Insane Clown Posse - When I Get Out Lyrics

"Comaley, get up. Let's go."
"Well, it's your lucky day today, pal. You're free."
"Uh, what do you mean?"
"Yup, that's right you been pardoned. So come on get your shit
Let's go."
"What are you talking about, I don't understand?"
"Yup, governor's pardoned you. Now come on, let's get the fuck
out of here."
"Uh, uh, I'm free. Are you serious!?"
"Fuck no, you got for more years, stupid ass. Hahahaha. Every
fuckin day, you fall for it. Fuckin stupid ass."

Wicked clown!

When I get out, I'm going home to southwest
Going straight to my freaks and get undressed
And I'm a hit it like an insane chicken hawk
Hoochie, won't be able to walk

When I get out, I'm a run around town naked
Cuz my freedom feels good, I can't fake it
I let my nuts flop to the hip-hop
I wanna chop chop punk cop flip flop

When I get out, I'm going to my mother's house
She gonna cook a steak and serve it with brussel sprouts
But I don't care, she can cook a cinder block
And I'm a chew it on up to the last rock

When I get out, I'm putting on my new shoes
But I don't see anybody sportin kangaroos
And them wizaby shorts are history
But so what, I'm a sport mine like a G

Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out y'all
Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out

When I get out, I'm going to the festivals
Cussing, rude, and scratching my testicles
Like we did before we got locked down
I'm coming back around, the wicked clown

When I get out, I'm a throw a party
And guess who shows up, nobody!
I just sit alone and play solitaire
I don't care, at least I won't be here

When I get out, I'm coming back to Del Ray
So I can breathe the smog but that's okay
Cuz I'd much rather whif that shit
Then my cellmate Rico's funky armpits

When I get out, I'm heading straight to the store
For a big long cold thing of Faygo
And I'm a drink it down to the very end
After that, I eat the bottle that it came in

Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out y'all
Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out

"Yeah, let me call this broad up, tell her I'm getting out.
This is my baby, ya know what I'm saying."
"What's up, baby, man, it's me."
"Wait a minute."
"Who the hell is this? WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!"

When I get out, I'm shooting someone in the head
Somebody been sleeping in my bed
I never thought my sweetheart would sell me out
Now I gotta walk up and blow her mouth out

Wicked clown
Wicked wicked clown

When I get out, I'm back to the good life
So don't sweat me, Officer Barney Fife
In the pen, I seen your cop friend butt son
Seen daddy like to use his butt some

When I get out, it's all about the underground
I'll crawl back into the pipes and never be found
So when you brush your teeth
You might see my eyeball looking at you through the sink

Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out y'all
Wicked clowns! Check it out y'all
Wicked clowns! We gettin out

I'm getting out, I'm getting out!

Guess who's coming to your big town
Jugglin jugglers jugglin jugglers (kiss the clown)

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Insane Clown Posse When I Get Out Comments
  1. jennie de Aragon

    Wicked clowns will never die! 2020+

  2. The twins 03

    Whoop whoop

  3. DJ Michael Axe Wound Hunt


  4. BigShane719

    Anyone who's been locked up like me is definitely feelin this shit! It was playing in my head the whole damm time!💯🤣

    Johhny G

    I got out after doing a county year and heard this for the first time that day..
    That was a good day!

  5. TinaPlakinger TreadingOnSerpents

    been searching for this; thanks for posting it!

  6. l¡lr4wn 4k

    Ho-chi wonnt be aaabbbblllee to waaalk

  7. Jeremy Slone

    I have a feeling the 4th jokers card will be called the great milenko, just a guess

  8. Yummy Bass

    When I get out....

    Jimmy Metal

    Yummy Bass you get out yet?

  9. Matt Norris

    Woop, woop!!!. ... fuck off!

  10. Jason Shipley


  11. Adrian Commanche

    Whoop whoop still a banger in 2018👺👺👺

  12. Jo John

    Any ninjas see this a j day in FL this year shit was so fresh

  13. Doctor HoSlayer

    5 people ain't never getting out..

  14. Anonymous Hatchet

    my homie just got out. ..we gunna raize hell. 🙌🙌🙌👊👊👊✌

    Huntmaster Gutentag

    your last name is mengele....and you're listening to ICP. :|

  15. Mark Maloney

    Juggalo for life.

    Jonsey Wels


  16. Graciela Reitz

    34+32 equ. 66yrs at 99yrs long then

  17. magistik-[DARK]

    are you really monitizing this? lol

  18. TwisTing ThroTTles

    Hahaha love this funny shit

  19. piles joursh

    sang this in county lol

  20. jtwiztidbagz

    and them "where's the beef?" shirts are history...but so what Im a sport mine like a g

  21. mike Zanetakis

    I LOVE ICP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sir.SmokesAlot420

    1 313 438 2737 is the number i think, whoop whoop juggalos 

  23. ski77z

    seriously right.?

  24. nasty mike

    Juggalo for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Zug Zug

    I hear ya man. All things change though as we do. Im glad there still rocking and doing what they love.

  26. Zug Zug

    That skit in the beginning is so fucking funny. Love the track too

  27. vidal garcia

    i still this album on cd

  28. joshmyersrulz

    I'm such an old wrinkly juggalo I remember buying this shit on cd from a fucking Sam Goody! And I just rocked this shit earlier...still!

  29. Dean Beck

    thats what i said when I heard it the first time hehe. Whoop whoop!

  30. matthew m

    Never heard this album be for it is sick as fuck....

  31. Dean Beck

    I think the xxx version is both half way the worst ever and halfway the best ever lol! Could have done without the wicked clown dick lol! Whoop Whoop! The original is fucking all romantic and shit, then the Juggalo version of love songs to follow. Fucking wicked.

  32. Dean Beck

    Whoop whoop!!!!

  33. tokemasterful

    whoop whoop mcl homies

  34. Dean Beck

    Whoop Whoop!!!

  35. Dean Beck

    @LSjeans4 Well hell yeah! Thanks for the thumbs up.

  36. Dean Beck

    @freegg888 Hell yeah. Your my first comment on this vid (obviously). So, bad ass. Whoop whoop!