugalBaboon

    @pspvampire I agree with everything except I would say that you don't nessicarily have to write technical music for it to be beautiful and to be a true artist.

  74. manish jackson

    @kaoskazin some subway to sally also has a similar riff as in the intro.

  75. Tech Ape

    @Kokovikoulas It isn't a matter of opinion. You are making false claims. In actual fact, Insomnium are the first band to take this melancholic approach to the melodic death metal genre and refine it in such a way.
    And their talent goes further than merely playing sophisticated music, but they do it with such grandeur and panache. It's okay, you didn't offend me and I didn't mean to offend you, I was just a little irritated by your previous comments.

  76. Alexis Giannarakis

    @pspvampire anyway we got different opinions...none is gonna change his mind so we better stop the discussion here. sorry if i offended you

  77. Tech Ape

    @Kokovikoulas No. You missed out capital letters, punctuation and wrote "sry". That is annoying.
    Damn, you are ignorant. I highly recommend you listen to early 90's melodic death metal because you do not know what classic melodeath sounds like at all. Insomnium are entirely different. Lunar Strain, as an example, is aggressive and raw. Insomnium are neither of those two things. And I was not comparing Vivaldi to them, I am merely saying it is normal for artists to not divert their style much.

  78. Alexis Giannarakis

    @pspvampire Man everything ive written is spelled correctly as far as i can see...anyway im of course talking about metalheads...its not something and its hard to listen to...and yes its classic melodeath...AND you compare Vivaldi to Insomnium? thats a joke...if insomnium wrote songs like Vivaldi did then i wouldnt be having an arguement with you...but they are not..what they composed was and is nothing new to music.

  79. Tech Ape

    Firstly, learn to spell correctly. Secondly, they are not easy to listen to, in the eyes of most people. I am the only person in my family who appreciates growled vocals. Thirdly, some of the greatest classical composers used the same scales a lot. Even Vivaldi has been criticized for his lack of diversity in his music throughout his career. Lastly, classic melodeath is gothenburg death metal. Completely different.

  80. Alexis Giannarakis

    @pspvampire actually what ur saying is bollocks sry....the songs insomnium write may be very good but as far as it concerns musical features: 1st they are very easy to listen 2nd mostly its the same scale in all the songs and their music is far from being able to be called technical...its just classic melodeath and nothing more

  81. Damian Kenney

    @madafok moon of my nights?

  82. Epichicken

    @pspvampire ex protest the hero :D

  83. DriftHero

    @kaoskazin I think you guys are thinking of "moon of my nights"?

  84. Andrew Ferguson

    @madafok reminds me a little of Time Takes Us All, not overly though. First Kalmah song that came to mind from the intro

  85. Gamereo

    In my opinion their most important influence are Dark Tranquillity!!

  86. Damaskinos Cavadias

    @akathasamurai a nickelback is a tax refund for homeless guys.

  87. Jake Bender

    @sinco09 This is real fucking music?
    More like this is music created by two guitars fucking.

  88. Todd

    one of my fav insomnium songs!

  89. InFlames405

    Insomnium we TRusT Bulgaria!! Thats the real music

  90. InFlames405

    @Goosecocksucker69 lol

  91. metal4eva16j

    @SpartanV15 0:00 to 5:01 gave me an eargasm!

  92. akathasamurai

    @Tehpromo A nickelback is when someone shits directly into your ears.

  93. joshua mcbitchcakes

    my ears fucking came when i hear this band XDD

  94. Tech Ape

    What I love about Insomnium is that even if a song doesn't quite hook onto you at first, somewhere down the line you'll listen again and it grows on you, also you'll pick up on musical features you didn't really notice before. That's the way it is with these more sophisticated song writers. It's what makes a true artist; writing music that is technical, deep and beautiful but not pretentious, superficial or over the top. Nor are they heavy for the sake of it. Insomnium are genii.

  95. Tech Ape

    @MrMig3 A few of those bands you mentioned have quite a big difference between them though, especially Ensiferum. They're very viking/folky. I know what you mean though. :)

  96. rey hykary

    Just Finland The best MEtal of the world ®

  97. rey hykary

    justo finland.. the best metal of the world!!!!

  98. everett sutton

    just some good head bangin tunes right here

  99. Tom T

    @beltmaster11 Nickleback are alright. And yes of course i am right about yje comparison. They sound nothing like, there is no point in talking about it. i see no resemblance at all.