Insane Clown Posse - WTF! Lyrics

This kid Freddy is just as good as any kid in the world right now
Like any kid dude

So we're gonna build the wall and shoot the aliens out huh?
The fucking long way homes the safer route huh?
The kids are dying starving from the drought
They found a dead girl with her brains dug out huh?
They executed the wrong man the other day (Again)
They checked his DNA after it wasn't him
Another nuclear disaster mass toll haha
Some asshole dropped his wrench off the scaffold
Another little kids body was in a grave
Her head was missing, later found in a microwave
The worlds a giant battle royal of turmoil
Pillages on each others villages in burning oil
The heat increases
The brain bakes
How much more pressure can it take
Shaking, how much weight til' it gives way and breaks

What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
Life is a wonderful thing like living on this beautiful planet we've been given
(So fucked up!)

So a bullshit cooker ass kicking coke sniffing joke graduates
Throat slitting and committing rapes
It escalates but they catch him til' he escapes
He takes the bracelets off snips em and breaks
Half the country are closet racists
Disgraces hiding their demon faces
Concealing their horns and pitchforks
Satanic bitch whores and devil dorks
The government tells you "milk is good for the bones!"
When all it really gives you is BONES
It don't make them hard it makes them soft
Just cut out the middle man and blow my head off
The heat increases
The brain bakes
How much more pressure can it take
Shaking, how much weight til' it give way and breaks

What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
Life is a wonderful thing like living on this beautiful planet we've been giving

So that church is full of that bullshit donor
You just paid for viagra, the preacher's boner
And he ain't buy it for his sweet wife Judy nah
He rather some of that little boy booty (Ha Ha)
So they can install a breathalyzer in your car
And they can have drunks up the street tomorrow
Picking up health care and cure for cancer and AIDS but fuck that shit every one of them pays
The prisons are too crowded huh? Fresh!
Butt rape will start in 2 months or less
And if he's on his best behavior like he oughta'
He's out even quicker to slaughter your daughter
The heat increases
The brain bakes
How much more pressure can it take
Already shaking
How much weight
Til' it gives way and breaks

What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
(Hopefully, I'll get popped off soon with any luck)
Life is a wonderful thing like living on this beautiful planet we've been giving

So Fucked Up

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Insane Clown Posse WTF! Comments
  1. YoungDemon Baker

    Feels like Terrible on TAJB

  2. Gregory Conrad

    Dude this shit kicks ass. So heavy that they need to make a Metal album,that would be fucking awesome. WHOOP WHOOP!!

  3. Mr. White Suit665

    1 year this day💯 happy birthday 🎂🎁🎉👑

  4. michael prinzi


  5. Hey What's Up Guys etc. etc.

    This is not good

  6. Mother420 DuRty7


  7. Shadow Heartless

    The album got pushed so they could make the juggalo march happen

  8. bo jackson

    Trump derangement syndrome in full force with these 60 year old "look at us fellow children" activists. Reminded me of billy joel from green day coming out as bi when it became cool to be gay. Fake ass phaggots playing to the political climate

  9. JesterMCL

    I love all they're shit but this album is fresh as fuck.

  10. Trickxus

    0:26 in and I already had myself a clicking on this video how the fuck are the is insane clown pussies still relevant

  11. Maggie Ainslie

    do u even realize u just called half ur fan base “closet racist” just cause they support trump? come on man

  12. Megan Kueteman

    This reminds me of something they would of released in the jokers card era

  13. Bill Armiger

    I hope all of you like this die of aids like I did when I listened to this....

  14. Trenchcoat Joe

    This is what I thought of the world in high school

  15. Beth Carter

    The Fury video.
    I was not expecting the flashing. I have a brain condition, and that messed me up. Had I known I would have never turned it on. MCL

  16. I'm here

    Is alright.. Nothing compare to that old school shit man.. RingMaster, RiddleBox, Milenko.. Them flows and style they had was that real wicked shit. All love WMCL Whoop Whoop

  17. fred fury

    the heat increases, the brain bakes....

  18. Nick Milks

    This song GOES

  19. TheMattMattik

    The album and single version is different slightly. I like the album versions breakdowns more though

  20. Tom Pinto

    Hell yea!!!!
    WHOOP WHOOP homies!!!!!!

  21. Dominic Wood

    Wtf???? Idk how I feel about this new album I need to hear the whole but it has been awhile since icp put out a new album out, but.... In my opinion I missed the old school dog beats. Its gonna take me awhile to get adjusted to this album... Whoop whoop mcl muthafacko's!

  22. fiona hamilton

    Once again the clowns are right about what’s going on in this world . Geez takes me back to terrible

  23. David C

    TGM reborn!

