Insane Clown Posse - You Should Know Lyrics

You should know
You should know
You should know

[Violent J:]
I'm reaching out to tell you
That I've always loved you
But my kind of love is bent
I put you through hell everyday
It's the best I could do
I never had a penny to spend on you
I come from the bottom at the bottom of the well
A place called shit just south of hell
It was there I learned how to treat a girlfriend
All my homies come first until the world end
In love and fucking I do different commodities
I love you but will fuck any hottie
And feel no fondness thing or guilty about it
Where I come from that shit is applauded
I fuck a chicken head, sometimes two
And come home and cuddle with you
Cause you're the one I choose to stay with
And your heart is something I play with

[Hook x2:]
You should know
I just wanted yo come clean before I take your hand
You should know
You should know
That I'm sorry

[Violent J:]
I love you but I love to hurt you
I hate to see you cry
It's just the way that I work you
I need to put you in check, you know the deal
I need to test you to see if your love is real
I never laid a hand on you, I won't ever
My psychological torture is much better
At the end of the day I try to make it all up to you
Treat you like a queen, like the first week I knew you
Repeat this cycle every 2 days
As time goes by I think of new ways
And I'm here to tell you, your best friends a ho
We were all drunk and I fucked her like a year ago
She'll never tell you cause she came on to me
We both got it out of our system
It had to be, but still when the smoke clears I'm all yours
You're my women the rest of these ho's are whores

[Hook x2]

[Violent J:]
I truly loved you the best way that I could
I cheated and lied many times with that understood
I never claimed I would be your mister right
When we first met I was mister tonight
That's who I am sorry that I couldn't provide
We lived off your paychecks
And your ride so if you wanna leave me
I'll understand, I just wanted to come clean
Before I take your hand


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Insane Clown Posse You Should Know Comments
  1. Grim reaper

    Far too many women need to listen to this song and realize the world is not perfect it is full of these people.

    colin mccarthy


  2. chris roberts

    This is to real, and what’s worse is this is like 60% of the relationships out there.
    People are shit.

  3. Chris Qualtrougeehjdd


  4. BigC863


  5. HatchetFam Entertainment

    Who sings this hook?

  6. HatchetFam Entertainment

    I wonder if this song is about his baby mama?😮😭🤡

  7. NLM Mumbles The Clown


  8. Shooter Cade

    compare this to Lets Go All The Way from the album Bizzar though


    Juggalos 4 life!

  10. Thrash

    My ex-wife is every fucking word of this song. It sucks and im still sad that we couldnt make a great life together but shes a hoe and whats done is done. MMFWCL YA'LL

  11. Aaron Rowe

    Muthafacko singin in the back sounds like The Weeknd whoop whoop!

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Aaron Rowe whoop whoop!

  12. VoDkAvi

    Fucking fire my god

  13. Jesse James


  14. Ethan Whiting

    Whoop whoop

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Ethan Whiting whoop whoop!

  15. paul blair

    fantastic song

    Big Dawg

    Mike Wazowski, your a Juggalo too,? Lol

  16. donald sullivan jr

    dope track

  17. Megan Pardo

    I think this song is dope. real deep to me. this whole cd has a different beat and I like it. mcl to y'all.

    Beau Osborn

    Much Clown Love i believe

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Megan Pardo wow this is the best card of the 2nd deck def. I wonder if this song is real to js baby mama😮🤡

  18. The Outlaw Torn Wrathchild

    This is my shit. The beat KNOCKS

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    The Outlaw Torn Wrathchild I wonder if this song is about his baby mama 😮😭🤡

  19. Ben Lilly

    FUCK that all there shit is good

    Andrew Lee

    Ben Lilly no its not fuckin tempest was garbage and they're attitudes have definitely been a lot differt they're sof not

  20. Icy Lotus

    Almost every detail about my relationship with my ex.

    Kamron Cupp

    most guys are like that not gonna lie but we Juggalos 😈

    Dillon Welby

    lies lol

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Icy Lotus I wonder if this song is about his baby mama😮😭🤡

  21. Derron DizzyGreen McCauley

    And people never like to try new things! I dont know about yall but more then half od the trxks on this shit was dope! Yall just like it cuz Twiztid aint around anymore! Man if you dont like it, dont fuckin listen to it, plain and simple, these guys have done shit for us and all you guys can say is this shit sucks! Because you wouldnt give it a chance! Whoop whoop!

