Insane Clown Posse - When I'm Clownin' (Kuma's Clownin' Remix) Lyrics

(When I'm clownin')
I get silly
Like something lace my Philly
Been known to pop a pilly
And cop a check with billy
(When I'm clownin')
My heart beat poundin'
I sweat so much I'm drownin'
Because my shows astoundin'
And Faygo grape I'm downin'
(When I'm clownin')
A-a-abrakadabra, alakazam what have ya?
Quick slight of hand I stab ya
Demons crawl out and grab ya
(When I'm clownin')
There's plenty laughin'
Blood on the walls, what happened?
A massive murder stabbin'
Cause' wicked shit I'm blammin'
(When I'm clownin')
Shit come alive
And don't no one survive
Off the light rig I dive
And this shit ain't no jive

(When I'm clownin')
I'm, I'm Psyco-illy
Snatch out your icy grilly
I owes the mob a milli
Bout to knock off a Chili's
(When I'm clownin')
Mad hoes I'm springin'
They want my dingaling in
(Ooh let's fuck) They singin'
I keep my hatchet swingin'
(When I'm clownin')
I, I, I'm super sick
Bozo Bobber, shoot you quick
Why you? 'Cause you's a dick
(Is he dead?) Poke him. Use a stick
(When I'm clownin')
I'm heavy high-powered
Mad energy devoured
The whole Milky Way, soured
Let my acid rain shower
(When I'm clownin')
Everything's a joke
That angel's wings are broke
So hot, your speakers smoke
I freak this 'til I croak

Kreay, Kreay, Kreay, Kreay, Kreay, Kreayshawn
Wick, wick, wick, wick, wick wicked clown
Clown, clown, clown, clown, clownin'
Wicked clown, clown, Kreay, Kreayshawn, Clownin'

(When I'm clownin')
I can't look down
So high there is no ground
I can't hear. What's that sound?
Smokin' on mushroom clouds
(When I'm clownin')
There is no limit
My feeling's always in it
Don't start 'til I am itchin'
Are those midgets fisting?
(When I'm clownin')
I feel the best
Get rid of all the stress
Those problems on my chest
To clown is my quest
(When I'm clownin')
I'm full of shit
Like I forget what I did
The cops say I robbed that bitch
And ran over her kids

Clown, clownin'!
Wick, wick, wicked clown!
Kreay, Kreayshawn
Clown, clown, clownin'!

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Insane Clown Posse When I'm Clownin' (Kuma's Clownin' Remix) Comments
  1. goldensaints 5432

    I don't know but kreashawn killed it

  2. Scott Goulet

    How does this not have more views? #IndieRaps