  24. Sean Staley


  25. Jonathan Cramer

    I think fred fury is finally going to be an ode to the original six just saw the fury video . Sounds like they finally heard us out we dony want happy diamond sjit we want the clowns that dgaf

  26. SmellyCat Gaming

    This is a wicked song to play video games to!

  27. cfgdfa

    Good song kind of like when you guys where wicked instead of this new core shit

  28. vyncynt cook



    This is good.

  30. melvin shermen

    I alway like the storytelling icp

  31. Shane DOXTATOR

    Thank you icp for influencing me to be the best person I can be.. I mean on a moral standard.. to not give in to sin, or be an evil human being.. I heard from kegan and jump and y'all that this might be the best card to date, but I don't know if I'll relate more than other cards.. We'll see, just keep the diamonds coming, y'all....
    Icp and juggalo 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Jordyn Dietzler

    They should make more songs where shaggy screams as loud as he can. It's awesome

  33. D- Crisis

    I get Super Amazing Jeckel Brothers Feel of this \m/

  34. reK Syhre

    These guys changed so much after jeckel brothers and Twiztid/Dark Lotus...decent song but man I miss the old ICP before they leaked the gathering footage to MTV to get famous. Then they call their news fans juggahos that was fun...good times...without Twiztid they woulda never took off lol what happened to ICP!!!

  35. Deitrich O'Neil

    I wander if violent j remembers calling my mom a fat bitch when she was 9 months pregnant with me 19 years ago when she rejected him

  36. sacredpotion24

    finally.... icp has some kick to their music again... haven't been this stoked about their music since hell's pit, I'm really hoping this record has some nail digging, hair ripping energy and they bring it at 500%... please bring back the icp I grew up with guys!!!

  37. jumpshot 17

    Watch. Every one that hates on fff right now is just a hater in my eyes. Either that or they let one or two icp albums they didn't like turn them off like pussies. I aint been impressed since bang pow boom but i never lost faith. And its lookin like fff is the one that breaks the streak. I just already know that when the 5th card comes out. Everyone that hated on fred is gonna be like "we need more shit like fred" too many of u bitches. U cant make everyone happy but i feel like fff is gonna make lots of ppl who dis on new icp saying they fell off the wicked shit look fuckin retarded. (Icp never stopped being wicked. Icp is so sorry that death pop and missing link werent the most evil things ever released)

  38. Yoyo Mama

    ICP better come to Iowa!!!!

  39. Morten Kristoffersen

    That is just....insane !!

  40. TrainerDome

    I think WTF and Fury are 2 of the best songs they released in the last decade. love that shit!

    Morten Kristoffersen

    But, Fury really just sounds exactly like the stuff that boy Cage was doing, before he lost the plot and went all emo.

  41. Noneya Business

    This song is horrible

  42. Evil Wigga

    Whoop Whoop from Germany

  43. Karma The Killer Clown

    Not bad

  44. Rob Lawther

    ICP, Im actually looking forward to this album

  45. Da Secret Stassh

    Michael Scott

    no name, obituary or proof of any funeral and the cost you want to raise is almost 3 to 4 times the amount of a normal funeral. Not saying it is fake, but to a stranger online, it sure looks like it.

  46. juliusj1

    fucking fresh as fuck whoop whoop

  47. Underworld Dreams

    0:15 Kinda funny how they're advocating for illegal immigration when the poor and lower class (particularly black communities) are the ones most adversely affected by it. What better way to fight "racism" and stick it to the man than to promote the corporate elite's agenda to make things harder for America's most vulnerable?

  48. Physio- Polemicist

    I'll pass on this SJW derivative.

  49. Noah Hopper

    Sorry I’ll get my wicked shit from Twiztid

  50. Iris The Tranny

    I'm fucking certain
    if FFF is anything like this, I'm sold, it could end up to be my new favorite if they follow in this example.

  51. Kristopher Dude


  52. Joseph Yuhas


  53. Joseph Yuhas


  54. Landen Garcia

    Whoop whoop

  55. ron paul

    this a welcome return to the roots after link and found failed.

  56. Treyson Krasowski

    Wow, good to see ICP is still making shitty music!

  57. David Pence

    Chillin listinin.. Whats the deal with Riche holmes? I love Promises, an it wasn't him. It was all things considered, an in ways it was things like that. bb He aint no reason to glorify spy? WTF, lol

  58. PuchoAlmighty666

    Not feeling it but, to each their own. . .the material, that ICP has released after Bang! Pow! Boom! . Have been mediocre at best and other times straight up trash lol. 😆

  59. Privacy Pl0x

    Exactly what i've been thinking about violent J after seeing all his furry content.