    Aaron Rowe

    Derron DizzyGreen McCauley damn straight

  22. Madam Kitty

    whoop whoop

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Madam Kitty whoop whoop!

  23. Redbird

    +matthew bramlett
    "marrying a bitch ain't wicked..."

    Shit...... you ever been married? That shit rightly crushes your soul. Nagging, over controlling wives who flip a lid every time they THOUGHT you were looking at another girl (how the prettiest woman could be so insecure about me, fuck if I know. Why the fuck would I be eating cheeseburgers where there's a steak (or, proper term might be fish taco) in the house, you know? But fuck if she understands that). Jesus christ. I finally understood why people with families commit suicide after a few years of that shit. There were most definitely a few days where I felt like putting a 12 gauge in my mouth and blowing my shit out all over the walls. Not a joke. Love my wife more than anything, but son of a bitch man. Jesus christ she can be so insane sometimes. Yell at me all day about cheating, or WANTING to cheat (even though I don't), and then at night cries and says shit like "I just love you so much" or "I don't know what I would do if/without blah blah blah". All I can do is faceplam myself and just think, mother fucker man.... thank God for booze. I can honestly say Olde English has kept my marriage together.

    Now she doesn't do this everyday, maybe once a month or two, but still frequent enough to drive me out of my fucking mind. And then theres the little shit like calling me everyday at work and being angry if it took me a couple extra minutes to get home from work.

    Craziest shit she's ever told me? "If you ever divorce me..." (then went silent afterwards). I can only just think..... "uh..... k. I'll uh, I'll keep that in mind I guess".

    But she is very kind and loving. I love that woman, but god DAMN is she controlling. Anyways, marriage is the furthest thing from NOT being wicked. Marriage is the definition of real life wicked shit.


    that was perfect


    +Lil' Poot Bro, its the Dutch green stuff that holds my sanity intact in my relationship. What's worse is, I was single for like 9 years before I finally met this woman. I love her with all my heart, but her chronic anxiety and chronic depression cause too much stress for me to turn back into the despondent monster I once was. I'm just saying I know how it goes. Much Clown Love, homie.

    dj hoover

    Redbird she's prob. Cheating on you and making you feel bad for her fuck ups. Usually the one accusing is the one you should watch out for.

    Devin Got The Box

    Okay this is a personal thing like a motherfucker yo, I'm married and my life is the best it's ever been.

  24. matthew bramlett

    Marrying a bitch ain't wicked, he should be taking her head instead of her hand. Whoop whoop

  25. Rudy Vargas

    Wow me n j do the same thing to bitches lol


    Also, J is getting married (if he hasn't already). He has a family.....

  26. Edward Cranium

    Weak. Damn this cd sucks bad.

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Edward Cranium you’re crazy af this whole album dope af, best card in 2nd deck. Listen more closely to the lyrics of all these songs dude

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Edward Cranium u really should listen to the lyrics more closely. This album raw af, def the best card of the 2nd deck

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Redbird why does it have to be a jokers card that’s the best? Great milenko we all used to say was mainstream and not anywhere near their best album, but listening to it today with several religious tracks and that what would you be? Down! Is dope af. Jeckel bros, hells Pit is dope af. Tbh I like forgotten freshness 3 4 and 5 and the 20th anniversary Hallowicked. Bizaar as well. This card is sick af though and I thought bang pow boom and mighty death pop was kinda weak w only a few good songs. This album conjures the dopest visuals if u listen a few times and pay attention to the lyrics. Why did they have to talk about killing a real biker gang though, the rebels are world wide

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    Edward Cranium I think everyone should listen to this as a song about violent j baby mama, cuz after all, in the song he wants to take her hand in marriage. It might Change perspectives on how powerful this song is

    Kaden Yorgason Progress - NO WAR

    I love these jokers cards

  27. Logan C

    fucking bump this

  28. The Ascending Apothicon

    Heartbreaking song

    HatchetFam Entertainment

    The Ascending Apothicon I wonder if this about his baby mama😮😭🤡