    Can you believe J is a furry? Better believe it

  60. Claypop

    This song is just straight fire! 🔥
    I swear that some people just love to SEARCH for something to complain for about EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. THING. that ICP puts out

  61. CRIMsON Official

    Idk why people are complaining. Sounds like a perfect blend of old and new school ICP to me

  62. falling Angel

    WTF!!!! whoop whoop!!!

  63. The Demon Noof

    I guess ICP still chooses to pander to the dumb half of their fanbase.

  64. weather Less

    I think nonpoint-Foaming at the mouth, Helped with this song.
    -FPR Records

  65. WickedXombieBoi

    so I suggest that you use headphones like the one you game with it has a hellspit and amazing jeckle brothers sound people gotta remember the transition of songs that was what made hells pit flow nicely as a straight play through the album

  66. brandi taylor

    bitch you know you done fucked up right?

  67. The2Facedbook

    I shed tears after listening atleast once a week the 5th time i felt furious like fearless fred fury...its so fucked up.

  68. Uncle Ed Haddad Jr

    Dont Love it.. Dont Hate it.. The heat is on the rest of the album and Flip

  69. Martin Velasquez

    Icp kinda suck now

  70. Bushido Blade

    I hope'd they will not sound like this on the FFF.. i don't know i still wait for this album..

  71. Trollololo

    I really don't know what to say... other than no sir I don't like it.

  72. Kirk Brindley3

    What the fuck!!

  73. Lando The Dude


  74. Lando The Dude


  75. Dead Wafflez

    Good stuff

  76. Reaper Templar

    Ya this kind of wack . It be nice to see take me away kind of song again .

  77. Marx Mayne

    This is awesome

  78. sickNsane Official

    Leaning towards a Hellz Pit sound. Definitely a step back in the right direction.

  79. Way High Radio

    What The Fuck?

  80. Jordyn Dietzler

    Does anybody know if shaggy's solo ep cd will be available after the solo tours? Violent js says "only with vip" shaggy's doesnt.

  81. Sketch Argraves

    More need to stop sleeping on this shit for real

  82. WickedXombieBoi

    I don't give a fuck wich way they sound at this point I dont really have icp on my playlist but I love bighoodoo man and I still like to see what they come up with I listen to alot of wu tang 90's rap

  83. weather Less

    Oh fuck yeahh.icp darkness & the missing link feel ,hells pit dubstepped technod the fuck out haha i fucking love this track!!singer jonathon davis would be proud.
    -R% Nitrous Demomusic
    Playlists are demo albums.

  84. Sleeping Skeleton

    Whoop Whoop

  85. Kommon Zense

    Its funny that people judge FFF from this one track. I was guilty of that with The Missing Link "vomit" single, but i was proven wrong after the "Found" album was released. I now like the vomit track. I appreciated this from the beginning though, but im not too into the non-melodic chorus. But with what they're talking about, our last complaint should be the melody.


    i still havnt really listened to missing link but once n refuse to. its bullshit it was a marvelous money grab. not a missing link


    yo much love n respect ta u kommon.

    Kommon Zense

    @Throwshit thanks bruh, likewise. And i hear you, but my reason i was into Found is beacause i was going through fucked up shit, and had NO tolerance for shitty people, so even if it was corny, i was still able to appreciate what the overall message was. And honestly i didnt like "Lost", and i thought that was the only album, but then "Found" came out and i was like oh shittt it's not over! So yea. My main thing is that i prefer an ugly truth over a beautiful lie.

    Kommon Zense

    @Throwshit check out my playlists yo, it hardly covers everything i listen to daily though.

  86. twizzy mcwoah

    I'm so sorry. Family for life. But I ain't feelin this one

    Reaper Templar

    Try Dead daze song dont speak and Madd Maxxx song Godlike Demon

  87. Way High Radio


  88. Way High Radio

    Icp for wwe hall of fame

  89. Marcos GooNzz

    Insane clown pussies

  90. Marcos GooNzz

    Fuck icp

    Juggalo 665

    Nah fuck you MNE cock rider

  91. chandler houghtlen

    Icp, I just wanted to let ya'll know my uncle Jackson was an extremely large fan of you he's been passed since 2007 but when I speak for him I would like to say you guys have always been a band I can listen to.. BTW I got most of his old Icp stuff from the early 2000's I look at it all the time and u guys are the only people who remind me of him. Thank ya'll. Much love. Whoop whoop mmfwcl

  92. Demolisher DOD

    😎💯❤Whoop Whoop❤💯😎